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Arti Loftus is an experienced Information Technology specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the research, writing, and editing industry with many published articles under her belt. She is passionate about digital art, and concept art in particular. She has a love for all things fiction and fantasy ranging from TV shows to video games and spends a large amount of time drawing using nothing but her imagination. Arti has a BTEC ND in Computing and also a degree in Computing - Multimedia from the University of Hertfordshire. She lives in Hertfordshire, UK with her husband, teenage son and her cat named Khaleesi.

Latest Articles

A Move Toward Pervasive LoRaWAN Network Coverage - 09/15/2021
Senet is Granted a New US Patent for the Secure Onboarding of Gateways to IoT Network Infrastructure - 08/26/2021
Senet is Granted a New US Patent for the Secure Onboarding of Gateways to IoT Network Infrastructure - 08/26/2021
Electrification of Federal Fleet Will Result in Reduced Emissions - 08/24/2021
With Exponential Advances in IoT, Edge Computing, 5G and AI, Intelligent Systems Continue to Attract Investment - 08/18/2021
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Addressing the Intelligent Systems Lifecycle, Wind River Studio Enriches Cloud-Native Platform for Developers - 07/20/2021
ZEDEDA Collaborates with Google and Others To Modernize Critical Infrastructure - 07/19/2021
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The Role of Ultra-Fast Broadband in the American Economic Recovery - 07/12/2021
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Aiming to Improve Communications and Collaboration Services, DSP Group and Alango Roll Out Extended Voice Solution - 07/01/2021
Bringing an Extra Edge to XR Applications, Five Companies Team Up to Deliver 5G Global MEC PaaS - 07/01/2021
Senet and ADTRAN Partner to Bring Simplicity and Scale to Enterprise IoT Solution Deployments - 06/29/2021
WiteSand Exits Stealth Mode With $12.5 Million in Seed Funding - 06/29/2021
Powermat Technologies Develop Advanced Wireless Charging Technology with NewPace - 06/29/2021
Liberating Wireless Workers, Arroe and Ingram Micro Introduce Smart Charging Technology - 06/28/2021
NVIDIA Partner with Google Cloud to Develop Industry First AI-on-5G Lab to Accelerate Smart Cities - 06/28/2021
Full Cloud Telecom Takes a Giant Step Forward with First Commercial Implementation of Evenstar 4G RRU - 06/28/2021
Bringing together Cloud, 5G, and Edge, VoltDB Announces Enhanced Integrations with New Release - 06/28/2021
Vodafone Business Taps Oracle to Extend IoT and Industrial IoT Supporting New Services and Business Models - 06/28/2021
Enhancing The Capture, photoSENS Partners with Qualcomm for Multi-dimensional Applications - 06/28/2021
Eclipse Foundation Report Calls for Common Frameworks and Standards - 06/28/2021
Mobile Innovators to Represent Israel's Vibrant Tech Industry Gather at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Next Week - 06/25/2021
Two Israel-based Global Enterprise 5G Innovator Announce Integration Supporting Industry 4.0 Solutions - 06/23/2021
Mavenir and MobiledgeX Enable Global Edge Connectivity with Deutsche Telekom - 06/22/2021
It's IoT Time at ITEXPO in Miami This Week: Bigger and Better Than Ever! - 06/21/2021
MachineMetrics Announces $20M Series B Funding Round - 06/17/2021
Cloud-Based Cellular Network Platform Challenger Monogoto Lands $11M in Funding - 06/09/2021
As Linux Foundation's Zephyr Project Turns Five, Addressing Constrained Device Challenges is More Important Than Ever - 06/07/2021
Aiming to Fly Higher, Open Infrastructure Foundation Announces New StarlingX Features - 06/04/2021
As Cloud Communications Surges Ahead, American Virtual Cloud Technologies Enhances Cybersecurity for Remote Devices - 05/27/2021
The Power of Empowerment: Thermal Energy Storage Technologies Bring Independence to Individuals and Industries, Regenerating the Future - 05/25/2021
Wind River Studio Addresses Cybersecurity at the Edge with Titanium Strength - 05/24/2021
American Virtual Cloud Technologies and Cisco Join Forces to Modernize the IT and Cybersecurity Infrastructure of Historically Black Colleges and Universities - 05/21/2021
In A Post-Pandemic World, Safer and Healthier Retail Stores and Offices Prepare for the Future - 05/19/2021
The Quest for High-Definition Voice Quality Accelerates with the Rise of the Distributed Workforce - 05/19/2021
Is America's Infrastructure The Next Technology Mega Wave? - 05/18/2021
Prepare for Impact: With Billions Going into Infrastructure Modernization in the US, Will You Be Ready? - 05/11/2021
Prepare for Impact: With Billions Going into Infrastructure Modernization in the US, Will You Be Ready? - 05/11/2021
As Attacks on Infrastructure Continue to Intensify, Cyber Security Leaders Call for Further Investment - 05/11/2021
No Time Like the Present: United for Infrastructure Week is Here, and Industrial Innovation Expert Hank Torbert Convenes Panel on Economic Returns - 05/11/2021
Smart City and Industrial IoT Expert Don DeLoach Convenes Panel Sharing Examples of Powerful Innovations as United for Infrastructure Week Kicks Off - 05/10/2021
United for Infrastructure Calls for America to Lead With Infrastructure: Private, Public and Labor Leaders to Speak at Multiple Events Next Week - 05/07/2021
Innovations in Industrial Strength Infrastructure: Preparing for the Potential to Upgrade The Physical and Digital World as the U.S. Congress Considers Massive Investment - 05/03/2021
ZEDEDA Introduces Kubernetes Clusters and Hardware Simplification Solution Citing Collaboration with SUSE - 04/30/2021
As Organizations Become Increasingly Connected, the Rise of IoT Operations is Accelerating - 04/29/2021
Neutral Hosts: The Future of Cellular Enterprise Connectivity Coverage - 04/26/2021
Ribbon Boosts Efficiency and Performance with New Teledynamics Advanced Service for Microsoft Teams - 04/26/2021
Can Physical Safety Applications be Addressed by Open Source Software Systems? The Linux Foundation's ELISA Project Says Yes - 04/23/2021
Wind Power: Wind River Empowers Developers with Enhanced Studio Capabilities for Mission Critical Intelligent Systems - 04/16/2021
Open Minds and Open Source: Linux Foundation LF Energy Introduces Two Initiatives Designed to Reduce Carbon and Shift to Sustainable Energy - 04/15/2021
A Safer Path to Sustainability for Natural Gas Utility Companies: Senet Helps Scale up Lorax Systems in New Partnership - 04/15/2021
Industry Strength Security for the Industrial IoT: The Need for Speed, Safety, and Scale - 04/15/2021
Open Edge Orchestration Pioneer ZEDEDA Attracts $12.5 Strategic Round as Market Momentum Grows - 04/15/2021
Finding the Right Chemistry: Investing in the Future of Advanced Materials - 04/13/2021
Financing the Future of Sustainable Energy: Innovative Financing for Innovative Technologies - 04/13/2021
Driving the Future Forward with Advanced Lithium-Ion Batteries: Made in Alabama - 04/12/2021
Human Factors & Trust Fabrics: Building Confidence & Resilience Across Connected Systems - 04/12/2021
For Connected Industrial Systems, Cloud Governance and Data Management is Mission Critical - 04/12/2021
As Economic Recovery Dollars Are Designated for Infrastructure Improvements in the U.S., Smart City Works Labs Establishes a Venture Studio in D.C. with Rocket Wagon Venture Studios - 04/09/2021
Remote Field Service Innovation, Accelerated by the Pandemic and Forever Changed for the Better - 04/07/2021
Aging in Place the Simple, Modern Way - 04/05/2021
A New Starship Enterprise: Building Federated Networks for Distributed IoT and IIoT Solutions - 04/01/2021
Cleaner, More Convenient and Prosperous Cities: The Hidden Benefits of Smart Parking Systems - 03/31/2021
Bridging Traditional PTSN with Breakthrough Microsoft Teams Collaboration, Ribbon Communications Powers up Operator Connect - 03/23/2021
A New Level of Intelligence in Herd Mentality: How Two Companies are Innovating in Precision Dairy Farming - 03/23/2021
State of the Edge 2021: Open for Business and Poised for Massive Growth - 03/16/2021
As Connected Systems Generate More Value, The Future of Industrial Innovation is Limitless - 03/15/2021
With 20,000 Asset Trackers, Bouygues Construction Steps Up Smart Construction Leveraging Industrial IoT - 03/15/2021
Tackling The Toughest Challenges at the IoT Edge, Senet and Murata Advance FUOTA - 03/10/2021
Sony Provides NB-Optimized, Battery-saving 5G-Ready Chipset - 03/05/2021
Semantic Interoperability and Standardization of Information Models to Advance the Industrial Internet of Things - 03/05/2021
Vaccine Monitoring and Storage Requirements Met with New Sub-Zero Temperature Sensor - 03/04/2021
New Low-Cost Mioty Gateway Solves for Flexibility and Ease of IoT Deployment - 03/04/2021
Evolution of IoT Sees Development of eSIMs and New Connectivity Services - 03/04/2021
Advancing the Orchestration of Distributed Edge Applications, ZEDEDA Integrates with Microsoft Azure IoT - 02/24/2021
In An Increasingly Digital World, The Theft of Intellectual Property is On The Rise: How Can Organizations Prepare? - 02/23/2021
Ribbon Releases Global Sustainability Report, Showcasing Commitment & Contribution Through Core Business - 02/17/2021
Revolutionizing The Massive Industrial Pump World: From Physical to Digitally Enhanced Solutions Saving Money, Saving the Planet - 02/16/2021
Visualize This: The IoT Landscape and a Map for the Future from Semtech - 02/11/2021
As More IoT Devices Connect Through Cellular Networks, Two Companies Join Forces to Simplify and Secure Connectivity - 02/10/2021
IoT Innovation Lights the Way in Nurse Call Solutions & Healthcare Communications - 02/01/2021
Raising the Bar on Edge Computing, ZEDEDA Introduces Industry's First Open Orchestration Solution for the Distributed Edge - 01/29/2021
Framing up a Simpler Way to Scale, EdgeX Foundry Ends 2020 With Hanoi Release - 01/20/2021
With Remote Workers on the Rise, Mobile Devices Expand the Attack Surface, Exposing Critical Infrastructure and Assets - 01/12/2021
Remote Care Monitoring: Perception, Risk and Remediation - 01/12/2021
Seniors Wishing to Age in Place: The Future of Remote Care Management Using IoT Devices - 01/07/2021
Connecting Things with LoRaWAN in the Golden State: California CLEC Partners with Senet To Deploy and Scale IoT Networks - 12/18/2020
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Session Border Controller On-Demand: Ribbon and AWS Innovate Pay-as-you-Grow Model - 10/08/2020
The Power of LPWAN in IoT: Senet Awarded Two US Patents - 10/07/2020
Senet Receives $16 Million Growth Funding - 10/01/2020
Google and Facebook Partner with Zephyr RTOS for Next Gen Products - 09/30/2020
Senet Receives $16 Million Growth Funding - 09/29/2020
How To Succeed in IoT Business: Solve Customer Problems Then Scale - 09/29/2020
When Trust is a Higher Calling, Business Phones Become Friends Again - 09/28/2020
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At the Intersection of Mainframe and Open Source, Linux Foundation's Open Mainframe Project Reports Record Growth - 09/16/2020
Brave New World: Connected Field Service Technologies Fusion Leveraging IoT - 09/16/2020
The Future of Optical Networking: Ribbon Communications Lands Industry Veteran Sam Bucci to Drive Growth of Packet Optical Networks Business - 09/14/2020
As Cloud Communications Continue To Thrive, Kandy and IBM Tie Ribbon Around Secure UCaaS For Financial Services Firms - 09/11/2020
Advancing Plant-Based Pharma like Cannabis with Sensors and IoT Platform - 09/11/2020
Aruba Boosts the AI-Driven IT/OT and IoT Edge into a Unified Platform - 09/11/2020
Simplify Compliance by Implementing PAM: SOX, HIPAA and PCI DDS - 09/09/2020
As the Energy Industry Rapidly Shifts, IIoT Opportunities Abound but At What Risk? - 08/20/2020
Why Jason Shepherd is Determined to Open and Expand the IoT Edge - 08/14/2020
LF Edge Fledge Encourages OT Innovators to Fly Toward the Edge - 08/10/2020
IIoT to the Rescue: Modernizing Failing Energy Infrastructure - 08/07/2020
Ribbon Continues to Wrap Around Teams as Demand for Microsoft's Popular Platform Surges - 08/07/2020
As IoT Continues to Evolve, LF Edge Explores the Edge Continuum in a New White Paper - 08/03/2020
Altair Semiconductor Changes Its Name to Sony Semiconductor Israel - 07/29/2020
EdgeXFoundry's Sixth Sense: New Release, Five Million Downloads - 07/28/2020
IoT and Programmable Networking Company Partner on SASE Offering - 07/22/2020
Real-Time All the Time: The Zephyr Project Secures Security - 07/16/2020
Ribbon and IPFone Partner to Provide COVID-19 Enterprise Business Communications Relief - 07/15/2020
The New Cybersecurity Frontier for Enterprises: The Browser - 07/13/2020
Improving Care, Lowering Risk and Leveraging Data to Address COVID-19 - 07/13/2020
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Axcient Announces Simplified BCDR Products into Single BCDR SaaS Solution Called Axcient x360Recover - 06/25/2020
Using Data Analytics and Technology to Combat the Impacts of the Global Pandemic - 06/25/2020
In A Trustless World, A New Software Platform and Network Aims to Broker Confidence Between Customers and Brands Leveraging 'Zero Knowledge' - 06/24/2020
Data at The Edge: Cloud Computing, Edge Data Centers Drive Completely New Paradigm for More Distributed World - 06/23/2020
Beyond Basic Stir/Shaken Applications, Ribbon Rolls Out Call Trust Portfolio Using Machine Learning Modeling - 06/23/2020
Plug and Play Grows in Popularity on the Azure IoT Marketplace - 06/02/2020
With The Explosion in Remote Working, Verizon's Annual DBIR Is More Interesting Than Ever - 06/02/2020
Bringing It All Together: LF Edge Ecosystem and Membership Continue to Grow - 05/13/2020
WISER Systems and TagoIO to Demonstrate Real-Time Asset Tracking and Data Analytics as Part of Sensors Daily Webinar Series - 05/07/2020
Moving Communications to the Cloud to Support Remote Workers Opens Enterprises to Serious Security Threats - 05/04/2020
Free UCaaS and Smart Office Collaboration Rooms for IBM Public Cloud Subscribers, A Gift from Ribbon - 04/16/2020
Ribbon Adds New Features As Microsoft Teams Adoption Skyrockets During COVID-19 Pandemic - 04/16/2020
NetFoundry Announce New Embedded Networking Solution for Microsoft Azure Edge Zones - 04/01/2020
NetFoundry Offer Free Programmable, Secure Remote Networking for Education, Medical and Law Enforcement Agencies - 03/31/2020
From Human to Digital Infection: Coronavirus Phishing Scam Signals a New Low - 03/13/2020
NetFoundry Launch Cloud-orchestrated, Zero Trust, Edge Embedded Networking - 03/10/2020
Partnership IoT: T-Systems and Senet Get Together on Connected Solutions - 03/09/2020
Linux Foundation to Open More Open Source Doors with the Zephyr Project - 03/03/2020
Wind River Introduces Developer Site; Sets Out to Drive Innovation at the Intelligent Edge - 03/03/2020
A New Community for z/OS and Linux on Z Developers from the Open Mainframe Project - 03/01/2020
Lighting Up The Utility Industry at the Intersection of IoT & CX - 02/26/2020
Holochain Develop First Open Source License Designed for Decentralized Apps - 02/25/2020
Hotels Tap Total Connect Now to Deliver Great Experiences and Improve Operational Efficiency - 02/21/2020
Great Expectations: Millennial Workers Will Communicate and Collaborate Differently - 02/21/2020
Embedding Security into SD-WAN: Converge and Emerge - 02/21/2020
Pax8 and Novacoast Announce Security Operations Center Strategic Partnership at ITEXPO - 02/21/2020
As Digital Transformation Continues in the Enterprise Cybersecurity World, One Company Reaches for the Cloud to Supercharge Analyst Productivity - 02/21/2020
The Future of Cloud Telephony and Networking: Going with the Flow - 02/21/2020
Envistacom and Dispersive Partner to Conquer New Challenges in Securing Government and Military Networks - 02/21/2020
IoT Manufacturing: The Rise of Automated Systems and Wiser Ways to Manage - 02/20/2020
Cloud Connectivity Powering IoT and IIoT Applications in Ft. Lauderdale at IoT Evolution Expo - 02/19/2020
Harmonization at the Edge Makes Smart Cities More Scalable - 02/06/2020
Seeq Completes $24 Million Series B Funding Round - 01/27/2020
Ironsphere Announces Global Privileged Access Management Solution for Cuttone & Company - 01/22/2020
Wind River Picks Up Star Lab to Advance Embedded Security for Mission Critical Systems - 01/21/2020
Etisalat Group launches 'CloudTalk' Integrating Ribbon Communications Cloud-native Solution - 01/10/2020
MetLife Stadium Sets Sights on Network Infrastructure Access Security - 01/09/2020
MachineMetrics Releases SOTI Report for IIoT and CNC Machining - 01/06/2020
From Buzzword to Business, World Economic Forum Says Enterprise Blockchain Will Flourish in 2020 - 01/06/2020
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