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Industry News
March 2001


25 Percent Of Internet Users Will Regularly Make Phone Calls From Their PCs
Ovum, the independent analyst and consulting company, predicts that by January 2006, 166 million Internet users worldwide will be regular users of PC-to-phone IP telephony. This study represents almost 25 percent of Internet users, growing from only 5 percent today. Free PC-to-phone calling eliminates geographic boundaries, and is now available to around 30 countries worldwide, and at very low prices to many more. www.ovum.com

Natural MicroSystems Introduces PowerAccess
The PowerAccess architecture is capable of supporting over 10,000 ports in a single CompactPCI chassis, which reduces the cost to produce broadband access switches and access gateways to an unprecedented $30 per port cost. Three NMS platforms will take advantage of PowerAccess: The PA HYPER-T3 DS-3/STS-1 broadband access adapter, the PA-16 T-1/E-1 broadband access adapter, and the new PA200 voice over broadband ATM platform. www.nmss.com

RT-104 xDSL/Cable Modem Router From PUREDATA
The RT-104 is a full featured IP sharing and basic firewall router that supports all the required features to serve as a company�s primary Internet access device, including NATS, DNS, DHCP services, and static IP filtering. Additional features, such as an integrated four port 10/100 base-TX Switch Ethernet, and an auto-sensing switch providing full duplex connectivity and LAN connection speeds up to 200 Mbps, make this an excellent choice for your broadband access needs. www.puredata.com

ITXC Taps Key Component Of ADC�s Singularit.e Product Suite
ADC announced that ITXC Corporation has deployed ADC�s Singl.eView billing platform, enabling it to bill carriers for calls between phones all over the world. Singl.eView allows ITXC to quickly enter new markets and offer new products that enable integrated communications providers to deliver local and international voice on the Internet services to their business customers. www.adc.com / www.itxc.com

Amanda Launches Smart Indavo
Amanda Smart Indavo offers reliable, high-quality voice communication at an affordable price. All calls cost 3.9 cents per-minute and equipment costs are less than half of standard phone systems. Among the cost-cutting features are a no-charge telephone switch and a built-in voice mail system, all on a dedicated VoIP telephony network over the Internet, with a single-rate for all calls in the domestic United States. www.taa.com

Avici Systems Announces OC-192c/STM-64 Support For The TSR
This new line card handles 10 gigabits/sec of traffic or more than 500,000 simultaneous VoIP calls over a single fiber, and builds on Avici�s currently shipping channelized OC-192 product, which supports four multiplexed 2.5 gigabit channels on a single 10 gigabit link. www.avici.com

ClearPhone 1.0 For Windows Video Conferencing
Free video conferencing is available to all Windows users from ICT. ClearPhone 1.0, which allows one-to-one video calls over the Internet, is the free version of ClearPhone Pro, which allows buddy lists, IP to IP calls, and the ability to send files, URLs, and e-mail to other users in the call. ClearPhone for the Mac platform has been available since 1996, and has already earned its reputation as high-quality software, with over 200,000 downloads. www.clearphone.com

Trillium Expands SIGTRAN Software Solution For Easing Convergence
Trillium has expanded the SIGTRAN software to enable telecommunications providers to more easily implement existing PSTN services over IP-based networks. SCTP, a protocol component used in IP-based networks, transports signaling messages between signaling gateways (SG), which bridge IP and PSTN networks, and media gateway controllers (MGC), which provide call control and handling and PSTN-IP protocol interworking. SIGTRAN can be integrated into these products to accelerate development of converged voice and data solutions. www.trillium.com

Anatel Communications Offers Out-Of-The-Box Gateway Solution
The Media Bearer ITG, a pre-configured H.323 Internet telephony gateway that provides a quick solution to OEMs, integrators, resellers, distributors, and next-gen service providers for their VoIP, call-center, enterprise, and Internet telephone service applications. The Media Bearer can work totally from its internal configuration and databases, and does not require an external server or gatekeeper. www.anatel.net

Telica Offers New Capabilities For Plexus 9000
The Plexus 9000 sheds new light on multiservice edge switching by offering the flexibility of either and integrated or distributed architecture for call control, switching, signaling, service intelligence, and circuit/session aggregation. This carrier-grade switching system features a fault-tolerant architecture designed to exceed the availability of current central office switches in highly-compact, NEBS Level 3 certified central office package. www.telica.com

ISPhone Introduces PC-To-Phone Service
�Through our partnership with Vocalscape, one of the leaders in VoIP software, we are able to provide a superior PC-to-Phone service,� said Victor von Schlegell, ISPhone�s president. �Our Mypcphone product meets the growing need in the market for an easy to use, low-cost service. And it gives service providers a way to offer their customers a new, popular, and profitable product.� www.isphone.com

SOC In A Box! Treats Inside!
BOPS� VoIP System on a Chip (SOC) in a Box is a full pre-packaged application solution that includes complete sample hardware and software design along with implementation services for a carrier-class VoIP gateway. The SOC design offered by BOPS in collaboration with HelloSoft, who provide the system software for carrier-class gateway applications. Customer-specific implementations of this design are available through Tality. www.bops.com / www.tality.com / www.hellosoft.com

Spike Continuum For Endless Wireless Broadband Services
With Spike Continuum products, service providers will find greater profitability by using a highly scalable technology platform for meeting the increased capacity requirements of high-growth fixed-wireless broadband markets. www.spikebroadband.com

NexTone Communications Announces Presence Server
The Presence Server is the latest element of NexTone�s strategy to deliver application infrastructure for the next-generation service provider and provide a foundation for new breakthrough applications based on presence and availability management. www.nextone.com

Linksys Integrates Net2Phone Technology Into Broadband Router
Linksys will apply Net2Phone�s VoIP technology into their popular cable/DSL router, the Etherfast Cable/DSL Router Powered By Net2Phone. This router will give users the added benefits of voice on top of their existing broadband Internet connections. The new router includes Net2Phone Broadband Voice voice calling services as well as a four-port switch, firewall security, IPSec pass thru, filtering, forwarding, DMZ hosting, logging, DHCP server, speed dialing, and �always-on� dial tone. www.net2phone.com / www.linksys.com

Bustronic�s New H.110 CTEL Backplane
A CompactPCI CT industry standard product, the 104 CTEL line meets PICMG 2.5 Rev 1.0 specifications as a hot swappable, backplane-based TDM bus and the H.110 CT bus. The 104 CTEL features a 12-layer stripline design, and provides customers with lower prices, significantly decreased implementation times, and reduced time to market. www.bustronic.com

Polycom Announces A Third-Generation Addition To Their Family
The 7000 family�s first new products, the NetEngine 7316 and 7216, provide scalable Voice over DSL solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. �Our NetEngine 7000 series will give small and medium sized businesses another level of choice for VoDSL solutions,� said Hans Schwarz of Polycom�s Network Access Products division. �With the new 16-port IADs and the upcoming 24-port products, Polycom continues to scale the NetEngine family, enabling significant cost savings for business customers.� www.polycom.com

Nortel�s New DSLAM Portfolio Supports ITU�s G.shdsl Standard
Nortel is incorporating into its Universal Edge IMAS portfolio support for G.shdsl, the ITU standard designed to offer improved DSL speed, reach, and performance, as well as a DS1 interface, which allows service providers to increase flexibility and lower entry-level investment. Nortel Networks� integrated DSL portfolio includes the Universal Edge IMAS, Universal Edge 9000, Passport 1500, and Shasta 5000 BSN. www.nortelnetworks.com

Information Security Corporation Provides Secure Telephony Software
SecurePhone, a secure telephony software offering (for Windows 98/NT/2000) from Information Security Corporation, allows a person to use their PC as a secure telephone by encrypting voice conversations held over the Internet or over ordinary telephone lines using modems. It also provides strong authentication of the party at the opposite end of the connection. www.infoseccorp.com

545 Series CompactPCI Enclosure � 12 Slots� In THERE?
The versatile, yet small, 545 CompactPCI enclosure from Carlo Gavazzi/Mupac is designed for industrial, datacom, telecom, and prototype applications. The 545 Series offers five to eight usable 6U by 160mm front accessible slots and 6U x 80mm rear-accessible transition slots, all in a package only 7" to 10.5" x 17" x 12". The chassis is designed to support hot-swap, and N+1 and is provided with a 175-watt, front-pluggable power supply with either AC (90 to 264 volts) or DC (40 to 72 volts) input. www.carlogavazzi.com

Mockingbird Networks And e-tel Demonstrate Interoperability
During an interoperability test, calls were placed from e-tel�s Free-
Ride VoIP phone to the PSTN through Mockingbird�s Nuvo 200 voice application switch, and calls placed from the PSTN were routed through the Nuvo 200 to the FreeRide phone. �The combined products provide flexibility and high QoS on the network,� said Matt Lukens, e-tel President and CEO. www.mockingbirdnetworks.com / www.etelcorp.com

High Port Density From Mapletree Networks
Mapletree Networks introduces the MTN4000 Series of PMC cards for access and gateway systems-technology offering a high port density for a PMC solution. The first module of the family, the MTN4096 features voice-quality technology for jitter buffer management and echo-cancellation, and provides superior voice quality while requiring less processing power. The resulting density offers and economic advantage to access and gateway vendors by reducing price-per-port. www.mapletree.com

WebDialogs Announces WebIntertalk
WebIntertalk voice-enables Web sites to increase online sales, improve customer service and satisfaction by including text-to-speech technology options in a call-back solution for Web sites. With WebIntertalk, e-businesses can empower Web customers to click and connect live, via phone or the Internet, with customer service representatives in order to ask questions, address concerns, or complete transactions in real-time. www.webdialogs.com

iMagic Announces Availability Of pcVu
The pcVu is now available from iMagicTV to deliver video streams to the PC via a service provider�s secure, managed broadband network. Not streaming media, but a replication of the same TV services that would be broadcast to a television in the home, pcVu enables broadcasters to bring together the best of the Internet and traditional TV in order to create an endless array of personal channels that will enhance profits through targeted programming and advertising. www.imagictv.com

RealNames Keywords Offered To VoiceStream Users
RealNames Wireless Keywords, which allows users to go directly to certain Web sites, are now available on Internet-enabled mobile phones using VoiceStream�s service. The 2.6 million-plus subscribers of VoiceStream will no longer be required to use long and complicated URLs to easily access content on the Web. www.voicestream.com

Dialogic Extends Voice-Based E-Solutions
Dialogic announces the immediate availability of CT Connect version 5.0 featuring an H.323 gatekeeper. Combined with Dialogic�s IPLink Gateway and the Intel Internet Phone SDK, version 5.0 enables the quick and easy development of comprehensive VoIP solutions for both enterprise and service providers. CT Connect V5.0 and the patented CSTA Gatekeeper, a standards-based software building block, allow application providers to manage and control calls with VoIP H.323 calling environments. Key business applications can be integrated using these tools. www.dialogic.com

V-Span Announces OnNet IP Conferencing Services
V-Span OnNet IP Conferencing Solutions connect multiple endpoints via multipoint bridging devices with features that allow participants to view all sites simultaneously. The OnNet gateway services allow organizations to easily communicate with IP and legacy circuit-switched networks, in turn allowing interoperability with any conferencing solution. www.vspan.com

FACT Unleashed By Blue Wave Systems
FACT is an integrated subsystem development tool and management environment that provides a comprehensive software environment for managing DSP resources, enabling developers of network-based equipment to focus on differentiating their service and application offerings and not on low-level software development. As an open-systems platform, developers can use Blue Wave�s FACT-RDK Resource Development Kit to easily add proprietary resources or algorithms that have been developed in-house or sourced from the network of third parties offering algorithms compatible with TMS320 DSP Algorithm standard. www.bluews.com

ADLINK�s NuPAK Series Gets You Up And Running
An off-the-shelf solution, the NuPAK Series combines common PCI/ISA 19" rackmount chassis with a flexible SBC, power supplies, and backplane. Systems will initially be available with ADLINK�s range of Intel-powered NuPRO SBCs. Buyers need only to select SDRAM or DRAM memory along with the Pentium III or Celeron processors ranging from 300 MHz to 700 MHz, hard-disk drives and CD-Roms. The NuPAK comes already built as rack-mountable or standalone with all I/O, CFM fans, air filters, power supplies, and bus connections. www.adlink.com

Get Primal On Your Network
Primal Technologies, Inc., has launched its latest software operations tool, called Primal Skylight, that allows telecom service providers to monitor real-time status and revenues on the Primal Service Node (PSN). Primal Skylight connects to the PSN via a virtual private network and provides data on usage, customer balance, revenue generation, and system status on a continuous, hourly, or daily basis. www.primaltech.com

CPC8610 � Embedded Pentium III SBC
Diversified Technologies has come out swinging with the CPC8610, a single board computer designed to fit into a single cPCI system slot. Based on Intel�s 440BX chipset, this SBC has dual Ethernet controllers, a standard 144-pin SODIMM socket and can support up to 256MB of system memory. Support is provided for full duplex operation, allowing effective data rates to reach 20 Mbps and 200 Mbps, respectively. www.dtims.com

Jetstream Conforms To GR-303
Jetstream announces that is has completed testing with Telcordia Technologies, Inc. to prove conformance to the GR-303 Telcordia Requirements document. GR-303 specifies Integrated Digital Loop Carriers (IDLC) criteria for creation of an integrated access system. These criteria support access on a single access platform to the PSTN using multiple distribution technologies and architectures such as xDSL, cable, fiber-to-the-curb, fiber-to-the-loop, and also support a wide range of narrowband and broadband services. www.jetstream.com / www.telcordia.com

Aura Networks Introduces Radiance Optical Ethernet System
The Radience Optical Ethernet System is designed to provide complete fiber connectivity, which can be provisioned in Mbps increments up to a Gigabit, from the customer premise to the central office. Stealth IP, a key feature of the Radience system, uses an interframe coding technique to enable a variety of features, including loopback testing, power, and bit error rate monitoring, which is crucial for successful service deployments. www.auranetinc.com

Eyeball Chat Now With Text Chat
Eyeball.com, an interactive video communication technology and service provider, announces the availability of its new video chat service, which enables users to quickly and easily connect face-to-face with other users through tighter integration between the software client and the User Services on the Web site. www.eyeball.com

Avaya Introduces IP Convergence Kit
The Enterprise Class Convergence Kit brings the power of IP-based voice and data to enterprises or offices with 12 or more users, and features a complete suite of hardware and software from Avaya�s ECLIPS portfolio. The IP600 IP Communications Server is at the heart of the total-solution system, and offers the functionality of Avaya Call Processing software, built-in voice mail, fax messaging, Avaya Message Manager, and Avaya Site Adminstration software. www.avaya.com

Cisco Powering New Customers
Cable and Wireless, Energis, and Global Crossing have all been designated with the new Cisco Powered Network Contact Center Services designation for eCRM service providers. ASPs and Outsourcers can now differentiate their value-added hosted customer contact service offerings delivered on end-to-end Cisco software and hardware infrastructure. www.cisco.com

Lucent SpringTide 7000
Lucent Technologies has expanded its IP service switch family with the SpringTide 7000. Lucent�s Service Intelligent IP strategy includes an edge-to-edge service infrastructure; dynamic signaling in and between the network layers; unified network management for provisioning, monitoring, and fault recovery; and full lifecycle professional services from planning to operations. www.lucent.com

MIC-385: CompactPCI SBC From Advantech
The new 6U 64-bit CompactPCI SBC, with integrated VGA, dual 10/100 Ethernet, serial, and USB ports, accepts the latest Intel 840 chipset and Dual Intel Pentium III 866 MHz Processors. With a data transfer rate of 1.6 GB per second, and a 256 KB built-in L2 cache delivering rapid data access to complex applications, the MIC-3385 supports the latest RDRAM technology, and a RAM speed of 800 MHz, with a peak data transfer rate of 1.6 GB per second. www.advantech.com

White Pajama Rises And Shines
Offering a sophisticated and streamlined solution for your customer service needs, White Pajama offers the Integrated Contact Center Network that gives companies the ability to communicate seamlessly with customers via the media they prefer without having to invest in customer premise equipment, extensive IT and professional services, or lengthy training. Get your call center centered through the Web with White Pajama. www.whitepajama.com

Meet JAIN, A New Face In SIP
The JAIN SIP API Specification, developed by Dynamicsoft and other industry experts as part of the Java Community Process Program, will promote platform independence in SIP-compliant communications services. Final public release is expected later in the year, but the draft reference implementation is now available at: www.dynamicsoft.com.

MetraTech To Seriously Rock Your World
MetraTech�s unique XML-based Web services billing solution gives service providers the agility to accelerate profitability, manage business complexity, and differentiate themselves from the competition. Businesses can also rapidly introduce and bill for value-added services in order to drive profitability. Their new relationship with eYak serves as proof of the quality of service MetraTech offers. www.metratech.com

Wireless Is Taking Over
According to Cahner�s In-Stat Group, wireless Internet access devices including PDAs, wireless modems, and two-way pagers will boom in popularity over the next few years and eventually displace the PC as the preferred Internet access method. Sales of wireless phones alone will reach 1 billion annually by 2004, and by the end of 2002, virtually all wireless phones will be preloaded with Web browsers and will be Internet enabled. Cut your wires to the past. www.instat.com

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