Palm Canada made an exciting announcement today for any Canadian looking to maximize their productivity and have fun with their hand held device, with the availability of the Palm Treo 700p smartphone.
Palm Treo 700p smartphone, the first Palm OS-based smartphone on the EVDO (Evolution Data Optimized) network, is everything a mobile business user needs and includes all the features that make handheld devices so cool these days.
Boasting an increased connection speed that is broadband like, due to the use of EVDO network, the phone makes it faster to communicate, download, IM and support multimedia features like streaming video.
With the ability to successfully stream multimedia clips on the smartphone, users can enjoy radio broadcasts, videos, movie clips as well as use the device for corporate communications and training videos.
Faster data speeds also mean better emails, bigger file attachments, and an overall enhanced web browser experience than ever before.
Whats more, the phone doubles as a wireless modem and eliminates the need to purchase WiFi or other connections while on the go. This is especially significant for the business user who needs to be connected while in airports, coffee shops or hotels.

"Today's mobile professionals are demanding better choice and usability, both of which are top-of-mind in the development of new smartphones like the Teo700p," commented Michael Moskowitz, president, Americans International, Palm Inc. in a statement.
As the workforce becomes more mobile, workers on the go, need solutions that keep them connected, productive and that are easy to use. A key in new smartphone needs is one that is both fun and professional and offers better management of business and personal life.
"The release of this product is a welcome step forward for our dedicated installed base of Palm OS customers and a clear validation that we intend to continue to focus on multiple platforms for our solutions," added Moskowitz.
Fun features also available on the phone to take the terms 'cool' and 'efficient' to a completely new level. A built in camera and a camcorder that not only offer superior quality, four times the resolution of a VGA camera, but once clips and photos are taken, they can then be made into slide shows that incorporate transitions, music and captions.
Also this week, Palm announced the launch of the Palm Treo 680, to be available in stores after today. The phone is priced at $399 and is one of the first phones to support streaming Flash-based movies.
On the same day, download services provider, Audible announced  that their spoken online entertainment, information, and education content service will be compatible with the phone and give users the ability to automate wireless downloads of Audible’s audio files to the smartphone or download content to their PC's to then be transferred to their phone.
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