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Feature Article
October 2004

Sidebar: Dual Mode: Coming Soon to a Handset Near You

BY Greg Galitzine

In the constant struggle to maximize employee productivity while keeping a close eye on capping expenditures, companies are often faced with unproven technologies, which promise untold benefits. Sometimes it’s a matter of letting the technology catch up to demand. Take the concept of dual mode wireless solutions, which bridge the WiFi environment of an enterprise with the broader wireless network coverage being served by cellular. It’s only a matter of time before this application becomes increasingly more prevalent.

One early player on this scene is LongBoard, with their OnePhone application. Currently in trials, the application is designed to allow carriers to offer a new, highly differentiated service that yields incremental revenue, protects against churn, and generates additional minutes-of-use.

OnePhone allows users to benefit from voice services, using a single handset and phone number, across both the enterprise and the public cellular network. LongBoard will offer the application on a PDA/handset such as the HP/iPaq 6300 series first, and as market needs dictate, will make the application available on a variety of devices. Inside the enterprise, OnePhone delivers voice and data telephony services over the wireless LAN either with WiFi or Bluetooth. Out on the public cellular network, OnePhone delivers the same set of services to the same OnePhone handset, using the same phone number, over the cellular network. Subscribers have access to the same IP Centrex-based enterprise telephony features whether sitting at a desk in a building, or outdoors on their mobile phone.

For more information on this innovative application, check out the LongBoard Web site at

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