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Michael is an ICT coordinator for developing countries, specifically in Africa. He assesses the viability of implementing technologies in rural areas where there is minimal infrastructure available. The goal is to put systems in place that can sustain themselves with solar, wind and other forms of energy for wireless Internet if the infrastructure allows it and satellite Internet if the funding permits it. Michael also writes about ICT for local and international NGO’s and spends his free time as a playwright and an aspiring Photoshop enthusiast.

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XP to Get Continued Support in China from Lenovo, Tencent, and Others - 04/10/2014
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Senaptic Offering Narrow Band Radio for IoT Applications - 04/09/2014
Intel Changes Financial Reporting to Highlight Impact of Internet of Things - 04/09/2014
Sprint Sees Great Opportunities in V2V and V2X for Auto Industry - 04/09/2014
Intel's Bay Trail Processor Providing AIS with New Visualization Solutions - 04/09/2014
Flexera Improves Producer Suite to Simplify, Secure Licensing for Developers - 04/08/2014
Fiber-Optics Now Reaching 39.3 Percent of US Businesses with 20 or More Employees - 04/08/2014
Survey Reveals Mobile Increasingly Playing Role to Enhance In-store Shopping - 04/04/2014
Comings & Goings: Richard Adair Appointed New CEO of Symbility Health - 04/04/2014
Businesses Seek to Boost Their Mobile Cloud Solutions - 04/04/2014
'Chiller Outage' Impacts L.A. Customer Service Ops - 04/03/2014
San Diego Police Officers to Begin Recording Interactions by End of June - 04/03/2014
Omron Introduces the New XD2B Line of Battery Connectors - 04/03/2014
TVU Networks Integrates Social Media with its TVU Social - 04/03/2014
Google Glass Seeing Adoption in Travel Industry - 04/03/2014
Who Will Capture the Most Revenue from WebRTC? - 04/03/2014
Spirent, Wedge Networks Demonstrate SDN/NFV Testing at Interop Las Vegas - 04/03/2014
Microsoft Purchases AR Intellectual Property. But Why? - 04/03/2014
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Imagine Communications Simplifying Media and Playout Functionality Migration to the Cloud - 03/31/2014
Cox Provides Las Vegas Charter School with Fastest Internet in the State - 03/31/2014
Global Business Travel Association Asks for Inflight Voice Call Ban - 03/31/2014
Report Shows Increase in Attacks on Both Cloud and On-Premises IT - 03/31/2014
Obamacare Sees an Unexpected Surge as Deadline Approaches - 03/28/2014
IBM Providing BMW with Big Data and Analytics Solutions - 03/27/2014
Logicalis Helping Organizations Select the Right Big Data Solution - 03/27/2014
The President and Congress Introducing Bills to Harness NSA Powers - 03/27/2014
Bell and Howell Launch Mobile Mail App with Xplor - 03/26/2014
The Stability of Bitcoin - 03/26/2014
Cortexica Makes Choosing Shoes Much Simpler - 03/25/2014
Malaysian Airlines to Update Families of Lost Flight Passengers with SMS - 03/25/2014
PayPal Mobile Order and Payment App Available in the UK - 03/24/2014
Aspect Mentor Provides Real-time Speech Analytics - 03/24/2014
Mozilla Releases Firefox 28 with VP9 Video Decoding - 03/24/2014
New Study Reveals SMBs Demand More Business Applications from Tablets - 03/21/2014
Comings & Goings: Mohan Kompella and Ronen Vengosh Join Intellinote's Executive Team - 03/21/2014
UTStarcom and DASAN Networks Sign a MOU for Telecommunications Collaboration - 03/21/2014
Catholic Health System Implements Juniper Networks MetaFabric - 03/20/2014
Cox Communications Making 2014 Madness Available on TV, Online and Mobile - 03/19/2014
Soon We Might Be Texting Smells with oPhone - 03/19/2014
British Columbia Launches E-Comm's 911 Text Messaging Service - 03/19/2014
Yamaha Reduces Power Leakage by Half in Its Mobile Chips - 03/19/2014
Gogo to Introduce New Generation of In-flight Internet Technology - 03/19/2014
Perceptive's HTML5 Search Update Offers HD Document Views - 03/18/2014
Internap Recognized for its Bare-metal Cloud Leadership - 03/17/2014
Mahindra Comviva Launches mobiquity Wallet - 03/17/2014
theCOMMSapp Launches theEMPLOYEEapp to Engage Workforces - 03/17/2014
AirWatch Announces Same-day Support for iOS 7.1, Apple Device Enrollment Program - 03/17/2014
StarTek Adopts AT&T Cloud to Improve Services - 03/17/2014
VoIP Technology Giving Businesses Conferencing Solutions - 03/17/2014
BlackBerry 10 Being Adopted by Enterprises in Australia - 03/14/2014
Frost & Sullivan Awards Avaya with 2013 North American Omni-channel Customer Engagement Company of the Year - 03/14/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: vIPtela Gets Funding to Help Enterprises Capitalize on the Open Internet - 03/14/2014
Using WebRTC for Virtual Team Interactions - 03/11/2014
Danger: Allowing Network Access to Third-Party Vendors - 03/11/2014
Call Centers Handling Obamacare Enrollment Winding Down - 03/11/2014
Turkish Prime Minister Considers Banning Facebook and YouTube After Election - 03/11/2014
Fake Netflix Apps Pre-installed on New Phones Used to Steal Personal Data - 03/11/2014
Facebook and Instagram to Remove Illegal Gun Sale Postings - 03/11/2014
Google Glass in this San Francisco Bar? No Way - 03/10/2014
SITA Working with Brazil to Improve Air Traffic Technology for World Cup and Olympics - 03/07/2014
CloudForge Development Platform Expands Developer Opportunities - 03/07/2014
HBO GO Now Available on Playstation 3 - 03/07/2014
Wipro to Support Siemens Teamcenter Portfolio - 03/07/2014
Mobile Visual IVR Gives Customers More Control - 03/07/2014
New Ovum Report Highlights Fiber Limitations - 03/07/2014
Google Map Gallery and 3TIER Making Wind and Solar Data Sets Available for Free - 03/06/2014
SecureBuy Devolops Payment System with FICO Technology - 03/06/2014
Kofax to Supply HTH with Technology to Capture and Process Medical Claims on Mobile - 03/06/2014
Compliance Spending in Finance to Increase by 10 Percent - 03/05/2014
BFLD Seeks to Improve the Doctor's Office Experience - 03/05/2014
EchoStream Receives ANSI/UL 2560 Certification - 03/04/2014
Lower Prices Driving Solar Technology Growth - 03/04/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: TELUS Increases EMR Presence with Acquisition of Med Access Inc. - 03/04/2014
Telesphere, BroadSoft Collaborate to Create MobileConnect - 03/03/2014
Video Conferencing Use to Rise for SMEs in 2014 - 03/03/2014
Google Adds More Features for its iOS Hangouts - 03/03/2014
Video Conferencing Brings Geo-Political Issues to a Texas High School - 03/03/2014
IBM Pushes Pay-as-you-go Model in Cloud Storage as it Continues Growing in Cloud Computing - 03/03/2014
Citrix XenMobile Now Available for Samsung KNOX - 03/03/2014
New 7signal Patent Provides End-to-end Wi-Fi Service Assurance and Quality Monitoring - 03/03/2014
WNC Launches 3.5GHz LTE-only Router Powered by Altair Semiconductor - 03/03/2014
Give Your Business Communications a Personal Touch with Video Messages - 02/28/2014
Cellebrite and Webroot Collaborate to Provide Mobile Malware Diagnostics Solutions - 02/27/2014
Comcast NBC Universal Pledges $1.3M to Close Digital Divide Gap in Low Income Areas - 02/27/2014
IBM's HCPVT Converts 80 Percent of Incoming Solar Radiation into Useful Energy - 02/27/2014
Microsoft Partners with Organization of American States, Europol and FIS to Fight Cybercrimes - 02/27/2014
Ayla Networks and NXP Provide Secure Cloud Solution for IoT - 02/27/2014
Deutsche Telekom Introduces M2M Data and Device Management through the Cloud - 02/27/2014
The EU and Brazil Plan an Undersea Cable to Avoid US Infrastructure - 02/26/2014
SecureAuth Releases 2FaaS: A Cloud-based Authentication Solution - 02/26/2014
Blackphone is Now Available for Consumers - 02/26/2014
Sensiotec Announces Release of Virtual Medical Assistant 2.0 - 02/26/2014
AMCE Health Showcases 3 New Telehealth Solutions at 2014 HIMSS Conference - 02/26/2014
TeliaSonera to Implement Ericsson Customer Experience Management Solutions - 02/26/2014
Millicom to Provide International Mobile Currency Transfer and Conversion - 02/26/2014
Wysips Crystal Uses Light to Charge, Receive Data on Smartphones - 02/26/2014
Comings & Goings: David Moss Becomes ClearOne's VP of Video Collaboration Sales - 02/24/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: Enterprise Security Startup ThreatStream Receives $4M in Series A Funding - 02/24/2014
Affirmed Networks Collaborates with VMware to Improve Mobile Content Cloud for NFV - 02/24/2014
Napatech, ipoque to Provide Real-Time Insight into LTE Networks - 02/24/2014
New Robot is Controlled by Arm Movements - 02/24/2014
Veeva Systems Becoming a Preferred Choice for Life Sciences - 02/24/2014
SAP Expands Collaboration with DigitalRoute to Bring Big Data Solutions for Telcos - 02/24/2014
McAfee Epandeds MSP Program with a Pay-as-You-Go Model - 02/24/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: Simple Online Bank is Acquired by BBVA for $117 M - 02/24/2014
Libon Makes Mobile IM Available to Everyone - 02/24/2014
Foxconn Developing HTML5 Solutions for Next-Gen Computing - 02/24/2014
Karmaloop Opts for Vcare Technology in New Jersey for its Call Center Solution - 02/21/2014
YoooM Focuses on Eliminating Impersonal Nature of Technology - 02/21/2014
New Research Highlights the Dangers of Prolonged Sitting - 02/21/2014
University of Maryland Data Breach: 309,000 Social Security Numbers Stolen - 02/21/2014
Ovum Predicts Big Data to Drive Spending on MIS to US$9.3 Billion by End of 2018 - 02/20/2014
Celltick to Provide iWireless with its Start Android Interface - 02/20/2014
NetCracker Launches NetCracker 360, an Online Information and Knowledge Portal - 02/20/2014
Artemis Networks' pCell Delivers Full-speed Mobile Data All of the Time - 02/20/2014
iGT Releases New Satellite Router Designed to Meet DoD Requirements - 02/19/2014
New IDC Retail Insight Shows Data Analytics Increasing in Retail and Food Service - 02/19/2014
Attivio Releases New Version of Active Intelligence Engine, Applies Predictive Analytics to Big Data - 02/19/2014
Some Key Points to Consider if Your City Wants Google Fiber - 02/19/2014
California Public Utilities Commission Considering Two Last Mile Projects - 02/18/2014
Grande Communications to Provide Gigabit Fiber Service in Texas - 02/18/2014
Putting Your Best Face Forward During a Video Conference - 02/18/2014
The Rise of Video Communications - 02/18/2014
HP ProLiant Server Firmware Updates to Require an Active Warranty or Service Contract - 02/18/2014
Boston Mayor Calls for Improving the Speed and Reliability of Broadband in the City - 02/18/2014
Using RFID and Real-time Location Services to Improve Student Safety - 02/18/2014
Ericsson: How to Profit from 50 Billion Connected Devices - 02/14/2014
Aerohive's HiveNation Marks its One-year Anniversary - 02/14/2014
Voip-Pal Waits Issuance as a Patent for Uninterrupted Transmission for Internet Protocol Has Received a Corrected Notice of Allowability - 02/14/2014
Ericcson Addresses How to Profit from 50 Billion Connected Devices - 02/14/2014
Security First International Holdings to Convert Bitcoins to USD Through Cryptsybids - 02/12/2014
Know the Importance of Corporate IT Security Governance - 02/12/2014
Automotive, Home Connections Driving Internet of Things Growth in Italy - 02/12/2014
Automotive, Home Connected Driving Internet of Things Growth in Italy - 02/12/2014
VoiceVault Becomes Part of the FIDO Alliance - 02/12/2014
Mobile-Flex Introduces Simplified BYOD Solutions - 02/11/2014
NetCom Learning and TELEHOUSE to Provide Bundled IT Service Offerings Globally - 02/10/2014
IBM Increases Cloud Presence with the Launch of SmartCloud Data Virtualization Service - 02/10/2014
Maine Looks at Bill to Protect Call Center Jobs - 02/10/2014
Applications Limiting Productivity in Enterprises - 02/10/2014
Lack of Competition Leaves US Behind in Broadband Technology - 02/10/2014
Espial to Demonstrate High Performance HTML5 TV User Experience - 02/07/2014
KVH Industries Ships 4,000th TracPhone Terminal for Mini-VSAT Broadband Network - 02/07/2014
ADP AdvancedMD Provides Cloud Technology to Rural Medical Practice - 02/06/2014
Cisco's IOX Claiming its Stake in the Next Computing Platform - 02/06/2014
Communities in Kansas Voicing the Need for Faster Internet - 02/06/2014
Rutgers University Researchers Create an App that Keeps an Eye on GPS Data Miners - 02/06/2014
Wisconsin to Improve Internet Speeds in Libraries - 02/06/2014
NBC to Use Adobe Primetime for Winter Olympic Games - 02/05/2014
Fairview Health Services to Provide Novu Wellness Tools - 02/05/2014
Wolters Kluwer Health Introduces New Features to Lippincott Advisor - 02/05/2014
Ariel Communications Makes iTrade Available on the Cloud - 02/03/2014
City of Avondale Arizona forms Partnership to Nurture Healthcare and IT Innovations - 02/03/2014
A10 Networks aCloud Services Architecture to Improve IaaS Delivery - 02/03/2014
Kainos Integrates HP IDOL into its Evolve EMR Platform - 02/03/2014
Sonitor Technologies Expands Operations in the US - 02/03/2014
NTT and Toray Industries Collaborate in Smart Clothing Technology - 02/03/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: Liberty Global to Acquire Dutch Cable Company Ziggo for $9 Billion - 01/29/2014
TE Connectivity Improves its FlexWave Prism DAS - 01/29/2014
New Collaboration to Provide Real-time Data for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry - 01/29/2014
Berkshire Hathaway Buys the Assets of MyAssist Inc. - 01/29/2014
Gartner Reports MDM Measures Will Be Responsible for BYOD Failure Rates - 01/29/2014
Yenlo Implements WSO2 Solutions to Help Epilepsy Center Share Information - 01/29/2014
IPsmarx Receives 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award - 01/29/2014
Metrology Market Set to Grow with Improved Technology - 01/27/2014
Conduit Global Opening a 1,000-seat Call Center in Memphis - 01/27/2014
Celeno Communications Announces the Availability of OptimizAIR 2.0 - 01/27/2014
Ericom Gives Antioch Univeristy's BYOD More Access - 01/27/2014
Cloud Conferencing and the Flexibility it Provides - 01/27/2014
New SAP Agreement with HDS Includes Delivery of SAP HANA - 01/24/2014
The Hague Stadium to be Outfitted with KYOCERA Solar Modules - 01/24/2014
Skyfence Launches Cloud Gateway to Protect Cloud Assets Against Threats - 01/24/2014
Online Trust Alliance Says 89 Percent of Breaches Could Have Been Prevented - 01/24/2014
Using SMS to Track Injured Athletes - 01/24/2014
Developing the Right M2M Strategy - 01/23/2014
How WebRTC Could Transform the Future of Healthcare - 01/23/2014
Federal Agents Question Google Glass Wearing Patron at AMC Movie Theater - 01/22/2014
Students Slow to Sign for BYOD Initiative in One School System - 01/21/2014
Adapt IP Ventures to Manage Patents Related to Social Media - 01/21/2014
Atlas Oil Ensures Business Continuity with Emergency Fuel - 01/20/2014
Velocify Appoints Former Microsoft GM, Chandra Shekaran as Senior Vice President of Engineering - 01/17/2014
Coast Guard Increases KVH Mini-VSAT Installation to More than 100 Vessels - 01/17/2014
AirWatch Launches AirWatch Inbox for Secure Enterprise Email Access - 01/16/2014
Prolexic Reports on Mobile Apps Being Used for DDoS Attacks - 01/16/2014





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