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Finding gadgets and toys for kids is no easy task. Especially if you want the gadgets to be fun, inspirational and provide a learning experience as well. The toy market these days is filled with junk that may look good at a glance but when you actually dive into the details, they're just not good enough. IT gadgets are no different.
8/7/2019 9:46:29 AM
While the customer experience has been on most company's radar for years, if not decades, most companies have had imperfect success when it comes to paying the concept more than lip service. The most successful companies do more than tout customer experience. They meet and even exceed the increasingly high expectations customers have today. So what is it that the customer experience (CX) winners to that other companies are not?
8/6/2019 4:42:22 PM
Skyswitch has announced Vectors 2019, its annual UCaaS user group conference, will take place at the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort in Orlando, Florida, October 27-30.
8/6/2019 4:33:34 PM
Verizon has been chosen to update Washington State's Peninsula Light Company power distribution system with its Grid Wide Utility Services Intelligent Energy platform.
8/6/2019 4:33:22 PM
As cities are rapidly urbanized, current infrastructure is being strained and is no longer able to sufficiently serve its purpose.
8/6/2019 3:37:10 PM
Vulnerabilities found in the most widely used Real-Time Operating System could allow attackers to bypass traditional security and remotely take over critical industrial, medical, and enterprise devices
8/6/2019 3:00:44 PM
VirtualPBX announced enhancements to the Dash Business Phone System with the release of its Web Phone, Version 2.0. All Dash users can now access the WebRTC-based solution via mobile and desktop browsers.
8/6/2019 2:55:37 PM
The Department of Information Technology of Moscow (DIT) has been developing throughout the past 5 years.
8/6/2019 2:34:53 PM
Although smartphones consume a lot of our free time, most of the work is still done on the computer, and a lot of valuable data is still stored on the computer. A version of computer space, accidental deletion, computer viruses, etc., these can cause computer data loss.
8/6/2019 2:24:59 PM
Over the last decade, the collection and use of data by companies, governments, and other entities to inform every critical decision they make has grown by leaps and bounds. Along the way, new technologies and techniques have coalesced into the field we now refer to as big data, creating whole new ways for all that data to be put to use. That has helped fuel a wave of investment by big businesses into big data technologies - mostly due to fear that failing to do so will leave them at a disadvantage compared to their rivals.
8/6/2019 2:19:33 PM
With a two decade long law-enforcement career that has ranged from patrolling the streets to serving as the chief of the West Buechel Police Department, Todd Walls knows that law enforcement technology has to keep up with the times to stay ahead of crime.
8/6/2019 2:14:27 PM
Whitepaper provides practical guidance for trustworthiness including definitions, examples and best practices
8/6/2019 2:11:48 PM
Kentik took the wrapping off a new product offering that evolved its analytics roots and providing network visibility to providing proactive insight, recommend reconciliation and deliver automated results. Innovation is opening the door for service providers to more easily manage networks.
8/6/2019 1:55:05 PM
Global Cybersecurity Alliance membership extends work with ISA to help keep critical infrastructure and building systems secure and protected
8/6/2019 1:46:32 PM
TMC announced today the recipients of the 2019 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.
8/6/2019 12:07:14 PM
TMC announced the recipients of the 2019 INTERNET TELEPHONY SD-WAN Product of the Year Awards.
8/6/2019 11:43:44 AM
The world we live in today is dominated by technology, and thanks to it, communication has become easier, convenient, and more efficient than ever before. Our homes, offices, and even pockets are full of sources of entertainment, knowledge, and inspiration. Keeping tabs with our loved ones, colleagues, and even business associates from halfway across the world are always a breeze, and all it takes for you to get updates on the news in politics, business, fashion, and you name it, is only a matter of seconds.
8/6/2019 11:37:36 AM
For anyone who has ever tried to shed a few pounds in their adult life, they know the journey can be a long one. There are so many factors that contribute to a person's ability to lose weight and keep it off. Not to mention, trying to remember all the tips and tricks while developing better lifestyle habits isn't easy either. Fortunately, modern technology has a solution.
8/6/2019 11:01:13 AM
Link building is no longer the same as it was in the early years of search engine optimization. Gone are the days of bulk link harvesting and the link-for-pay schemes that dominated SEO strategies in the past. With the changes implemented by online search leader Google, everyone is compelled to obtain links naturally or organically. The quality of links is given more priority over the quantity.
8/6/2019 10:55:05 AM
When it comes to talking about digital transformation or the adoption of technology in business, the focus is most frequently on the challenges that large companies face to adapt, or the opportunities for small businesses to rapidly scale their operations. However, often forgotten are medium-sized companies, despite the fact that they contribute over a trillion Euros to the economy across Europe Middle East & Africa (EMEA).
8/6/2019 9:45:05 AM
High quality untethered business communications is available with Grandstream's recently released DECT SIP phones, which are now interoperable with Cisco's BroadWorks platform.
8/5/2019 3:49:52 PM
Exigo Technology Services unveiled UCilio today. The hosted communications platform includes hosted PBX, hosted fax, SIP Trunks, SD-WAN, call center services, UC & more, more than capable of supporting the communication demands of small and medium sized businesses.
8/5/2019 3:46:18 PM
Tech startups are all the rage currently. And, they have all the justifications to do so as the world prepares for another wave of disruption. Across the Asia-Pacific, startups have engulfed Fin-tech, healthcare, rapid design & manufacturing, transportation, food and consumables, communication, Business Intelligence, analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.
8/5/2019 2:57:53 PM
TMC in conjunction with its partner Crossfire Media, today announced the winners of the 2098 IoT Product of the Year Award, presented by IoT Evolution World.
8/5/2019 2:24:38 PM
Cloud-based network automation and service orchestration firm SES announced its intention to develop an open, standards-based network automation and service orchestration platform powered Amdocs NFV tech and built on Open Network Automation Partner (ONAP).
8/5/2019 2:07:06 PM
Traditional dental problems, such as gum disease, dental caries, and missing or cracked teeth, can now be resolved with modern solutions and dental technological advancements. By providing cutting-edge dental treatment, dentists can perform effectively and efficiently for the peace of mind and comfort of their patients.
8/5/2019 9:48:00 AM
With the widespread introduction of live casino games, the online casino industry has been able to provide a gaming experience more immersive than previously possible. Tech developments have also allowed the production of slots that have escapist qualities akin to a movie, with elaborate video introductions and narratives taking place in fully realized worlds. However, it is difficult to imagine how online casinos can take this immersion to the next level without exploring the potential for virtual reality gaming.
8/5/2019 9:36:24 AM
InfiSense Expands its IoT Platform Stack and Prepares for Rapid Expansion by Integrating Senet's Network-as-a-Service Capabilities
8/3/2019 10:33:00 AM
Communications is a vital component to businesses of all shapes and sizes. So, while your company chooses to deploy a future-forward, feature-rich unified communications solution or working with a number of vendors for collaboration needs it is vital to protect this investment with UC network management. And, with the weekend upon us there's no better time than the present to take a look back at the week that was in UC network management: It's time for the Week in Review!
8/3/2019 7:00:00 AM
Internet users and movie lovers have heard of internet piracy and copyright infringement… if you're not too familiar with it, you've at least seen the FBI Anti-Piracy Warning Seal that's displayed before a movie comes on. Piracy and copyright infringement is due to torrenting. This is probably making you wonder if torrenting was the cause behind piracy and copyright infringement, is it illegal? The answer to that question would be: not necessarily.
8/2/2019 3:44:55 PM
Some TECO Energy customers in the Tampa, Florida have had enough of the recurring power outages they have been experiencing for the past several months.
8/2/2019 3:06:40 PM
Automated and AI-based coaching technologies are being integrated into workforce management and contact center solutions to help agents improve their performance and provide higher quality customer interactions.
8/2/2019 1:50:32 PM
In the brief span I've been on this earth, one of the certainties I've learned is you can never make everyone happy. In the contact center, one can personify this with the challenges presented by scheduling. It's impossible to give every agent their perfect schedule but, by implementing some of the following tips operations and agents can both win.
8/2/2019 1:48:09 PM
Blockchain is rapidly becoming a viable alternative to the traditional database schematic, baking security and redundancy directly into its architecture. One of its key benefits is decentralized control, removing the possibility of corruption and human error.
8/2/2019 1:17:10 PM
If Duke Energy has its way, its utility customers in Florida won't have to worry about power outages soon.
8/2/2019 1:16:35 PM
For years, businesses have been discovering that high costs of a premise-based private branch exchange (PBX) eat up unexpected amounts of technology budgets. For this reason, many companies have been turning to VoIP network-based IP-PBXs to do away with the need for extra hardware since a broadband Internet connection powers the service.
8/2/2019 12:42:03 PM
Pensare Acquisition Corp., an acquisitions company that is focused on bridging the gap between investors and private companies, has announced its plans to purchase Stratos Management Systems, Inc. and its operating companies (Computex Technology Solutions).
8/2/2019 12:39:24 PM
Healthcare organizations must maintain HIPAA compliance to ensure the safety and security of their patients' sensitive information. Business VoIP communication offerings provide a host of benefits for providers, and solutions like Nextiva's also offer HIPAA compliance.
8/2/2019 12:35:15 PM
Melbourne-based Multimedia Technology (MMT) announced that it is now Htek's master distributor in Australia. The white label additions offer MMT a robust addition to its comprehensive portfolio.
8/2/2019 12:05:17 PM
AI offers a slew of benefits in the workplace, from increased productivity to improved efficiencies and cost savings. Employers face a challenge when it comes to keeping their human workers happy and content while also integrating AI, but it can be accomplished successfully with thoughtfulness and planning.
8/2/2019 10:45:20 AM
Present-day car safety technology is right about warning drivers before they hit other cars. The startup has added new tech that warns drivers before they hit people. This tech is as valuable as having a bonus for online casinos in NJ, though in a different way. It promotes third party safety in a very convenient way and also saves the driver a lot of stress.
8/2/2019 10:20:32 AM
According to Nasa's scientists in Pasadena, Mars is the next best planet for human life besides earth. However, high ultraviolet radiation and low temperatures on the planet's surface currently impede life's survival anywhere except in controlled subsurface niches. Many scientists have suggested several ideas to make the Martian surface habitable, but they all involve huge environmental modifications. These suggestions are as interesting as most casino bonuses, but they are well beyond the human capability in the foreseeable future.
8/2/2019 10:17:55 AM
In a move to continue investing in the future of remote teams, ESW Capital has announced it acquired virtual office platform provider Sococo.
8/2/2019 10:17:52 AM
What's the most critical process in your contact center? Of course, your ultimate goal is to provide customer service excellence, but how do you achieve that? Monitoring and incentivizing your agents are both critical, but without thorough and ongoing training, they won't be able to provide excellence to begin with.
8/2/2019 10:12:48 AM
The Internet has changed the world, including the way people communicate with one another. Email may be free, but it's not a true replacement for a phone call. For any business to function normally they need to have a phone system installed, in the past this would mean an expensive PBX system. Now, though, things have changed. You've probably heard a lot about VoIP (Voice over IP) before, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about it.
8/2/2019 10:02:58 AM
The 'digital to analogue' shift is nowadays fully discernible - and in every conceptual sense - all across the globe. There is, of course, nothing new about this progression: the individual domains of business, economy and technology have always influenced and changed each other (in a seeming, tripartite, dialectic).
8/2/2019 9:58:11 AM
If you are looking to get into the CBD industry, you may want to sell oils online. Check out these tips for selling CBD oil online. With the popularity of CBD products on the rise, the opportunities to capitalize on the CBD market are huge. If you're looking to break into the CBD market, the easiest way to do so is to start selling online.
8/2/2019 9:54:25 AM
Enterprises and cloud computing are becoming increasingly inseparable. Cloud now plays what is probably the single most important role in running enterprises; heightening the efficiency of operations. And, this applies to both established SMEs and start-ups. Amidst all this transformation and realignment, two pertinent questions are emerging; how much cloud is appropriate for a business?
8/2/2019 9:42:49 AM
Life is becoming more digital, that's true. But nowhere is the digital becoming more pervasive than with the use of robots in the home. Are robots really going to be roaming the streets? Will they be another form of life that we have created? Well, there's no solid answer for that question - yet.
8/2/2019 9:37:30 AM
The optical drive is nearly dead - they are no longer found in laptops and rarely found in tower PCs. With that said, the trend for giving out data is shifting to USB flash, not CD or DVD media. Because of this shift, many companies are taking a closer look at buying a USB duplicator.
8/2/2019 9:28:14 AM
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