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10 Major Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021

12/3/2020 9:36:51 PM

10 Major Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021

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netsapiens Awarded 2020 TMCnet Video Conferencing Excellence Award

12/3/2020 5:07:13 PM

netsapiens announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named SNAP.HD as a 2020 TMCnet Video Conferencing Excellence Award winner pres…

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TeleDynamics, Adaptiv Networks Announce Distribution Deal

12/3/2020 4:42:14 PM

Adaptiv Networks announced a partnership with TeleDynamics, where the wholesale supplier will promote Adaptiv Networks' SD-WAN to resellers and TeleDynamic…

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Why a Stronger User Experience Benefits Businesses

12/3/2020 4:36:56 PM

To accomplish the tasks that users require in their day to day lives, they rely on services and products that need to be up to the challenge of providing a…

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Most Germans Ready to Embrace Responsible Use of Industrial AI

12/3/2020 4:34:07 PM

A new Bosch AI Future Compass survey shows most Germans would like to see AI used for industrial applications, as long as it is done responsibly and transp…

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How are cloud-based GPUs removing the barrier of entry for complex use cases around AI, ML and scientific computing?

12/3/2020 4:31:55 PM

The use of cloud-based GPUs is growing exponentially in a variety of fields of research and commercial 'big data' applications, including Business Analytic…

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The Benefits of 3D printers for Startups and New Businesses

12/3/2020 4:25:13 PM

As technology gets progressively faster and more efficient, so do our expectations. As a client, you expect everything to meet its deadline and as fast as …

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7 Apps for a Safer Browsing Experience on Android

12/3/2020 4:19:21 PM

There are plenty of apps to download and install on Android to enhance the safety of your browsing experience. MyWOT is one of the best apps - let's check …

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DivinAir Mask Fan Review: Keeping Yourself Cool & Protected

12/3/2020 4:03:42 PM

Our world has changed in so many ways since the beginning of the global pandemic. People are a lot more careful when out in public, wearing masks to pro…

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TeleDynamics, Adaptiv Network Announce Distribution Deal

12/3/2020 3:10:45 PM

Adaptiv Networks announced a partnership with TeleDynamics, where the wholesale supplier will promote Adaptiv Networks' SD-WAN to resellers and TeleDynamic…

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VergX Answers WFH Demand with SASE and Secure SD-WAN

12/3/2020 2:40:30 PM

VergX announced deeper ties with Versa Networks. In order to meet mounting demand for WFH solutions, VergX will now offer SASE and Secure SD-WAN bundles ba…

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4 Steps to Take to Grow Your Business in 2021

12/3/2020 1:39:19 PM

With all the financial burdens (and wild curveballs) that 2020 brought-it's no surprise that people are looking to 2021 with greater motivation.

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Your Best Fantasy Sports League Season Starts With Video Conferencing

12/3/2020 1:32:31 PM

Football, soccer, baseball, basketball - create a fantasy sports team that lights you up with free video conferencing. And now with technology that's readi…

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How to Give a Great Podcast Interview

12/3/2020 1:28:04 PM

Podcasts are one of the most popular mediums of communication nowadays, with big players like Joe Rogan and Marc Maron attracting millions in daily audienc…

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AVCT Ties Up Kandy Acquisition

12/3/2020 1:21:31 PM

American Virtual Cloud Technologies (Nasdaq: AVCT) today announced, along with Ribbon Communications (Nasdaq: RBBN), the close of the previously announced …

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The High-Level Distinction Between Database and Data Warehouse

12/3/2020 1:21:18 PM

Today databases and data warehouses are not only systems for reliable storage and processing of service information. One of the most attractive features of…

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How to get real Twitch followers and viewers

12/3/2020 1:15:41 PM

Gaining a following on any platform can be tough at first and Twitch is no exception. When creating an online persona on any platform, the most important r…

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Tony Hsieh Prioritized Customer Service and Worker Happiness

12/3/2020 1:09:14 PM

Former Zappos co-founder and CEO Tony Hsieh was tragically killed last week after succumbing to injuries from a house fire. He leaves behind an unusual leg…

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DoD Selects Semtech, Ripl for 3D Asset Tracking

12/3/2020 12:44:34 PM

Semtech Corporation announced the U.S. DoD selected Ripl Networks to deploy an IP mesh, 3D tracking solution for foreign guest and fleet assets at naval po…

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Nextiva Outperforms Already Robust UC&C Growth Averages

12/3/2020 10:16:40 AM

While the global economy has taken a series of hits from the COVID-19 pandemic, one sector of the economy has done enormously well, perhaps in part because…

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WidePoint to Provide Wireless Managed Services for US Department of Homeland Security

12/3/2020 7:15:00 AM

WidePoint Corporation, a provider of trusted mobility management (TM2) solutions, has announced it was awarded the Cellular Wireless Managed Services (CWMS…

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Airbnb Hints at Embrace of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in IPO Filing

12/2/2020 3:55:42 PM

Following several years of anticipation and speculation, vacation home-sharing company Airbnb recently submitted its documentation for its initial public o…

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Twilio Helps BGL Group Deliver Better Customer Care

12/2/2020 3:47:05 PM

Maintaining the proper balance between self-service and live agent support is essential today. For BGL Group, an insurance provider and household financial…

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ServiceNow Buys Element AI

12/2/2020 3:23:59 PM

In a move focused on bringing more productivity and efficiency to workplaces, ServiceNow has announced it will acquire Element AI. The artificial intellige…

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Deloitte Hong Kong Partners with Qualys for Cyber Services

12/2/2020 2:55:15 PM

As hackers continue to infiltrate more devices and attack vulnerable networks, it's crucial to button up security practices and use a managed approach for …

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Big Data Analytics - What Contact Centers Can Learn from the Tampa Bay Rays

12/2/2020 1:34:36 PM

Big Data has been with us for years, and across its many forms, is used more widely than most of us realize. As the analytics derived from Big Data play a …

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5 Data Trends to Watch 2021

12/2/2020 1:16:19 PM

As enterprises continue to collect more and more data, they are looking for better ways to manage and orchestrate this data. Here are five data trends that…

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How an Email Virtual Assistant Can Help Handle the Holiday Rush

12/2/2020 1:04:03 PM

During the peak holiday shopping season, the backlog of unanswered customer emails can swell quickly. Although most businesses hire a flurry of seasonal em…

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Government Contact Centers and COVID-19: Security Challenges During the Pandemic

12/2/2020 7:00:00 AM

When the COVID-19 pandemic originally began, industries all around the globe were affected, as they had to swiftly and efficiently shift their operations t…

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Salesforce to Acquire Slack in Biggest Benioff Acquisition to Date

12/1/2020 6:17:14 PM

Salesforce to buy collaboration firm Slack to create integrated CRM-communications platform.

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Waylay Pushes Industry 4.0 Forward

12/1/2020 4:58:09 PM

IoT automation and analytics software company Waylay announced the arrival of the industry's first zero-code provisioning portal creating digital twins of …

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How To Leverage The Power Of Social Media

12/1/2020 4:54:18 PM

Social media has grown to be one of the most powerful tools of the modern world. Today, individuals can get connected with their friends and brands and rea…

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Smaller is Better in the Contact Center BPO World, Some Experts Say

12/1/2020 3:31:33 PM

For a company new to the contact center outsourcing scene, finding the right BPO partner is easier said than done. When looking for an outsourcing partner,…

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5 Best Financial Apps You Need In 2020

12/1/2020 3:22:19 PM

A recent study found that 45 percent of all Americans reported that their savings wouldn't cover three months of living expenses. It also found that about …

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3 Best Ways Using Tech You Can Prepare For Disasters

12/1/2020 3:19:07 PM

This year, 2020, has brought more disasters than Americans have experienced in one year before. There are huge forest fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, danger…

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A Closer Look at How Technology has Changed the Gambling and Casino Industry

12/1/2020 3:14:19 PM

It is fair to say that technology has changed numerous sectors worldwide. The casino industry has not been left behind. With the introduction of high-speed…

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Kyle Krch Explains How Technology Has Impacted Business Consulting

12/1/2020 2:12:06 PM

Consulting is a much different field than it was just a few years ago. Technology, particularly in the realm of mobile technology and the cloud, is streaml…

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Piwaa - The New Messaging System for LinkedIn

12/1/2020 2:05:47 PM

LinkedIn is a preferred network in business circles. Communication on this channel is considered vital for brand visibility and reach. As a result, compani…

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8 Steps to Transforming Your House into a Smart Home

12/1/2020 2:02:26 PM

Imagine a home where you turn lights on and off without flipping a switch. Imagine a house where you receive weather updates without searching the internet…

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The Rise of Online Gaming: Tips to Stay Safe

12/1/2020 1:53:14 PM

Online gaming has become a massive industry with millions of players taking part each hour of the day. How do you keep safe while having fun online games?

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Gaming Hardware Worth Checking Out in 2020

12/1/2020 1:46:49 PM

With a global pandemic and lockdown meaning, we are spending more time at home than ever before 2020 certainly is the year for gaming. This has neatly coin…

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Accidentally deleted iPhone photos? Here's how to get them back and prevent future accidents

12/1/2020 1:38:27 PM

Phones have become extensions of ourselves. We use them to keep in touch with our loved ones, to look up information, and, of course, to cherish our best m…

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The step-by-step guide to using data for smarter business decisions

12/1/2020 1:33:33 PM

Data is one of the most valuable resources for businesses. The average modern household has 11 devices connected to the Internet (including kitchen applian…

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Here's why online consumer research is more important than ever and how to do it

12/1/2020 1:28:59 PM

Do you know what your customers want? If not, it's time to find out because they are the ones paying for your products or services. Keep reading below why …

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What Happened to Bitcoin as a Mainstream Usurper?

12/1/2020 12:57:24 PM

Ever since Bitcoin drove the cryptocurrency movement nearly a decade ago, the talk as been about blockchain usurping fiat currencies in day-to-day life. Th…

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Can Apple's M1 MacBook's Live Up to the Hype?

12/1/2020 12:53:24 PM

Apple is now officially in the ARM computing realm following the release of its next generation MacBook's and new M1 CPU. One of the most important chips i…

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12/1/2020 12:44:21 PM

Organizations prefer to choose the best cloud applications for their operational processes. For a good conduct of business the integration of all the vario…

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What is the main difference between CNC milling and CNC turning?

12/1/2020 12:40:31 PM

Did you know that sheet metal services consist of many different processes? For this manufacturing technique you might use a forming process, but a cutting…

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These are the three main types of sheet metal fabrication

12/1/2020 12:38:10 PM

You may already know that CNC machining is an umbrella term for a few different techniques. Want to use one of these processes? Go for a CNC quote! However…

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Some of the common sheet metal fabrication techniques

12/1/2020 12:35:11 PM

If you want to produce an item made of metal you might decide to use CNC prototyping. However, this manufacturing technique is not always the right option.…

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