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RE: Compliance Technologies & Solutions
July 2004

Compliance Technologies And Services Roundup


As the contact center industry resigns itself to settling into compliance with the multitude of state and federal regulations passed last year, a new category of products and services has come into increased prominence. Contact centers today, particularly the centers that perform outbound work, are carrying a heavy burden of making sure their dialers are compliant, using third-party verification, recording calls, complying with caller I.D. restrictions and abandon rates and making sure they don't call a number on any of the federal or state do-not-call lists (all while maintaining their own internal rules and lists).


There are two kinds of contact center companies today: those that are still desperately cobbling together their own patchwork of imperfect internal processes (these are the companies with the permanent migraine headaches) and those companies that have sought the assistance of a professional organization in attaining compliance. For those contact center organizations falling into the former category but wanting to be included in the latter, the editors of Customer Inter@ction Solutions' have compiled the following list of companies that offer products and services in the compliance arena. We invite you to carefully peruse these companies' offerings if you are in the market for compliance technologies.

3PV ' Third Party Verification
Phone: 888-508-3PV1

Products: Martina Speech-Enabled TPV, CRV Call Recording, Martina Voice Print Verifier
3PV ' Third Party Verification offers speech-enabled, agent-assisted and e-commerce third-party verification (TPV) services, as well as call recording and voice-based biometric security solutions.

Phone: 800-364-5518
Product: Amcat Intel NetMerge

All Amcat Intel NetMerge systems are fully compliant with the new FTC TSR (Telemarketing Sales Rule) regulations. Amcat systems provide comprehensive 'do-not-call' features and relationships with the major 'do-not-call' vendors. Amcat is also fully compliant with the new TSR legislation requiring specific drop rates and the ability to leave a recorded message when an agent is unavailable to take a successfully answered outbound call. With Amcat, businesses are better positioned to have the flexibility they require to operate outbound contact center activity successfully and in a compliant manner.

Phone: 877-862-6662
Product: CallScan

CallCommand, a provider of Web-based communication solutions to automotive retailers, offers CallScan On Demand, its 'telemarketing compliance in a box' product. CallScan On Demand is positioned as a low-cost, easy-to-implement way of assuring compliance with the FTC, the FCC, state agencies and even company-specific list regulations regarding new do-not-call (DNC) legislation. Daily call volume makes it virtually impossible for most dealers to ensure full compliance from salespeople and service advisors. Yet, non-compliance can mean hefty fines and possible lawsuits. CallScan On Demand ensures compliance and provides protection with a complete reporting and monitoring system, all without the cost of additional hardware, software or the necessity to switch phone service providers.

Call Compliance, Inc.
Phone: 516-674-4545
Product: TeleBlock

Call Compliance, Inc. has stated that its patented, multi-award-winning TeleBlock Do-Not-Call Blocking System is the first and only blocking product that automatically screens and blocks outbound calls ' in real-time ' against federal, state, third-party and in-house do-not-call lists within the network infrastructure of a participating telephone company via SS7 and IP technologies. There is no logging in or logging off required. A subscriber's agents and calling equipment simply access an outbound trunk and dial, and all numbers dialed are screened against their proprietary DNC database. If a dialed number appears in the database, then the call is blocked and a 'restricted number' message is furnished. If the dialed number does not appear in the DNC database, then the call is processed accordingly. It is unnoticeable to the caller or calling equipment.

Contact Center Compliance Corporation
Phone: 866-362-5478

Product: various
Contact Center Compliance manages do-not-call risk by providing a range of real-time, globally deployable DNC compliance products designed to provide complete federal and state DNC compliance, support for all vertical industry exemptions and rules, existing state and federal law-based business relationship support, internal DNC list support, DNC policy creation and fast fulfillment. Contact Center Compliance states it can help users get into compliance and safe harbor for a fraction of the cost of doing it on their own.

Digitlaks USB Recorder
Phone: 203-227-4112

Product: USB Recorder
The USB Recorder allows users to avoid potential misunderstandings. Users can record important telephone conversations word-for-word directly onto their computers. The USB Recorder was designed to make it very easy: users install the software and plug the recorder into a USB port on their computer. The Recorder is suitable for both home or office use.

Gryphon Networks
Phone: 781-255-0444

Product: Gryphon Compliance Suite
Gryphon Compliance Suite is positioned as a turnkey, real-time, network-delivered solution for complying with federal and state do-not-call laws. Using Gryphon's solution, companies need not purchase any equipment. Gryphon's customers are able to comply with all DNC laws and regulations, enhance agent and office productivity and simplify management of outbound campaigns.

Noble Systems
Phone: 888-866-2538

Product: ATOMS Contact Center Suite, Predictive Dialing Solution (PDS)
The Noble Systems contact center technology suite gives users a 'fully equipped' compliance package that includes a comprehensive set of features and reports designed to directly address the new FTC regulations with the industry's most advanced toolsets.

SER Solutions, Inc.
Phone: 800-274-5676
Product: Call Processing System (CPS)

SER Solutions' Call Processing System (CPS) is designed to be a reliable, proven, cost-effective call management system that combines workhorse predictive dialing with inbound and blended features to help keep companies competitive.

Sivox Technologies, Inc.
Phone: 630-424-9000
Product: SIVOX RealCall

Using SIVOX RealCall dynamic simulations, call centers can create immersive customer call simulations. Trainees learn from interactive customer call simulations how to handle calls in a fully compliant manner. If trainees do not use the appropriate, legally correct language, the on-screen coach can prompt them for a better response. Simulation scripts can be completed by training center managers with little or no intervention from IT or programmers. The call center application programs are also replicated in simulation, ensuring that call center trainees are capturing and appropriately entering the correct data. Agent trainee performance can be graded on over 110 metrics, including application system performance and voice quality, allowing managers to review simulation voice recordings and system data entry.

Phone: 800-390-1157

Product: StrataDial.VC2 ' Virtual Contact Center
StrataDial.VC2 ' Virtual Contact Center works seamlessly with Call Compliance Inc.'s TeleBlock system. StrataDial.VC2 provides customers with the following telephony applications: outbound predictive dialing; inbound automatic call distribution; voice mail and auto-attendant; speech recognition and text-to-speech; Web-based text chat; e-mail management and routing; fax on demand; an interactive voice response system and rapid application development tools.

Phone: 301-230-2129
Product: VoiceLog

VoiceLog offers recording solutions to help companies meet the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR), as well as protect them from other legal concerns. VoiceLog can help their clients with legal issues such as express verifiable authorization, free trial to pay with pre-acquired account information, electronic signatures, proof (and monitoring) of compliance and dispute resolution.

The Welch Group
Phone: 719-272-4032
Services: compliance services, dialer testing

The Welch Group will perform an in-depth, confidential compliance review of a company's current practices and validate if its dialer is conforming to the current regulations. Companies need to know where they stand, and they cannot afford to ignore these federal regulations. The Welch Group can also help companies develop the operational process to enhance compliance at all levels. The group has made understanding these regulations inside and out its business, taking an in-depth understanding of predictive dialers, both technically and practically. The Welch Group can provide customers with operationally sound processes to help them comply with these regulations.

Witness Systems
Phone: 888-3-WITNESS or

Product: eQuality ContactStore, eQuality ContactStore for IP, eQuality ContactStore Plus
eQuality ContactStore and eQuality ContactStore for IP were designed to capture agent/customer voice and data interactions from both traditional and IP telephony environments. The flexible system records 100 percent of customer contacts. The solutions are designed for organizations with high-volume recording and compliance requirements, as well as for sales verification purposes. eQuality ContactStore Plus is a single solution for capturing customer intelligence from both a full-time compliance recording and selective and business-driven recording perspective. eQuality ContactStore Plus brings the functionality of eQuality ContactStore and eQuality Balance together, enabling users to record 100 percent of customer interactions and then proactively organize them, based on business rules they define, into designated contact folders.


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