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By Rory Lidstone, TMCnet Contributing Writer
Lync is Microsoft's enterprise-ready unified communications platform, connecting people that use Windows, Mac OS X, Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Designed to provide a single consistent client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice and video, Lync enables rich communication with hundreds of millions of people around the world, be they other Lync users or Skype users.

By Tracey E. Schelmetic, TMCnet Contributor
The year 2013 will see the advancement of a lot of technology trends, but it will also see the expansion of a number of interesting start-up companies in the telecommunications space. One of them is London-based Truphone, a mobile VoIP company.

By Rich Steeves, TMCnet Web Editor
TransNexus is a software development company specializing in applications for managing wholesale VoIP networks, including least cost routing and VoIP fraud solutions. Jim Dalton, president of TransNexus, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with TMCnet about technology trends affecting the market today and in the near future.

By Jamie Epstein, TMCnet Web Editor
The song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" couldn't apply any more to current temperatures around the East Coast. Luckily, ITEXPO Miami 2013 in -- yup, you guessed it -- Miami, Fla. is right around the corner to warm up those of us feeling mighty chilly. Today in fact, it was just revealed that Jeff Dworkin, director of Marketing, Sangoma Technologies Corporation, will be spearheading two not-to-miss sessions during the exciting semi-annual event.

By Daniel Brecht, Contributing Writer
FiberMedia Group, LLC, a company founded in 1999, is an infrastructure solution provider for a variety of mid-sized and large enterprises in various industries. The company's role is to help clients with their needs for a very secure, redundant high-speed data center network or an on-demand cloud infrastructure or colocation solution, such as Market Storm.

By Rory Lidstone, TMCnet Contributing Writer
Provider of SIP trunking and telephony solutions, Vitelity, along with Sangoma Technologies Corporation, has just recently completed interoperability testing of Sangoma's Vega series of gateways, certifying them for use with Vitelity's SIP trunking service. The two companies partnered in order to simplify the process.

By Jamie Epstein, TMCnet Web Editor
As temperatures drop to record lows here on the East Coast, many people are packing their bags in a hurry in order to travel to a much warmer climate, whether it is to a remote location somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean or within North America like, say, Miami, Fla. And what could be better than a glistening tan intermixed with some invaluable technology-based seminars in addition to an event that will enable attendees to talk to thought leaders about increasing popular trends in the industry? In my opinion as well as many others, nothing could beat feeling the sun while simultaneously learning about new technological innovations including MPLS and that is why ITEXPO Miami 2013 is garnering a whole lot of buzz.

By Rachel Ramsey, TMCnet Web Editor
Companies of all sizes have turned to call recording solutions to improve quality, performance and the customer experience. Other reasons, such as regulatory compliance and protection from liability exposure, draw organizations to search for call management and call recording solutions to best fit their needs.

By Erin Harrison, Executive Editor, Cloud Computing
The proliferation of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend is being driven by many factors, most notably the increasing attractiveness, in form and function, of the various mobile devices on the market today and the increasing use of those devices to access services on the Internet. In fact, most people already are using multiple mobile devices in their personal environments to access e-mail, social networks, or various other applications that are meant to make our lives easier.

By Rachel Ramsey, TMCnet Web Editor
Entrepreneurs are the heart of industries of all kinds. They are constantly innovating, striving to improve on existing technologies and create those we have yet to see. Startup Camp is an entrepreneur pitch event focused exclusively on the communications sector. In its seventh edition, Startup Camp returns to Miami next week to seek out the next big thing in startups.

TMCnet Special Guest - Randy Simmons, VP Sales, FaxSIPit Services Inc.
Understanding VoIP technology at its most basic level is critical, as it allows us to then understand the challenges companies face with sending fax over this medium.

By Allison Boccamazzo, TMCnet Web Editor
Providing clear, understandable and reliable communication in the contact center is only one piece of the puzzle. In actuality, there are tons of factors that figure into this ever-changing equation, including many challenges that can stunt the quality of your contact center customer experience. Therefore, it's essential that IT organizations take a thorough look and a holistic approach to account for every element, including infrastructure, applications and services that enable the representative to optimally serve the customer.

By Tracey E. Schelmetic, TMCnet Contributor
M2M, or machine-to-machine, communications create a flow of voice and data traffic to computers, enabling secure telephone or other transmissions over networks. While it's a burgeoning market across the entire telecommunications spectrum, it has a number of niche markets that demand high security for which it works particularly well.

By Jamie Epstein, TMCnet Web Editor
Touted as a VoIP service provider that matches its next generation services with an even higher level of customer service, GLOBALINX provides a robust portfolio that encompasses wholesale services, business services and residential services alike. Whether you are looking to measure up to increasing customer demands and supply these clients with telecom services or you are just looking to start a business and need a reliable and intuitive platform that will keep you connected with employees and consumers, the company has multiple options that can go above and beyond the needs of virtually any company.

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