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Saluting The Service Providers

VoIP service providers to be honored at Internet Telephony Conference and EXPO.

INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine is proud to announce the recipients of the first-ever VoIP Service Provider Award. These service providers have been identified as truly market-driving companies whose pioneering efforts have contributed to the growth of VoIP/IP Telephony.

From the earliest days of VoIP, service providers such as iBasis, Net2Phone, ITXC (now Teleglobe),, and others have held the banner high for the transition from TDM to IP. Year after year, their impact of their success has been evident, as IP traffic as a share of overall telephony traffic has increased exponentially; first as a measure of backhaul and now increasingly as last-mile, broadband telephony minutes of use. Facilitated by partners such as TelX and Arbinet, embodied in the reincarnation of industry giants such as AT&T, and validated by the success of relative newcomers like Qwest and Level 3, these VoIP service providers represent the breadth and depth of the vanguard of tomorrow’s telecommunications industry. And let us not forget the cable companies who are racing to offer VoIP solutions to their customer base. IP has changed the game, and these companies all stand as shining beacons of the evolution to this brave new world of IP telephony.

The recipients will be honored at a special dinner on Monday, October 4, 2004 — the opening night of this year's INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO in Los Angeles (

  • Arbinet

  • AT&T

  • Bestnetcall

  • Broadvox

  • BT Group

  • Cablevision

  • Cbeyond

  • Charter Communications

  • Comcast

  • Covad

  • Cox Communications


  • Deutsche Telecom

  • Dialpad

  • digiLinea

  • Earthlink

  • eGlobalphone

  • France Telecom

  • Gfon

  • Global Crossing

  • Go2Call

  • iBasis

  • Level 3

  • Lingo

  • M5

  • MCI

  • MediacomAOL

  • Net2Phone

  • Packet8


  • Point One

  • Primus Knowledge Solutions, Inc.

  • Qwest

  • Rhinobell

  • SBC

  • skype

  • Sprint

  • Surf and

  • Talafone

  • Telefonica

  • Teleglobe

  • Telus

  • TelX

  • Time Warner Telecom

  • Verizon

  • Versatel

  • VoiceGlo

  • VoIP Americas

  • VoIP, Inc.

  • Volo/Caerus


  • Wiltel


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