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2001 (Online Exclusive)

October 2001

August 2001

With A Little Help From The Telecom Industry
By Rich Tehrani, TMC

TMC's president offers his admiration and thanks to those individuals and companies in our industry that offered their expertise and services in the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks.
Integrated E-Learning And Quality Management
By Jackie Wiedner, NICE Systems
Contact centers of today are adopting an e-learning approach and adapting it to save them both time and money. Jackie Wiedner of NICE Systems discusses how this style of training should be linked to a whole quality management solution.

February 2001

Laying The Groundwork For Successful E-Mail Management
By Chris Ceruga, Centrinity
Although e-mail handling does not carry with it a legacy of embedded policies and procedures, now is the best time for contact centers to establish them. Chris Ceruga of Centrinity talks about the importance proper e-mail management.
Enhancing Online Customer Loyalty-New Tools And New Traps
By Lyn Gubser, Sideware
Just as with their brick-and-mortar counterparts, it is imperative that e-businesses treat their customers right, or they will go away, and they're not likely to come back. Lyn Gubser of Sideware reports.

January 2001

Troubleshooting CRM: Taking A Cold, Hard Look
By Jay Gauthier, Berkeley Enterprise Systems
Imagine you've been tasked with choosing and deploying your company's CRM package. Jay Gauthier of Berkeley Enterprise Systems takes the reader through a familiar scenario of  the ins and outs of choosing CRM software. From preplanning, group meetings, and visiting other contact centers to finally making a decision, Jay takes a cold, hard look at troubleshooting CRM.

2000 (Online Exclusive) 

November 2000

October 2000

Choosing Software-Based Phone Systems For Today's Call Center
By Carol Meier, Artisoft, Inc.
The call center functionality available today with a software-based phone system allows even very small call centers the flexibility and technology options previously reserved for large call centers. Carol Meier of Artisoft discusses the benefits and affordability of these  phone systems.

Customer Experience Management: The Heartbeat Of Your Business
By Lior Abrussy, NICE Systems
In the new Internet environment, the brand is the only asset left that gives companies a competitive edge. However, the brand is not a tangible asset and therefore not so easily defined. Lior Abrussy of NICE Systems defines the customer experience management (CEM) as the critical force behind a company's brand and a key to their future success.
July 2000

Managing Multimedia Communications For Contact Center Success
By Jody Wacker, Apropos Technology
Today's call centers have been replaced with contact centers or customer interaction centers. To be successful in the fast moving "e-world," businesses must have a multi-channel contact center, not a one-dimensional call center. 

Building An Effective Web-Based CRM Infrastructure
By Philip MacLaren, The Eastern Management Group And Ephraim Frankel, New York University
It is apparent that companies need to implement an effective CRM strategy in order to survive and thrive. Which solution they implement depends on the organization's culture and overall strategy. Regardless of the type of solution selected, companies need to look at CRM on a lifecycle basis, which encompasses customer acquisition through retention.
August 2000

June 2000

Improving Customer Communications Through E-learning 
By Harvi Singh, MindLever.com

With the advent of e-learning, or Web-based training, call centers have a new option to help employees excel at their jobs. Companies involved with CRM are beginning to embrace e-learning, mostly as a supplement to, rather than a replacement for, existing training efforts. Harvi Singh of MindLever.com reports. 

Managing Government's Customer Relationships
By Leif Ulstrup, American
Management Systems, Inc.
Most governmental bodies finally understand they need to treat the people they serve as customers, not as a guaranteed audience. CRM and the call center are the front line tools that will be used by government at all levels to provide these "customers" with the level of service they have come to expect from interactions in the private sector.

May 2000

March 2000

The Role Of Logging And Monitoring In Customer Relationship Management
By Jackie Wiedner, NICE
CRM represents a comprehensive business strategy, of which any particular piece of software is only a small component. Logging and monitoring still play an integral role in multimedia contact center management.
Talk About Progress: The New Sound Of Automatic Speech Recognition
By Pam Ravesi, Lernout & Hauspie
The bewildering array of vendors offering interactive voice response (IVR) and speech recognition applications has grown wider than ever. But you knew that. The good news is that new technology in this rapidly evolving market is about to narrow the field.

February 2000

Online CRM Solves The $6 Billion Problem
By Eric Greenberg, Millenium Teleservices LLC
Post-holiday statistics confirm that online shopping has become a valuable alternative for wired consumers. Yet, the rate of failed Internet commerce transactions has skyrocketed -- reaching record levels last year.
The Financial Services Modernization Act...
By Suzanne Porter-Kuchay, MarketSwitch
The Financial Services Modernization Act (FSMA) reversed the way financial services firms had marketed their products and services for the past 60 years. The customer contact centers will feel the greatest impact from this Act, because they will need to make sense of the additional sales offers coming from this increased amount of marketing.
January 2000
You Can't Buy Customer Relationship Management
By Daren Nelson (Lisa Kimery)
The most common mistake people make is the assumption that customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology that can be purchased at your local software reseller. Instead, it is a philosophy that should be accepted companywide for a comprehensive CRM strategy.


1999 (Next Month Now)

May 1999 June 1999
Windows-Based Terminals: Changing The Way Call Centers Attract And Retain Customers
By Jeff McNaught, Wyse Technology
By deploying an emerging technology -- Windows-based terminals -- in its call center, Phase 2 has been able to increase productivity and deliver a higher level of customer service, while lowering costs and growing 400 percent in only two years.

Probe Below The Surface For The Best
By John Nash, South Carolina Department Of Commerce
Finding the perfect location for a new call center requires a different set of criteria.  In a way, this pared-down list simplifies the process for call centers scouting for a new home. But there are still plenty of pitfalls. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when scouting for a new location.

Dialing Up Venture Capital Money
By David Lincoln and Scott Ungerer, EnerTech Capital Partners
Lining up venture capital (VC) is a challenging task for most entrepreneurs, but even more so if your company is selling into the utility industry. And even though the industry is going through dynamic change, the utility decision process can still be very difficult and slow moving.

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