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Los Angeles 2004: IP PBX Certification Sessions

TMC University

IP PBX First Degree Topics
Day 1 — Monday, October 4

12:00 - 6:00 pm

An Introduction to the IP PBX
Reaping the Benefits of the IP PBX;
Presented By: Mike Robinson, CEO, Citel

Enterprise Applications for IP PBXs
Presented By:
Brandon Weilbacher, Director of Project Management, Epygi

Effective Strategies & Tactics
Cost Justifying the Upgrade
Presented By: Alfredo Rizzo, Chief Technology Officer, Adapt

A Point by Point ROI Roadmap
 Selecting the Right IP PBX Solution
Presented By: Sphere

 Effective Deployment of IP PBXs; Migration Strategies
Presented By: Patrick Ferriter, VP Product Marketing, Zultys

 ‘Living with Your New IP PBX’
Presented By: NextWest

IP PBX Advanced Degree Topics
Day 2 — Tuesday, October 5
10:15 am - 4:00 pm

  1. Preparing your LAN for an IP-PBX. Test gear, bandwidth requirements, prioritizing traffic.

  2. Remote Workers and Road Warriors. The ins and out of VPNS and third-party Internet access.

  3. Focus on Productivity enhancement. Making the most of the enhanced functionality of your IP-PBX.

  4. The IP-PBX and the wireless LAN.

  5. Control and management strategies for a multi-site installation. Centralized versus Distributed.

  6. Instruments, softphones and endpoints. Product features and functionalities reviewed.

  7. How to properly estimate bandwidth requirements.

  8. Integrating your IP PBX with an ITSP. Lowering your phone bill with VoIP.

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