Maxatec reportedly has signed an agreement with Group Sense Mobile-Tech Limited (GSML), Hong Kong, to distribute its range of mobile computing devices in the United Kingdom.

Group Sense Group is one of the manufacturers of electronic dictionaries and other rugged handheld information devices.

In 1996, the Group launched the world's first PDA device operating on a Chinese language platform. Since 2000, the Group has been manufacturing the Xplore series of PDAs, featuring magnesium cases, bilingual user interface and 'open-platform' operating system to enable companies to develop customised applications.

The GSML range also comprises the world's first bi-lingual data-centric GSM PDA as well as an award-winning all-in-one Palm OS-based smartphone.

"We aimed at creating value through design and manufacture of innovative and customized unique products and services to our partners. The DT series PDA devices were designed as unique features, high quality and stable mobile computing devices for various industries such as retail, logistic, mobile POS etc after a thorough study of market requirements for years,” said Francis Li, marketing director of Group Sense Mobile-Tech Ltd, in a release.

Li said that besides DT350 and DT351, GSML will continue focusing to design and introduce more mobile computing devices to the industries.

Maxatec officials said that the company will concentrate on distributing the Xplore series of products from GSML and specifically the DT-350 and DT-351 PDA devices.

The products boast enhanced Wi-Fi stability and include features such as single SSID enforcement and "Wi-Fi Always On" connection.

"The products from GSML are really unique and add another dimension to our range of mobile computing devices. GSML have taken the time to look at market requirements in great detail and come up with a rugged handheld product that is not only unique and high quality, but also pitched at a very competitive price point,” said Andrea Percival, director of Maxa Technologies (Maxatec).

Percival said that from a technology perspective, the Xplore DT series has been designed to be easy to use and flexible as well as offering enhanced Wi-Fi features and enhanced power management capabilities.

Percival said that the addition of mobile computing devices to the Maxatec range has been a huge success and has enabled the company to build on existing partnerships as well as create new opportunities in the mobile segment.

“We are very pleased to be working with GSML and look forward to delivering this product set to both existing and new customers," Percival added.

Maxatec is a value added supplier of specialist IT hardware and services to the Auto ID, POS and mobile markets.

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