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OCTOBER 4, 2010



The App Time Conference will include sessions on these topics.

App-Time Session will be held on Monday, October 4,2010
Monday - 10/04/10
Beyond the App Store: The Opportunity is Bigger than you know
Jeff Cohn CEO
Michael Zirngibl CoFounder of Ringio and former CEO of -Ringio
Gary Kim (Moderator) Contributing Editor -PTC Spectrum Futures
Applications are going to be everywhere. We will use them like we use light switches often and without much thought. The question is not whether people will use apps, but how can I make my app more usable? What kind of a platform should I expect to use?

Applications are not just for smartphones, opportunities to develop compelling applications can be found everywhere. Entertainment solutions such as games and social networks, business applications such as morning calls and news reports, and vertical applications in health, lifestyle and other industries are all converging on wireless.

Converging on wireless is the How, but the where and when are also important aspects of delivering applications.
Monday - 10/04/10
Developing for the Experience: Choices in Device Development
Bill Volk CCO -Playscreen
Devices are Dynamic and they are changing all the time! How do you build for the device of today while ensuring your application will work on the device of tomorrow? Are you building for a time that’s gone, or a market that is just on the tipping point of explosive growth? This session will delve into these issues and answer these questions:
•Is it possible to build a device neutral application or will customization be required?:
•What are the advantages of some devices that multitask? What should people expect when using your app? Can it work the same way on every device?:
•What advantages are provided on some platforms?:
•How can location, billing and security be successfully built into an application?:
•How can development costs be reduced when supporting the iPhone, Droid and Blackberry markets.
Monday - 10/04/10
Show me the App Money!
Bill Volk CCO -Playscreen
Eric Hernaez CEO
Once you built it, how will they come? How does a developer achieve success in the new world of app stores? With close to 200k iPhone apps, and 50k Android apps ... only 10% of these apps turn a profit. This session will examine the issues most relevant to achieving success, including:
•How to drive revenue – ad sales or customer fees?
•How to identify the value in the application? Is it in the sales not directly associated with the app?
•What benefits make the applications worth something and who needs that benefit?
•Does Apple representing the long tail of all applications or are there revenue streams from other distribution channels? Is this an either/or decision?
•What are the lessons of Google, Facebook and Twitter, and how does marketing and PR work together to succeed in delivering the app?
Monday - 10/04/10
Session info coming soon…
Monday - 10/04/10
The Future of Mobile Video
Joe Mele Vice President, Dialogic Media Labs -Dialogic Corporation
Ramu Sunkara Founder, EVP -Qik
Anatoli Levine Director, Product Management – DTBU -Spirent Communications
Mobile Video Applications will benefit from 4G’s increased bandwidth and ubiquity. Mobile video applications range from oneway content consumption i.e. mobile TV to real time, bidirectional video. This session will examine the demand for wireless video applications and whether or not 4G technology will make realtime, twoway video a common element in our day to day communications? Is 4G’s big and ubiquitous pipe enough to drive a breakthrough in demand for realtime video? What does “video everywhere” mean for the device and how will the devices drive demand for wireless video applications? Do we need new set of application tools and standards to build these devices? Do we need to wait for HTML or other standards to appear to make mobile video common? Or may we need no standards at all?
Monday - 10/04/10
Mobile, Multiplayer, Multimedia Gaming
Monty Sharma Director -MassDigi
Nathan Richardson Executive Producer -CCP Games
Nathan Pierce Director of Skunkworks -Sony Online
The advent of the iPhone has brought about a new age in online gaming, but the speeds and feeds of 3G are not ready for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. Does 4G solve the problem, or is the technology going to be irrelevant because of the new age of devices.Will the games start to take advantage of augmented reality?
Monday - 10/04/10
If this phone is so Smart I should be able to talk to it.
Patrick Gilbert VP Customer Solutions -Iperia
Chris Celeberti CEO -Clever Spoke
The smartphone is going the way of “hands free”. One way to facilitate effective hands free operation would be to lock the device into the telematics communication in your car. What new applications and functions would be available to us in this scenario? And what other applications would be provided to us through Telematics. This will be an interesting discussion on the future of the truly “smart” smart phone.