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Joe Rizzo has been involved in technology for nearly 30 years. Whether taking on building out PC Magazine’s networking labs infrastructure back in the heyday of PC computing in the late 80s and early 90s, or providing network consulting services in and around New York City, he’s had his hand on tech-related stuff for seemingly forever. These days, in addition to still playing the tech guy he also manages a couple of APA league pool teams and he can be found every Monday and Tuesday nights at NYC’s Bleecker Bar where he dreams of getting to Las Vegas and winning a championship.

Latest Articles

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Customer Service Battleground Redefined for the Digital Age - 03/11/2016
Customer Service Battleground Redefined for the Digital Age - 03/11/2016
Office 365 Enterprise E5 from Microsoft Strengthens Business Customers' Data Security - 03/10/2016
Future Learning Improves as School District Upgrades Network - 03/10/2016
Senator Urges Telcos to Block Robocalls - 03/10/2016
Nuclear Reactor Shutdown: Likely Caused by Bird Droppings? - 03/09/2016
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Wireless Options Now Part of the Raspberry Pi 3 - 03/01/2016
Key Network Challenges Solved With New Release - 02/29/2016
Apple, Verizon and AT&T Sued over VoIP Patent Infringement - 02/29/2016
There is a Prevalent Surge in VoIP Technology - 02/25/2016
Optum Plans to Lay Off 60 Call Center Staffers in April - 02/18/2016
Another Lawsuit over VoIP Technology is Faced by Apple - 02/18/2016
Phone Numbers Soon To Be Secured by Interconnected VoIP Providers - 02/10/2016
Microsoft Will Provide Students with Free Office 365 Education - 02/10/2016
Rising Surface Sales Help Microsoft Shares Rise - 02/10/2016
Curious Squirrel Blamed for Power Outage in Nova Scotia - 02/04/2016
Facebook's Open Compute Project is Appealing to Major Telcos - 02/03/2016
Battle Over Definition of Autodialer Continues for Yahoo - 02/02/2016
The Role of SDN and NFV in 5G - 01/28/2016
SAP for IM&C Building Blocks Launched by Hitachi Consulting - 01/25/2016
SwitchReach Makes Second Acquisition of New Year - 01/25/2016
OpenFlow's Continued Role in SDN - 01/25/2016
Research, Education Networking Reaching Critical Mass in 2016 - 01/25/2016
Future Trend: 'Huddle Spaces' Here to Stay - 01/22/2016
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Verint Customer Engagement Optimization Implemented by Top Global Public Pension Fund - 01/14/2016
Ukraine's Power Outage Possibly Linked to Russia - 01/13/2016
IDC: Cloud Spending More Than Quadrupled 2015 Estimates - 01/13/2016
Guinness World Book Title Goes to Telstra, with Help from Ciena and Ericsson - 01/13/2016
IoT Editors Day Silicon Valley: Maxim Sees the Future of the IIoT - 01/08/2016
IoT Editors Day Silicon Valley: Echelon Lights Up the Future - 01/08/2016
Debt Recovery Challenges Can be Overcome as Experian Launches Phone Number ID - 01/08/2016
IoT Editor's Day Silicon Valley: Taking the Next Step for Home Tinkers - 01/07/2016
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Verint is Workforce Optimization Market Share Leader - 01/07/2016
Cloud Migration Preparations for Your Contact Center - 01/06/2016
New NetNumber Security Features on Mobile Networks Protect End User Credentials - 12/21/2015
Anti-Trump Tirade Precedes Takedown of Trump Tower Website - 12/16/2015
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The Importance of Customers Onboarding in SaaS - 12/11/2015
Wheelings & Dealings: Atlassian IPO Surges Company Value - 12/10/2015
Use of Two-Factor Authentication Grows Too Slowly - 12/10/2015
Enterprise ICT Improvement through SDN and NFV - 12/08/2015
Microsoft Moves to Per-Core Licensing for Windows Server 2016 - 12/07/2015
Businesses Cut Costs by Adapting the Right Communication Systems - 12/07/2015
Cybersecurity Market to Reach $17.3 Billion by 2025 - 12/07/2015
Qosmos Completes 'Proof of Chaining' Service Function - 12/07/2015
WebRTC Can Decentralize the Internet One API at a Time - 12/03/2015
VoxImplant Introduces Video Call Recording - 12/03/2015
China Telecom Gets Assist in LTE Deployment from Alcatel-Lucent - 12/03/2015
Everyone in India Now Has Access to Facebook's Basic Services - 12/02/2015
Storms Cut Power to 12,000 Customers - 12/02/2015
The NSA's Bulk Collection of Phone Records Comes to a Tentative End - 11/30/2015
Microsoft PowerApps Creates Easy-to-Build Business Apps - 11/30/2015
Qualcomm Shows First 5G Demo at Recent Event - 11/25/2015
SolidFire Shares Results of the State of Storage Automation Analysis - 11/25/2015
Intel's First Chip from Altera will be out Early Next Year - 11/24/2015
Snow: Indiana, Michigan Both Hit with Power Outages - 11/23/2015
Snow: Indiana, Michigan Both Hit with Power Outages - 11/23/2015
Cisco Will Pay $700 Million for Acano - 11/23/2015
Supercomputers Will Soon Have Intel's Fastest Chip Ever - 11/20/2015
Three Companies Collaborate to Deliver a Multi-Radio Network-in-a-Box - 11/19/2015
City Hall Hit Hard by Computer Outage - 11/18/2015
TelePacific Signs Distribution Agreement with Aligned Communications - 11/17/2015
Cola Introduces Messaging Platform - 11/13/2015
Jeff Black Buys Back Company - 11/12/2015
Integrated Telehealth Solution Marketed by Kura MD and TriageNow - 11/12/2015
Microsoft Will Open Its First UK Data Centers for Cloud Computing - 11/12/2015
Intel Wants the Internet of Things to Start with Intel Inside - 11/12/2015
Australia's Life Insurance Industry Gets a Facelift through Smartwatch Technology - 11/12/2015
Who's Calling? Concern Expressed over 'HANGUP' Act Provision - 11/11/2015
Judge (Cleverly) Thwarts NSA Phone Records Program - 11/10/2015
Telstra and Ericsson Achieve 1Gbps 4G Mobile Speeds - 11/10/2015
How AireSpring Balances Service and Management for Midsized Enterprises - 11/09/2015
Tech Company Archives Emails, Keeps Fax Relevant - 11/09/2015
1st Point Communications Innovates with its SMS Platform - 11/06/2015
The Importance of Web-Based CRM Software - 11/04/2015
Handling of Social Customer Service - 11/04/2015
DJI Unveils Manifold PC for Drones - 11/03/2015
Sprint Plans Layoffs to Cut Operating Expenses - 11/03/2015
Cisco Helps Singapore's SMRT Reduce Dropped Calls - 10/30/2015
Effective Workforce Management Takes Some Work - 10/30/2015
Turmoil Does Not Need to Become Chaos - 10/30/2015
SolidFire's Flash Storage Solution Selected by Korea Telecom - 10/30/2015
Calix's Goal is to Bring SDN to the Access Network - 10/29/2015
Cognitive Computing Startup is Acquired by Intel - 10/29/2015
Senate Passes CISA Security Bill Despite Major Privacy Concerns - 10/28/2015
Cisco Beefs Security with Lancope - 10/27/2015
5G Concept from Ericsson Speeds Up 4G LTE - 10/23/2015
Will Flash Save IBM from its Dropping Storage? - 10/22/2015
HP's Chromebook 14 Laptops Powered by Intel - 10/22/2015
Third Quarter Results Show Growth in Earnings for Verizon - 10/20/2015
Egypt is Now Blocking VoIP. Will Startups Be Affected? - 10/20/2015
Trustwave Report Exposes Gaps in Health Care Security - 10/19/2015
Telemedicine as a Means to Evaluate Nursing Home Patients - 10/16/2015
Intel Will Set Up 100 IoT Centers in India - 10/16/2015
Radisys and Sanctum Network Begin SDN Network Services Platform - 10/16/2015
Voice over Wi-Fi with Taqua - 10/16/2015
Source and its Move to Unified Communications - 10/16/2015
Site Selections Group on Market Trends, Tax Incentives - 10/15/2015
Power Outage in LA Area Affects Thousands - 10/15/2015
Verint Researches Customers' Position on Brand Loyalty Across Nine Countries - 10/15/2015
Create Deeper Visibility into Customer Experience with VoC Solutions from NICE - 10/15/2015
All-in-One Unified Communications Solution from Revolabs - 10/14/2015
Is the Frontier for Marketing Technology Predictive Marketing? - 10/14/2015
Univago Enterprise Video Services Unveiled by Yorktel - 10/13/2015
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Voxbone's DID Numbers Get SMS Support - 10/09/2015
Voiceflex Chooses GENBAND's NUVIA Cloud - 10/09/2015
Microsoft Introduces the Surface Book, Newest Surface Pro and Lumia Models - 10/06/2015
According to AT&T, Competitors Launched WiFi Calling without FCC Approval - 10/05/2015
We're Getting Closer to the Age of Speech Analytics - 10/05/2015
Onshape, Cloud-Based CAD Firm, Raises $80 Million in Funding - 10/05/2015
European HQ and Network Operations Center Opened by Interop in Ireland - 10/02/2015
Suggestion: Auto Industry Needs to Strengthen Cyber Security - 10/02/2015
Series C Funding Nets Lightspeed POS $61 Million - 10/02/2015
Appointment Setting: Crucial to the Sales Team - 10/02/2015
The Direction for Optic Gear Makers is the Cloud - 10/01/2015
Collaboration Between XO Communications, B AE Systems and Fortinet Delivers New AWS Security Bundle - 09/30/2015
Number of Households with Smart Home Devices Increases - 09/30/2015
Product Portfolio from Fraunhofer HHI for Real-Time Signal Processing Expands - 09/30/2015
Onshape, Cloud-Based CAD Firm, Raises $80 in Funding - 09/29/2015
The State of LTE Around the World - 09/25/2015
Balancing the Runaway Software Licensing Budget - 09/25/2015
Digital Government Strives to Make the Customer Experience a Priority - 09/25/2015
peoplefone Partners with Veeting Rooms to Deliver Web Conferencing Solution - 09/25/2015
Another Transformer Fire Knocks Out Power in Southern California - 09/25/2015
Private Networking Through LTE Introduced by Verizon - 09/24/2015
GBI Strengthens Relationship with Ciena in Middle East - 09/24/2015
Wheelings & Dealings: Blue Jeans Network Completes Series E Funding - 09/23/2015
Key Differentiator for Capital Markets Firms is Faster, More Secure Data Management - 09/23/2015
Global Enterprise Mobility Solutions Market Will See Significant Growth - 09/23/2015
Google's Appeal is Rejected by French Data Privacy Regulators - 09/22/2015
A Few Words on Federation in Lync and Skype - 09/18/2015
Is Apple Going for the Kill in the Wireless Wars? - 09/18/2015
VoIP Technologies by Ecosmob on Display at Indo-Africa ICT Expo 2015 - 09/18/2015
Wheelings & Dealings: Agora Lab Gets $20M in Series B Funding - 09/18/2015
Best Training Practices for BPO Supervisors - 09/17/2015
Deployment of SolidFire Storage Eliminates Obstacles for CPUC to Realize Full Virtualization - 09/17/2015
Wheelings & Dealings: Cablevision to be Acquired by Altice Group - 09/17/2015
Local Chinese Governments Prepare for Progress in Big Data - 09/17/2015
PCTEST Expands Over-the-Air and Antenna Testing Capabilities for 4G/LTE - 09/16/2015
Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpad Enterprise Users Benefit from NetMotion Wireless Partnership - 09/16/2015
AVANT is First US-based Master Agent with a Presence in the UK - 09/15/2015
Intel Set to End Tick-Tock Cadence - 09/14/2015
High Growth Rates Expected in Asia's VoIP Services Market - 09/14/2015
Major Investment in Quantum Computing: Is Intel Moving Away From Moore's Law? - 09/11/2015
NTT Com Makes Identity and Access Management Available for its API Gateway - 09/11/2015
Newest enepath Partner is Market Communications - 09/11/2015
Ignoring HIPAA Leads to Heavy Fines for Cancer Practice - 09/10/2015
Verizon Launches OTT Video Service on Trial Basis - 09/09/2015
Contact Centers Can Take Advantage of New 'Wallboards' - 09/09/2015
Barracuda Changes Brand Name to Barracuda Phone System - 09/09/2015
Top Health Award from iAwards Goes to Okee with Medical Imaging App - 09/08/2015
ThinkingPhones and Group Phoenix Partnership Provides Global UCaaS Platform - 09/08/2015
New Research Estimates VoLTE Market Could Reach $120 Billion - 09/04/2015
New STAC-A2 Performance Record is Set by Intel Haswell-EX Server - 09/04/2015
Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications 2015 Report Shows a Maturity Maze - 09/03/2015
The Pentagon Teams Up With Several Top Companies to Create Wearable High-Tech Gear - 09/03/2015
The 2016 Presidential Race Could See Major Input from Big Data Analytics Startup - 09/03/2015
Caller ID: Another Tool You Can Use - 09/02/2015
Explosion Expected for Mobile Data Traffic - 09/01/2015
'Overclocking': Not a Concern for Intel with Skylake - 09/01/2015
Wheelings & Dealings: Series B Funding Rakes in $24 Million for Avegant - 08/28/2015
WebRTC and Cloud RTC: Where Are We Headed? - 08/28/2015
As Strategies Evolve Marketers Are More Willing to Invest in Mobile Ads - 08/28/2015
11 Master Agent Portals Are Set to Launch Alliance Engage Program - 08/26/2015
Lightning Causes Two Canadian Outages in 24 Hours - 08/26/2015
Major Automakers Forge Alliance to Combat Cyberattackers - 08/25/2015
Growth Seen in Session Border Controller and IMS Core Revenues - 08/25/2015
Landlines Go Mobile with Voice Bridge - 08/25/2015
Webcam Market Expected to See Significant Growth Over the Next Six Years - 08/25/2015
Verizon Successfully Tests 10Gbps FiOS Network - 08/21/2015
Hosted VoIP Services Offered by VC Warehouse - 08/21/2015
Vonage to Acquire iCore Networks in Bid to Strengthen UC Strategy - 08/21/2015
The Right Employees Provide Dependable Customer Service - 08/20/2015
High Score in Healthcare Adaptability and Functionality Goes to Premier - 08/19/2015
Long-Term Benefits of Text Analytics - 08/19/2015
Third Power Outage in 30-Day Period for California City - 08/19/2015
Finding: Interoperability of VA, DoD Health Systems Still Lagging - 08/19/2015
Dialogic is ADG LDI's Choice to Support Interconnection Voice Transport Services - 08/17/2015
Do You Need to Upgrade Your VoIP DIDs? - 08/17/2015
Wearable Tech Seeing Rapid Expansion in Enterprise Apps - 08/17/2015

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