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Greg Galitzine - IMSWELCOME TO IMS

By Greg Galitzine


IMS (define - news - alerts) has arrived. IMS is all hype. IMS is the single biggest carrier opportunity in the past 20 years. IMS will never happen.

IMS is here.

With people taking such varied positions regarding IMS, it’s no wonder there’s so much confusion. That’s where IMS Magazine comes in. IMS Magazine is launching this month with one goal: to serve as the industry resource for carriers, application developers, and equipment manufacturers who need to stay on top of all the developments in this new era of telecommunications.

What is IMS? IMS stands for IP Multimedia Subsystem, which at its very simplest is a roadmap, a standardized architecture for fixed and mobile operators to provide multimedia services. IMS strives to be the glue that binds together services, security, billing, interoperability, access, transport… all the elements that will make the next generation of telecommunication services more accessible for end users, and more profitable for carriers. Based on a 3GPP standardized implementation of SIP, IMS is designed to reduce time-to-market deployment and cost for new service creation, thus allowing a multitude of new services to be tested, validated, and launched into the market.

Will this happen overnight? Not likely. IBM’s (quote - news - alerts) Joseph Ziskin draws a timeline for IMS in his article Delivering on the Promise of IMS through Service Creation, which appears on page 42. He positions our industry at Phase 1 (2005–2007) today, with carriers seeking first-mover advantage. During Phase 2 (2006–2009) we’ll see increasing evidence of key benefits demonstrated, and in Phase 3 (2010 and beyond) Ziskin says, “…we can expect to see the broad interconnection and availability of IMS services across all fixed and mobile networks for voice and data.”

Telcordia’s Grant Lenahan, in his excellent article IMS: When Will The Hype Become Reality? lays out the case for IMS and points out that IMS is a journey; a journey “to deliver converged voice services, add content-based services more uniformly, and simplify their operations and cut down on systems integration and maintenance costs.”

I invite you to join me on this journey. We have enlisted the services of a number of industry experts who comprise this publication’s editorial advisory board. I’d like to take a moment to thank them and to introduce them to you:

• Michael Khalilian, President & Chairman, IMS Forum
• Scott Erickson, President, IMS Service Delivery Solutions, Telcordia
• Ronald Gruia, Program Leader & Senior Strategic Analyst, Frost & Sullivan
• John Marinho, Corporate Strategic Marketing Vice President, Lucent Technologies
• Mike McHugh, V.P. & General Manager, BEA WebLogic Communications Platform, BEA Systems
• Mikael Stromquist, E.V.P., Strategic Planning, Ericsson North America

Together with their insight and guidance, IMS Magazine hopes to serve you, our readers, and help you make the right decisions by providing the information you need regarding the technology and the companies that make up this promising market.

Welcome to IMS.

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