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Future Shows

Conference &
EXPO 2003
Long Beach, CA
October 14-16

Tablet PC Summit
San Francisco 2002

Join Us On September 24th

Join us for a special workshop focused on the issues and considerations surrounding the tablet PC phenomenon. After a few false starts, tablet PCs are once again gaining significant momentum in the marketplace - in no small part due to Microsoft's Tablet PC initiative officially launched in November 2001 -- and bold, new innovations in hardware and software development from the industry at large. The tablet PC -- a device that offers a larger touch screen, support for full-color, high-resolution images, and an interface extremely similar to your desktop computer - has been referred to by some as today's Super PDA. Today's latest tablet PC products offer a variety of advanced features, including advanced handwriting recognition, Digital ink software, speech recognition, integrated Wi-Fi technology, and a host of expansion possibilities. Attend this information-packed workshop and learn not only what the tablet PC platform has in store for you, but also gain an in-depth understanding of the opportunities, applications and special considerations you need to make before deciding how tablet PCs can fit into your enterprise handheld computing strategy.

Sponsoring & Participating Companies:


Questions? Contact Bruce Hirsch at 203-852-6800 ext. 130.

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