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Wednesday, February 01, 2012
Wednesday - 02/01/12
Maximize Your Managed Services Sales
Tim Basa President -Telegration
Marketing and sales expert and acclaimed motivational business speaker Tim Basa applies his straightforward style and practical advice to the topic of increasing your profits on managed services sales. Be sure to bring a pen and notebook, as Tim is sure to share suggestions and strategies that sales forces can apply immediately.
Wednesday - 02/01/12
Straight from the Shooters: Candid Conversations on Issues Facing the Channel
Martin Vilaboy (Moderator) Editor-in-Chief -ChannelVision Magazine
The McLaughlin Group meets telecom trade show in this fastandloose, highly charged and opinionated roundtable discussion that coincides with the IT EXPO Grand Opening Reception. Our panel of industry thoughtleaders and curmudgeons will address a series of issues facing the channel in a talkshowstyle format that’s sure to entertain and enlighten those in attendance. Some of the topics up for debate among our panel will include the impact of industry consolidation on distributors, the sunset of the PSTN, the hype surrounding cloud and other emerging services, provider pitfalls, upcoming regulatory shifts, and the “next big thing.” Grab a cocktail and join us for some lighthearted conversations on highly legitimate topics facing your daytoday business.
Thursday, February 02, 2012
Thursday - 02/02/12
Compliant Collaboration: When UC meets Social Media
Chip David VP of Americas Sales -Actiance
It took the telephone 89 years to reach the 150 million users that Facebook achieved in just five. This rapid uptake by corporate users, often against written policies, has left many enterprises inadequately prepared from both a data leakage and compliance perspective. Combine this with the growth in unified communications and collaboration and it’s easy to see the boundaries between corporate communication tools and social media becoming increasingly blurred. The problem for organizations is that neither UC nor social media natively provide the security and compliance required by most companies.

This seminar looks at the rise in social media and the specific security and compliance issues that the channel should be considering when advising organizations. It includes a case study demonstrating how one multinational company manages employee use of social media alongside the use of realtime apps such as IM, Web conferencing and UC, whilst still maintaining compliance. Visitors will learn how to securely enable both corporate and publicly available collaboration tools in line with other corporate communications, why enterprise communications tools don’t meet compliance needs and the steps that need to be taken in order to meet compliance regulations for today’s new Internet.
Thursday - 02/02/12
Vendor Breakout Session
Thursday - 02/02/12
The Business Value of Big Data
Randy Weinberger (Moderator) President -IceHook Systems
Most telecom services providers traditionally have ignored or severely underutilized the massive amounts of customer data that’s being collected on their networks. More and more, however, Big Data analytics is being employed by companies of all types and sizes to harness the power of this actionable information and extract its business value.

This session will focus on how communications companies can use their Big Data to upsell and retain current subscribers and improve operational efficiencies. Topics discussed will include legal and regulatory issues surrounding data collection, data analytics technology and strategies for turning customer data into revenue.
Thursday - 02/02/12
Successful Strategies for Selling IaaS & Demystifying Compensation
Shawn Mills President -Green House Data
Despite the buzz over channel partners selling cloud services, without good compensation packages and selling strategy development, many are staying clear of the IaaS market. Additionally, the cloud presents many technical and operational hurdles for channel partners, although these often can be overcome with the better solutions that are available today. Even so, there is no “one size fits all” approach for resellers getting into the cloud, as many options are available to meet their business size and scope. Whatever approach is chosen, however, it must be a program that enables distributors to remain focused on their business and core offerings.

This presentation will walk channel partners through these topics and several others in order to provide a stronger understanding of the services and compensations packages currently available, as well as some successful strategies for maximizing earnings when selling the cloud. Attendees will leave the presentation with an understanding of why channel partners need to be selling IaaS, how to develop a strategy for selling cloud services, what to expect for compensation and how the break down works, and how to choose the cloud services provider that best fits with their business.Speaker: Shawn Mills, President, Green House Data
Thursday - 02/02/12
Desktop as a Service: The Future of Cloud Computing
Joe Corvaia Vice President, Solution Engineering -Broadview Networks



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