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Laura Stotler has written about communication technologies for 14 years, specializing in managed services and VoIP. She has contributed to TMC in a number of capacities as online content director of TMCnet, editorial director of Communications ASP magazine and managing editor of Internet Telephony magazine.

Latest Articles

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Technology Can Augment and Manage the Sales Follow-Up Process - 04/27/2017
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Businesses Don't Need to Reinvent the LAN with NBASE-T - 04/21/2017
Remote Call Center Agents Excel with Proper Management - 04/21/2017
Predictive Dialers and Telemarketing Technology Key to Call Center Success - 04/20/2017
Multi-Gigabit Ethernet a Stepping Stone for Bandwidth Hungry Businesses - 04/20/2017
Labor Analytics Provide Important Data for Call Center Scheduling - 04/20/2017
VoIP Gateways and Services Pave the Way to Omnichannel Communications - 04/19/2017
Optical Networking Requires Real Time Visibility for Peak Performance - 04/19/2017
The Evolving Business Model for High-Tech Equipment Manufacturers - 04/10/2017
Customer Service is the Final Competitive Frontier in Business - 04/05/2017
New iconectiv Messaging Service Addresses Mobile Marketing Regulations - 04/05/2017
Customer Engagement Hub Becoming Important Part of Omnichannel Service - 04/05/2017
UCC Management & Monitoring Tools Critical for Cost Savings - 04/04/2017
Synthetic Fraud Becoming a Very Real Threat to Global Businesses - 04/04/2017
Service Providers May Glean Value From Excess Optical Fiber Spectrum - 03/30/2017
VoIP Becoming Ubiquitous for Business Communications - 03/30/2017
Identity Fraud Reaches Epic Proportions in UK - 03/30/2017
IoT Sales Engineers Combine Tech Savvy and Business Skills - 03/29/2017
Business Processes & Outcomes Key to Successful Software Licensing Strategy - 03/27/2017
Guidelines for Positive Social Media Customer Interactions - 03/27/2017
Contact Centers Should Shoot for Success in Customer Experience Game - 03/27/2017
DCI Platforms Evolving to Keep Pace with Digital Transformation - 03/27/2017
Samsung's Bixby Assistant and Apple's AR Plans Bode Well for AI - 03/24/2017
The Rise of the White Box in Web-scale Networking - 03/23/2017
SAM Tools Can Help Automate Stakeholder Management Process - 03/22/2017
Phone Numbers Important for Protecting Mobile Identity - 03/22/2017
Optimizing Back-Office Processes Critical for VoIP Service Providers - 03/21/2017
Contact Center Agents are Key to Customer Experience - 03/21/2017
VoIP Gateways Critical to Soft Phone System Migration - 03/17/2017
Telecoms Need to Get on Board with Omnichannel Customer Service - 03/17/2017
The EU's GDPR Mandate Will Transform Global Privacy & Security Practices - 03/16/2017
Collaboration Tools an Essential Part of Business Communications - 03/16/2017
Sales Reps Need to Do their Homework Before Email Prospecting - 03/16/2017
Operational Framework is Key to Breaking Down Business Silos - 03/16/2017
Global Service Provider VoIP and IMS Revenues Break Records - 03/16/2017
Opportunities Abound for Better Mobile Payment Security - 03/16/2017
A Truly Flexible Licensing Model Offers Choice and Variety - 03/15/2017
UC Solutions Must Be Monitored and Managed for Peak Performance - 03/15/2017
Unmanaged Indirect Access to Software Can Create Licensing Headaches - 03/09/2017
Web-Scale Networks Will Be Architected for Machines, Not Humans - 03/09/2017
VoIP Innovations Cuts Toll-Free Monthly DID Fees to 25 Cents - 03/08/2017
Communications Activity Records Contain Treasure Trove of Valuable Data - 03/08/2017
Businesses Should Re-evaluate Existing Social Channels Before Branching Out - 03/08/2017
Nextiva Improves VoIP Calling Platform with Release of NextOS 3.0 - 03/08/2017
Sentinel Workshops Provide Custom Consulting Services for SMEs - 03/08/2017
Google Platform for Mobile Operators Challenges Network Equipment Vendors - 03/07/2017
SAP v. Diageo: Software License Compliance is Two-Way Street - 03/07/2017
The Role of Interconnectivity in the Global Telecom Landscape - 03/07/2017
VoIP Gateways Offer Myriad Benefits to Small Businesses - 03/03/2017
Comprehensive Approach Required for Software Vulnerability Management - 03/03/2017
SIM Box Fraud a Growing Global Problem for Mobile Operators - 03/02/2017
Carrier Ethernet Growing at a Web-Scale Pace - 03/02/2017
VoIP Gateways an Important Component of Digital Transformation - 03/02/2017
Business VoIP Comes to the Rescue During the Holidays - 03/02/2017
Unmanaged Open Source Software Creates Risks - 03/01/2017
The Powerful Role of Technology in Inside Sales - 02/28/2017
The Nuts & Bolts of Transitioning to a Recurring Revenue Model - 02/25/2017
Ciena's Emulation Cloud Promotes Open API Integration and Innovation - 02/20/2017
Trimble Navigation Moves Toward SaaS and Recurring Revenue Model - 02/17/2017
Technology Trends Point to Automation and Improved Customer Experience - 02/17/2017
The Power of Sensory Marketing - 02/17/2017
Ford Makes Major Play in Autonomous Car Space with AI Investment - 02/16/2017
Next-Generation Networks: An Ideal Platform for VoIP Services - 02/16/2017
Enterprise SaaS Vendors Need Flexible Licensing Models - 02/16/2017
Data Center Market Ripe for Investment and Expansion - 02/16/2017
Bots Will Transform the Call Center and Create New Opportunities - 02/15/2017
SaaS Makes a Good Communications Choice for Startups - 02/15/2017
UC Changing in Tandem with Technology and Networking Trends - 02/10/2017
The Role of Software in Transforming Data Center Infrastructure - 02/10/2017
The Evolution to Multi-Gigabit Ethernet is Long Overdue - 02/10/2017
The Long but Rewarding Road to a Recurring Revenue Model - 02/09/2017
Businesses Need to Change to Embrace Influencer Marketing - 02/09/2017
Communications Solutions Keeping Pace with Digital Transformation - 02/09/2017
The Power of Text Messages in the Age of Mobility - 02/09/2017
Apple Joins AI Competitors in Not-for-Profit Group - 02/06/2017
Transforming Physical IT Infrastructure through Software-Based Intelligence - 02/06/2017
InfoVista Targets the Business Market with Ipanema 9.1 SD-WAN Management Solution - 02/02/2017
Submarine Cables an Integral Part of Today's Global Web-Scale Networks - 02/01/2017
The Importance of a Monetization Strategy to Protect Embedded Medical Software - 02/01/2017
The Changing Role of the HR Department - 01/31/2017
Securing VoIP Gateways to Ward off Fraud - 01/31/2017
Skype & Type Attacks Take Eavesdropping to a Whole New Level - 01/30/2017
Breaking Down Organizational Silos Essential for Transformation and Growth - 01/30/2017
Hybrid WANs Offer Logical Path to Cloud and Virtualization - 01/30/2017
IoT Creates Challenges and Opportunity for Network Monetization - 01/26/2017
Video and UC Services Are Disruptive But Essential Business Tools - 01/26/2017
Breaking Down Organizational Silos Essential for Transformation and Growth - 01/26/2017
Video Enables a Host of Benefits for Financial Services Sector - 01/25/2017
Nokia Takes on Asia with Record-Breaking Sales of Nokia 6 - 01/25/2017
Sales Talent Can Use Software to Deep Practice and Improve Performance - 01/24/2017
Media Processing Has Evolved to Support the Cloud and Virtualization - 01/24/2017
India Representative of Greater Changes in the Networking Sector - 01/23/2017
The Challenges and Benefits of Influencer Marketing - 01/23/2017
Enterprises Fighting Resource Crunch with SD-WAN and NFV - 01/23/2017
Cloud Telephony Building Momentum for Business Communications - 01/20/2017
The Rise of Software Asset Management in the Cloud Economy - 01/19/2017
RFCs Pivotal in the Evolution of VoIP Technologies and Solutions - 01/19/2017
Broad Scale Approach Vital to Digital Transformation - 01/19/2017
Accurate and Reliable Operation of E911 Services is Not Negotiable - 01/18/2017
New Open Caching Architecture Possesses Potential to Revolutionize Video Services - 01/18/2017
Software Monetization Solutions Help Medical Equipment Vendors Transition to Services Economy - 01/17/2017
UC Solutions Hold the Key to Improved Patient Care - 01/17/2017
Trend Toward Unified and Collaborative Development Shaping Communications Solutions - 01/17/2017
Trend Toward Unified and Collaborative Development Shaping Communications Solutions - 01/17/2017
Automation is Driving Force Behind Web-Scale Networks - 01/17/2017
Applications and Services Driving the Future of Conferencing - 01/17/2017
Dedicated Team Integral to the Digital Transformation - 01/13/2017
Challenges and Benefits on the Path to Digital Transformation - 01/13/2017
VoIP Gateways Play Important Role in Changing Communications Landscape - 01/13/2017
SMBs and VoIP Driving Cloud UC and UCaaS Markets - 01/13/2017
Improving E911 Services Should be a Service Provider Priority - 01/11/2017
Infortel Traffic Analysis Provides Valuable Call Accounting Metrics - 01/10/2017
Conferencing Becoming an Important Management Tool for Today's Workforce - 01/06/2017
Best Practices are Key to Software Monetization in Today's Tech Economy - 01/06/2017
Power Outages Can Be a Nightmare for Individuals and Businesses - 01/06/2017
The Next Phase of Networking is Autonomy - 01/06/2017
Advanced Network Monitoring an Intuitive Part of SDN Deployments - 01/06/2017
Planning Ahead Crucial for VoIP Success in 2017 - 01/06/2017
Residual Translations Are the Culprit in Failed Number Transfers - 01/06/2017
A Comprehensive Vulnerability Management Program is the Best Security Defense - 01/05/2017
Mobile Workforce Management Solutions a Great Fit for an Evolving Workforce - 01/05/2017
SIP Enables Major Benefits as Companies Move Toward IP PBX Systems - 01/05/2017
The Rise of the Zombie Servers and How to Stop Them - 01/05/2017
ISPs Challenged with Handling Unprecedented Amounts of Data - 01/04/2017
ISPs Challenged with Handling Unprecedented Amounts of Data - 01/04/2017
Phone Numbers are a Powerful Tool and Business Differentiator - 01/04/2017
Adaptive WFO Automates and Improves Contact Center Performance - 01/02/2017
The Build or Buy Dilemma for Software Monetization - 12/30/2016
SD-WAN Made Major Strides in 2016 - 12/29/2016
Best Practices and Tools for Engaging Customer Service Agents - 12/29/2016
Speed and Accuracy Critical to Heading off Software Vulnerabilities in 2017 - 12/29/2016
Massive MIMO May Be First Step in 5G Evolution - 12/28/2016
HR Departments Need to Update Processes to Become More People-Oriented - 12/28/2016
Dialogic Promotes CPaaS and WebRTC Development through Global Workshop Series - 12/27/2016
Understanding the Critical Difference Between Software Licensing and Entitlement Management - 12/27/2016
UC Solutions are Transforming the Way Business is Conducted - 12/26/2016
Massive MIMO May Be the First Step in the 5G Evolution - 12/22/2016
Businesses Need to Prepare for Outages Caused by Even the Strangest Events - 12/21/2016
Russian Cyberattacks Usher in New Age of Tech Espionage - 12/21/2016
Software Developers Shouldn't Overlook In-House Licensing and Usage Policies - 12/21/2016
Colt Technology Embraces Global Digital Transformation - 12/19/2016
Flexible and Agile: Two Keys to Successfully Achieve Digital Transformation - 12/19/2016
Tools Key to Proactively Troubleshooting and Managing VoIP Calls - 12/19/2016
Contextual Communications Add Value in the Omnichannel Communications World - 12/19/2016
How to Combat Jitter and Maintain Quality Audio in VoIP Calls - 12/19/2016
UPS Systems Critical as a Majority of IT Downtime is Caused by Power Outages - 12/16/2016
8x8's UCaaS and SaaS Integration Offers Major Customer Service Benefits - 12/15/2016
Big Data Analytics and Customer Experience Driving Digital Transformation Strategies - 12/14/2016
The Importance of Team Building in the Virtual Office - 11/28/2016
Drastic Changes Needed to Attract More Women to Woefully Understaffed Tech Sector - 11/28/2016
Startup Companies May Make a Costly Mistake in Bypassing Human Resources - 11/23/2016
IP PBXs Offer Benefits for a Broad Range of Industries - 11/23/2016
Consumers More Optimistic Than IT Pros About Benefits of AR and IoT Technologies - 11/23/2016
Flexera App Broker for ServiceNow Helps Companies Track and Maximize App Usage - 11/23/2016
Coherent Optical Technologies a Key Component for Web-scale Networks - 11/22/2016
Survey Reveals Attitudes and Concerns Surrounding Mobile and Remote Work - 11/22/2016
Businesses Need to Find a Competitive Niche to Become a Successful ITSP - 11/22/2016
Survey Finds Public and Private Sectors on the Same Technology Page - 11/22/2016
The Importance of Knowing your Software Monetization Best Practices Score - 11/21/2016
Understanding Network Demands for Alternative Reality Technologies and Applications - 11/21/2016
Forward Networks Introduces Platform Designed to Meet Enterprise Network Challenges - 11/17/2016
CenturyLink and Level 3 Outline Services Delivery Approach Once Mega Merger is Complete - 11/16/2016
Define Key Metrics to Measure the Success of Software Licensing Optimization Programs - 11/16/2016
Experience and Performance Matter When Choosing an Enterprise Cloud Provider - 11/14/2016
Millennials Drive Changes in Collaboration Solutions - 11/14/2016
Ingenuity, Speed and Collaboration are Driving the Imagination Economy - 11/14/2016
Benefits of the Virtual Office and Cloud Communications Far Outweigh the Challenges - 11/11/2016
Successful Leaders Encourage Autonomy and Empower Their Team Members - 11/11/2016
Human Analytics Becoming an Indispensable Part of Workforce Optimization - 11/10/2016
The Value of Evolving to a Features-Based SaaS Pricing Model - 11/10/2016
Choosing the Best Path to the Omnichannel Customer Experience - 11/09/2016
Building a Realistic Path to Marketing Automation - 11/04/2016
Everything-as-a-Service Changing Monetization Rules for Manufacturers - 11/04/2016
Measuring the Value of Marketing Videos in a Meaningful Way - 11/04/2016
The Tricky Business of Meeting PCI DSS Requirements While Recording Calls - 11/03/2016
Flexera Addresses Open Source Challenges with Palamida Acquisition - 11/02/2016
Russian Hackers Linked to New Attacks Exploiting Windows Vulnerability - 11/02/2016
Standardized Global Carrier Ethernet Connectivity Benefits Operators and Enterprises Alike - 11/01/2016
Customer Service a Serious Differentiator in Competitive Fast Food Market - 10/31/2016
Tampnet's Offshores Service Meet the Increasing Demands of Nordic Market - 10/31/2016
Working Toward More Accessible and User-Friendly Public Cloud Infrastructure - 10/28/2016
Technology and Demand Driving Growth of Telehealth Market - 10/28/2016
NextCon16 Event to Promote Business Growth and Innovation - 10/28/2016
Call Attribution Becoming a Valuable Marketing Tool - 10/27/2016
The Many Flavors of Disruption, and Why Businesses Need to Savor Them - 10/27/2016
HCM Solutions Offer a Number of Key Features and Benefits - 10/26/2016
How IoT is Transforming Manufacturing Production and Monetization Processes - 10/26/2016
How to Avoid Some of the Most Common VoIP Business Pitfalls - 10/25/2016
Mobile Data Necessitating a Steady Migration to Packet-Based Backhaul Networks - 10/14/2016
HR and HCM Technologies Remain in Growth Stage - 10/14/2016
Being Successful at Sales is the Sum of Many Variables - 10/14/2016
Service Providers Face Challenges in Delivering SDN and Virtualization - 10/13/2016
RTC and Telemedicine Help Healthcare Providers Deal with Overwhelming Workloads - 10/12/2016

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