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Customer Experience Company to Discuss Speech Analytics at ITEXPO

August 11, 2014

By Casey Houser,
Contributing Writer

NICE Systems (News - Alert) will be showcasing software solutions that improve customer experiences including real-time speech analytics and real-time authentication technologies at ITEXPO (News - Alert) this week in Las Vegas.

The company has three presentations planned that will discuss various aspects of the customer service center as they relate to fraud detection. Elad Hoffman (News - Alert), solution manager for NICE Real-Time Authentication, provided more detailed information about the nature of business protection and the value that real-time detection can create for a business.

"As customers continue to become more knowledgeable and persistent in wanting immediate and exceptional service," Hoffman said, "seconds can make the difference between a customer who is about to leave or upgrade."

Hoffman underscores the need for businesses to use authentication software that operates quickly so customers are not deterred by lengthy processes that take up their time -- time they view as valuable. This can be difficult, however, given that they must also place a high priority on protecting their existing clients' data -- protection that companies may wish time did not pressure.

Real-time analytics can help consolidate the needs of clients with the needs of businesses.

"Organizations are facing a difficult challenge to respond quickly and efficiently to customers while simultaneously ensuring security of valuable client data. By using voice authentication technology and real-time analytics, companies can get closer to their customers by servicing them faster, smarter, and safer to both protect them against fraud and ensure an exceptional customer experience," Hoffman continues.

NICE will deliver its first presentation Aug. 12. Titled, "My Voice is My Passport Panel," it will discuss the effective but challenging nature of voice biometrics. On Aug. 13, it will present "Authentication without Interrogation" and will speak more generally about how authentication methods can improve overall customer experiences. Finally, on Aug. 14, a NICE panel will host "Real-time Analytics for Real-time Service Panel," a discussion analyzing how businesses can integrate real-time voice authentication to make their operations run more smoothly and securely while also providing better experiences for their customers.

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Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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