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The Essential Guide to US Compliance and Regulations
1/22/2014 2:52:26 PM
This comprehensive whitepaper reviews key data protection legislation and helps you answer: Does this regulation apply to me? What are my obligations and requirements? How do I achieve compliance? What are the fines and legal ramifications of non-compliance? It covers HIPAA/HITECH, SOX, GLB, FCRA, and EU Safe Harbor Laws.
Faster SharePoint Migrations with Varonis
1/22/2014 2:43:00 PM
Varonis data governance software can help expedite and streamline the migration of unstructured data from file shares to SharePoint servers and once complete, Varonis can continue to provide the recommendations for access controls that will ensure need to know based access that is in step with data growth.
VoIP Security: More Than Just IT Risk
1/14/2014 2:34:55 PM
With VoIP adoption on the rise, businesses face growing risk from a wide range of threats targeted at their data networks. VoIP may be attractive for its economic benefits, but without proper security in place, it will be the weak link in your data security chain that hackers will quickly exploit. This new White Paper is based on research from across the IT sector, and was authored by the highly-regarded analyst consultancy, J Arnold & Associates.
Defend Against Injection-based Attacks
1/7/2014 4:52:28 PM
It goes without saying that as software becomes more prevalent in our daily activities, it becomes imperative that we implement that software in the most secure manner possible.

Software is everywhere and touches everything we do - from the computers we work on to life-saving insulin pumps and pacemakers. Software controls and manages the embedded systems that provide us with electricity, water, natural gas, transportation, communications, and more. Increasingly, all these devices and systems are connected to each other behind the scenes, resulting in a growing "network effect".

Couple this with end-users that expect devices to work properly and don't want to think about the technical ramifications of the software being used and we begin to realize how important it is to write code that is resistant to malicious attack.

This first in a series of white papers explores the most common security vulnerabilities currently plaguing the software development industry, and presents different ways in which Static Code Analysis, or SCA, can detect them. When you download "Defend Against Injection Based Attacks" you will learn:

- A detailed description of the weakness
- How each weakness presents itself to the end user and the developer
- An explanation of the mitigation strategies to help resolve each issue
Making the Leap: Taking your Call Center to the Cloud
1/2/2014 2:59:09 PM
If you manage or work in a call center, you're aware that customer frustration is one of the biggest challenges you face. But even the best-managed call centers can only do so much. Fortunately, there's a new way to handle customers where they can feel like they have more control, can get their answers more quickly and get their problem resolved faster.

In this white paper, you will learn why moving to the cloud for SMS messaging, inbound IVR, mobile marketing, and proactive communications in your call center will make for a better customer experience.
Making Financial Services Cloud-Ready
12/23/2013 12:54:58 PM
Financial institutions have the opportunity to streamline operations and realize savings from the cloud just like many organizations in other industries have achieved before them. But unlike organizations in less sensitive and less regulated verticals, financials have been understandably hesitant to place all of their trust in cloud services. By tackling some common hang-ups such as psychological hurdles, logistics and risk management, financials can take important first steps to building utilizing the cloud as other verticals have been enjoying for some time. And strong, specialized hosting providers can act as a trusted advisor in security and logistical support in order to help every stakeholder understand the value that cloud brings to bear on even the most critical financial business applications.
Upgrade or Replace?
12/12/2013 2:10:47 PM
If you're not getting the most out of your contact center software, it's time to consider something new. But are you in need of an upgrade or should you opt for a new solution altogether? This guide will help you determine if you're ready for an update and whether you should upgrade your software or replace it.
Getting Smart on Analytics in the Contact Center - Measurement is the First Step in the Process
12/5/2013 4:41:45 PM
The promise of Big Data has many forward-thinking contact center leaders dreaming of the insights it can deliver, but getting from raw data to actionable insight is a multistep journey that begins with deep thinking about the measurements that matter most. We believe that by taking comprehensive measurements, interpreting them in a scientific way, and then sharing the analyses with relevant stakeholders and contact center leaders can put Big Data to work, driving strategic customer initiatives at the highest levels of the organization.
Understanding Your Customers' DNA - The Key to Intelligent Connections
12/5/2013 4:40:33 PM
Your contact center can handle hundreds of millions of customer interactions each year. At iQor, we believe each and every one of these calls, emails, chat sessions, and social media responses generates a series of important data points - small but useful clues, like strands of DNA. Utilizing the right digital network, infrastructure, tools, and processes to analyze, innovate and act, today's advanced contact centers can assemble these strands to help organizations develop a deeper understanding of their customers and, in turn, connect with and delight them more intelligently. Learn to better understand your customers' interactions.
3 Must Follow Guidelines for Mitigating M2M Software Security Risks
12/2/2013 10:27:58 AM
Everywhere we turn today, we find software embedded in our lives – from our smart phones and cars to the planes we fly in and the life saving equipment in hospitals. As all these systems continue to evolve and become more connected to each other and to the internet, the risks associated with unsecured code grow too. And not always from malicious hacking attempts; faulty code in many of these applications can present significant security risks.

Download the “Three Must-Follow Guidelines for Mitigating M2M Software Security Risks” whitepaper from Klocwork and learn why embedded software teams need to follow just a few critical guidelines to protect their systems, including:

• Why address security early, and how to take defensive measures against security threats
• How and why to build security in at the development stage
• How to protect systems against unauthorized changes and malware attacks
The Cloud Provider Prescription to Prevent HIPAA Headaches
11/21/2013 9:39:24 AM
Healthcare SaaS and Electronic health record (EHR) providers have long contended with data privacy provisions in HIPAA. Classified as 'business associates', technology providers themselves were never directly answerable to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Service- until now. The September 2013 Omnibus bill puts first-hand responsibility on business associates to secure any protected health information (PHI) they're entrusted with.

Healthcare technology providers can make strategic architectural changes with the help of a cloud provider to improve compliance. Learn how a cloud hosting provider can serve as a trusted advisor to help with HIPAA compliance. Includes questions to pose to a hosting provider.
5 Ways Hosting Providers Prepare Clients for PCI 3.0
11/21/2013 9:34:12 AM
The introduction of new requirements as a result of the rollout of PCI 3.0 by the PCI Security Standards Council will require organizations that accept payment cards to take another look at PCI DSS. Additional mandates will increase the care IT security and compliance pros must take in ensuring segmentation methods to reduce PCI scope really work, to do a better job reviewing security logs and to institute more robust physical access control. As both enterprises and SaaS providers who service them address the new version of PCI, they may find a surprising ally in a well-chosen hosting provider. A knowledgeable hosting provider well-acquainted with these requirements, along with experience talking to many QSAs about their interpretations of the standard, can be a godsend to organizations left scratching their heads over the standards.
FOTA Best Practices
11/8/2013 4:25:19 PM
The volume of FOTA usage is increasing significantly as more and more updates are performed successfully every year on more and more device types. FOTA is now a standard feature of mobile phones, tablets, and other connected devices, since consumers expect their devices to stay up-to-date with the latest features and performance improvements. In fact, consumers eagerly anticipate new firmware releases and become frustrated if their device doesn't receive timely updates. News about new software updates delivered over the air are published daily in telecom media channels, and when it comes to major versions of Android or iOS, even in the mainstream media.

In this white paper, Red Bend Software describes five steps for successful FOTA implementation, leveraging Red Bend's vast experience in providing FOTA to nearly 1,500 different device models over the last 10 years.
OTA Updating Simplified
11/8/2013 4:22:51 PM
This whitepaper is intended for Android device manufacturers interested in offering an OTA software updating service to continually delight customers with the latest features and performance improvements. It describes the importance of delivering software updates and explains how it has become an integral part of a manufacturer's go-to-market strategy. The paper discusses the technology, expertise and service infrastructure needed to ensure reliable and efficient software updates to devices used both by consumers and enterprises. By reading this white paper, Android OEMs will learn how to easily offer an OTA software updating service and gain a competitive edge in the crowded consumer electronics market.
From Hardware Manufacturer to Service Provider
11/8/2013 4:20:43 PM
This white paper is for manufacturers of mobile phones, tablets, automotive vehicles, consumer electronics and other wirelessly connected devices (in the paper, described as "mobile devices") that are interested in using their hardware products as platforms from which to deliver value-added services.

The paper describes how Mobile Software Management (MSM) can be used to achieve this strategy. With MSM, manufacturers can leverage a range of over-the-air technologies-firmware updating, application management, device analytics, policy management and Type-1 virtualization-both as differentiating features that can strengthen their offerings and as services to their customers. Readers will learn from case studies of how to successfully use MSM to deliver new integrated services.
The State of the Cloud Computing Marketplace: The Need for a Trust-But-Verify Software Licensing Approach
Flexera Software
10/7/2013 9:43:58 AM
Enterprises are accelerating their use of cloud computing because it provides such an attractive value proposition. This value proposition is enhanced through usage-based licensing. However, the difficulty of monitoring usage-based licensing has slowed its adoption. Flexera Software, the market leader in software license compliance management solutions, makes it possible to efficiently deploy usage-based licensing models. The company's solutions empower application producers to implement a broad spectrum of licensing models within a single product-from strict enforcement to a more open trust-but-verify approach-to maximize software revenues and ensure compliance.

The State of the Cloud Computing Marketplace: The Need for a Trust-But-Verify Software Licensing Approach analyzes the popularity of cloud computing with software publishers. The paper also explores new pricing models developed by cloud providers-including usage-based licensing.
The Forrester Wave™: File Sync And Share Platforms, Q3 2013
9/30/2013 12:21:46 PM
Sharing files is something that nearly every business in the world does on a daily basis, and IBM has built a robust set of file sharing and sync tools that makes sharing information extremely easy, efficient and secure. Many solutions in market are designed for consumers and are lacking the security and controls that businesses require. Where IBM stands apart is by tightly integrating file sharing into the social collaboration experience and with external systems of record. Download this Analyst report to read by IBM SmartCloud for Social Business was cited as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: File Sync And Share Platforms, Q3 2013 report.
Taking collaboration to the cloud
9/30/2013 12:19:43 PM
The 25-point plan and the Cloud First policy both encourage and pressure Federal CIOs to find cloud solutions that can result in significant cost take-outs in the IT support model. A good place to start is with applications and services that are standardized and need very little customization, such as social collaboration software. Social collaboration software and tools offer the power of social media tools to spark innovation and collaboration on the web.

Given the budget and mission pressures that are the norm in government today, these tools can help your employees be more productive and collaborative. Download the complimentary whitepaper to learn more about taking collaboration to the cloud.
IBM SmartCloud iNotes Security
9/30/2013 12:17:28 PM
IBM SmartCloud iNotes is a security-rich, Web-based e-mail service that provides essential messaging and calendaring capabilities to businesses of all sizes.

At IBM, we strive to implement security and privacy best practices. Our security controls provide a range of e-mail protections while enabling business operations. SmartCloud iNotes helps protect our customers' information through
governance, tools, technology, techniques, and personnel, each of which we discuss in more detail in this white paper.
IBM SmartCloud Notes Security
9/30/2013 12:15:22 PM
SmartCloud Notes is a full-featured email, calendar, contact management and instant messaging service in the IBM cloud. IBM SmartCloud Notes helps to protect our customers' information through governance, tools, technology, techniques, and personnel. At IBM, we strive to implement security and privacy best practices. The SmartCloud Notes security controls provide a range of protection of e-mail while enabling business operations.
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