February 2-4, 2011 Miami Beach Convention Center, FL
ITEXPO East 2011 - Communications Conference
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Track: Conferencing / Collaboration (C)

Connecting the Distributed Enterprise via Video(C-01)

02/03/11,  9:00-9:45am
In today’s distributed workforce environment, it’s essential to be able to communicate to employees and customers across the globe both efficiently and effectively. Prior to today, doing so was far more easily said than done because, not only was the technology not in place, but video wasn’t accepted as a form of business communication. Now that video has burst onto the scene by way of Apple’s Facetime, Skype and Gmail video chat, consumers are far more likely to pick video over voice – both in their home and at their workplaces. But, though demand has never been higher, enterprise networks still experience a slow-down when employees attempt to access video streams from the public Internet because the implementation of IP video is not provisioned properly. This session will provide an overview of the main deployment considerations so that IP video can be successfully deployed inside or outside the corporate firewall, without impacting the performance of the network, as well as how networks need to adapt to accommodate widespread desktop video deployments. It will also expose the latest in video compression technology in order to elucidate the relationship between video quality, bandwidth, and storage. With the technology in place, an enterprise can efficiently leverage video communication to lower costs and increase collaboration.
Presented by:
Michael Stanford (Moderator)
Michael Stanford LLC
Anatoli Levine (Moderator)
Director, Product Management – DTBU
Spirent Communications
Mike Benson
Regional Vice President
VBrick Systems
Matt Collier
UCIF Board Member, SVP Business Development
UCIForum, LifeSize Communciations.

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Making Telepresence Affordable and Reliable(C-02)

02/03/11,  1:00-1:45pm
The perception is that telepresence is expensive and will clog your network with HD video traffic. This calls for a discussion on the latest market and technology development that led to reduction of the cost for telepresence deployments. First, new models of telepresence systems provide higher audio and video quality while consuming far less network bandwidth. Second, new network architectures allow building cost-efficient pool of conference resources that can be shared within the entire organization or deployed by service providers to serve vast user communities. The biggest winners are small and medium businesses (SMB) that cannot afford buying and installing infrastructure equipment on their premises. These new market and technology developments led to a completely different TCO and ROI calculations for video deployments, and made telepresence affordable to a far larger group of users. This session will discuss the new developments in the area of telepresence and measure the ‘affordability’ of new solutions. The discussion will not only cover the telepresence systems but also look at infrastructure and network cost.
Presented by:
Paula Bernier (Moderator)
Executive Editor
Stefan Karapetkov
Emerging Technologies Director
Matt Collier
UCIF Board Member, SVP Business Development
UCIForum, LifeSize Communciations.

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The Future of Video Communications on Mobile Devices(C-03)

02/03/11,  2:00-2:45pm
You’ve all seen the TV commercials with FaceTime, promoting video calling on the iPhone 4. But, what will it take to bring mobile video communications to mainstream users? This session will draw on trends in enterprise communications, advances in video technology, the growth of cellular networks, and the latest mobile devices, to discuss if and when video will become a mainstay in the mobile enterprise. Discussion will include challenges of different mobile operating systems, infrastructure, and user expectations
Presented by:
Doug Mohney (Moderator)
HD Voice News
Pete Weldon

Doug Makishima
D2 Technologies, Inc.
Hanna Tong
Director of Business Development Convergence Solutions
Samsung Telecommunications America

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Everyday Business Conferencing - A New User Experience(C-04)

02/03/11,  3:00-3:45pm
Conferencing is already a $6 billion industry, but a set of familiar pain points persist, including forgetting scheduled conferences, organizing participants, knowing who is speaking, adding latecomers, recording, and more. Today’s conferencing solutions offer features to overcome these pains, in fixed or mobile environments, so conference calls can be carried out – even managed – from anywhere. This session will look at the latest developments in conferencing and their ability to relieve administrators of the traditionally stressful nature of their role.
Presented by:
Katie Butcher (Moderator)
CEO and Founder
Steve Flavell
Ring2 Conferencing
David Frankel
Morgan Krenson
Wholesale Channel Manager

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