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August 2001

New Products

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Strategic Alliances

New Products

Sinergy UPS Line From ONEAC
ONEAC Corporation unveiled its Sinergy Series line of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). The new line is designed to support mission-critical applications, from micro-cell towers and data centers to PLCs, control enclosures and retail systems with quality conditioned power and reliable battery back-up. The Sinergy Series UPS features a true online double conversion technology and is available in a wide range of models, from 700 VA to 10 kVA. All models (except the 700 VA) are capable of extended runtime with the addition of matching external battery cabinets. Additional features include frequency and voltage regulation, frequency auto-detection, broad input voltage tolerance, cascading circuit protection and extended load and overload tolerance capabilities. / Ph: 847-816-6000

Point Tailors CRM For Banks
Point Information Systems, Inc. unveiled e-point Financial Services, a customer relationship management solution designed specifically for banks. Designed, in part, to help banks identify sales opportunities through built-in cross-selling and upselling capabilities, the solution also can help limit customer attrition by forecasting possible defections. The solution is structured to enable banks to integrate back-office systems and data resources into a "single view" of customer interactions with the organization. The product integrates applied CRM processes to support common banking activities (e.g., bill payments, transfers, balance inquiries and statement requests) and supports banking industry-standard OFX message codes. Security procedures and policies are maintained by links to security infrastructures, such as PIN and encryption schemes, and it also supports x.509 digital certificates. Service agents and customers getting information over the Internet have seamless access to all relevant account information and a unified, historic view of each individual's interactions. Customers can interact with banks using phone, fax, the Web, personal digital assistants or WAP phones. /Ph: 781-416-7931

Someone To Watch Over You: Online Characters For Customer Service
Talkie, Inc., an artificial intelligence software technology provider of conversational natural language solutions, released two standardized Talkie character products designed to enable better communication and customer service. Talkies are animated characters that verbally respond with human or synthetic voices to users' text input on the Web with lip-synch, appropriate facial expressions and gestures. Using proprietary natural language and behavioral animation technology, Talkie characters are available to the majority of Internet browsers without a separate download and operate effortlessly over dial-up connections. Companies looking to drive traffic to their Web sites and reduce call center costs can have Talkie customize these products to suit their knowledge base needs and take advantage of the branding opportunity of a fully articulated, human-like virtual representative. Talkie Guide creates conversational characters to deliver instant answers to a customer's questions and help solve common customer issues. Talkie Expert creates virtual advocates that can demonstrate products and integrate with interactive multimedia presentations. / Ph: 310-664-9600

James Tower Intros DataArc
James Tower's Manufacturing e-Solutions division has unveiled DataArc, a customer service engine geared for equipment manufacturers and their distributors and dealers. DataArc is designed to provide an effective and cost-efficient approach for manufacturers to manage all information associated with the equipment they manufacture. DataArc was developed to meet the inquiries and suggestions provided by a number of manufacturers who wanted more control over their information management. In response, the company has also made its Equipment and Parts Management System more convenient by taking the existing Windows version to the Internet. DataArc's features include online processing of equipment and parts orders, graphical displays of equipment and component parts, the ability to track substitution parts and transaction chains, archival access and retrieval of information and real-time product data change capability. / Ph: 866-219-0263

Oasis Helps Dunk Slamming
Oasis Technology, Inc. announced SlamTrack, a secure, Web-enabled and browser-based customer-care system designed to assist large telecommunications carriers with the complex task of managing telephone "slamming" complaints by their customers. Slamming is the illegal practice of changing a subscriber's long distance telephone service without permission. SlamTrack enables carriers to maintain closer control over the complaint-resolution process, tracking and managing all documentation including voice WAV files, bills, faxes, e-mail, and hand-written letters. Oasis provides its customers with access to the SlamTrack source code, giving IS departments greater flexibility and control, and easing integration with existing systems, software and databases. Also, Oasis engineers can customize the software for integration with legacy systems. The system features real-time transaction-based processing and protection against "partial updates," employs a multi-threaded, multi-user design and is compatible with all standard SQL databases. /Ph: 805-445-4833

Netonomy Makes U.S. Market Debut, Releases Enhanced Self-Service Solution
Marking its launch in the U.S., Netonomy, Inc. released version 2.5 of its MyNetonomy self-service solution. MyNetonomy is an Internet-based, "customer-managed relationship" application built specifically for the communications industry. The solution is designed to enable wireless subscribers to manage their own accounts online using virtually any commercially available communications device, including PCs, PDAs, mobile phones (WAP, SMS or iMode) and any telephone through an interactive voice response system. Enhanced features include: Channel Activator, an assisted self-service offering for use in point-of-sale locations for more rapid subscriber acquisition and activation; the NetService Center module, comprising all the e-care and e-commerce functionality that can be self-managed by the subscriber; out-of-the-box, wireless-specific functionality; and a portal design tool providers can use to create their own version of MyNetonomy using their corporate branding and business rules. / Ph: 617 292 9510

MUSIC Tap Card For Small Centers
MUSIC Telecom, Inc. reported the availability of its PBXmedia 8 card, designed for small call centers that may require up to 8 channels of digital station passive tap integration. The PBXmedia 8 offers up to 22 digital PBX integrations and over 40 digital telephone sets, and supports up to 8 ports of digital station passive tap integration, which provides VOX-level decoding of voice packets from proprietary PBX systems. The card translates the voice packets and transmits them over an MVIP bus to a voice recording resource card. The PBXmedia 8 card supports many of the most popular call center systems. / Ph: 732-469-0880

Peoplestreet Propels Its Personalized Relationship Marketing Services
Peoplestreet, Inc. announced new Web services intended to help enterprises build stronger relationships with their customers, prospects and employees. The services offer businesses the ability to both publish personalized dynamic content and receive updated personal contact information when changes occur. Customer Connection Service, designed to increase retention and loyalty, creates a dynamic personalized communication channel between the business and the customer. Using an electronic business card technology called LiveCards, the service enables the exchange of self-updating contact information through standard e-mail and the subsequent publishing of personalized dynamic content within a user's address book. Corporate Directory Service simplifies the creation and maintenance of internal employee contact directories. Businesses can improve communication between employees and departments, making it easier to find the correct person within an organization and saving the time associated with keeping traditional corporate directories up-to-date. / Ph: 617-475-1800

Enhanced Desktop Integration Platform From Cicero
Cicero Technologies, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Level 8 Systems, Inc., announced limited availability of Cicero, a customizable visual desktop integration platform for the retail financial services community. Cicero is designed to improve effectiveness and increase agent efficiency by creating a common desktop environment that provides a task-centric user interface that seamlessly integrates all of a user's applications. Cicero is intended to increase user productivity and reduce errors by sharing data across applications, including Windows-, Web- and mainframe-based applications. / Ph: 800-499-7337

Logical Solution For Legacy Integrations
Logical Software Corporation has released logicalCTISuite for call centers. logicalCTISuite is designed to make it easier and faster for call centers to integrate legacy and CRM systems with the agent desktop, create multisite call routing capabilities and build multimedia call centers. The new product suite features computer-telephony integration (CTI) development tools, CTI server applications, and call center desktop software. logicalAgent, a suite component, is a Windows-based, CTI-enabled agent desktop softphone and screen pop. It enables call center personnel to provide effective responses to customer sales and service inquiries. logicalAgent features a configurable customer data display, full softphone controls, call wrap-up, on-screen readerboard and a database of call details. logicalCTISuite operates on Windows 98, 2000 and NT platforms and is compatible with Genesys and Nortel Symposium TAPI CTI engines and industry-leading call center applications. / Ph: (604) 419-3939

Ericsson Features Integrated Communications Platform For SMEs
Ericsson Enterprise Systems targeted the small business and remote office market with the release of MD110 Compact Enterprise, described as an "all-in-one" solution designed for ease of administration and, since it is an IP-based business communications system, a lower total cost of ownership. It combines an advanced PBX system with software solutions for computer-telephony integration, unified messaging services and a single IP network. Packaged with 25, 50 or 75 extensions, the system includes the MD110 ACM PBX, a Windows 2000 server and server software, Ericsson's D.N.A. applications software and MD110 Interra, an expandable NT-based voice mail and desktop software suite for managing message traffic. The Interra suite includes voice mail and unified messaging, Interra Virtual Assistant, Silent Message and Interra Mobility. / Ph: 972-583-0000

FaceTime Offers Messaging Make-Over For Enterprise Centers
FaceTime Communications has released the FaceTime Instant Message Director, a solution intended to address the challenge of call escalations and resolution of customer issues within high-volume telephony contact centers. The product is designed to provide immediate access to the appropriate knowledge experts for solving customer issues. The solution's server provides access to all knowledge workers, administration, management and gateway services (over both enterprise and public instant messaging networks, telephony systems, e-mail, etc.). Its Enterprise IM Workstation provides an interface for managing multiple interactions, agent detection, an integrated Web browser, access to interaction histories, three-way conferencing and supervisory capabilities, such as real-time monitoring and load balancing. In addition, the Enterprise IM Gateway enables presence detection and access to distributed experts over IM networks from within the IM Workstation component. / Ph: 888-349-FACE

Telelogic Enhances Change Management Solution
Telelogic AB launched version 6.1 of CM Synergy, its automated lifecycle management solution to help companies manage business change throughout the product development lifecycle, accelerating the application delivery process. New features include capabilities designed to facilitate centralized and distributed project teams to fully manage their software changes and logical dependencies using an automated workflow; enhanced process pattern support for the collaborative process pattern and the component-based development process pattern; a new, easy-to-use interface based on Java technology for developers; a flexible distributed repository; and a team-oriented workflow approach to development teams of all sizes. / 480-699-9401

SER Solutions Announces Launch Of Synergy 2000 Version 2.4
SER Solutions, Inc. announced the newest release of its Integrated Document Management (IDM) system, Synergy 2000 version 2.4. The latest version offers new features designed to deliver "single-click" access to complete information across an organization, automating manual processes and removing barriers to work collaboration. New and enhanced features include: Document Set Audit, which allows for automatic validation of loan files or account folders for completeness; image cropping capabilities for retrieval of parts of documents; expanded export and distribution options; simplified administration and upgrading; greater support for specialized check formats; a self-contained Synergy viewer; CITRIX environment support; and department- or enterprise-level user group setup. / 800-274-5676

Purple Solutions Upgrades Its CRM/Sales Force Automation Product
Purple Solutions, Inc. released PurpleCRM 1.7.1, the latest version of its sales force automation solution. PurpleCRM is designed to provide sales staff and management teams with dynamic contact and enterprise management tools, analytics, forecasting capabilities and customizable reports to manage all aspects of customer sales functions. Journal management and functionality was enhanced, including the ability to journalize incoming e-mail against contacts and importing journal and task/activities into PurpleCRM forms. New functionality to create and record task information and integrate the information into personal task lists or PurpleCRM group task lists is available. Tasking activity is functional in all journal entries. Composition of e-mail notes from within the solution now allows users to gather information from a wider variety of sources for inclusion in messages. Actions within the product can also be customized to include new user-specific functionality. PurpleCRM runs on Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server and features an interface layered into Outlook. / Ph: 206-691-7775

CTL Upgrades VoiceSupport NT
CTL, Inc. recently launched VoiceSupport NT Version 2.03, its Windows NT integrated desktop messaging product. VoiceSupport NT 2.03 includes support for text-to-speech, Internet Web Browser and extended port capacity. The product uses SpeechWorks International, Inc.'s ETI-Eloquence text-to-speech engine, which converts written text into high-quality, synthesized speech with expressive intonation. ETI-Eloquence makes content accessible from a telephone or any mobile device. Internet Web Browser enables Microsoft Web Server clients to play their voice messages over the Internet. A user simply goes to the VoiceSupport NT Web site and clicks on a voice message. The message will be streamed down the Internet to a PC for playback using Microsoft's Media Player. VoiceSupport NT can now expand to 60 voice ports, making it capable of handling thousands of users. / Ph: 203-925-4266

WiredRed Goes e/pop!
WiredRed Software Corporation announced the availability of e/pop 3.0, a suite of real-time communications applications. The product includes text-based chat conferencing, presence management, application sharing, advanced encryption for security, voice over IP conferencing, and Citrix and Terminal Server support. In addition, e/pop's administration capabilities, including remote control, enable system administrators to control, configure and manage the entire e/pop client infrastructure from any central location. The e/pop 3.0 product line is offered in a peer-to-peer edition for small businesses, standard edition server for medium-sized businesses or enterprise server edition for large businesses. e/pop 3.0 operates on all Windows 32-bit platforms, including Windows 95, 98, ME, NT and 2000 Workstation and Advanced Server. / Ph: 858-715-0970

Vertical Alliance Unveils Integrated Web App Development Platform
Vertical Alliance, Inc. introduced Vertical Tracker, a Web application development platform designed for rapid development and deployment of technologies to integrate the management of content, customer relationships and e-commerce across multiple Web sites. The platform combines an easy-to-use interactive content manager with customer relationship management capabilities, online purchasing, ordering and other e-commerce capabilities. It provides a centralized database that furnishes the ability to track the movement and buying capabilities of customers across a spectrum of affiliated Web sites to continually adapt marketing tactics to meet precise consumer needs. For integrators and consultants, Vertical Tracker includes customizable, pre-written business rules designed to reduce deployment time by providing tool sets that meet the exact practices and protocols of specific industries, such as sports and entertainment, financial services and healthcare. Vertical Tracker works on Windows, Windows SQL Server and Oracle-based systems. / Ph: 610-642-8253

InfoCall 4.0 Debuts
The Info Group recently released InfoCall version 4.0, its Web-enabled call accounting and telemanagement solution. Version 4.0 is designed to provide expanded voice project management capabilities and better integration of voice help desk operations with telecom and IT asset management. A new Service Order module provides workflow-based work order and repair order management tools. Services can now be effectively tracked, controlled and measured at the task, order and project level for more informed evaluation, including using new graphical reports. Work order and repair order requests are handled by a workflow-model to improve ease of tracking and administration. The solution's Web Call Inquiry feature provides browser-based access to real-time call data. Strengthened security features include 14 permission-based categories functioning across all modules in the solution to ensure precise permission assignment and overall information security. / Ph: 508-628-4500

LAN Telephony Recorder From Red Box
Red Box Recorders, a unit of Origin Data Realisation Ltd., announced the debut of what it reports is the first LAN telephony recorder of its kind, the Red Box 2620. The recorder has been designed to support 3Com products, such as the NBX 100 and 750, and development is underway to support other manufacturers' IP Solutions. The 2620 can record all incoming and outgoing call traffic as well as internal extension to extension calls. It offers the user a choice of replay scenarios and archive options, such as DVD, DDS-4 or VXA. The 2620 also has a proprietary security option so that certain calls can be excluded from being recorded. The company reports plans to provide add-on modules offering screen and data capture. / Ph: +44-0-115-937-7100

iSeg Presents CRM Solution For Wireless Carriers
iSeg Technologies, Inc. released iSeg Wireless, the version of its software targeted to wireless network operators and service providers. The software is designed to allow wireless carriers to identify and react to specific needs of individual customer segments within a subscriber base. iSeg Wireless uses proprietary algorithms to reconfigure existing customer data to categorize a service provider's customers in segments representative of similar history and usage. The data are enhanced with updates on individual customer preferences through a variety of touchpoints; e.g., direct customer querying via the Web, call centers, customer panels and focus groups. When surveys are completed, the segmentation algorithm is run again to create a needs-based segmentation of the customer base. Carriers can target specific segments with unique marketing messages, develop product packages and features specific to the needs of identified segments, and distribute the data to sales channels to qualify prospects and present the most appropriate offering or package. / Ph: 703-744-1143

WOW! (Windows Over Web): NDK Info Management Apps Development Suite
Database Systems Corporation released its Network Development Kit (NDK), a suite of software productivity tools designed to address virtually all areas of network application development. NDK components include TRANSACT, a screen builder and transaction processor; FASTPlus file system; TRANSWRITER, a menu-driven report and display writing system; TRANSVIEW, a data query and report system; and an application library, ODBC interface, fourth-generation language (4GL), a Web designer and a thin client. All components are integrated to a common dictionary to ensure consistency and standardization. Equipped with its own high-level procedural language (EZTRAN), NDK requires no other programming language, although it can access and support most popular languages. NDK server components all execute on the UNIX, LINUX and Windows/NT operating systems, with the thin client component available for most Windows operating systems. / Ph: 602-265-6958

IEX Extends Lingual Reach
IEX Corporation, Inc., a Tekelec Company, announced additional language support for the Agent WebStation feature of its TotalView Workforce Management System. TotalView version 3.0 supports Danish, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish; additional languages will be made available in subsequent releases. The solution provides tools designed for single and multisite contact center managers to deliver consistent service and improve employee morale. Features include agent forecasting and scheduling, skills scheduling, multimedia scheduling, real-time and historical adherence, intraday management, vacation and holiday planning, enterprise reporting and Web-based delivery of schedules and statistics. / Ph: 800-433-7692

Integrated Contact Center Testing, Monitoring And Reporting Solution
Empirix Inc. announced the introduction of Multimedia Test Ensemble, a solution designed to enable organizations to conduct integrated, end-to-end testing of all customer-facing voice and Web applications and infrastructure. Multimedia Test Ensemble is based on the voice testing capabilities of Empirix's Hammer IT and the Web testing technology of its e-TEST suite. It includes the Multimedia Synchronization Server, a newly developed component that synchronizes the Hammer and e-TEST scripts to permit fully integrated, end-to-end testing of all customer interactions in a multichannel environment; and the Multimedia Test Manager, which provides a single-console user interface for all components of the Multimedia Test Ensemble solution and allows users to develop integrated Web and voice scenarios that emulate actual conditions. Designed with an open architecture, the Multimedia Test Ensemble also works with third-party script-driven testing tools to allow customers to leverage their existing test processes in a multimedia environment.
/Ph: 781-993-8500

Multimedia Recording Capability From CosmoCom
CosmoCom, Inc. recently introduced CosmoCorder, a full-featured, multimedia recording tool for contact centers. By way of an all-IP infrastructure, CosmoCorder is designed to record voice, chat and e-mail sessions within the call center, regardless of an agent's location. As recordings are generated, CosmoCorder stores the information in a recording database for easier search and retrieval. Logs made for e-mail calls incorporate the complete e-mail thread, including any response created by the agent and forwarded mail. Through a browser-based interface, reviewers can select recordings based on agent name, call type or date range. The interface allows remote users to view text-based interactions and review audio that is streamed to the reviewer's workstation. CosmoCorder is an optional extension of CosmoCall Universe, CosmoCom's unified, all-IP call center platform for service providers and large-scale corporate users. / Ph: 631-940-4200

eSupportNow Rolls Out Customer Analysis Platform
eSupportNow, Inc. has launched AnalytiCARE, its customer analysis platform designed to provide clients with an intelligent and actionable view into customer care data. AnalytiCARE allows for the collection and analysis of data from all contact channels, applications and data sources, translates and analyzes the data and delivers them to the people and applications where they can be utilized to optimize customer care and retention marketing initiatives. The solution features real-time management of quantitative and qualitative service objectives; proactive analyses of behaviors, exceptions and alerts to resolve service issues; the ability to establish customized alerts, triggers and output format to match user needs; benchmarking of customer care operations and metrics against industry leaders/standards; and purchase behavior analysis to support cross-selling and upselling initiatives. XML adapters are provided to allow its output to be used in reporting systems as well as by campaign management, e-mail marketing and personalization applications. Currently available to eSupportNow clients, general release of AnalytiCARE will occur in September. / Ph: 781-306-9797

You Can Take It With You: GoToMyPC
Expertcity, Inc. reported the debut of GoToMyPC. The Web-based service is designed to allow users to securely view and control their computer desktops from any Internet connection, anywhere. The service is being marketed as a solution for individuals and corporations whose employees need remote access capabilities to their computers. Users have access to all files, programs and network resources available on the computer, including e-mail. The Web-based solution is intended to be fast, easy to use and deploy; Expertcity said the service can be installed individually or enterprisewide in minutes. Essentially no training or support is required, since users work in the same manner they would at their desktops. User authentication, nested passwords and encryption ensure highly secure connections. GoToMyPC is a subscription-based service. A free trial is available online at /Ph: 805-964-0383


Mergers & Acquisitions

Netting, Experian Enhances CRM Portfolio
Experian Information Solutions, Inc. agreed to acquire Exactis from interactive marketing solutions provider 24/7 Media Inc. for approximately $13.5 million. The acquisition provides Experian with an e-mail marketing infrastructure to combine with its direct marketing solutions. According to David J. Moore, CEO of 24/7 Media, the Exactis sale allows the company to refocus on 24/7 Media's core competencies: network ad sales, e-mail list management and brokerage, ad serving and search engine optimization. Scot Thomas, Experian's CEO, commented that "permission-based e-mail marketing is a critical component of any well-tailored customer relationship strategy," and the acquisition "reinforces Experian's commitment to deliver turnkey marketing solutions." The acquisition is expected to provide Experian with the means to deliver high-volume e-mail messages, including subscription management, personalized content, click-through tracking, Web-based reporting and verified opt-in addresses.

ThinkDirectMarketing Gains DMQ, Wide Web Presence, Inc. (TDMI), a provider of online direct marketing products and services, announced the acquisition of Burbank, California-based Direct Mail Quotes, LLC (DMQ) and its assets Mail and Mail Mogul is an online marketplace providing a lead generating system for the more than 5,000 professional mailing services in the United States, where users of direct mail can receive competitive bids from local mail shops capable of handling their diverse direct mail campaigns. Mail Mogul is an online marketplace for sellers of direct mail, providing leads, Web site applications, mailing lists, mailing supplies and other products and services designed specifically to help mail shops compete. DMQ and Mail Mogul will operate as wholly owned subsidiaries of ThinkDirectMarketing, Inc.


Elix Spins Off Excendia
Elix, a provider of interactive business solutions, spun off its Office Telephony division into a new company that will operate as Excendia Inc. Excendia will focus on developing and marketing PC-based PBX applications and development tools for small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) under the brand Office Telephony. According to Elix CEO Fran'ois Rainville, the spin-off provides more latitude in pursuing the SME market space and focusing on the needs of the emerging PCX industry. PCX is a new voice-switching platform featuring an open system that runs on industry-standard components. According to many industry analysts, PCX is expected to revolutionize the PBX industry as more vendors move toward open platforms. Excendia's immediate plans will focus on developing strategic OEM agreements with PCX hardware/operating systems vendors, and implementing its strategy for the recruitment and management of a global network of VARs, system integrators and interconnects already serving SMEs with other complementary data or telephony products and services.

SUN, CSG, Genesys Enhance TWC QoS
Sun Microsystems, Inc. reported that Time Warner Cable (TWC), a division of AOL Time Warner Inc., has created a state-of-the-art call center using its Sun Ray 150 appliances, Sun Enterprise 420 Servers and CSG Systems, Inc.'s Advanced Customer Service Representative (ACSR) software. The networked computing solution was implemented by Sun Professional Services and CSG during the first quarter of 2001 and has improved customer service levels and increased efficiencies for the 500-seat operation. The cooperative approach created a networked computing environment where Sun Ray appliances are integrated with TWC's customer relationship management system and CSG's ACSR, along with other desktop applications. The Sun Ray appliances connect to CSG's system, which delivers the customer support applications through the dedicated, centrally managed networked computing environment. In addition, TWC uses CTI software that delivers outbound predictive dialing from Genesys Communications. This has resulted in a more efficient way to quickly process customer requests.

LIMRA Recruiting, Selection Tools Online
LIMRA International, a worldwide association of insurance and financial services companies, reported that all of the recruiting and selection tools it offers through the ExSel selection system are now available online at The package includes the latest version of CultureFit, a selection test that matches candidates with organizational culture. LIMRA's current test modules also include: Achievement and Success Index that evaluates the probability that a candidate will be a top producing insurance or financial services sales representative; Business Practices Index for assessing each candidate's conscientiousness and business integrity; Career Profile+, which predicts financial services sales success potential; Comprehensive Personality Profile (CPP) which measures results-oriented drive and motivation; and Performance Skills Index for assessing a candidate's ability to pass insurance and NASD licensing exams. A completely revamped Assessment Inventory for Management will be available online later this year.

IEX Solutions Get Nortel Nod
IEX, a Tekelec Company and provider of contact center solutions, announced the company's TotalView Workforce Management and TotalNet Call Routing solutions have completed verification testing through the Nortel Networks Compatibility Testing program. Both IEX solutions were successfully tested with Nortel's Symposium Call Center Server Release 4.0 software. The compatibility with the IEX TotalNet solution will allow Nortel's customers to obtain pre-termination call routing functionality for a virtual contact center environment, to complement the post termination call routing inherent in the Symposium Call Center Server solution today. Successful testing of the TotalView solution provides customers additional opportunities to obtain operational improvements in their agent forecasting and scheduling processes. These virtual contact center solutions have been enhanced by joint product development between the two companies.

Mobius Joins Personalization Consortium
Mobius Management Systems, Inc., a provider of CRM, e-billing and e-business software, announced its membership in the Personalization Consortium. Launched in April 2000, the Massachusetts-based Personalization Consortium is an international advocacy group formed to promote the responsible and beneficial use of technology for personalizing consumer and business relationships. It will provide a forum for discussion of personalization technology and privacy issues, develop guidelines for personalized online marketing practices, sponsor research, work with other industry and consumer groups to shape public policy and educate the marketplace about benefits of the enabling technology. Information on the Personalization Consortium is available at, by sending
e-mail to or by contacting consortium headquarters at 401 Edgewater Place, Suite 500, Wakefield, MA. 01880; Tel: 781-245-4280.

Strategic Alliances

Salesnet Partners With Salesreach
Salesnet, Inc., a provider of sales process management and automation, has formed a partnership with Salesreach, a sales and marketing consulting firm. Through the agreement, Salesreach will offer Salesnet's suite of products and services to global sales teams in the service and manufacturing industries.

Mobius, Princeton eCom Offer Combined eBilling Solution
Mobius Management Systems, Inc., a provider of software for managing and presenting enterprise content, and electronic billing and payment services provider Princeton eCom Corporation have formed a marketing alliance for delivering a comprehensive electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) solution to banks and billers. The agreement aims to provide an end-to-end solution, from bill/statement archiving and presentment to consolidation, distribution, payment processing and lockbox services. The alliance combines Mobius' ViewDirect content server and Click-n-Done software distributed through Princeton eCom's bill distribution network and its payment services. The companies expect to provide a customer service and self-service facility that augments EBPP and improves a company's overall CRM strategy.

Avolent And Databeacon Offer Analytics With Bill Presentation Software
Avolent, Inc. has selected Databeacon, Inc.'s analytics application for inclusion in Avolent's business-to-business billing software, BizCast. The addition of Databeacon's analysis and reporting tool to BizCast will enable billers to provide customizable, detailed analyses of invoices to their customers. With the integration of advanced analytics into BizCast, end users can prepare sophisticated, personalized reports to better understand the key factors that impact their bill. Both companies expect the combined solution to serve as a robust data-management and data access tool, helping to drive increased customer adoption of e-billing solutions among the telecommunications, financial and insurance markets.

SPSS Expands Lucent Accord
Strengthening its existing partnership, SPSS Inc.'s Enabling Technologies Division announced Lucent Technologies, Inc. will have the rights to resell SPSS' VentoMap for DCS, an advanced analytical solution designed to work with data from Lucent's Data Collection System (DCS). VentoMap for DCS was developed by SPSS to offer Lucent DCS customers insight into their enhanced services business. Under the agreement, Lucent will directly market and sell VentoMap for DCS, and SPSS will provide professional services and maintenance for the solution. Also under the agreement, the SPSS Enabling Technologies Division earmarks resources to support Lucent's reselling efforts, including sales personnel to support customer visits and solution demonstrations, marketing personnel to provide collateral material and professional services personnel for implementing, maintaining and enhancing VentoMap for DCS.

Chordiant Enters OEM Pact With Hipbone
Chordiant Software, Inc. and Hipbone, Inc. entered into an OEM relationship agreement under which Chordiant will extend its Foundation Server to provide customer service representatives with the ability to dynamically share Web pages and collaboratively fill out and complete forms with customers and prospects. Hipbone's Java-based software will be embedded in Chordiant's Collaborative Connect application so that customer service representatives can assist online customers in completing complex, high-value business transactions, including online loan applications, buying and selling securities online, completing travel arrangements, and configuring and ordering computers or enterprise software. Hipbone's technology and Chordiant's Collaborative Connect application can provide support of secure sessions and Web pages, sharing of fully dynamic and personalized content, and URL and file push functionality.

eFORCE, Sun Deliver eMarket Solution
eFORCE, Inc. announced a relationship with Sun Microsystems Inc. to deliver a comprehensive, private marketplace solution (myPRIVATEmarketplace) to manufacturers and life science companies that are increasingly targeting electronic marketplaces as an effective means to enhance collaboration with existing trading partners across each company's trading value chain. Under the agreement, eFORCE will combine its system development and integration methodology (eBRIDGE) and marketplace architecture with Sun's eBusiness infrastructure offerings to address the emerging "collaborative commerce" business model targeted by manufacturers in such vertical markets as automotive, high-technology and life sciences. Also, both firms will combine joint marketing, sales, vertical industry expertise and other organizational resources in a new strategic approach to designing and building private marketplaces presented in a bundled, repeatable solution set.

Alcatel Taps ACS Dataline
Alcatel and ACS Dataline, LP, a provider of network infrastructure solutions, announced that ACS Dataline will sell and service the Alcatel OmniPCX 4400 IP-based PBX and Omni family of data products to enterprise customers. ACS Dataline will also integrate the Alcatel enterprise voice and data solutions for customers within the education, healthcare, biotech, financial and energy markets in the U.S. The alliance is expected to benefit customers looking into voice/data convergence.

CustomerLinx, Kelly Partner
Kelly Management Services, a business unit of Kelly Services, announced it has formed a partnership with CustomerLinx to offer customer relationship management services, including Web-enabled communications, to businesses that require call center support. CustomerLinx specializes in customer relationship management. Through this partnership, CustomerLinx will provide Kelly's outsourcing staffing business with enhanced responsive customer support, integrated eCRM technology, analytics and an integrated database. In addition, Kelly Management Services will incorporate its call center staffing solutions program, KellyConnect, into the alliance. KellyConnect is designed to recruit, assess, train and retain the most efficient call center personnel.

Call Technology Secures Microsoft Distribution Deal
Call Technology Limited has launched and will exclusively distribute Microsoft Corporation's iCommunicate customer service technology, to be branded IntelliComm in the U.K. IntelliComm is designed to ensure organizations can deliver a cost-effective Web-based customer service application, enhancing electronic customer relationship management by providing a direct communication channel between customer and organization via real-time, personal interaction.

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