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Publisher's Outlook
September 2003

Rich Tehrani

It's Show Time Again


As my travels take me from one town to the next, I�ve noticed more and more IP telephony equipment installed in offices around the country. And it�s not just telecom equipment providers. Ad agencies and companies that are not in the telecom space at all are discovering the benefits of IP telephony. It is really amazing to have watched the progression of this technology over the last decade or so. IP telephony was once a pipe dream and now IP PBXs are becoming a common fixture in offices around the world. We are even at the point where companies are mixing IP PBX vendors to achieve results not possible with either vendor alone.

Merrill Lynch recently swapped out some Cisco gear for equipment from Avaya. Published sources say that Merrill was very concerned about the proliferation of voice devices on their IP network. One attack on the IP network could conceivably take the voice and data network down together. Using Avaya, Merrill is able to use TDM as a backup in case the IP network becomes unstable.

Most IP PBX vendors have the ability to work with TDM phones and they use this advantage to distinguish themselves from Cisco. Now I am not aware of any such attacks that have brought down an organization�s phone system. Generally, you design your voice network to prioritize voice and thus make it impervious to attacks that flood the network with low priority traffic. It is conceivable (in theory) to design an attack that sends out high-priority packets and subsequently floods the network. Again, I am not aware of this happening, but it is possible. I have received a number of concerned e-mails from a slew of Fortune class companies who are concerned about attacks taking down the voice and data networks. Please visit http://forums.tmcnet.com and check out the VoIP room if you want to learn more or have comments to share.

Another great place to learn more about this technology and the various IP PBX options available to you is the IP PBX Shootout at Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO, which takes place on Wednesday, October 15 in Long Beach, California. Come watch the industry�s vendors battle it out to see who can provide you with the best solution to suit the needs of your organization. This event is among the best-attended events at Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO, and you don�t want to miss it.

While on the subject, I have something new to announce regarding the upcoming event in Long Beach: TMC University. The industry has lacked a third-party independent source for vendor certification in the IP PBX field for far too long. IP PBXs are a breed apart from PBXs, and just because you may be an expert in either voice or a data, it doesn�t automatically qualify you to install one of these hybrid devices. We have harnessed the editorial talent of this publication coupled with TMC Labs and leading industry vendors and educators to present you with the absolute best education you can receive on this topic anywhere. As the inaugural subject of TMC University, the IP PBX Certification program will make its debut at Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO this October. Attend this event, and you will learn about topics such as network traffic management, building fault-resilient systems, and deciphering the different vendor approaches. This certification should figure prominently on your r�sum� and will no doubt help you in furthering your career. Attendees who successfully complete the course requirements will receive a certificate of achievement and -- if they so choose -- will have their name proudly listed as a graduate on our Web site. So make sure you register to attend Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO and TMC University on Wednesday, Oct. 15th, 2003 to take advantage of this terrific opportunity. For more information please check out http://www.tmcnet.com/university.


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Marc Robins Begins New Venture

While I�m sad to report that Marc Robins, who served us so well in so many capacities for the past five years, has left TMC, I am also happy to report that it�s not the last we�ll see of him.

Both Marc and I have felt strongly that over the last couple years many companies were setting themselves up for failure, having gutted themselves of marketing professionals, whole marketing departments, and the capabilities required to develop and execute effective marketing and sales strategies. Indeed, many companies have thrown the baby out with the bathwater in their efforts to cut costs and trim expenses. And contrary to some �unpopular� opinion, marketing is more important now than ever before.

Well, Marc has put his career where his mouth is, and has launched a new management consulting and marketing services company. Robins Consulting Group seeks to help serve the needs of companies looking for a seasoned professional -- and a trusted industry source -- to goose their marketing and sales activities into high gear. Marc has been an invaluable member of the TMC team, and now he can be a member of yours!

In launching this practice, Marc is drawing on his more than 22+ years of consistent industry involvement, coverage, and analysis in the telecom, call center, IP telephony, and wireless and mobility markets; an extensive background in sales and marketing; deep exposure to the many vendors participating in these marketplaces; access to key movers and shakers; and his unique perspective on what works, and what doesn�t.

For a limited time, Robins Consulting Group is offering a free 30-minute diagnosis of your company�s marketing and sales condition. For more information about the array of services being offered, and to schedule your diagnosis, contact Marc at marcrobins@optonline.net or by phone at 718-548-7245. We hope you join us in wishing Marc much success in his new venture.

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