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Aspect Workforce Management 7.5 Helps Companies Improve Customer Experience

November 08, 2012

By Madhubanti Rudra,
TMCnet Contributor

With contact centers and support organizations increasingly relying on multinational and multisite dispersed agents, including at-home workers, workforce management solutions are becoming increasingly vital for the success of these complex contact center operating environments.

Aspect Software, a company known for a suite of call center technology, enterprise workforce optimization and Microsoft (News - Alert) solutions, has released the upgraded version of its Workforce Management platform. In version 7.5, Aspect (News - Alert) Workforce Management integrates advanced workforce management features and allows the call center management teams to focus more on their goal of delivering the best customer service possible, instead of spending time on workforce scheduling or communicating across multiple work sites.

Workforce Management 7.5 has been designed to help companies to improve the customer experience by creating a better and more streamlined work environment for contact center agents. It is also expected to give the supervisors better control over interaction outcomes which in turn deliver improved consumer interactions.

Building on Aspect's WFM platform, Workforce Management 7.5 offers a new functionality relating to self-service shift bidding. This new feature would help supervisors to use shift bidding approval strategies to incentivize top performers.

This, on the one hand, would create more flexibility for at-home agents, having unique scheduling requirements. On the other hand, it will make it easier for the companies to reward and recognize agent achievements.

“Workforce management solutions have always been critical for the success of large and complex contact center operating environments. Increasingly, they are also being used to simplify management of multi-national and multi-site dispersed agents, including at-home workers, in contact centers and support organizations of all sizes. The use of home-based agents gives organizations access to a much broader talent pool or resources. It also introduces new challenges that require next generation technologies, including workforce management solutions that have been optimized to address these opportunities,” DMG Consulting president and contact center industry analyst Donna Fluss noted in a statement.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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