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Unlock Digital Transformation Potential with SDTN Technology

6/1/2020 11:56:07 AM

In life there are very few things, if anything at all that are a "sure thing" - even that filly in the 3rd race. The coronavirus pandemic has certainly put…

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Michigan State University Hacked, Likely by the new Ransomware Affiliate program we Reported on

6/1/2020 9:32:05 AM

Michigan State University Hacked, Likely by the new Ransomware Affiliate program we Reported on

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5 Tips That Will Help You to Succeed in Cryptocurrency Trading

5/29/2020 4:28:41 PM

If you read this article, it will probably mean that you are interested in crypto trading or even did some steps to be successful. And I am glad if you …

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Why a VPN is more important than ever before

5/29/2020 4:24:47 PM

VPN is a fantastic tool to protect your privacy because, in this era of hacking and data leakage, it will be risky to go online without security as anyone …

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Allegheny County 911 Call Center Staff and Union At Odds with Management Over COVID Protections

5/29/2020 4:12:21 PM

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting this week that the union representing emergency dispatch call center personnel is formally accusing Allegheny Coun…

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IoT Time Podcast S.5 Ep.19 Great Lakes Water Authority

5/29/2020 3:55:07 PM

In this episode of IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Ali Abdallah, Engineer and Infrastructure Manager at the Great Lakes Water Authority, to t…

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Ensure Digital Transformation Success with SDTNs

5/29/2020 3:47:12 PM

COVID-19 is certainly accelerating digital transformation initiatives, forcing organizations to support WFH and all that entails. This mass cloud migration…

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The ever-growing casino industry: technologies and trends that are reshaping the market

5/29/2020 3:31:24 PM

The global gambling market, which covers casinos, sports betting, lotteries and other forms of gambling, is expected to reach $565.4 billion by 2022, growi…

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The Best IT Operations Analytics Use Cases To Implement Now

5/29/2020 3:23:10 PM

There are several IT operations analytics use cases that administrators can implement to boost efficiency. The top IT analytical use cases streamline netwo…

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Top 9 Inexpensive Ways to Burglar Proof your Home

5/29/2020 3:14:46 PM

Burglary is one of the oldest crimes in the world. So bad, it is still as prevalent today like it was in the earlier days. Theft is responsible for the los…

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How Technology Is Changing The Sports Industry

5/29/2020 3:08:25 PM

Technology is slowly but surely changing every single aspect of our lives. From the way we travel and the way we take care of our health, to how we are ent…

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How does translation help you sell your electronic equipment and win in local markets?

5/29/2020 2:59:02 PM

The world market for electrical, electronic equipment and components is highly competitive, and things are expected to get even tighter in the future. As m…

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IIoT Ready to Drive Sustainability in the Energy Industry

5/29/2020 2:53:26 PM

Sustainability is hard, no matter the industry. Sustainability in the energy industry? Until recently, those words didn't seem to go together. A comm…

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Sytel Launches Global Compliance Engine for Call Centers

5/29/2020 1:48:40 PM

In today's uncertain times, with a global pandemic, growing job losses, and business shutdowns, the number of contract changes and cancellations are on the…

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Optus Launches Webex Contact Center in Australia

5/29/2020 1:38:47 PM

Telecommunications company Optus, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singaporean company Singtel, has announced the launch of a new Webex Contact Center offering…

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Zadarma Project Answers the Call for VoIP Numbers in Ireland

5/29/2020 1:31:45 PM

The Zadarma Project is answering to an increase in VoIP usage in Ireland and has announced a new initiative that will bring free VoIP phone numbers to busi…

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Vonage Contact Center Lets Onecom Rapidly Adapt to COVID-19 Teleworking

5/28/2020 5:52:58 PM

Over the past 2-3 months, countless businesses have struggled to maintain operational continuity as they have been forced to rapidly move to teleworking st…

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Edgewise Acquisition Augments Zscaler Application-to-Application Security

5/28/2020 5:20:58 PM

Cloud security provider Zscaler announced the acquisition of Edgewise Networks. The Edgewise addition offers expertise in application-to-application commun…

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Money Heist In The Real World: The Risks Of Unlimited Printing

5/28/2020 4:35:55 PM

In the popular Netflix show "Money Heist", the titular character of the Profesor orchestrates an elaborate heist of the Spanish Royal Mint in which the rob…

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Aircall Series C Brings in $65M

5/28/2020 4:22:50 PM

Aircall SE, announced a new $65 Million round of funding. Led by DTCP, and including participation from NextWorld, Balderton Capital, Swisscom Ventures, eF…

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Carl's Jr Streamlines Process Management with a Flexible Unified Communications Solution

5/28/2020 4:07:46 PM

CKE was looking for a cost-effective way to replace end-of-life phones for Hardee's and Carl's Jr. while consolidating communications across its administra…

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How Will Technology Impact The Long Run of private Number Plates?

5/28/2020 3:54:13 PM

Technology is gently crawling into every kind of trades and niches. So, it's no surprise that it's moving from the board of our cars to the front and rear,…

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Study Shows Robots Tied to Income Inequality in Certain U.S. Regions

5/28/2020 3:45:47 PM

A new study has found that the introduction of robots in the U.S. workforce has increased income inequality in certain geographic areas. The study also fou…

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T-Systems Enters AWS MSP Partner Program

5/28/2020 3:14:52 PM

This week, T-Systems entered the AWS MSP Partner Program, signaling expertise and validation in delivering full lifecycle solutions to partners.

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Is It Possible to Save a Hopeless RAR Archive

5/28/2020 2:37:28 PM

Of course, there will not be any problems if you can download the archive again. Especially since issues with downloading and using download managers are j…

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Break into Freelance App Writing

5/28/2020 2:21:16 PM

Is it really possible to make a living as a freelance app writer? Sometimes it seems like all the good ideas have already been taken, so it's easy to get d…

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Use Smart Apps to Figure Your Finances

5/28/2020 2:16:42 PM

Wouldn't it be helpful to have a financial advisor on call? That way, whenever you were stumped for an answer to a money question, you'd be able to pick up…

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Mitel, Google Cloud Take Wholesale Enterprise Cloud Offering to Trio of Nations

5/28/2020 2:14:43 PM

Mitel announced its MiCloud Flex, is available on Google Cloud as a wholesale offering in France, U.K. and the Untied States. The move comes on the heels o…

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Cool, Weird Tech Apps You Might Already Have

5/28/2020 2:13:23 PM

If you own a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or computer of any kind, you might already have access to some of the strangest, oddly useful technology on the ma…

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Technological Advances in Higher Education

5/28/2020 2:08:32 PM

Technology has led to nothing short of a revolution in education, and this has gone far beyond the widespread availability of online classes or the ease of…

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How Technology Is Changing The Law

5/28/2020 2:01:03 PM

We all know how technology has changed the way we live and work over the last few decades. In this age of technology, industries, and professions that appa…

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How Technology Helps Prevent Drunk Driving

5/28/2020 1:58:10 PM

Drunk driving has always been a serious concern all over the world. In the United States alone, over ten thousand lives are lost each year because of drunk…

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Technology and the Future of Health and Wellness

5/28/2020 1:55:14 PM

With recent advances in digital healthcare technologies, the future of health and wellness is certainly shaping up nicely. Over the last few years, we have…

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Shawn Rana Explains Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Control Systems for Fertilizer Production Plants

5/28/2020 1:44:22 PM

From managing irrigation and water usage to predicting weather conditions and identifying crop issues, artificial intelligence (AI) has a growing role to p…

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Why We Should Be Excited for Apple Glasses and AR Headset

5/28/2020 1:41:21 PM

It's almost 20 years since Apple released the first-generation iPod, 12 since the iPhone and 10 since the iPad. As such, it's been a while since the compan…

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European Companies Team on Blockchain COVID-19 Health Passport

5/28/2020 1:35:01 PM

Three European companies have teamed up to develop a blockchain-based COVID-19 health passport. The offering helps governments monitor coronavirus immunity…

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How Businesses Are Surviving the Covid-19 Economic Hit

5/28/2020 1:31:14 PM

Almost all businesses around the world have been greatly affected by Covid-19 in the last few months. For some businesses, this came as a complete shock to…

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Latest Motorcycle Technology Trends 2020

5/28/2020 1:25:59 PM

With the exponential increase in traffic in urban cities as the years go by, driving a motorcycle seems to be a more attractive option than ever. It is mor…

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Cisco Warns Users of Major Vulnerability in Unified Contact Center Express Solution

5/28/2020 1:23:29 PM

For companies using Cisco's "call center in a box" solution, Unified Contact Center Express (Unified CCX), there is urgent news that could lead to major se…

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Lemonads is launching its novel Digital Marketing blog for an innovative boost to your specific Affiliate Marketing needs

5/28/2020 1:20:35 PM

Lemonads is proud to present its groundbreaking new Digital Marketing blog. Here you will find everything that you and your company need to launch a succes…

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COVID-19 Creating a Strong Argument for the Future of Telehealth

5/27/2020 5:15:04 PM

Telehealth has provided a much-needed boost to the U.S. healthcare system as deals with COVID-19. What does that mean for the future of healthcare?

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Fortinet Announces Four New Service Provider Partners

5/27/2020 3:53:38 PM

SD-WAN market leader Fortinet announced a number of new service providers have selected the Fortinet Secure SD-WAN solution as portfolio additions. 2020 co…

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4 reasons why you should get a beamer at home

5/27/2020 3:36:33 PM

Almost everyone works at home because of the coronavirus measures. For some people this is ideal, for others it's a bit more difficult. Not everyone has a …

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Communicate measures against coronavirus with printed matter

5/27/2020 3:32:44 PM

These are crazy times. The sun is shining outside and yet we are all inside more than ever. Working at home, learning at home, workout at home, communicati…

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NICE inContact, Zendesk Offer Remote Contact Center Bundle

5/27/2020 3:12:25 PM

NICE inContact announced a partnership with Zendesk provide businesses transitioning operations due to the coronavirus pandemic access to the NICE inContac…

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Stock Markets Are Finally Staging a Recovery

5/27/2020 3:08:36 PM

The Dow Jones Index was trading around the 24,500 + mark on Monday, May 18, 2020. The index rose sharply higher, up 3.7%, or 870 points on the day, marking…

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How is IoT solving Pain Points in Healthcare

5/27/2020 2:57:51 PM

In recent years, the use of technology in the healthcare field has skyrocketed. Technology makes healthcare more efficient and cost-effective, and it provi…

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How to protect your business from a cyber-attack

5/27/2020 2:52:57 PM

Most business owners, especially small-scale operators, think that they are beyond a cyber-attackers notice because they run small businesses. Well, in fac…

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Why Your Zoom Meetings are Wasting Your Team's Productivity

5/27/2020 2:36:18 PM

The once in a century pandemic sweeping the world has led to businesses enforcing remote work rules out of necessity. As a result, video-conferencing platf…

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Dr Oz Explains What the New Normal Will Look Like

5/27/2020 2:30:17 PM

"The New Normal" is a phrase we've been hearing a lot lately, but what does it mean? What will life look like as states lift stay-at-home orders and we beg…

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