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What is Workforce Optimization?

August 13, 2012

By Rachel Ramsey,
TMCnet Web Editor

Workforce optimization is a business process that brings together key contact center and customer service functions to enable an organization to deliver better service, improve efficiency and contain costs. Through the combination of software and services, workforce optimization (WFO) enables the people, processes and technology involved in customer service to work together, share data and make informed decisions.

Workforce optimization helps companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer interactions through solutions that capture interactions across all channels, analyze to reveal insights, and drive actions that impact business results and customer experience. Workforce Optimization solutions include capabilities for call recording, agent evaluation and coaching, performance management, forecasting and scheduling, interaction analytics and feedback surveys.

These capabilities are applied in solutions that enable businesses to harness the data from customer interactions to increase efficiency, improve sales efforts and ultimately improve client experience.

Most workforce optimization solutions enable organizations to measure, manage and motivate frontline employees to consistently deliver their best performance during customer interactions. Its integrated capabilities give managers best-in-class tools to schedule the right agents with the right skills at the right times; analyze performance to identify knowledge gaps; deliver targeted coaching; gain visibility into individual, team and group performance; and create performance-based incentives that align with the company’s objectives.

A workforce optimization suite typically includes tools for workforce management, quality monitoring, liability recording, coaching and eLearning, performance management, surveying and speech analytics. The technology brings together and reports on many different functions within the enterprise – from the call center to the back-office. According to one industry expert, workforce optimization technology can be valuable to the enterprise because it delivers actionable insight that can help optimize the call center.

WFO solutions can be a huge competitive advantage, enabling your organization to deliver better service and take advantage of cross-selling or marketing opportunities that you might otherwise have overlooked. They can also save you money by automating manual processes, reducing unnecessary labor, enhancing efficiency across departments and lowering training costs. 

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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