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525 Million Smartphones Will Be Fingerprint Sensor-Enabled by 2017 - Thank You Apple

Fingerprint scanning is nothing new, but in fact it has been a technology that, while serving certain companies in need of such a fundamental security level for laptops and other tech-related uses, hasn't exactly been a market on fire. A number of laptops that target both enterprise and consumer uses have included such scanners - though we need to point out that they've all required a user moving a finger across a fixed scan line to read the fingerprint. Often these scans were and to this day still are not reliable or convenient to use. There are good reasons to why the technology hasn't been a mainstream winner.


Cloudyn Makes MSP Costing and Sales Easier

Cloudyn believes its timing is perfect. The company estimates that MSPs today handle roughly15 percent of on-premises IT infrastructure, but argues that the real opportunity comes from customers moving to the cloud. And here AWS is a leading IaaS solution

Holiday Season E-commerce: 3 Tips to Get Your Website Ready

Nothing can shatter the promise of high sales numbers more definitively than a down website, long page load times and broken links. It is during the holiday season that load tolerance gets tested and customer service lines get bombarded—often because slow website performance leads users to click 'purchase' more than once.

Wildix Kite Integrates WebRTC and Unified Communications

WebRTC is transforming business communications. Whether you are communicating internally or externally, the ability to have face-to-face interaction in real-time with no complicated downloads or plugin installations adds a new layer of contact for organizations. It expands the capabilities of the contact center, meeting the demands of today's always-on workforce and customer base. Wildix, an Italian-based provider of VoIP and unified communications solutions, is one company unifying business communications in the browser with Wildix Kite, its WebRTC-based solution integrated with corporate telephony systems.

BlackBerry Z30 vs. iPhone 5s: Rethinking What We Want in a Smartphone

As I was going through the features of the new BlackBerry Z30 it hit me that the phone's problem is that it doesn't give us what Apple says we should want, it gives us what we actually should want. Somehow the years of brilliant Apple marketing have convinced us that, in a phone, what we want are things a phone really isn't good for, or at best should be secondary to phone function. The rolling joke from day one, which I'm finding less funny at the moment because it's a joke on me, was that the iPhone is great at everything but being a phone. But instead laughing it off the Island Samsung and others have emulated it which means we have a ton of Smartphones which do amazing things but kind of suck at, well, being a phone.

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