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It may sound almost like sarcasm to say that the future of customer service will largely be in the hands of the customer, but a new report from Forrester summed it up with just one line from the larger report: In the age of the customer, executives don't decide how customer-centric their companies are - customers do. That line is actually going to color the future of the cloud-based contact center and customer service itself in 2016 and beyond.
In just four years Qstream has been able to capture the business of more than half of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world, as well as leading companies such as MasterCard and Xerox.
It's a dilemma I've found myself faced with more times than I'd care to admit. A friend posts on Facebook a sad status. Was late for work today :( or My fish died. My hand hovers over Facebook's like button. Do I click it? Does liking a sad status show my support for a friend, or does it mean that I am liking their status? Because of the potential for snafus like this, Facebook has heeded to the clamor of its users and has announced that it will be implementing a dislike button.
Vocalcom recently announced the launch of Click2Start, a browser-based telephony solution designed for the SMB market. With a computer, browser, Internet connection, mic, and audio anyone can have the application up and running in about five minutes.
The idea behind social media platform IMGR is simple yet revolutionary; enable companies to build their brands, encourage customers and others alike to become brand advocates of those brands, and enable those customers to receive free rewards and incentives for doing so. The social platform enables companies to create branded instant messages-Blake Lind, IMGR Founder and CEO, describes them as emojis on steroids-in order to promote and share specific initiatives, deals, promotions and more.

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