2017 INTERNET TELEPHONY Hosted VoIP Excellence Awards

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INTERNET TELEPHONY 2017 Hosted VoIP Excellence Awards

There are many reasons more and more businesses are turning to hosted VoIP solutions instead of new on-premises alternatives.  These include:
  • Reduction of CapEx
  • Global connectivity to connect remote colleagues
  • Advanced features and functionality for streamlining business operations
  • Scalability, reduced demand on internal IT teams, and more. 
Quite simply, it makes sense, which is also why the Hosted VoIP market has become so crowded and increasingly competitive.
  • As a Hosted VoIP provider, do you outperform your competitors?
  • Do you provide more innovative features and solutions for your customers needs?
  • Do you exceed market standards for network reliability and service uptime?
  • Does your service enable businesses to operate on a global and mobile scale without
    exorbitant expenditures?
  • Is your Hosted VoIP service a catalyst for your customers’ growth?  
If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you should apply to be considered for INTERNET TELEPHONY’s Hosted VoIP Excellence award!

This prestigious award is your opportunity to put your excellence on display for prospective and existing customers.

Hosted VoIP Excellence winners will be announced online and featured in INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.

Winners will be:
  • Announced via TMC press release
  • Featured in INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine
  • Provided unlimited license to award logos for marketing and sales collateral
  • Instantly recognized as an industry leader

Apply early and save $50.

Early Bird Deadline: Friday June 30, 2017 - $499 processing fee

Final Deadline: Friday, July 21, 2017 - $549 processing fee