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Tele-Health Cart, Server, and Monitoring Market
[December 20, 2012]

Tele-Health Cart, Server, and Monitoring Market

NEW YORK, Dec. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Tele-Health Cart, Server, and Monitoring Market WinterGreen Research announces the following study: Tele-Health: Carts, Servers and Monitoring Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012-2018.Tele-health improves treatment of chronic disease, reduces cost of care delivery, lets baby boomers age gracefully in their homes. Tele monitoring is evolving more sophisticated ways of monitoring vital signs in the home, thus protecting people in a familiar, comfortable environment. The improvements in care delivery relate to leveraging large information sources that permit understanding what care works for what conditions. Tele-health systems server markets are anticipated to grow because they represent a way to steer patients with a particular clinician to those most expert in treating that particular condition. Tele-health is not yet to the point where it is able to be used effectively to implement changes that represent significant improvements in overall healthcare delivery, they are largely confined to being used in the treatment of chronic conditions.

Tele-Health Executive Summary Tele-Health Executive SummaryTele-Health Market Driving ForcesMeasures of Tele Monitoring EffectivenessReal-Time Monitoring Of Physiological DataHome Patient Monitoring Supports Patient EducationTele-Health Market SharesGlobalMedGlobalMed Telemedicine ServicesTele-Monitor Market SharesTele-health Systems ForecastsWatson Tele-Health Market Description and Marke1. Tele-Health Market Description and Market Dynamics 1.1 TeleHealth Payor Solutions1.1.1 Telemedicine Products | Medical Technology1.2 Mobile Brings Healthcare Transformation1.3 Consumer Tele-health1.3.1 Internet Health Products1.3.2 VA Tele-health Lauded As Model Healthcare Program1.4 US National Prevention Council1.4.1 UK National Health Service (NHS)1.4.2 U.S. Veterans Health Administration (VHA)1.4.3 Chronic Disease Issues1.4.4 Maximize The Impact Of Technology on Tele-health1.4.5 Telehealth Reimbursement Set to Grow1.5 IBM Watson1.6 Issues in International Health Policy Tele-Health Market Shares and Market Forecasts 2. Tele-Health Market Shares and Forecasts2.1 Tele-Health Market Driving Forces2.1.1 Measures of Tele Monitoring Effectiveness2.1.2 Real-Time Monitoring Of Physiological Data2.1.3 Home Patient Monitoring Supports Patient Education2.2 Tele-Health Market Shares2.2.1 GlobalMed2.2.2 GlobalMed Telemedicine Services2.2.3 Tele-Monitor Market Shares2.2.4 Bosch2.3 Tele-health Systems Forecasts2.3.1 Tele-health Device Market Thriving2.3.2 Tele-health Issues2.4 Wireless Tele-monitoring Devices2.4.1 Smart Phone Home Tele Monitoring2.4.2 eICUs2.4.3 Rapid Readmissions2.4.4 Tele-health Originating Site Facility Fee PaymentAmount Update2.4.5 Technical Correction to Include EmergencyDepartment Tele-health Consultations in Regulation2.5 Watson2.5.1 Tele-health IBM Watson, Honeywell, Vitarian, andBosch Diagnostic Support Expert Systems2.5.2 Tele-health Market Forces2.5.3 UK National Health Service (NHS)2.5.4 U.S. Veterans Health Administration (VHA)2.5.5 Measures of Tele Monitoring Effectiveness2.5.6 Home Patient Monitoring Supports Patient Education2.5.7 Wireless Telemonitoring Devices2.5.8 Real-Time Monitoring Of Physiological Data2.5.9 Bosch Healthcare Tele-health Custom Messaging Feature2.5.10 Bosch Healthcare Tele-health Wireless Modem Option2.5.11 Bosch ViTelCare T400 Home Health Monitor2.5.12 Bosch Installed Base2.5.13 Bosch Tele-health Solutions2.5.14 Bosch Tele-health2.5.15 Bosch Tele-health Systems Certification inDisease Management From NCQA2.5.16 Bayer / Viterion2.5.17 Bayer / Viterion Tele-health care2.5.18 Philips2.5.19 Intel / GE Care Innovations2.5.20 Honeywell HomeMed2.5.21 Honeywell HomMed Genesis Touch(TM)Tele-health2.5.22 Samsung2.5.23 Samsung Medical Business2.5.24 MedApps HealthPAL MA105to Extend theHome Selects VRI2.5.25 Nonin2.5.26 VRI2.5.27 VRI Healthcare Services2.5.28 Gemalto / Cinterion2.5.29 Gemalto CINTERION Wireless Module Functions2.6 Chronic Disease Conditions2.6.1 Congestive Heart Failure2.6.2 Diabetes Chronic Illness Numbers2.6.3 Incidence of Chronic Disease2.6.4 Chronic Diseases Account For Two-Thirds OfWorldwide Healthcare Spending, Ninety Percent in the US2.6.5 Clinical Staff / Patient Ratios: Physician Shortages2.6.6 Viterion Home Health Outcomes in a CHF Population:2.7 Telemonitoring Prices and Reimbursement2.7.1 Cost of Honeywell Homemed Home HealthMonitoring & MedPartner2.7.2 TouchPointCare2.8 Interactive Voice Response (IVR)2.8.1 Healthcare Providers Use Technology To ImproveEffectiveness Of Care Providers2.8.2 HHSC2.9 Tele-Monitoring Alarm Devices2.10 Tele-Server Regional Markets2.10.1 Remote Patient Monitoring Market In The US2.10.2 Remote Patient Monitoring Market In Europe2.10.3 Bosch Remote Patient Monitoring Regional MarketParticipation2.10.4 Smart Phone Installed Base By Country And Region Tele-Health Product Description 3. Tele-Health Product Description3.1 Telemonitors3.2 Bosch3.2.1 Bosch on Medicare's CMHCB Demonstration Project3.2.2 Bosch Health Buddy System Installed Base3.3 Bayer - Viterion3.3.1 Bayer Viterion 5003.4 Philips3.5 Honeywell3.5.1 Honeywell HomMed LifeStream3.6 Sony3.7 Tele-Health Carts3.8 GlobalMed3.8.1 GlobalMed Telemedicine Products | TelehealthEquipment | Medical Technology3.8.2 GlobalMed Telemedicine Carts | Telehealth Carts3.8.3 GlobalMed i8500(TM) Mobile Telemedicine Station3.8.4 GlobalMed TES (Transportable Exam Station)3.8.5 GlobalMed FirstExam(TM) Mobile Telemedicine Station3.8.6 GlobalMed Teleaudiology Cart | Mobile Medical Carts3.8.7 GlobalMed Medical Technology Products | Mobile Medical Carts3.8.8 GlobalMed Mobile Telemedicine Carts3.8.9 GlobalMed TotalExam(TM) HD Examination Camera3.8.10 GlobalMed Diagnostic Imaging | Medical Imaging3.8.11 GlobalMed Diagnostic Imaging | Medical Imaging Equipment3.9 Video Conferencing Health Apps - CMS3.9.1 Internet Health Products3.10 Vidyo3.11 Cisco3.12 Google3.13 Microsoft/Skype3.14 Polycom3.15 Intel3.16 Sony3.17 eICUs3.18 TeleHealth Software3.19 IBM Smarter Analytics3.19.1 IBM Watson for TeleHelathcare3.20 GlobalMed Health Information Exchange3.20.1 GlobalMed Software3.20.2 GlobalMed CONi(TM) Services3.21 CapSure® 2.03.22 Medical Strategic Planning3.23 WebMD3.23.1 WebMD CameraDirect3.23.2 Hand-held Telemedicine Kit (HTK)3.24 Microsoft3.25 Mobile TeleHealth Product Description3.26 CareSpeak Communications, FitNow, and Fitbit3.27 Government Telehealth Initiatives3.28 US Government3.28.1 CMS3.29 UK Government3.30 Canadian Government Telehealth Ontario3.31 Japanese Government3.32 Taiwanese Government3.33 Telehealth Networks3.34 Georgia Telehealth Initiative3.35 Arkansaw Telehealth Initiative3.36 Avera Telehealth Network3.37 Eastern Maine Telehealth Network3.38 Eastern Montana Telemedicine3.38.1 Montana Telemedicine Network3.39 Idaho and Oregon Telehealth3.40 Louisiana Telehealth Network3.41 Mississippi Telehealth Network3.42 Nebraska Telehealth Network3.43 California Telehealth Network of Regents of University3.43.1 Telehealth Network Grantee Site Maps3.44 Telecommunications Service Provider Tele-Health Initiatives3.45 Verizon Healthcare Monitoring3.46 BT3.47 Deutsche Telecom3.48 NTT3.49 AT&T3.50 EMC3.51 Qolpac3.52 Qualcomm3.53 Tele-health Consulting Companies3.54 Accenture3.55 Sutter Center for Integrated Care3.56 Healthrageous3.57 Humedica3.58 Telesofia Medical3.59 Textron Systems3.60 ciCoach.com3.61 American Well Systems3.62 Boehringer Ingelheim3.63 PwC3.63.1 PwC Health & Welfare Benefits Programs3.64 Eliza Corp3.65 Eliza Corp3.66 Basis Band Personal Health Tracker3.67 Body Composition Tracker3.67.1 Linear Software Tele-Health Technology 4. Tele-Health Technology4.1 Patient-Centered /-Participatory Congestive HeartFailure Telemonitoring4.1.1 Heart Failure Congress 20114.1.2 TIM-HF Study CHF4.1.3 TheTEHAF study4.1.4 Johns Hopkins Home-Based Telemonitoring4.2 Diabetes Remote Monitoring4.2.1 Diabetes Remote Monitoring Drivers4.2.2 Partners HealthCare Diabetes RemoteMonitoring Program Overview4.2.3 Partners HealthCare Diabetes Monitoring Member4.3 Partners Healthcare Blood Pressure HomeMonitoring Health Initiative4.3.1 Partners Healthcare Blood Pressure Connect4.4 Medtronic4.5 Health Monitoring4.5.1 Patient-Centered Home Tele Health Monitoring4.6 Chronic Heart Failure Clinical Studies4.7 Texas Pilot Program4.7.1 Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) A Major Chronic Condition4.7.2 Hypertension Intervention Nurse Telemedicine (HINTS) Study4.8 Ingestible Event Marker4.9 Real-Time Remote Medical Diagnosis System (RTRMDS)4.9.1 Tele-pharmacy4.9.2 Electronic Medical Records Detail DrugInformation Effectiveness4.9.3 Consumers Increasingly Involved InTreatment Decision-Making4.10 Health Care Monitoring Solutions Technology4.10.1 Health Information Exchange Services4.11 Home-Based Care4.12 'Mobile Health Clinics'4.12.1 Self-Service Kiosks4.12.2 Mobile Health Care4.12.3 Mobile Office a Set Of Commonly Used MobileCommunication Tools4.12.4 Telemedicine Allows Medical Professionals ToConsult And Diagnose Patients Remotely4.13 DICOM Index Tracker NDS Surgical Imaging, LLC4.14 Population Of The Developed World Is Growing Older,Medical Costs Are Rising, Not Enough Doctors To Heal TheElderly Sick4.14.1 Remote Monitoring Device4.15 US Government Tele-Health Subcommittees4.15.1 Telehealth Product Medical Device RegulationIn The United States4.16 American Telemedicine Association's HomeTelehealth Clinical Guidelines Tele-Health Company Profiles 5. TeleHealth Company Description5.1 Aetna5.2 Accenture5.3 Aetna5.3.1 Aetna Health Benefits And Insurance Plans5.4 American Well Systems5.5 Assa Abloy5.5.1 Assa Abloy Regional Division - EMEA5.5.2 Assa Abloy Regional Division - Americas5.5.3 Assa Abloy Regional Division - Asia Pacific5.5.4 Assa Abloy Acquisitions 20125.6 AT&T5.7 Boehringer Ingelheim5.8 Bosch5.8.1 Bosch Group5.9 Bayer - Viterion5.10 Biotronik5.11 BT5.12 Cardionet5.13 Centerstone Research Institute5.14 Centerstone Research Institute5.15 ciCoach.com5.16 Cisco5.17 Cleveland Clinic5.17.1 Cleveland Clinic MyChart5.18 CMS5.19 Deutsche Telecom5.20 Eliza Corp5.21 EMC5.22 Healthrageous5.23 Honeywell HomMed5.24 Humedica5.25 GlobalMed5.25.1 GlobalMed Telemedicine Services5.26 IBM5.26.1 IBM Revenue Q2 20125.26.2 IBM Business Model5.26.3 IBM Revenue Second-Quarter 20125.26.4 IBM Geographic Regions Q2 20125.26.5 IBM Growth Markets Q2 20125.26.6 IBM Services Q2 20125.26.7 IBM Software Q2 20125.26.8 IBM Hardware Q2 20125.26.9 IBM Financing Q2 20125.26.10 IBM Lombardi5.27 Intel5.28 Kaiser5.28.1 Kaiser5.29 Mayo Clinic5.29.1 Mayo Clinic Telehealth5.30 Medical Strategic Planning5.30.1 Medical Strategic Planning (MSP) Alliance Organizations5.31 Medullan5.31.1 Medullan Services5.32 NTT5.32.1 Operating Revenues5.33 Partners Healthcare5.33.1 Partners Healthcare Integrated Health Care System5.34 Philips5.35 Polycom5.36 PwC5.37 Qolpac5.38 Qualcomm5.39 Sorin Group5.40 Sotera5.41 Skype5.42 Sony5.43 Sutter Center for Integrated Care5.44 Telecare5.45 Telesofia Medical5.46 Textron Systems5.47 VA Department of Veterans Affairs5.48 Verizon5.49 Vidyo5.50 Walmart5.50.1 Walmart Affordable Healthcare5.51 Worksmart List of Tables and FiguresTele-Health Executive Summary Table ES-1Tele-Health Market Driving ForcesTable ES-2M-Health Market Driving ForcesTable ES-3Telemonitoring Market Driving ForcesFigure ES-4Tele-Health Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide,First Three Quarters 2012Table ES-5Tele-Health Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide,First Three Quarters 2012Figure ES-6Tele-Monitor Market Shares, Dollars, First Three Quarters 2012Figure ES-7Tele-Server Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018Figure ES-8Tele-health Market FactorsFigure ES-9Aging of the Population, 600 Million Elderly IndividualsWorld WideFigure ES-10Tele-health Challenge: One Billion Adults Over Weight, 86Million Individuals with Chronic ConditionsFigure ES-11Tele-health Goal: Improve Lifestyle Choices Tele-Health Market Description and Market Dynamics Table 1-1Telemedicine Product BenefitsTable 1-2Telemedicine Product Features Integrated systems.Figure 1-3Mobile Transformation of Business ModelFigure 1-4Mobile Transformation of Healthcare Business ModelFigure 1-5Healthcare Mobile Business ChallengesFigure 1-6US National Prevention Council Documents Increase inNumber of Americans Healthy At Every Stage of LifeFigure 1-7Chronic Disease IssuesFigure 1-8Healthcare Spending Per Capita by CountryFigure 1-9International Comparison of Spending on Health 1980-2008Figure 1-10Supply, Use and Price of Diagnostic Imaging in OECD Countries.

Tele-Health Market Shares and Market Forecasts Table 2-1Tele-Health Market Driving ForcesTable 2-2M-Health Market Driving ForcesTable 2-3Telemonitoring Market Driving ForcesFigure 2-4Tele-Health Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide,First Three Quarters 2012Table 2-5Tele-Health Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide,First Three Quarters 2012Figure 2-6Tele-Monitor Market Shares, Dollars, First Three Quarters 2012Table 2-7Tele-Monitor Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide,First Three Quarters 2012Figure 2-8Tele-Server Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018Table 2-9Tele-Health Market Forecasts Units and Dollars,Worldwide, 2012-2018Table 2-10Tele-Servers Installed Market Forecasts Units,Worldwide, 2012-2018Table 2-11Tele-Health Servers Shipped, Market Forecasts Units,Worldwide, 2012-2018Table 2-12Smart Phone Market Shares, Units and Dollars, Worldwide, 2011Table 2-13Total Smart Phone Installed Base Units, Worldwide, 2012-2018Table 2-14Remote And Wireless Patient Monitoring DeviceUsing Wireless NetworksTable 2-15The Medicare Tele-health Originating Site FacilityFee and MEI Increase by the Applicable Time PeriodTable 2-16Factors Likely To Create Shift To TelehealthTable 2-17Telehealth Adoption Rate Issues And ConcernsFigure 2-18Tele-health Market FactorsFigure 2-19Aging of the Population, 600 Million Elderly Individuals World WideFigure 2-20Tele-health Challenge: One Billion Adults OverWeight, 86 Million Individuals with Chronic ConditionsFigure 2-21Tele-health Goal: Improve Lifestyle ChoicesTable 2-22Tele-Monitoring Critical Issues AddressedTable 2-23Tele-Monitoring Clinical ResultsTable 2-24Tele Health Monitoring Problem Solution AspectsTable 2-25Gemalto CINTERION Wireless Module FunctionsFigure 2-26Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Patients Worldwide,Forecasts, Number, 2012-2018Figure 2-27Diabetes Patients Worldwide, Forecasts, Number, 2012-2018Table 2-28Number of Patients with Disease Conditions RequiringWheelchairs, By Diagnosis, Number, Worldwide, 2012-2018Figure 2-29Follow Up Link Increases Exponentially In EuropeTable 2-30Tele-Monitoring Program BenefitsTable 2-31Tele-Monitoring Alarm DevicesFigure 2-32Tele-Server Regional Market Segments, Dollars,First Three Quarters 2012Table 2-33Tele-Server Regional Market Segments, First Three Quarters 2012Table 2-34Smart Phone Installed Base By Country and Region Tele-Health Product Description Figure 3-1Bosch Health Buddy SystemTable 3-2Bosch Health Buddy Tele-Health Evidence BasedManagement Programs*Figure 3-3Bayer Viterion 500Table 3-4Bayer Viterion 500 FeaturesFigure 3-5Philips TelehealthFigure 3-6Honeywell Genesis TouchFigure 3-7Sony Healthcare ProductsFigure 3-8GlobalMed Telemedicine CartsFigure 3-9GlobalMed Telemedicine Carts Mobile Medical StationsFigure 3-10GlobalMed Telemedicine Cart | Mobile Medical StationFigure 3-11GlobalMed i8500 Teleaudiology StationFigure 3-12GlobalMed Telehealth CamerasFigure 3-13GlobalMed TotalExam(TM) HD Examination CameraFigure 3-14TotalExam(TM) Examination CameraFigure 3-15GlobalMed iREZ® i5770 PTZ CameraFigure 3-16Vidyo TelehealthFiguree 3-17Cisco Hospital Video SurvellienceFigure 3-18Polycom TelehealthFigure 3-19Intel mHealthFigure 3-20CMS ServicesTable 3-21CMS Medicare CoverageFigure 3-22Telehealth Network of Regents of University of CaliforniaFigure 3-23Verizon Healthcare MonitoringFigure 3-24BT eHospitalFigure 3-25Deutsche Telecom e-HealthFigure 3-26NTT TeleHealthFigure 3-27AT&T Telehealth SolutionsFigure 3-28Qolpac TelehealthFigure 3-29Healthrageous TelehealthFigure 3-3/Humedica TeleHealthFigure 3-31American Well Systems ConsultationTable 3-32American Well Systems Consultation FeaturesFigure 3-33PwC TeleHealthFigure 3-34Basis Band Personal Health Tracker Tele-Health Technology Table 4-1New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Sarwat I.Chaudhry, M.D Telemonitoring Research and LettersThat Critique The StudyTable 4-2Evident Health Services Target Patient Metrics, BestPractice Targets Blood Pressure, Blood LipidsTable 4-2 (Continued)Evident Health Services Target Patient Metrics, BestPractice Targets Blood Pressure, Blood LipidsTable 4-3Evident Health Services Target Patient Metrics,Best Practice Obesity and Insulin TargetsTable 4-4Partners Healthcare Tele-Monitoring BenefitsFigure 4-5Medtronic CareLink Disease ManagementFigure 4-6Medtronic Device Monitoring and Disease ManagementFigure 4-7Device Follow-up and Disease ManagementFigure 4-8Medtronic Cardiac Implantable Device MonitoringHeart Failure GuidelinesFigure 4-9Viterion Device for Tele-Health MonitoringTable 4-10Health Information Exchange services Example SolutionsTable 4-11Health Information Exchange Services BenefitsTable 4-12Home-Based Care Telemedicine BenefitsTable 4-13Mobile Health Care SolutionTable 4-14Mobile Office SolutionsTable 4-15Telehealth Readiness Assessment System Functions Tele-Health Company Profiles Table 5-1 Assa Abloy Regional Division - EMEA Situation Figure 5-2 Centerstone Research Institute Telehealth Figure 5-3 Kaiser Thrive Campaign Table 5-4 Kaiser Services Table 5-5 Mayo Clinic Services Figure 5-6 Medullan Services Figure 5-7 VA Services To order this report:e-Healthcare Industry: Tele-Health Cart, Server, and Monitoring Market Nicolas Bombourg Reportlinker Email: US: (805)652-2626 Intl: +1 805-652-2626 SOURCE Reportlinker

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