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Los Angeles 2004: ECA Convergence Forum
Day 1 — Monday, October 4

Introduction to IP Telephony Systems
Presented By Alan Sulkin, President, TEQConsult Group and a member of the ECA Board of Directors


Enterprise communications systems incorporating IP telephony standards and architecture design elements are quickly replacing traditional circuit switched-only solutions. It is estimated that shipments of IP station terminals will overtake analog/digital shipments within the next year in the domestic market. Almost all currently marketed PBX systems and a growing number of Hybrid systems are capable of supporting IP telephony options for desktop or networking applications.

It is important for marketers and sellers of enterprise communications systems to understand IP telephony standards; the different IP telephony system design platforms; available IP telephony voice terminal solutions; new features, functions, and applications; and the many potential customer benefits. Introduction to IP Telephony Systems was developed to present a concise, but comprehensive, review and analysis of current and evolving enterprise voice communications offerings incorporating VoIP protocol standards. It addresses the unique differences between the three types of IP telephony system design, including strengths and weaknesses, and the new level of redundancy and resiliency derived from the LAN/WAN-based packet switching foundation.

The developer and presenter of the training class is Allan Sulkin, president of TEQConsult Group and a member of the ECA Board of Directors. He is renowned as the leading enterprise voice communications market/product analyst, with more than twenty years experience consulting for the industry’s top tier system suppliers/vendors, as well as dozens of leading edge Fortune 500-type businesses and institutions. His book PBX Systems for IP Telephony (McGraw-Hill) has quickly become the standard text on the topic, and must reading for suppliers, dealers, and customers, alike. He is also the developer/presenter of both BCR’s Understanding PBX Systems seminar and The Voice Report IP Telephony Bootcamp training class. For the past 15 years he has served as a program director for the annual VoiceCon conference and exhibition at which several thousand attendees have participated in his annual PBX system tutorials.

Course Outline

1. Introduction to IP Telephony Systems for Sales/Marketing Personnel
   a. Customer benefits of IP telephony
   b. VoIP call basics
   c. Protocol Standards: H.323, SIP
          i. Design elements
          ii. Encoding techniques
   d. LAN/WAN requirements for VoIP

2. IP Telephony Systems
   a. System categories
   b. System design categories
          i. IP-enabled
          ii. Converged
          iii. Client/Server
   c. Comparison of design strengths/weakness
   d. Pricing and cost issues

3. IP Voice Terminal Options
   a. Desktop instrument options
   b. Mobile options
          i. Wireless
          ii. Soft client
   c. Advanced features/functions
          i. Browser-like functionality
          ii. Integrated switching

4. Applications enabled/facilitated by IP Telephony
   a. Mixed media contact center
   b. Unified messaging
   c. Presence/collaboration tools
   d. Videocalls

5. Summary
   a. Positioning IP Telephony Systems vs. Traditional Circuit Switched 
   b. Future system design trends

Day 2 — Tuesday, October 5

8:30 am
Grand Opening Session

Bernd Kuhlin, President, Enterprise Networks, Siemens AG

9:20 am
Keynote Address

Katherine Bagin, AT&T IP Communications Product Management & Marketing Vice President, AT&T

10:15  - 12:00 pm
Welcome Session

Mary Bradshaw, ECA

10:30  - 11:45 am
Convergence Imperatives and Opportunities for Channel Companies

Sally Stanton, Vice President, Category Management, Ingram Micro Systems
An introduction and overview of the industry trends mandating the transformation of voice and data resellers into convergence solutions providers. It covers the opportunities in the convergence solutions market, projects the magnitude of the opportunity and its impact on your traditional business, defines the components, portrays the drivers for user adoption-and names the challenges channel companies face. This presentation will examine reseller requirements, profile a successful reseller's skills and competencies and describe the competitive environment that's emerging. If you are beginning to evaluate your role in the convergence market or have begun to map out a business plan, this introductory session is essential.

11:45 am  - 1:00 pm
Conference Luncheon

1:00  - 1:45 pm
Assessing Your Readiness for Convergence

Sue Heintz, President, Channel Management Partners
An expert will present ECA’s Convergence Readiness Self-Assessment, a self-audit tool developed by leading industry marketers and consultants serving on the ECA Education Committee to help resellers identify which technical, marketing and sales operations need to be improved to capitalize on the convergence opportunity. Whether you come to convergence from voice or data “roots,” you’ll learn how to examine these business functions and find out what it will take to give your customers the converged solutions they demand: existing customer base and market focus, sales staff competencies, technical staff competencies, the complete offer, business commitment, financial considerations, and your action plan.

2:00  - 2:45 pm
Closing the Gap In Your Convergence Readiness

Mark Lueke, Area VP Services Marketing, Avaya, inc.
This session will walk you through the Business Plan section of ECA’s Convergence Readiness Self-Assessment, You’ll focus on defining your target markets and your competitor targets, the go-to-market strategy for each of your target markets, and the action plan to support convergence in your business.

3:00  - 4:00 pm
ROI Demystified

Sandy Janes, Director of Vertical Markets, Mitel Networks
Justifying return on investment for any VoIP/IP Telephony deployment is no longer an option. But it does remain a challenge, regardless of what industry vertical you're discussing. This session will help you understand how to calculate the payback period of a deployment whether the issue is migrating, replacing, or just considering an IP gateway. Of course, a key consideration in customers' VoIP/IP Telephony deployment is its ability to support productivity-enhancing applications. Accordingly, this session will provide you with an overview of the top drivers based on various industry scenarios. Key applications that will be considered include teleworking, unified messaging, conferencing and collaboration, and contact centers solutions.

4:00 pm
Keynote Address

Steven G. Mihaylo, Founder & Chairman of the Board of Directors
Inter-Tel Incorporated

4:45 pm
Keynote Address

Susan W. Bailey, Vice President – Enterprise Communications Group
Americas, Global Accounts, Channels and Alliances, Avaya Inc.

4:30  - 5:00 pm
Wrap Up
Mary Bradshaw, ECA

Day 3 — Wednesday, October 6

8:15  - 9:00 am
Keynote Address
Henry Dewing, Product Marketing Manager, Intel
Analysts’ predictions of the era of IP are now being fulfilled. Hear this overview of the promise of convergence applications, learn which industries are adopting, why they chose to deploy it, and what more’s on the horizon.

9:15  - 11:00 am
IP PBX Shootout & Keynote Address

Phil Edholm, Chief Technology Officer & VP of Network Architecture
Nortel Networks Enterprise Networks

11:15 am  - 12:00 pm
Homeruns in IP Communications

Moderator: Sally Stanton, Vice President, Category Management, Ingram Micro Systems
Solutions Supplier: Nortel Networks
NSP: Mike Shelton, CTO United Carrier Networks
Joseph Estanol, Jr., Datatran Network Systems
Hear from companies who have already implemented IP Telephony and begun to enjoy the benefits. Learn how a few simple but critical steps can ensure a smooth transition to IP.

12:00 - 12:45 pm
Conference Luncheon

12:45  - 1:30 pm
Convergence Opportunities in Healthcare, Government, Education, Financial Services, General Business

Representatives and Customers of Intel, Ingram Micro, Iwatsu America, Mitel, Avaya, Comdial, and more
A look at how convergence solutions address healthcare’s challenges for patient care and safety, managed care concerns, privacy and security of medical histories, and home healthcare.

1:30  - 2:15 pm
Drivers for Government Agency Adoption of Convergence

Moderator: Susan Mills, Principal Technology Marketing Partners
Security: Martin Feuk, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales & Interex General Manager, InterTex Data
Integrator: Solutions Supplier: Mitel Networks
Presenter Jean-V. Renaud, Mitel Director of Marketing,
Government Solutions
Applications Developer: Mathews Manaloor, President TriVium Systems
During the last decade, federal, state and local governments have deployed the Internet to re-invent the way information and services are delivered to the public. IT Directors have had the challenge to deploy, in an effective manner, the internet and business networking technology necessary to meet these objectives, while transforming the internal processes and operations to take advantage of new way to collaborate and share information. The results have demonstrated increases in efficiencies, productivity, and improved service levels. Today new challenges have surfaced with yet again strong emphasis on increased efficiencies, and homeland security. Federal, state, and local governments are now, more then ever expecting defined returns against investments in new business networking solutions.

This presentation will focus on:

  • IP business networking solutions focused on increased efficiencies, and reduced Costs.
  • Internet communication solutions focused on improved collaboration, information sharing, and security of people and information.

2:15 pm
Conference Break

2:30 - 3:15 pm
Evolving Education Needs Addressed by Convergence

Moderator: Ronn Wiehler, President, Monrovia Ventures Group
Solutions Supplier: AVAYA, Inc.
Educators are reaching for convergence solutions to serve students better, prepare 21st century citizens and workforce, broaden and deepen curricula, and satisfy stakeholders. See how convergence solutions help educators satisfy these pressing needs in today’s educational institutions.

3:15 - 4:00 pm
Financial Services Sector

Moderator: Mark Ricca, Vice President, InfoTech
Integrator: Richard Zimmermann, Executive Director Marketing, Nextira One
Customer: Don M.”Dusty”Lashbrook, Senior Vice President and Operations Manager for the Sunrise Operations Platform, ABN AMRO Mortgage Group, Inc.
Applications Developer: MSI LLC; Max Schroeder,
VP Marketing and Sales

Financial services industries must fulfill customer expectations for faster, easier transactions balanced with pressures of consolidation, new competitors, and increasingly complex regulatory requirements. See how banks and other financial institutions are satisfying these imperatives with new converged network applications.

4:00 - 4:45 pm
Retail Market Opportunities

Moderator: Chris Younger, Silver Cloud Cos.
Rick Cobello, Director of Information Solutions, Stewart's Shops
Integrator, Bill Haefeli, CoServ Corp.
Mark Lindsay, Vice President Marketing, Comdial

Retailers seek ways to web-enable their businesses, giving customers their preferred media for transactions and improving their own operations. Stewart’s, a regional convenience store chain in the Northeast, was no exception. Hear how Stewart’s made the transition from their trusted legacy infrastructure to the exciting world of converged networks.

4:45 pm
Keynote Address
John Meyer, President, Lucent Worldwide Services, Lucent Technologies, Inc.

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