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Conference &
EXPO 2003
Long Beach, CA
October 14-16

Planet PDA Best Of Show Award Winners

Planet PDA 2001 Best Of Show WinnersPlanet PDA, sponsored by TMC's  Internet Telephony, Communications Solutions, Customer Inter@ction Solutions, Communications Outsourcing, and Planet PDA magazines, is pleased to announce its Best Of Show awards for outstanding products and services demonstrated at our 2001 show in Las Vegas, NV.

The Winners

Best Wireless Development Platform: Air2Web

Best Wireless E-Mail Device:

Best Palm Wireless
: Motient

Best Telephony Application:

Best P2P Application Server:

Best Pocket PC: Compaq And NEC

Best Pocket PC Web Server:
SalesPage Technologies

Best Add-On Keyboard:
Man & Machine

Best Smart Clothing:
Scott eVest

Best Palm OS-Based PDA:
 Palm And Handera

Best Pocket PC Wireless
Venue Maitre'D

Best Mobile CRM Solution:

Best Pocket PC Add-On: HP

Best Synchronization Software: Starfish

Best Mapping Database:
Navigation Technologies

Best Ruggedized PDAs For
Industrial Applications:

Best Hybrid: Handspring

Best Security Solution:
Trust Digital

Best Power Product: Instant Power Chargers For PDAs

Best Wireless Development Platform: Air2Web Mobile Internet Platform
Air2Web offers one of the most powerful, comprehensive, and flexible platforms for wirelessly extending enterprise information systems and corporate data across any carrier, any network, and 100 percent of the digital device market. The company's Mobile Internet Platform delivers advanced use of text and audio, optimizes device functionality, and provides a high level of security. The platform employs open standards to leverage back-end enterprise information systems, including e-mail, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Sales Force Automation (SFA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Supply Chain Management (SCM). A long roster of customers includes Six Continents Hotels, United Parcel Service, ABN-AMRO Bank, Lexmark, and The Weather Channel.

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Best Palm Wireless Accessory: Motient MobileModem
If you love your Palm V/Vx, you'll love it even more if you give it wireless Internet access with Motient's new MobileModem for the Palm V series. The compact MobileModem will liberate the estimated five million devoted Palm V series users with the availability of wireless e-mail access through their handhelds. The MobileModem is always on, automatically "waking up" with each incoming message, just like a Blackberry.

When coupled with Motient's nationwide wireless data network, MobileModem users get the best of Palm, along with some nifty additional features. The MobileModem provides the ability to compose, receive, read, and reply to e-mail from the Palm, using a corporate e-mail address or a personalized vanity address. With the Palm HotSync feature, users are able to simultaneously activate both the Palm and the MobileModem for effortless desktop synchronization - no cradle" or desktop clutter required. The MobileModem weighs only four ounces and comes with a Smart-Sync cable that simultaneously recharges both the Palm and the MobileModem.

The Motient network reaches 99 percent of the top 565 most populated U.S. cities including Atlanta, Kansas City, and New Orleans. The network covers more than 220 million people! The MobileModem is priced at only $179, with a 12 month service agreement.

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Best P2P Application Server: Zeosoft Zeosphere/ZeoFusion
ZeoSphere, a lightweight application server for wireless handheld computing devices, allows direct device-to-device data queries and application requests with or without a connection to the enterprise. Its unique technology makes peer-to-peer and peer-to-enterprise servers out of wireless handheld computing devices, allowing them to become n-tier distributed computing systems in their own right, accessing each other's databases, applications, and other device-bound services as though they were office servers, data center servers, or legacy computers. It's true mobile computing anywhere, anytime.

Riding on top of ZeoSphere is an enterprise-based distributed decision flow and inference engine called ZeoFusion, which enables true end-to-end enterprise process integration. It allows enterprise-computing systems to extend processes to handheld devices where device-resident processing occurs. It also permits ZeoSphere-enabled handheld devices to make enterprise requests, which can invoke enterprise-based processes or queries. ZeoFusion uses an integrated rules and inference engine to intelligently interact with both the enterprise and handheld device. For more info, go to

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Best Pocket PC Web Server: SalesPage Technologies Pocket SalesPage
SalesPage Technologies' Pocket SalesPage is a powerful XML-based product suite that can empower the mobilization of any enterprise application. Based on a programming-free XML app scheme foundation, Pocket SalesPage leverages Web-based technologies and services to transform sophisticated and rapidly changing business models into serious line-of-business solutions for the Pocket PC.

Designed for enterprise-class implementations, Pocket SalesPage supports Pocket Access and SQL Server 2000 CE, with future support planned for Oracle Lite and DB2 Everyplace. The Pocket SalesPage product suite includes the XML-based Pocket SalesPage Studio; Pocket .space Server - a compact Web/app server for the Pocket PC; and supporting utilities.

Available for always on and occasionally disconnected use, Pocket SalesPage includes full synchronization and wireless optimization features. Available out-of-the-box, vertical solutions include,,, and

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Best Smart Clothing: Scott eVest Version 1.0
No, it won't carry on a conversation, or help you decipher the latest technical spec sheet for that new Pocket PC, but it does let you carry all of your hi-tech gadgets (as well as your keys, wallet, water bottle, and other stuff) and stay connected on the go.

What makes the Scott eVest special is not that it looks like just about any North Face vest, but that looks are indeed deceiving. The Scott eVest features a patent-pending "Personal Area Network" (Scott's words, not ours - ed) that allows you to channel messy wires through a conduit system, leading either to a loop in the collar for your earbuds or connecting one device to another. At the show, we caught a sneak peek at Scott eVest version 2.0. Version 2.0 features zip-off long sleeves, micro fiber fabric, and a pocket in the back to balance the weight of all the devices you'll be carrying around. Look for it around Spring 2002.

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Best Pocket PC Wireless Application: Venue Maitre' D
Venue Maitre' D is a suite of wireless (802.11b), interactive services designed for the Pocket PC platforms to inform, entertain, and promote ad-hoc within-venue communities and facilitate transactions such as shopping, reservations, and the sharing of contact information. The company developed an incredibly impressive application specifically for Planet PDA, running over the show's wireless LAN, to provide conference and meeting agendas, speaker information, local Las Vegas shopping and dining options, and a killer executive networking application.

One of the applications, VenueChat, is a unique chat application with a multi-modal user interface that supports stylus tap, scribble, or voice recording all from one easy to use screen. Replying to e-mail messages using the multi-modal interface allows you to send colorful scribbled notes or a voice message, which are then sent as attachments for easy access by others.

VenueMatch is another unique service. First conference attendees fill in a profile from their homes, offices, or at the trade show floor. Venue Maitre' D goes to work and matches your profile against those at the same trade show. When a match occurs, you are paged or phoned an SMS message, buzzed at your PDA or e-mailed a match notification alert. From your handheld or laptop, you can review the matched profile prior to establishing actual contact.

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Best Pocket PC Add-On: HP Jornada I/O Battery
Ok, you're asking how we can get so excited about a battery. If you're a Pocket PC user, you already know how important battery/power issues are. For those of you used to battery life spans of 3 weeks or more with your Palm or Blackberry, the Pocket PC constitutes a sort of rude awakening. All of that newfound functionality comes at a cost -- a cost of much shorter battery life and the need to plan ahead even on short business trips, as most Pocket PCs only have enough power for at most 14 hours.

HP's add-on extra battery helps ease the pain. When attached to the back of the Jornada, the add-on battery extends battery life up to 14 hours -- the longest of any Pocket PC. But that's not all -- and here lies the real kicker. Some genius at HP decided that adding power was good, but not good enough, as most PPC users are going gaga over add-on memory cards for a host of additional features and functionality. So, the add-on battery also sports an SD (Secure Digital) card slot. As far as we know, this is the first I/O PDA battery of its kind, and as such merits our deep admiration.

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Best Mapping Database: Navigation Technologies
Navigation Technologies is a provider of digital map data for vehicle navigation, Internet and wireless applications and business solutions. Applications such as these are part of a growing set that enhance a businessperson's access to information while they are mobile and on the road. The company has actually coined a term "informed mobility" to represent this emerging need.

Informed mobility applications are dependent on precise, up-to-date digital navigation information. Navigation Technologies has built a superb database by employing the industry's most extensive development and quality control program, executed by one of the largest team of geographers of any company in the world. This detailed map data is captured by over 400 full time professional Navigation Technologies employees, who drive millions of miles a year on the roads in North America, Europe, and targeted markets to provide accurate and ever-expanding detail to the NAVTECH database.

The result of Navigation Technology's digital map creation and quality control processes is a detailed, digital representation of the road network that provides the depth, accuracy and coverage needed to enable turn-by-turn, door-to-door route guidance. Included in the database information are up to 150 road attributes per road segment and more than 45 point of interest categories to help you find specific restaurants, hotels, airports, banks, shopping centers, and more.

NAVTECH data is used in virtually all of the leading navigation systems in both North America and Europe. The company's customers rely on NAVTECH digital map information for use in their applications based on its accuracy, detail, and completeness.

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Best Hybrid: Handspring Treo
We're enamored of so-called PDA/wireless phone hybrid devices for the simple reason that we believe the combination to be as natural as butter on toast. The problem with most of these devices, however, is that the resulting package is either too bulky or cuts the corners on necessary, even essential functions.

The Treo 180 from Handspring is one of the first combo devices to get it right. When it comes to a PCS phone (Treo currently only supports the GSM network), you get a fairly slim (2.7 inches wide and 4.3 inches long) clamshell style device. But lift the clear lid and the fun really starts. The familiar Palm screen looks back at you, offering all the functionality of these popular handhelds. But wait, there's more. The Treo adds a small but usable keyboard, like the Blackberry, for data input and e-mail composition. Other notable features includes the ability to remap the last button on the bottom to function as a POP3 e-mail activator, the need to tap only 3-4 times to dial out of the address book, a 1000 entry call history (log), and already loaded Handspring Blazer mini-browser for Web surfing.

The 180 will be available early in 2002 for around $399 with a wireless service agreement. Another version, the 180g, uses the Palm's more traditional Graffiti character recognition to enter data. A color version costing $200 more is scheduled to arrive around mid-year. One negative: the Treo isn't expandable and hence can't use the various Springboard modules, such as cameras or music players, which can be attached to other Handsprings.

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Best Wireless E-Mail Device: Research In Motion's Blackberry
Research In Motion's Blackberry wireless e-mail handheld family of products has attracted a loyal and almost religious following, and for good reason. The Blackberry is the pioneering device that was designed specifically for wireless e-mail applications, offering users an elegant and easy to use interface and form factor boasting an integrated full-function keyboard.

Other factors that have helped spread the gospel according to RIM is the incredibly long battery life of the devices (the 950 can last 3 weeks on one AA battery), the attention to a high-level of security through data encryption, the leveraging of Motient's nationwide wireless data network for practically seamless coverage, and the growing list of ISV's (Independent Software Vendors) that are leveraging the persistent, "always on, always connected" nature of the devices to provide Internet access, instant messaging, and enterprise-based wireless data solutions. Currently, there are four Blackberry models available in the US -- the compact 850/950, and the larger 857/957 -- all with integrated keyboards, 32-bit processors, embedded RIM wireless modem, and thumb operated trackwheels (the 850 and 857 run off of the 800 MHz DataTAC while the 950 and 957 use the 900 MHz Mobitex networks).

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Best Telephony Application: Avaya ECLIPS
Avaya demonstrated their "Enterprise Class IP Solutions (ECLIPS) Voice Communication Feature for PDAs" that works by making an IP connection from a PDA to an enterprise DEFINITY PBX office extension. The user interface on the PDA looks like your typical "soft phone" and enables a user to have full control of their office phone and have at their disposal all the features they are accustomed to in the office, including multiple call appearances, bridging, call center features, transfer, conference, as well as all their programmable feature keys for quick access to voice mail, redial, etc. By utilizing VoIP technology (uses H.323), a remote employee can still receive and make calls through their corporate PBX simply by using the microphone and speakers on their PDA (along with an IP connection). We saw a demonstration of Avaya's software running on an iPAQ since it supports full multimedia and VoIP capabilities. For PDAs that don't support multimedia (speakers/microphone), such as some Palms, the call can also be forwarded via the soft phone interface to a cell phone, pay phone, etc. Although not officially released, it is undergoing trials with Avaya's customers. Nevertheless, by utilizing the capabilities of a wireless-enabled PDA, this product will certainly promote the concept of "one number" service.

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Best Pocket PC: Compaq IPAQ 3850 And NEC Mobile Pro P300
The Compaq iPAQ 3800 series improves upon Compaq's award-winning iPAQ series. The 3800 series comes in two models - the 3850 (no integrated Bluetooth) and the 3870 which has integrated Bluetooth support. Both models have the 206 MHz Intel StrongARM 32-bit RISC processor and they now feature an ultra thin and stylish profile while retaining the Compaq Expansion Pack System. Similar to past models it supports a 64,000 Color Reflective TFT display with 240x320 resolution. New to the 3850 is a larger ROM firmware (32MB versus 16MB ROM) and more RAM (64MB versus 32MB). Also new to the 3800 series is an integrated SD (Secure Digital) slot and Microsoft's new Pocket PC 2002 operating system. It also comes with an excellent software bundle that includes IBM Via Voice Voice Command and Control of PIM applications (Calendar, Contacts, Inbox), iPresenter PowerPoint convertor for Pocket PC, Jeode Java Virtual Machine, and more. The 3800 series also features full-speed, worldwide wireless data and voice capability with Wireless Pack for GSM/GPRS Network.

Tied for "Best Pocket PC" is the NEC MobilePro P300 Pocket PC, which was designed from the ground up and targeted at the corporate enterprise or corporate user. For instance, the MobilePro P300 ships with NEC's MobilePro Synchronization System for data management and recovery. Anytime a user synchronizes with the "home base" server, any software apps the user installed, files modified/changed/added, memory usage, and even the remaining battery time is transmitted to the home base server. Consequently, an IT manager can now manage all the corporate MobilePro Pocket PCs from a centralized location. The P300 is fairly unique in that it has a built-in CompactFlash and Secure Digital Card slots without the need for any expansion sleds. It features the popular StrongArm 206Mhz processor, a reflective color 3.8" QVGA TFT display with 65,536 colors and 240x320 resolution. It even features a Host USB interface and weighs just 6.7 ounces. An optional PC Card Expansion Jacket for use with PCMCIA cards is available and includes an embedded rechargeable battery so you don't drain the main battery. Finally, several third party applications are included on the 32MB SD card, that include Westtek's ClearVue viewers for presenting Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel applications, Arcsoft's PhotoBase for display and management of digital photos, and Voice Messenger Force by Ruksun for VoIP-enhanced instant messaging.

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Best Power Product: Instant Power Chargers For PDAs
Electric Fuel develops, manufactures, and markets high-capacity, high power zinc air chargers for portable consumer electronic devices, including PDAs, cellular phones, video cameras, and digital cameras. Models include PDA chargers for Palm, Sony, Novatel, HP, Handspring, Compaq, and Casio. Each charger plugs directly into the PDA, weighs less than three ounces and delivers power using Electric Fuel's patented zinc-air fuel cell technology. Each package includes a 2" x 2.7"x 0.5" zinc-air PowerCartridge that is activated when exposed to air, a special SmartCord adapter that connects the universal cartridge to the specific PDA model, and an airtight pouch designed to store the cartridge between uses in order to preserve power for the next use. Resealed, the PowerCartridge will last for up to three months. According to Electric Fuel, the disposable PowerCartridge provides up to three charges and supports hours of use.

Best Add-on Keyboard: Man & Machine FX100 Compact Keyboard
True power PDA users don't go anywhere without their trusty add-on keyboard for their PDA. Several companies now manufacturer keyboard add-ons for PDAs that come in various shapes and sizes and some even fold up. Man & Machine's FX100 is a very interesting, "miniature" full-sized keyboard made out of silicon that is sealed for dust-free, contaminant-free and even water-resistant use. The keyboard is soft and pliable that can be bent or rolled up and stuffed in your pocket. It's lightweight (2.4 oz), measures 4mm X 85mm X 250mm or 5/32"X3 5/16"X 9 13/16". Unlike some keyboards for PDAs, it doesn't require batteries and only draws 1mA of power maximum. It currently supports the Compaq iPAQ, Palm, and Handspring Visors and comes with its own carrying case.

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Best Palm OS-Based PDA: Palm m505 And Handera 330
Palm's m505 is virtually identical to its sibling, the m500, except that it's color and a bit thicker (1mm), and weighs 4.8 ounces or 1.1 ounces more than the m500. The m505 measure 4.48" x 3.03" x 0.50" (11.38cm x 7.70cm x 1.27cm) and comes with 8MB of RAM and utilizes the 33MHz Dragonball VZ processor as well as the new Palm 4 OS, which supports USB connectivity (a USB docking cradle is included). The m505 has 4MB of flash ROM (for upgrading the OS) and also has support for MultiMediaCards (MMC) and Secure Digital (SD) cards. In addition, there's a new Universal Connector on the bottom of the unit, which Palm says will allow you to connect such add-on accessories as modems, MP3 players, cameras, and GPS receivers. A vibrate feature is also included on the m505.

The biggest improvement is that unlike its predecessors, the m505 supports color via a 160-by-160-pixel, 65,000 color, high-contrast reflective LCD. Unlike most color PDAs which typically have just hours of usage for a single charge, Palm says you can get about three to four weeks of battery life with normal use.

Our other winner in this category is the Handera 330 which features a 33MHz Motorola DragonBall-VZ processor, 8MB RAM, 2MB FLASH memory, the largest screen resolution of any monochrome Palm-based PDA (240 x 320 QVGA high resolution screen), 16 Gray scale, and a nifty 360° rotation of screen image with special applications.

The Handera 330 is one of the most expandable Palm-based devices around with its support for CompactFlash (CF), SD, and MMC cards. It also features a microphone for voice recording and a built-in speaker for audio playback. One of the most popular features is the collapsible silkscreen area, which allows you to "minimize" the traditional Graffiti area to maximize the amount of desktop screen real estate for displaying your application. With its CF support, adding 802.11b wireless connectivity is a snap - granting the Handera 330 high-speed LAN and Internet access.

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Best Mobile CRM Solution: Siemens HiPath ProCenter mCRM
Siemens' HiPath ProCenter Suites and Mobile CRM (mCRM) solutions () have wireless functionality, delivering information, and capabilities to contact center supervisors, managers or CRM Executives via PDA's, Pocket PCs, Mobile Phones, and general SMS/WAP devices. HiPath ProCenter mCRM applications like HiPath ProCenter MessageStream deliver real-time data and event driven alerts on contact center performance statistics to devices such as pagers and wireless Web-enabled telephones. With MessageStream, the contact center is no longer restricted to information provided to wallboards or their desktop. Mobile devices including cellular phones, PDAs, and pagers can receive the same vital data, allowing executives, managers, supervisors, and agents to stay informed wherever they are. Receive alerts for oldest calls in queue, number of calls in queue, or even the status of a specific customer waiting in queue. One of the most powerful features is the ability for CRM executives to wirelessly manage the HiPath ProCenter Suite anytime and anyplace from a wireless-enabled device.

For contact center executives and managers, Siemens solutions also provide HiPath ProCenter mCRM reports. There are WAP and XML/XSL reports specifically pre-built to send real-time and historical information to mobile contact center executives, managers and supervisors. The 20+ pre-built reports are reduced versions of complete reports that contact center managers use today with HiPath ProCenter solutions in the contact center that have been specifically designed for delivery to mobile devices such as Palm units or Pocket PCs. These reports can be live, on demand, or scheduled for delivery to wireless devices. Examples of reports are agent states, state of calls in queue by business type, Web and e-mail performance statistics and other contact center productivity reports. By enabling PDAs and WAP-enabled devices to communicate, control, and report on resources within the contact center, Siemens has a product that merits a closer look.

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Best Synchronization Software: Starfish
Starfish Software is a supplier of end-to-end synchronization software and high-speed connectivity solutions for wireless carriers, Internet portals, and PDAs. Starfish's solutions include TrueSync Synchronization Server, TrueSync Plus desktop synchronization software, and TrueSync for Devices. Starfish's TrueSync solutions are integrated with enterprise applications to provide anywhere, anytime access to any type of corporate data.

Starfish's TrueSync solutions provide mobile enterprise users with a seamless data synchronization experience between a host of supported wireless and wireline devices, including Palm OS devices, Pocket PCs, smart pagers, and mobile phones, Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, corporate applications, and desktop Personal Information Managers (PIMs). One of TrueSync's unique features is that it lets you synchronize multiple applications and devices simultaneously. For example, we can set up TrueSync to synchronize all of the data in our Palm device and our Outlook calendar with Yahoo! Calendar and Yahoo! Address Book at the same time.

Data synchronization with Pocket PC 2002 devices is available in a variety of methods, including local networking connectivity (cabled, 802.11b/Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) and remote networking via over the air (OTA) connectivity using carrier networks, including General Packet Radio Service networks (GPRS).

TrueSync Server accesses standard corporate databases including Oracle and DB2 via JDBC and supports popular transport interfaces including TCP/IP, HTTP, SyncML, and XML. The TrueSync Server architecture enables customization via a suite of method callbacks. Other standards supported include LDAP, Active Directory, and SOAP.

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Best Ruggedized PDAs For Industrial Applications: Symbol PPT 2800/ SPT 1700 Series
offers a variety of products, including WiFi cards, bar code scanners, and various ruggedized handhelds. We were intrigued with Symbol's PPT 2800 series, (Pocket PC-based PDAs) and the SPT 1700 Series (Palm-based PDAs). Both series include bar code scanning and real-time wireless communication options. Both products feature a rugged construction-sealed to IP54 standards with 4 ft. drop to concrete. In addition, both models can help increase productivity and efficiency in a host of industries, such as inventory tracking, patient care, field service, and sales force automation.

The PPT 2800 features conveniently placed scan triggers and a high-resolution 1/4 VGA touch screen display. The PPT 2800 Series utilizes the Intel StrongARM SA 1110 processor, running at 206 MHz and comes with 32 MB RAM (optional 64MB RAM) and 32 MB ROM. An Application Programming Interface (API) from Symbol makes it simple to integrate bar code data capture and wireless communication into new or existing applications.

The Palm-based SPT 1700 series offers secure, two-way wide area wireless access to allow access to the Internet and corporate LANs, send and receive e-mail, and communicate with remote host systems through wireless WAN access. The SPT 1733 model houses Novatel's CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data) modem which uses Wireless IP Technology -- a secure, open standard network which offers reliable, real-time data transmission at speeds up to 19.2 Kbps.

The Palm-based SPT 1734 model is based on GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), and features 900/1800 MHz dual band capabilities. This offers both SMS (Short Message Service) and real-time secure, circuit-switched data transmission at speeds up to 14.4 Kbps. Both the SPT 1733 and the SPT 1734 leverage the plethora of existing Palm-based applications for applying mobile solutions.

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Best Security Solution: Trust Digital PDA Secure
PDA security isn't an option -- it's a necessity. Trust Digital's PDA Secure is an excellent product that will lock down your data on both Palm-based and Windows CE-based PDAs. Using PDA Secure you can select applications to secure, set up passwords, access parameters, select type of encryption (algorithm) to use, and types of files to secure. The software also prevents anyone from accessing the device without entering a password. You can also select specific applications to protect. In addition it supports single-key encryption which scrambles a data file so the data can only be unscrambled and read on the device that originally encrypted it. Numerous encryption algorithms are provided and selectable, including the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) based on the "Rijndael" algorithm is included.

To help deploy, manage, and secure a large network of PDAs, Trust Digital offers PDASecure-Policy Editor. It works with each device's PDASecure-Enterprise software to allow a centralized management solution and a complete record of all the security-related activity on the devices. One nice feature is that it allows automatic encryption of all selected information stored in the device after power-off or user definable time frame. Thus, if the device is lost, the data will automatically be encrypted after a certain period of time. Finally, another nice security feature is "HotSync protection" which will prevent a user from beaming confidential data to another device.

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