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Joe Rizzo has been involved in technology for nearly 30 years. Whether taking on building out PC Magazine’s networking labs infrastructure back in the heyday of PC computing in the late 80s and early 90s, or providing network consulting services in and around New York City, he’s had his hand on tech-related stuff for seemingly forever. These days, in addition to still playing the tech guy he also manages a couple of APA league pool teams and he can be found every Monday and Tuesday nights at NYC’s Bleecker Bar where he dreams of getting to Las Vegas and winning a championship.

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Findings by OpenDaylight Project Show that Industry Wants Open Source SDN - 03/20/2014
Rumors Have Microsoft Office Making Its Way to iPads Soon - 03/19/2014
Cisco and Google Bring WebEx to Chromebooks - 03/19/2014
By 2018 There Will be 130 Million Mobile Video Callers - 03/19/2014
Metadata Collected Through Phone Calls Divulges Sensitive Details About One's Life - 03/18/2014
Flickr Redesign Gets a Redesign - 03/18/2014
NFC Authentication for Enterprise Printing Comes from HP - 03/17/2014
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Pivotel Joins Inmarsat Distribution Network to Offer M2M Services in Asia-Pacific Region - 03/06/2014
In a Bid to Offer Security, FreedomPop Will Offer a Modified Galaxy S II - 03/06/2014
The Global Optical and Image Sensors Market Gets a Boost by the Smartphone and Tablet Boom - 03/06/2014
During T-Mobile's Trade-in Promo, 94 Percent of BlackBerry Users Switched to Another Platform - 03/06/2014
Shift to Mobile Payments Has Billers Trying to Keep Up - 03/06/2014
Impressive Growth Seen from TD-LTE Revenues in Q4 2013 - 03/06/2014
Shift to Mobile Payments Has Billers Trying to Keep Up - 03/06/2014
Global Operator Billed Service Revenues will Reach $90 Billion for Mobile Roaming by 2018 - 03/05/2014
LTE Capacity and Interoperability Tests for Public Safety Communications Research Reaches Completion for Aviat - 03/04/2014
Clients Can Rapidly Adopt and Benefit from the SAP HANA Platform Thanks to New Accenture Innovation Center for SAP Solutions - 03/04/2014
The BYO'X' Phenomenon is Gaining Ground - 03/04/2014
Cross Operator Spam Attacks can be Prevented by SAP's Mobile Messaging Security - 03/03/2014
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Investment from Global Multinational Companies in BlackBerry Using its Enterprise Mobile Solutions - 02/27/2014
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An App Lab for the Developing World Comes from Facebook and Ericsson - 02/25/2014
4G's Positive Impact on Mobile Operators' Business is Demonstrated by LTE Usage - 02/25/2014
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Mobile Identity Solution Gets a Test Run at this Year's Mobile World Congress - 02/20/2014
Survey Confirms that Service Continuity and Guaranteed QoS are Top Requirements in LTE Roaming Mix - 02/20/2014
Supply Chain is Not Made Out of Steel - 02/19/2014
Mobile Collaboration Technology for Your Workforce in 4 Steps - 02/19/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: Bit9 Raises $38 Million in Funding and Acquires Carbon Black - 02/19/2014
$4 Billion IPO Planned by Japan Display - 02/18/2014
Will the iWatch be Able to Predict Heart Attacks? - 02/18/2014
BoxTone Calculates Enterprise Mobility Costs & Recommends Cost Reduction Strategies with New Mobile Cost of Ownership Analyzer - 02/18/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: Voice Calling Mobile App Viber Sold to Rakuten - 02/18/2014
Wi-Fi Equipment Maker, Aerohive Networks, Publicly Files for IPO - 02/18/2014
Wearable Tech World Week in Review - 02/15/2014
Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review - 02/15/2014
Proposal for Federal Bill that Would Require a 'Kill Switch' for Smartphones - 02/14/2014
Android Apps Could Find a Place Inside Windows - 02/13/2014
Separate Yet Converged 'iAnywhere' Platform from Apple - 02/13/2014
Smartphone Sales Surpass Feature Phones Around the World in 2013 - 02/13/2014
Study Sponsored by Unisys Asks 'Are You a Mobile Enterprise?' - 02/13/2014
Incorporating Ads in Firefox Browser is Mozilla's Way to Generate Revenue Away from Google Deal - 02/12/2014
Possibility that Future Samsung Phones Will Share Typing Info with Other Apps - 02/12/2014
The U.S. Digital Consumer Report on the State of the Media - 02/12/2014
BlackBerry BBM Head is No More - 02/11/2014
Sprint Will Expand Spark LTE Service as it Announces Fourth Quarter 2013 Earnings - 02/11/2014
Low-cost Android Phone Comes from Nokia - 02/10/2014
Fourth Quarter Results for HTC Shows it Breaks Even, But Start of New Year Not Looking Great - 02/10/2014
Limited Time Offer to Get Unlimited LTE Data from Boost Mobile at $35 Per Month for a Limited Time - 02/10/2014
Enough Arizona Sapphire Crystal Furnaces to Produce 100-200 Million iPhone Displays - 02/10/2014
Patent and Technology Collaboration Agreement Signed between Nokia and HTC - 02/10/2014
What Can You Expect from Motorola's Scheduled Event at the Mobile World Congress? - 02/10/2014
Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review - 02/08/2014
Wearable Tech World Week in Review - 02/08/2014
Update: Hackers Aren't Attacking Sochi Visitors' Electronics - 02/07/2014
Wearer of Bionic Hand Can Feel What Is In It with Lifehand 2 - 02/07/2014
Kik Decides to Go with a Built-in Browser Compatible with Any Mobile Site - 02/07/2014
$5 Million is Raised for Native Cross-platform Android and iOS Games by Apportable - 02/07/2014
Hackers are Attacking Sochi Visitors' Electronics Within Minutes of Being Powered Up - 02/06/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: Tapingo Receives $10.5 Million in Series B Funding from Khosla Ventures - 02/05/2014
Android Security Tool from Facebook Goes Open Source - 02/05/2014
Entire Screen on Galaxy S5 will be a Fingerprint Sensor - 02/05/2014
Samsung Hopes to Rock the Enterprise Boat Starting with 166 Million Mobile Business Customers - 02/04/2014
The Strength of Wireless LAN will Allow Enterprise Edge Revenue to Reach $15 Billion by 2018 - 02/04/2014
Deal Made Between Telefonica and Line for Messaging App on Firefox OS - 02/04/2014
The Diameter Signaling Controller Market is Exploding Due to Mobile Device Traffic - 02/03/2014
Management of AudioCodes HTTPS-based Fax Machine Accounts with Web Service Interface is Simplified by FaxBack - 02/03/2014
First LTE CAT6 Carrier Aggregation Interoperability Seen from Ericsson and Qualcomm for Telstra - 02/03/2014
Health Techzone Week in Review - 02/01/2014
Wearable Tech World Week in Review - 02/01/2014
Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review - 02/01/2014
Seamless Way for Mobile Devices to Connect to Wi-Fi - 01/31/2014
FCC Approves AT&T's Request to Experiment with Web Technology Calls - 01/30/2014
The Handheld and Portable Test Equipment Market is being Driven by Global LTE Deployments - 01/30/2014
First Quarter Fiscal 2014 Results are in for Qualcomm - 01/30/2014
Expect to See About a 60 Percent Growth in Wireless Packet Core Revenues by 2018 - 01/30/2014
First Quarter Fiscal 2014 Results Are In for Qualcomm - 01/30/2014
Global Mobile Backhaul Equipment Market Will Reach $8 Billion by 2018 - 01/29/2014
60 Carphone Warehouse Stores are Now Samsung Only Stores - 01/29/2014
35 New York City Subway Stations are now Verizon LTE Ready - 01/29/2014
Fourth Quarter Profit Seen from AT&T, However It Still Feels the Heat from T-Mobile - 01/29/2014
Latest Agreement Continues Momentum for Intrinsyc's Open-Q 8074 System on Module Line for a Wearable Display Device - 01/29/2014
Generation of $20 Billion Seen By Mobile Operators from the Maturity of Internet Voice as Carrier OTT - 01/29/2014
A Peek at iOS in the Car - 01/29/2014
Groundbreaking MiWorld Portable Computing System Powered by Intrinsyc's Open-Q 8074 System - 01/29/2014
Total of 1.7 Billion Mobile Phones Shipped Worldwide in 2013 - 01/28/2014
For the First Time, Smartphone Shipments Top One Billion Worldwide - 01/28/2014
You Can Expect to See a 23 Percent Rise in the Tablet Processor Chip Market This Year - 01/27/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: SoundCloud, a Music Sharing Website, Raises $60 Million to go Toward Expansion - 01/27/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: Billion Dollar Club Sees New Member in Payments Startup Stripe - 01/27/2014
Wearable Tech World Week in Review - 01/25/2014
Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review - 01/25/2014
Global Certification Program for Wireless Smart Utility Network Programs Delivered by Wi-SUN - 01/24/2014
Why is Windows Phone Outselling the iPhone in 24 Countries? - 01/24/2014
Comings & Goings: QNX Goes to the Cloud with a New VP at the Helm - 01/24/2014
First Time in Two Years, Samsung Profits Drop - 01/24/2014





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