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  • VoIP Comes of Age in the Enterprise
    Old phone lines might have their place in a highly connected society, but VoIP provides more than a plain old telephone system (POTS).
  • WhatsApp Stymied in Market-Reach Growth Attempt
    The United Arab Emirates' Telecommunications Regulatory Authority issued a statement recently clarifying the policy about use of VoIP in the UAE.
  • Telling it Like it is: Voice Isn't Going Anywhere
    Voice will always have a place in virtual communication, just as voice will always have a place in real-life interactions. It's just the way we're wired.
  • Thinking of Going UC? VoIP is a Good Place to Start
    VoIP's ability to meld with other communications platforms around the office can boost productivity and improve customer and partner satisfaction - a message that carries considerable weight.
  • Enterprise is Waking Up to the Value of VoIP
    Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies are great for enabling employees to use their own familiar equipment at work to get things done, but there's still a place for enterprise-owned phones that can be monitored and transferred to other staff when needed.
  • VoIP Communications Set to Benefit from VoLTE
    What VoIP has done for communications costs, VoLTE must surpass to make it a complete knockout.
  • Got VoIP? If Not, You're in the Minority
    Ambiguity about whether VoIP will penetrate mainstream businesses has been erased. Infonetics Research says the global market will reach $88 billion by 2018.
  • VoIp Growth Continues, Posting a Strong Rise in Last Year
    Infonetics research found that the VoLTE equipment market and associated IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) equipment market grew 12 percent in 2014.
  • Survey Shows VoIP Phones Making Business Inroads
    It makes sense for businesses to ditch the legacy telephony system and invest in a solid, stable and cost-effective phone system that uses the most cutting edge technologies available.
  • VoIP Providers Urged to Provide Backup Power During Blackouts
    Voice over Internet Protocol phone service delivered over newer networks stops working as soon as the power goes out unless there is a battery backup in the customer's home. The FCC believes this is a problem.
  • UAE Blocks Skype and Other OTT VoIP Services
    Net neutrality and competition may be issues near and dear to the hearts of citizens throughout the United States and Western Europe, but the stranglehold of monopoly is still apparent in places like the United Arab Emirates.
  • Worried About VoIP Security? Don't Be
    One of the biggest fears expressed both privately and quite loudly about VoIP is the security issue. With hackers worldwide seemingly breaking into whatever they want (Yes, U.S. Government; we're glancing in your direction), it would seem to make sense that VoIP is just as vulnerable as everything else. But one VoIP insider has a contrary point of view.
  • VoIP Armor Becomes Part of Mushroom Networks' Truffle Broadband Bonding Appliance
    Mushroom Networks recently released VoIP Armor, a new solution that improves the voice quality and reliability of calls made using VoIP.
  • SwitchRay Set for Success as Popularity of VoIP Rises
    The world of VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol - keeps expanding, and along with it rides the fortune of a number of companies. One of those is SwitchRay, a leading vendor of telecommunications software.
  • South Africa VoIP Switch Subscribers Now Have Added Protection
    The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) recently amended its Service Charter for service providers and network operators.
  • Make VoIP Technology the Hub of Your 2015 Business Goals
    . When it comes to resolutions, both business and personal, this is about the time those of us who hit the ground running tend to drop off.
  • Hosted VoIP Gaining New Fans
    How do you stand out from the competition while still protecting healthy margins? Hosted VoIP is one technology that tends to be at the top of everyone's list.
  • Open VoIP Gateway Platform for SMBs Ready to Ship
    IT staffers can tell you that they never know what problem is going to arise with the next email or voicemail they receive. So it must come as a relief to them that a new open VoIP gateway platform has hit the market, designed especially for small and medium businesses that have unique needs and a limited budget for their phone options.
  • Worldwide Movement: Popularity of VoIP is Spreading
    Here in the states, we have a tendency to take any new technology for granted. Whether it's wearable gear to track our fitness levels, or drones delivering our pizza, we get excited for a day and then move on. But in other parts of the world, technology still holds a certain allure, and that might help explain why South Africans are excited about the expansion of Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP.
  • DoS Attacks Can Hit VoIP Users, Too
    Telephony denial of service is the blocking of your voice-over-IP communication links to stop you from making or receiving calls. Here's how to fight back.
  • Number of UK TVs Drops Dramatically; Broadband Rises Significantly
    At the end of last year there were 300,000 fewer homes in the UK in 2013 that had TVs. In 2012 there were 26.33 million households with TVs as compared to 26.02 million in 2013.
  • Should VoIP Users Have to Shoulder 911 Costs?
    A rate hike on phone calls in Pennsylvania could have a broader impact on VoIP costs in the near future. The increased charges are designed to pay for the ever-rising costs of maintaining county-operated 911 emergency systems.
  • 2015 May Well Be 'The Year of VoIP'
    A new report just released shows that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) may finally be coming into its own. Cost savings is just one of the many strong selling points mentioned.
  • Patton CPE Proves Swisscom's Choice to Back Business VoIP
    When Swisscom needed a way to better bring out its VoIP offering, it looked to Patton Electronics and the SmartNode 5300 as the means to better get the service into use for customers.
  • Telecom CEO: VoIP is Bringing About the End of Landlines
    With the rise of VoIP technology and its attendant low or no-cost, hardwired phones at home or work might well be fading away.
  • A Look Ahead: VoIP Poised for Growth in 2015
    A trusted source for market information about the networking and telecommunications industries notes that the VoIP market has grown strongly in the past year, and will continue to do so.
  • Choosing a VoIP Switch for Your Small Business: Benefits and Considerations
    While many households have moved on from landlines and instead opted for the convenience (and cost savings) of mobile phones, many businesses-especially small ones-are stuck with clunky, costly voice communication systems.
  • Legacy Phone Systems May Be Holding Back Your Small Business
    No matter what size your business may be, chances are if you're growing and expanding, then you've outgrown your phone system.
  • Report Believes FCC Roadblocks Will Slow VoIP Juggernaut
    So, what to do? The FCC says carriers must seek permission before discontinuing copper-based services in favor of VoIP. And a new ruling by the government body "clarif[ies] that the circumstances in which carriers must seek approval to discontinue a service depend upon the practical impact of its actions, not the fine print of an aging tariff filing," the FCC further stated. "This ensures that there will be a public process to evaluate a proposed discontinuance before a choice is removed from the market, regardless of how the carrier has written its tariff."
  • Good News for VoIP Providers; Market Still Expanding
    According to new data just published, both the the service provider VoIP and IMS markets grew five percent in Q3 2014 from Q3 2013, to reach $1 billion.
  • Go With 'Experience' When Making the VoIP Switch
    A new survey shows more than half of prospective small business buyers were actually investing in VoIP for the first time in 2014. And the market is poised to get even bigger.
  • Launching VoIP? Run a Check-List First
    As the "VoIP juggernaut" continues on what seems to be its inevitable expansion, more and more companies are getting ready to make the leap. Still, it's not as simple as throwing a switch; care has to be taken to assure that you - and more importantly your infrastructure - are ready for the changeover.
  • Vonage Aims for Larger Customers with Planned UCaaS Acquisition
    VoIP pioneer Vonage continues to step up its game with the planned acquisition of the unified-communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) provider, Telesphere.
  • Report Sees Steady Expansion of VoIP Over Six Years
    New research indicates that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will be growing steadily up through at least 2020.
  • My Business Voice Offers VoIP Calling from Outlook
    Published reports say My Business Voice, an Australian VoIP provider, has announced that it is offering a way to make phone calls in Microsoft Outlook.
  • FCC Weighs in on New Rules as All-IP is Imminent
    The move to migrate communications to an all-IP network from a legacy one is one of the most talked about debates in telecom to date.
  • Time Warner Cable Raises the Stakes in 'VoIP Wars'
    With more companies offering low-cost VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services for both businesses and homes, it was only a matter of time before someone took it to the next level. It appears that Time Warner Cable (TWC) has done just that with its new app, Phone 2 Go.
  • The Pros and Cons of Skype and Viber, and When to Use Both
    Skype and Viber are two of the most popular VoIP service providers on the market - so much so that many users of both are unaware of what VoIP even is, despite the fact that they use it frequently.
  • How to Do the Best Job of Finding the Best VoIP
    It's the kind of question that keeps business owners and decision makers up at night: how to choose the right voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) system for the business?
  • Switching to VoIP Offers Multiple Benefits
    A recent blog post from New Zealand discussed the benefits of switching away from legacy copper and into VoIP communications systems.
  • New Zealand Companies Can Make the VoIP Switch
    A number of companies throughout the world have opted to replace the legacy PBX with a VoIP switch so as to enjoy streamlined communications at a fraction of the cost.
  • SipVine: Make VoIP Work for You
    Landlines may not be quite dead, but with businesses needing to do everything they can to get the most out of their telecom provider, the traditional telephone is slowly giving way to VoIP.
  • Cellular Solutions are Replacing Landlines Across the Board
    Businesses may still have office telephone systems using the traditional copper-wire telephone network, but they are on the way out just as surely as residential landline phone service.
  • Skype to Stop Voice Calls to Phones Within India
    According to a recent article, Indian Skype account holders who use the Skype call service to make landline and mobiles calls within India will soon not be able to do so.
  • Hosted VoIP, UCC Market in North America is Sound - Has Some Challanges
    The market in North America for hosted Internet protocol (IP) telephony services, as well as for unified communication & collaboration (UCC) services, has been on quite a climb of late, even if only on an anecdotal level, as more and more businesses start paying close attention to said markets and the kinds of opportunities that said markets pose for users. A new report out from Reportbuyer, meanwhile, suggests that this market is indeed one that's on the rise or at least stable on several fronts, but those getting in the market will bear a note of caution: it may not stay that way for long.
  • SolveForce Brings SIP VoIP to Dallas
    SolveForce, a globally recognized Ethernet & telecom consulting agency out of Texas, plans to take business communications in Dallas to the next level.
  • Alianza Improves Hosted VoIP Solutions by Teaming Up with GLDS
    Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) carrier Alianza recently made the official announcement that it would be partnering with leading customer management and billing provider GLDS to simplify VoIP management.
  • Lower-Cost, Free Calls via Messaging App Could Impact Market
    There is a continuing trend of seeing free or lower-cost Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls. One recent example is how Google Hangouts becomes another messaging app to provide free mobile voice calls.
  • Verv Tel Brings Enterprise VoIP Solution to the US
    Introducing innovation in communications is not as common as we may want to believe in the enterprise space. It's just a challenge to get the decision-maker to pull the trigger on a large-scale project.
  • Small Business Owners Switching to VoIP Need Answers to Basic Questions
    Among the reasons for a switch to VoIP are businesses which use VoIP need just one vendor, they'll realize savings, and they will not need extra IT staff support.
  • Dell Selects Vonage to Enhance Its Mobile Workspace App with VoIP Calling
    Dell has released an update for the mobile workspace app that allows for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone calls powered by Vonage.
  • VoIP Increasingly Popular with Small Businesses
    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is increasingly popular among small businesses, as a recent survey showed that 57 percent of buyers are thinking of investing in a VoIP service as their business phone system for the first time.
  • VoIP Technology Still Misunderstood by Consumers, Small Businesses
    In spite of steadily expanding adoption rates among businesses and consumers, myths about voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology are still rampant.
  • SolarWinds Adds Support for Avaya VoIP Solutions
    The new VoIP management solution will help businesses to get detailed insight into the network's impact on Avaya VoIP call quality.
  • Viber Challenging Traditional Texting Options
    With new offerings from Viber, WhatsApp, Line and other services, SMS may become increasingly less popular in the future.
  • Research Finds Huawei and Metaswitch Are the Standout IMS/VoIP Vendors
    A major researcher has just released vendor market share and forecasts from its 2nd quarter (2Q14) Service Provider VoIP and IMS Equipment and Subscribers report.
  • VoIP, IP, PBX: Know the Differences
    The increasing recognition of the need for efficiency with lower costs within an organization is an influence that's helping to drive the acceptance of VoIP pretty much everywhere.
  • DSP Group's DVF99 VoIP SoC Selected by Obihai
    DSP Group, a provider of wireless chipset solutions for converged communications, recently announced that its DVF99 VoIP SoC had been selected by Obihai, a manufacturer of VoIP solutions, for its new line of IP phone models.
  • Before Going VoIP, Consider These Key Points
    You'd be hard pressed to find a decision-maker that doesn't already know the benefits of moving over to a VoIP system. For more than a decade, tech moguls have long sung the praises of VoIP.
  • Wi-Fi Mobile Calling Is Becoming the Norm
    A new report stated recently that several mobile carriers have been spotted allowing the practice of completing mobile calls with Wi-Fi.
  • Gentay Communications Unveils its VoIP-based Nanu Service
    Because it is less costly than landline phones, VoIP is gaining popularity as a replacement for regular phones, particularly in the business world.
  • VoIP Helps Build Strong Business Ties
    Communication is fundamental to business connections, and the technology climate of today is making it easier all the time.
  • Firstcom Acquired for UC VoIP Product Assimilation
    Earlier this week, acquired the majority market share (85 percent stake) of Firstcom, a Danish unified communications (UC) provider.
  • Convergia Now Offering Discounted VoIP Systems
    Convergia, a leading business VoIP service provider to both the U.S. and Canada, has just announced that the company's Hosted PBX phone systems now offer Local Area Code Presence.
  • AireBeam Delivers Wireless Fiber-Speed Network to Rural Arizona
    While true fiber connectivity is unavailable in most of Arizona's rural areas, AireBeam was able to achieve fiber-like speeds through microwave signals.
  • E-MetroTel Improves Customer Service for Shanghai Client
    E-MetroTel is improving customer service and reducing communications costs for Shanghai Symphony Telecommunications. The company is using E-MetroTel's UCX450 solution for its Shanghai Times Square office.
  • VoIP Provider Announces Soft Switch Rental Program
    In response to ITSP startups that wish to hit the ground running, Velocity has released its cloud-based hosted switch rental program.
  • Audit of DOE VoIP Implementation Reveals Weaknesses
    The DOE deployed VoIP networks at more than 14 locations around the country at a cost of more than $56 million to harness all the potential that VoIP offers.
  • Concern: Growing Number of Mobile Users Could Increase IoT Failure Rate
    According to an analysis of the issue at Telecom Tech, the use of mobile devices is set to increase through 2018 - so much so that it could hinder the uptime of future Internet of things (IoT) applications.
  • St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Expands Broadband Capability with GLDS' WinCable Solutions
    The WinCable billing & provisioning solutions from Great Lakes Data Systems, Inc. (GLDS) have been deployed by the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe in Akwesasne, NY, to support its broadband expansion.
  • Complete Mobility Enabled with the VoIP Switch
    If you've embraced all of the capabilities of the VoIP switch both in and out of the office, you know what benefits this provides.
  • Apple's iOS 8 Will Have Wi-Fi Calling, With Help From T-Mobile
    T-Mobile-according to reports from Computerworld-made it clear that it was going to be backing Apple's Wi-Fi calling play to the hilt by supporting the feature on the iPhones sold through T-Mobile.
  • VoIP UC Gets a Boost from Teradici, CounterPath
    Teradici , a developer of PCoIP technology for virtual workspaces, has partnered with CounterPath Corp., a developer of award-winning desktop, tablet and mobile VoIP client solutions.
  • VoIP Reigns Supreme, but Landlines Still Serve a Vital Function
    VoIP is so successful that there are many within the industry questioning whether landlines serve a purpose anymore. Companies like AT&T and Verizon are pushing to make VoIP the standard by 2020.
  • VoLTE Networks Supercharge VoIP Functionality
    VoIP phone systems are able to translate traditional analog phone signals into highly efficient data packets, which use much lower bandwidth and as a result are able to reduce the cost of making a phone call.
  • Lower Costs and Improve Business the VoIP Way
    If it were possible to lower costs and improve business relationships, most companies would be hard pressed to ignore any tool that promised to do just that. But a new report suggests that it's not just possible: it's already happening.
  • GENBAND Localizes VoIP for Millenicom Turkey
    GENBAND has been chosen to localize regional Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) traffic and optimize bandwidth usage for regional carriers of Millenicom Turkey.
  • Hosted VoIP Telephony and Small Business a Perfect Fit for Saving Money
    As Internet technology becomes faster and more powerful, the applications of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services become more numerous and effective.
  • Taqua Opens New Headquarters in Germany to Serve EMEA Region
    Taqua a supplier of mobile and fixed core networking IP convergence systems and applications has established a new headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany to cater to Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
  • Sippy Software Boosts Support, Releases V4.1
    Sippy Software, Inc., developer of next-gen telecom technologies used by global telecom networks, brand name VoIP companies and regional carriers, has announced the release of its latest update, Sippy Version 4.1.
  • Why South Africa is Excited about the VoIP Switch
    Cost savings is often a key factor when a business owner or leader makes a decision. It may be to purchase new technology, bring in a consultant or simply change broadband providers.
  • Why the Hosted VoIP Switch Makes Sense
    Considering a VoIP switch for your business phone systems allows for the streamlining of communications and the integration of all platforms across one network.
  • VoIP Telephony Usage May Expand in Poland
    Polish VoIP provider Freeconet believes that adoption of the technology will grow, despite a UKE report that suggests many Poles are adopting mobile telephony but are not aware of VoIP technology.
  • Business VoIP Phone Systems Give Companies More Phone for Less Money
    As Internet speed and quality increases, more businesses are leveraging Net services to replace their phone lines with VoIP networks, which compress the signals into hyper-efficient packets of data.
  • WhatsApp-Inspired VoIP Android App Awaaz Creates Ripples At Google Play
    Awaaz, a new VoIP app, enables calls to be automatically routed to the Internet, making paid calls and roaming charges superfluous.
  • VoX Communications Reaches out to Habitat for Humanity
    Android and Apple users throughout the world can now do a good deed (even though it isn't Christmas) and contribute to Habitat for Humanity (HFH) of Westchester, an organization that provides affordable housing for needy people. All they have to do is download and use the VoX Mobile VoiP app or its prepaid world calling cards and VoX will take care of the rest.
  • Riverside Improves Customer Satisfaction with Riverbed UC Xpert
    Riverbed Technology, a provider of application performance infrastructure solutions, recently announced that The Riverside Company, a global private equity firm, has improved user satisfaction through the use of Riverbed Unified Communications Xpert.
  • Telinta Teams with LiveHelpNow for Business-to-Consumer Engagement Solutions
    The demand for high-bandwidth applications and services is putting high pressure on the communications industry. A rise in demand also means a rise in market competitors too. Service providers thus require innovative solutions to supplement their offerings and met this growing level of consumer demand.
  • Optus Launches ipPhone Express for Wholesale Customers
    Optus, a provider of communications, entertainment and information technology services, recently announced the launch of ipPhone Express, an advanced Voice over IP (VoIP) application that can be seamlessly accessed via a conventional handset, IP phone or soft-phone infrastructure on the PC. The product is being offered for the first time via Optus Wholesale, creating new revenue streams for the company's existing resellers as well as new and emerging cloud-resellers.
  • AT&T's Proposed Trial to Expand Opportunities for VoIP
    Trial activities in the telecommunications space are nothing new. After all, it's a high revenue area with new innovations hitting the market on a consistent basis, and providers need to be sure their new developments work as promised.
  • Why VoIP Quality Has Improved
    Voice-over-IP (VoIP) once had a bad reputation when it came to call quality. Remember when making a call on a computer was cool but not really practical, a tactic only used when connecting with a friend who lived internationally?
  • Comverse Launches Evolved Communication Suite for IMS Standards-based Solutions
    Comverse, a provider of enterprise class telecom solutions for CSPs, recently announced the launch of its new Evolved Communication Suite (ECS), designed to provide IMS standards-based solutions for Mobile VoIP, RCS and IP Messaging. The new suite allows communication service providers (CSPs) to integrate their existing voice and messaging services into the digital lifestyle of their subscribers. Comverse ECS is designed to function with multi-device/multi-platform clients and features WebRTC gateway and centralized H-Base storage.
  • GL Enhances PacketExpert Ethernet/IP Testing Tool
    GL Communications has enhanced its PacketExpert Ethernet/IP testing tool, which features WireSpeed Ethernet packet capture and playback applications.
  • PhoneSuite Unveils Series2 V.IP Telephony System
    PhoneSuite, a provider of hotel voice communication solutions, recently unveiled its Series2 V.IP system, a voice over IP-based telephone solution designed specifically for hotels.
  • Iowa Debates VoIP Deregulation
    The question at hand for Iowa lawmakers is whether it should retain its right to regulate telecommunications or relinquish control to the Federal level in the name of standardization.
  • One Voice for Hosted Services Soon to Be Launched by BroadSoft, AudioCodes
    AudioCodes, a provider of VoIP and data networking products, has formed partnership with BroadSoft, a provider of software and services that enable mobile, fixed-line and cable service providers to offer Unified Communications over IP networks, to jointly develop One Voice for Hosted Services, a program designed to help service providers accelerate time to revenue and reduce total cost of ownership for their hosted communications services.
  • Onvoy Expands Its Wholesale VoIP Service Nationwide
    VoIP is a growing technology. Indeed, the U.S. market for VoIP is rapidly advancing and is seeing high rates of adoption in businesses and homes alike. Onvoy, a provider of wholesale telecommunication services, is thus well set to expand its VoIP footprint aggressively.
  • Afraid of Jumping to VoIP?
    Canceling the landline in favor of the mobile device took hold as a trend not long ago as consumers began to favored the lower cost, easily portable cell phone to the pricey tethered wall phone. Not long after everyone had to share with their friends and family that their landline number would no longer be available, the voice over IP became equally attractive.
  • Verizon Tactics Show the Challenge of Moving to IP Telephone Networks
    The telecommunications industry is in the midst of a big transition as it moves from the legacy public switched telephone network (PSTN) to newer session-initiation protocol (SIP) and IP-based communication.
  • CommPeak Unveils Enhanced Website and New Voice Termination Offering
    Hong Kong-based CommPeak, a provider of carrier-grade wholesale VoIP termination services, has recently unveiled its new enhanced, user-friendly company website that highlights the wide array of services delivered by the company. In addition, the company has announced new carrier-grade termination offering, ideal for forex/binary options brokers and platform vendors looking to deploy dedicated, consistent and inexpensive VoIP termination solutions.
  • OTEL Telecoms Intros Stratford Service VoIP Softswitch
    South Africa-based OTEL Telecoms has launched the Stratford Service, a carrier grade, voice provisioning and management platform for PBX, LCR and IT service companies.
  • Telepoint Global Rolls Out Neptune Voice Services Platform for VoIP Service Providers
    Telepoint Global Hosting Services recently announced the launch of its Neptune Voice Services Platform designed to enable VoIP service providers and resellers to globally trade in minutes without any additional investment on infrastructure. The new cloud-based platform is expected to enable robust management of global wholesale telecommunications services.
  • Uncertain Regulatory Future for VoIP
    Although in many ways VoIP looks and feels like the plain old telephone service of old, according the U.S. government, it is quite different. Indeed, despite serving a more or less identical function, that being voice communication, VoIP is currently classified under "information services," as opposed to common carrier "telecommunications," by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
  • White Label Communications Looks to Make VoIP Management a Breeze with the EdgeView Virtual Appliance
    White Label Communications, a wholesale VoIP telephone service provider, believes that providing quality service, training, and support are the keys to its partners' and resellers' success. To that end, it's offering a free tenant license for EdgeWater Networks' EdgeView Virtual Appliance to all its resellers.
  • COCUS Deploys Digital Element's IP Geolocation Technology for Telecom Client
    COCUS AG recently announced that it has implemented Digital Element's advanced IP geolocation technology for one of its major clients in the telecommunications sector. Following the deployment, the telecom giant will be able to determine the geographical location of any user using voice over IP (VOIP) services to make a call. This will enable the telecom giant to efficiently route emergency calls, arrest frauds in service usage and meet regulations governing location detection technology.
  • How Much Regulation Does the VoIP Industry Need?
    There's cool technology and then there's essential tech. Mobile Internet is nice, but it isn't essential. VoIP is nice, but it isn't essential. Telephone access, on the other hand, is essential infrastructure and needs to be safeguarded. So with the transition from the PSTN phone network to VoIP, an almost inevitable evolution in the next five to 10 years, how much should VoIP be regulated as it moves from cool tech to essential tech?
  • Flexibility, Scalability Mark Sippy Softswitches
    In general, VoIP softswitches can be either Class 4 or Class 5. They are software-based devices used to route calls and manage data, fax, video and voice traffic in a telecom network.
  • SwitchRay Acquires IP Rights to ALOE Systems Inc.'s VoIP products
    SwitchRay Inc. recently announced that it has acquired the intellectual property rights to ALOE Systems Inc.'s VoIP products, including MVTS Pro, MVTS II and RTU.
  • Epik Networks: Mobile VoIP Service Providers - Get Set to Roll in 2014
    Epik Networks, a Toronto-based VoIP provider of phone and Internet services, has predicted that the New Year will see mobile VoIP service providers very busy; the reason being that mobile VoIP is fast gaining ground and becoming the mainstay of many organizations.
  • Freedom or Danger? Do You Want Live Mobile Calls In-flight?
    Given the option, would you prefer the ability to use your mobile device on a plane to make a call in-flight? This is the question the FCC has opened up for debate with its recent decision to consider overturning its ban on in-flight calls. The telecommunications news space is buzzing with coverage on this topic and airlines are already weighing in with their opinions.
  • Colocation America Releases New Upgraded Server Lineup
    Colocation America hopes to improve computing performance for its clients with the release of its new dedicated server lineup. The new release from the Los Angeles-based colocation and dedicated server company is intended for organizations seeking to lease premium dedicated servers at competitive pricing models.
  • The Threat of VoIP Fraud
    The buzz in the telecommunications space is that VoIP is the end-all for seamless communications, but the hype surrounding the benefits often overshadows some real threats that exist. This is not to suggest that companies should avoid VoIP solutions, as the benefits are indeed significant. Instead, it's simply important that IT managers have a realistic view of what could happen and how to make sure their systems stay protected.
  • Senate Panel Gives Green Light for Landline Phase-out
    AT&T, one of the largest phone service providers in the state, wishes to streamline the process to phase out traditional landline service and go to wireless or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, mostly because maintaining both traditional and newer systems is cost prohibitive. A state Senate committee has approved the move, as new legislation passed that will allow phone companies to discontinue the service to homes so long as some type of newer phone service is offered, such as voice-over IP.
  • Telinta Offers Access to TransferTo Mobile Top-Up Accounts from its Hosted Softswitch Platform
    Telinta, a cloud-based VoIP switching and billing solutions provider will be offering its customers direct access to TransferTo mobile top-up accounts from its hosted softswitch platform via API.
  • Tadiran's Aeonix R2 Receives Oracle - Acme Packet Technical Certification
    Tadiran Telecom, a provider of communication software and solutions, recently announced that its Aeonix solution has been awarded Oracle - Acme Packet's Technical Certification. This certification, following extensive mutual testing and configuration, signifies the solution's successful compatibility with Oracle - Acme Packet SBC security and authentication solution, meaning Aeonix users' VoIP and video calls will be better protected.
  • Want a Clear VoIP Connection? Check Out These Factors to Avoid
    The promised benefits associated with voice over IP (VoIP) are touted throughout the industry. Providers and users alike will share their success stories, trying to overshadow any of the horror stories that pop up from time to time. As much as we like to focus on the improvements companies and residents alike experience with VoIP services, users can experience significant problems if the underlying technology isn't implemented properly. And, while horror may be too strong a word, lost business is certainly not a happy result.
  • ShoreTel Recognizes Total Technologies for VoIP Customer Satisfaction
    Total Technologies' claims of excelling at bringing premium products to the market and its commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction were supported when it received two customer satisfaction awards from ShoreTel this year.
  • Winnipeg to Telecom: We're Going with VoIP Whether You Like It or Not
    Is it fiscally irresponsible for cities not to use VoIP instead of traditional phone service? Winnipeg thought so. Over the objection of the city's phone provider, MTS, the executive policy committee of Winnipeg mandated that the city transition to VoIP.
  • tyntec Steps into Italy with Nòverca
    OTT (over-the-top) communications traffic is estimated to be worth $8.4 billion worldwide by 2016. In line with the trend, tyntec, a mobile interaction service provider, has signed a deal with Nòverca, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), to bring 2-way cloud telephony and SMS coverage to Italy
  • Carriers Are Already Quietly Switching to VoIP
    Many people think of services such as Skype when they hear the word "VoIP," and that invariably sounds like a reduction in voice quality when compared to traditional cellular and landline voice service. However, many carriers have already secretly replaced their traditional TDM core networks with IP technology. Since carriers are managing access, this version of VoIP is actually quite an improvement over TDM calling, if anything.
  • VoIP VPN Improves Security and Call Quality
    Don't tell the governments of repressive regimes, but firewalls can't stop citizens from making secure calls. That's because voice-over-IP (VoIP) can run over a virtual private network (VPN), delivering encrypted calls that are harder to stop.
  • Telinta, Aastra Partner to Develop Auto-Provisioning Profiles for Aastra's 6700 Series SIP Phones
    Telinta, a provider of VoIP switches and billing solutions for internet telephony service providers (ITSPs), has announced a partnership with Aastra Technologies, a provider of enterprise communications solutions, to automate large deployments of session initiation protocol (SIP) phones.
  • IPitomy Adds New Sales Module to Its VoIP Training Site
    The many benefits of IP telephony (less costly and less cumbersome being just two of them) are driving enterprises to embrace VoIP and IP PBX systems in a huge way. However, many customers lack understanding of the technology and how they can truly make the most of it.
  • Consultants Render Invaluable Assistance at All Stages of VoIP Network Development
    Thanks to its many benefits, Internet telephony, or voice over IP (VoIP), is one of the fastest growing communications technology in the IT world today. As a result, there are now a multitude of vendors offering VoIP solutions and services. That makes it challenging to select a best fit for your business, whether it for the short term or the long run.
  • Business VoIP and PBX Catching Fire
    Residential VoIP services make up the lion's share of VoIP revenue, but it is the business side that is fueling growth. That, at least, is the finding of a recent Infonetics Research report on the state of VoIP and unified communications.
  • Black Box Corporation Partners with Phybridge to Simplify IP Migration
    Black Box Corporation, a communications system integrator, has partnered with Phybridge Inc., a provider of voice over IP solutions, to eliminate network barriers for migrating to IP telephony and unified communications.
  • Why VoIP is Growing in Popularity in Australia
    The idea that innovations in technology can make our lives easier is readily accepted. After all, we no longer have to sit at home and wait for anything other than the cable guy. Phone calls can be taken on the go, information can be accessed from anywhere and transactions can be completed either in a store or on a bus.
  • ZTE Announces New 802.11ac Dual-Band Concurrent Wi-Fi VDSL VoIP Gateway
    It can be extremely frustrating when wireless home networks do not provide the desired bandwidth and speed, especially when the subscriber has subscribed for a higher speed plan. This hinders streaming of high definition (HD) multi-media, which almost every consumer yearns for.
  • Ontech Systems and Allworx to Speak About the Benefits and Advantages of VoIP
    Ontech Systems, Inc. is a VoIP phone company that provides IT support and services throughout the Greater Milwaukee area. It has been, for some time now, the largest Allworx partner in the state of Wisconsin.
  • University of Delaware Transitions to a VoIP Switch
    Making the transition to an all VoIP system is a process that could easily be a combination of excitement, anticipation and anxiety. The implementation of a VoIP switch promises to deliver a number of benefits to the corporate environment, as long as its participants can stay the course during the "cut over."
  • Velocity Networks Debuts New Wholesale VoIP Service
    Many companies view VoIP technology as one-stop solution for migrating away from traditional forms of communication. This technology promises to offer the best bandwidth efficiency at the lowest costs.
  • Sippy Software Brings Sippy Softswitch 4.0 to Production Release
    VoIP switch provider Sippy Software has been pretty busy so far this year. Back in April, for example, the company revamped its website in an effort to make it more user friendly. In March, it introduced a complete pre-paid card solution made up of its pre-paid calling card module and the Sippy Softswitch. Now, Sippy Software is making perhaps its biggest move of the year with the graduation of Sippy Version 4.0 from customer Beta to full production release.
  • How Prisoners Benefit from the VoIP Switch
    Staying in touch with friends and family is an important communication focus for all of us. We often take to our mobile devices to send a text, download a quick video of our niece taking her first steps or launching a FaceTime chat with the son we just sent off to college just to stay connected. The same is true for those who are trying to stay connected while serving time.
  • Lists the Best Five Tools to Make VoIP Calls
    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems have made phone calls cheaper and easier than ever before. As a result, VoIP has become the ideal solution to improve communications among all types of businesses - both big and small.
  • How VoIP Amplifies Businesses
    The numbers don't lie. Over 50 percent of U.S. businesses are tapping the powers of IP-based technologies, such as VoIP, to get ahead, save a buck and look like a pro.
  • VoIP Technology Keeps Families Connected
    With cheap, reliable communication becoming more important for residences and businesses alike, the usage of VoIP technology to connect over long distances is growing in adoption.
  • VoIP Redundancy a Necessity in Telecommunications
    People tend to focus on the Internet aspect of server downtime but, in this age of ubiquitous VoIP, the effect on telecommunications can be just as significant - maybe even more so considering users are more likely to hit refresh on their browser than place another call. Also, consider the sheer volume of calls the average office or contact center handles on any given day and the fact that time lost in that kind of environment often equals money lost.
  • Inc. Proposes Mobile Gateway Technology to Eliminate Roaming Charges
    When it comes to telecom, one of the European Union's major goals has been to end mobile roaming charges. Inc. claims that it has a viable solution to the problem. According to the company, its Mobile Gateway technology can be the ideal solution toward eliminating roaming charges.
  • 3CX Phone System Version 12 Now Available from VoIP Supply
    3CX is known for its Windows-based VoIP IP PBX system. The latest 3CX Version 12 software based VoIP phone system is now available from VoIP Supply, a value added reseller of VoIP hardware and solutions, the company said on Friday.
  • VoIP Supply Intros 'Deploy' Nationwide VoIP Installation Services
    As the adoption of VoIP phone systems is increasing among enterprises of all sizes, the complications associated with the installation of these systems hinder customers from adopting the same. With an aim to reduce this complication and streamline the process, innovations are consistently developed and introduced.
  • VoIP Switch to Get a Boost with Secure Caller ID Development
    The arrival of Caller ID gave us tremendous flexibility in our ability to either take a call or let it go to voicemail. We could also mentally prepare for a call from someone before actually picking up the phone. Today, we rarely have calls without Caller ID, but does the capability transfer easily to the VoIP switch?
  • SolarWinds Announces Improvements to its VoIP & Network Quality Manager
    SolarWinds, a provider of IT management software, has announced that it has upgraded its VoIP & Network Quality Manager to enable businesses to connect call issues with WAN performance for advanced troubleshooting.
  • The Direction of VoIP
    Behind the trend of apps such as Line, Whatsapp and Skype on mobile phones, as well as voice-over-LTE (VoLTE), is the trend toward voice-over-IP (VoIP). VoIP has gone from a glint in the eye of a handful of computer scientists to the future of calling.
  • IPitomy Looks to Enhance its VoIP Technology with Smart Call Routing
    The old analog voice network is slowly being rendered obsolete as VoIP technology takes its place. This has indeed changed the telecommunication landscape tremendously. IPitomy Communications, a manufacturer of voice over IP PBX systems, hopes to have made the landscape even more exciting by merging the power of VoIP with flexible interactive voice response (IVR) in its Smart Call Routing application.
  • IPitomy Helping Businesses to Step into VoIP with its Online Training Academy
    VoIP is all about cost-effective communication services, and an increasing number of companies are switching from traditional voice services to IP based VoIP. It is believed that the transition to VoIP can help companies reduce costs by up to 50 percent in telephone services. Moreover, VoIP offers more advanced features than their traditional counterparts. A dramatic increase in the number of remote offices over the past decade also accounts for the Analog line's fast disappearance; SIP lines are increasingly taking the places of analogue lines. Communication giants like AT&T have made their intent clear that in a few years time, they are going to discard the old analog technology altogether.
  • Why Least Cost Routing is Needed with the VoIP Switch
    From the most basic of research in the telecommunications space, it's easy to ascertain that VoIP communications and the implementation of the VoIP switch can significantly lower the total cost of communications. What is not so clear is how VoIP providers accomplish this in an environment where calls still need to be made to users on the PSTN.
  • Want Safe, Secure, Simple Calling? Think VoIP VPN
    More and more users are turning to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for calling, as businesses and individuals alike discover the power that VoIP has to save money on long distance charges. But with issues like the PRISM affair still fairly fresh in users' minds, concerns about security and eavesdroppers are also coming into play. That's where VoIP can get some help from another technology called the virtual private network (VPN), and the two together can produce a solution that's safe, secure, and simple to use.
  • VoIP Supply Unveils Four New Models of Digium Switchvox Appliances
    VoIP Supply, a supplier of VoIP equipment and complete VoIP solutions in North America, announced the availability of its new Digium Switchvox Appliances.
  • Six Ways VoIP Cuts Customer Service Costs
    By some estimates, as much as a third of all businesses now use VoIP for phone service. There are many reasons why businesses choose VoIP, and a not so insignificant rationale is the cost savings it can deliver in terms of customer service.
  • Now Offering VOIP Quotes in Colorado Springs recently confirmed that it will now be providing estimates for VOIP quotes, telemarketing services and other professional services within the Colorado Springs region in Colorado. The company is looking at ways to further strengthen its presence within the region.
  • United Launch Alliance Selects Quintron DICES VoIP
    Quintron Systems, Inc., a provider of enterprise-class systems for security command, control and communications, has extended its long association with United Launch Alliance (ULA) for critical launch operations communications following a recent competitive award for replacement of the existing DICES III systems with udpdated VoIP equipment.
  • Four Tips for Making the Most of a Business VoIP System
    When telephone companies start preparing to migrate to an all-IP based telephone network, like many are beginning to do, you know voice-over-IP (VoIP) is mature and ready for business-grade calling.
  • PortaOne Proclaims Solid Interoperability of PortaSwitch with Acrobit' VoIP Softphone Apps
    PortaOne, a provider of software for the telecommunications and utility industries, stated that its PortaSwitch VoIP billing/subscriber management platform is now completely interoperable with Acrobits' VoIP softphone apps for both the iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Addressing Poor VoIP Quality
    There are a lot of reasons why VoIP phone system users can experience poor call quality. The good news is that many of these issues are correctable. Also, many issues are just temporary. has listed many of these issues and recommends how to solve them.
  • CFT Deploys PortaOne's PortaSwitch Platform
    Central Florida Telecom (CFT) has said that it has selected PortaOne's flagship PortaSwitch platform to provide enhanced customer service.
  • Residential Consumers Need VoIP Too
    In the telecommunications space, we often talk about the benefits of VoIP and what it can do for the corporate environment. The small business especially is often the star of such coverage, as they can easily access features and capabilities beyond what was once afforded on a traditional PBX. This focus is important, but it does overlook the benefits VoIP can deliver in a residential environment.
  • Mikogo Releases New Version of its Online Meeting Software
    Cloud communication service Mikogo has announced the second release of its online meeting software with the beta VOIP feature for voice conferencing, available on both Windows and Mac.
  • Are You Protecting Your VoIP Switch?
    The benefits of the VoIP switch have long been accepted by the telecommunication industry. Companies can enjoy a seamless communication experience that significantly lowers the cost of staying in touch, while also enjoying access to integrated application opportunities that can make every day processes a little easier to accomplish.
  • Number Ranges Introduces Extensive List of Numbers And Providers For VoIP Re-sellers
    Considering the growth of VoIP market, Number Ranges has introduced an extensive list of information regarding telecommunications companies' ownership of publicly listed numbers. If you want to get the number of VoIP provider, you will be able to go to Number Ranges website.
  • Empower Gets Approval to Acquire AIC
    Empower Technologies Corporation, a company that provides technology solutions, recently announced that TSX Venture Exchange has given company the final approval to acquire AIC Global Communications Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Y2K Investment Inc.
  • Working Over the Holiday? VoIP Can Help
    While it is true that a vacation unmarred by work would be nice, it also is true that it is easier than ever to painlessly work from the road. I'll be working this 4th of July vacation, but it will be a lot more seamless than it was just five years ago.
  • Telephone Gets VoIP Swap at Iowa University
    One of the key issues in implementing VoIP is cost. Businesses that have implemented VoIP did so because of its real or perceived cost savings over traditional telephony. In this tight economy, organizations of all kinds are looking to slash costs, and for the Univeristy of Iowa, replacing its telephone system with a cloud VoIP platform was the perfect answer to high communication bills.
  • IXC Makes Improvements to Its Latest VoIP Switch
    Gone are the days of conventional voice switches. With VoIP softswitches, voice, fax and video data can be efficiently transmitted and routed, greatly contributing to the recent telecommunication revolution. Choosing the right softswitch is necessary to maintain high quality of communication and billing services. The market is full players, and one such option is IXC.
  • snom technology will Market and Sell HP's Lync-Optimized Desktop IP Phones
    snom technology AG, a developer of IP desktop business phones, will now be marketing and selling HP's Lync-optimized desktop IP phones.
  • VoIP Switches Help Voice Trader LLC Triple Business
    VoIP services have been rapidly expanding, particularly in the wake of recent cloud, mobile, and Internet advancement. VoIP switches are now beginning to integrate additional feature-rich services into their primary voice transmission platforms. Organizations would thus be remiss to forgo these powerful emerging opportunities provided by fully converged unified communications platforms.
  • How VoIP Can Improve the Customer Experience
    What does it mean to deliver quality customer service? Does it simply mean you need to deliver on the expectations of the company service guidelines, or should you instead deliver according to the company's expectations? The company that listens to the voice of the customer already has this process figured into the guidelines. For others, VoIP can help.
  • TransNexus Tapped To Bring Least Cost Routing To Alteva
    Recently, Alteva set up a complete least cost routing (LCR) solution designed to not only offer number portability, but a full ten digit routing system. However, Alteva didn't set up such a system in isolation, turning to TransNexus to provide several pieces of necessary equipment to establish this system, and is now in a position to up its offerings significantly.
  • Over 60 Channel Partners Participate in OTEL's 2013 Roadshow
    Since 2009, OTEL has been pursuing the strategy of building relationships and presence across South Africa, spanning nine provinces, and has established networks in unlikely and underserviced places. To continue this mission, this year OTEL Telecoms organized a four week national roadshow that was attended by over 60 WISP, ISP, PBX and IT companies. The agenda of the roadshow was to build new relationships and present OTEL's TVNO 2.0 service.
  • snom 7xx Phones Fully Interoperable with Brekeke PBX
    The 7xx series of desktop IP phones from snom technology are now completely interoperable with Brekeke PBX from Brekeke Software.
  • While Federal Task Force Debates, Iowan ITSPs Prepare for Change
    Voice over IP (VoIP) is increasingly overtaking traditional wireline telephony for both homes and businesses. As cheaper and more functional VoIP services, like Skype, Google Voice, and the plethora of enterprise unified communications solutions are introduced, more and more individuals and businesses are opting to communicate over IP networks.
  • Three Ways to Implement a VoIP Softswitch
    A VoIP switch is a virtual telephone switch that connects phone calls from one phone line to another across an IP network. This type of switch is different from traditional switches, in that, rather than being a complex piece of physical equipment, like a switch board, it is simply a piece of software that can be installed on a general-purpose computer system.
  • VoIP Switch Channel iTalk Promoted Its New Global VoIP Subscriber Service with 1-800-GET-VOIP
    In the digital age, where the increasing number of companies is driving their customers to Web, toll-free numbers apparently have little value for enhancing customer engagement.
  • Phybridge Plans to Offer VoIP Switch Solution Globally, Seeks Funding
    VoIP switch solutions help businesses create robust converged local area network (LAN) topology. These switch solutions are designed specifically to handle any organization's existing or future real-time voice requirements.
  • Portaswitch Procinctus Softswitch/Billing Platform Selected By Safarifone
    VoIP switch provider PortaOne has recently revealed that Safarifone, a Canadian provider of voice over IP (VoIP) calling, wholesale and carrier services, has dramatically improved its service after migrating to the PortaSwitch Procinctus Softswitch/Billing Platform.
  • Telekom Austria Group Selects ZTE to Deploy Mobile Circuit Switched VoIP Switch and IMS Voice Network
    Chinese telecom equipment and ICT solutions provider ZTE has been selected by Telekom Austria Group to deploy a mobile circuit switched (CS) VoIP switch and IP Multimedia System (IMS) converged voice network.
  • VoIP Switch Gets Exciting with Arista's 7500E
    Excitement may mount when it's time to implement the VoIP switch as you know your productivity will soon increase while your communications costs will plummet. Network switches as a general rule, however, tend to be less exciting than the average technology implementation, especially for the IT department. That is, unless the network switch is the Arista 7500E.
  • ZyXEL Unveils Two Ethernet Switches for VoIP and High-Performance Applications
    ZyXEL Communications, a provider of secure broadband networking, Internet access, connected home and routing products, has unveiled a high-performance power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) switch and a Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch capable of handling applications like VoIP, video streaming, teleconferencing and video surveillance.
  • Orion Telecom Networks Attributes its Success to PortaOne Softswitch
    PortaOne is a provider of voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) switch platforms and customer management solutions to telecom providers, wholesale carriers, ISPs, MVNOs, and NGN operators.
  • Kolmisoft Integrates 5gFuture's VoIP Monitoring System with Its Billing Software
    Kolmisoft, a provider of billing and routing solutions, has formed a partnership with 5gFuture, a Toronto, Canada-based software design firm that creates innovative, next generation VoIP switch and monitoring tools.
  • New Business Models Possible with Integrated VoIP Billing and Real-Time Monitoring Solution
    The combination of advance VoIP billing and cutting edge VoIP and SNMP monitoring is a potent combination especially since most businesses these days depend heavily upon solutions like a VoIP switch. That's why Kolmisoft recently revealed that it has integrated 5gVision's advanced monitoring system into its MOR billing and routing technology.
  • Kingdom Technology Solutions Selects Hosted VoIP Switch Solution from ANPI
    ANPI, a provider of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) solutions including hosted VoIP switches, is now supporting Kingdom Technology Solutions of Missouri, a company that offers computer processing and data preparation and processing services.
  • NXP Semiconductors Unveils New MOSFET Family for Power over Ethernet Applications
    PoE, which uses Ethernet cables/ports to power devices, is gaining popularity. Earlier, PoE was used for low-power devices like VoIP switches, but new approaches including UPoE and LTPoE++ are enabling higher power devices such as large LCD PoS displays and 3G/4G wireless access points to run at up to 100 W.
  • LANCK Telecom Selects TelcoBridges' VoIP Gateways to Support Global Voice Traffic
    TelcoBridges, which designs and manufactures carrier grade VoIP media gateways, has revealed that LANCK Telecom, a provider of voice traffic to more than 190 countries, has selected TelcoBridges Tmedia gateways to carry voice traffic around the globe.
  • Ethernet Switching Company Extreme Networks Expands Open Fabric Edge Network Architecture
    Extreme Networks, a provider of high performance Ethernet switching for cloud, data center and mobile networks, has expanded its Open Fabric Edge network architecture to deliver a high performance network solution to enterprises.
  • VoIP Switch Provider IPsmarx Launches PINless Recharge Portal for Wireless and Retail Stores
    IPsmarx, a provider of VoIP switch, billing, and prepaid solutions, has launched its PINless Recharge Portal to help wireless and retail stores grow their prepaid businesses
  • VoIP Switch Enables IP Phones to Support Auto Provisioning
    Digium, the Asterisk Company, has revealed that its IP phones now support auto provisioning with Integrics Enswitch, a VoIP switch designed for commercial carrier-grade telephony services built upon the Asterisk platform.
  • NETGEAR Unveils ProSafe Intelligent Edge M4100 Series of Switches for VoIP Deployment
    NETGEAR, a global networking specialist, has unveiled its new NETGEAR ProSafe Intelligent Edge M4100 series of managed switches for VoIP deployment, IPTV/video surveillance installations, and wireless access point infrastructures.
  • VoIP Switch Provider Revamps Website, Making it More User Friendly
    Headquartered in Bellingham, Wash. Sippy Software has realized that companies using VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) can benefit significantly from the ability to adjust to changing demands with various business environments. Its hosted VoIP switch gives customers access to a solution that can cut costs associated with powering a large amount of calls simultaneously.
  • VoIP Switch Space Now Seeing a Massive Uptick, Infonetics Reveals
    Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is looked upon as a necessity these days by businesses seeking to remain profitable for the long term as well as keep their competitive edge. Hence, the amount of VoIP users is increasing daily and according to a recent report from Infonetics in Q4 2012, the VoIP and IMS equipment market including VoIP switches grew nearly 9 percent since the same period the year prior.
  • Huawei Gaining Ground in the VoIP Switch Market
    While Huawei is widely known for its lineup of mobile devices--though not as big as its competitors in the field like Samsung and Apple--there's a lot more to Huawei than just mobile phones. One of the biggest new sectors for growth for Huawei is in the VoIP switch market, where it has made some major moves in recent months.
  • Considering Making the Fateful Switch to VoIP? Read This First!
    It is hard to go a day without hearing about VoIP, an acronym that stands for a next generation technology known as Voice over Internet protocol. This technology provides companies and individuals alike with tons of benefits including scalability, reliability and cost-effectiveness. If you are thinking about making this crucial switch to VoIP to keep your competitive edge against others in your respective space or just want to enhance your communication method with friends, colleagues and family members, here are some things to remain mindful of.
  • Voip-Pal.Com Demos Lawful Intercept Technology on Proprietary VoIP Switch
    Voip-Pal.Com, a broadband VoIP telecom company offering local and long distance VoIP services to residential and business customers, has successfully demonstrated its Lawful or Legal Intercept Technology on its proprietary VoIP platform that uses a VoIP switch.
  • Windstream Dives Deep into VoIP Switch Space
    Touted as one of the largest local exchange carriers within rural areas in the U.S., Windstream has recently revealed it will begin working hard to enhance its carrier switched Ethernet services throughout the nation. An element of any carrier Ethernet network is a VoIP switch due to the fact that it enables voice to be exchanged via voice over Internet protocol.
  • VoIP Switch Provider Sippy Software Offers Complete Pre-Paid Card Solution
    The idea of pre-paid calling cards are still a powerful draw for many consumers, but for those looking to offer pre-paid calling card services for potential customers, getting the infrastructure set up to allow for their sale can be surprisingly tough. Yet, VoIP switch provider Sippy Software looks to make the whole thing easier thanks to a combination of its pre-paid calling card module and its Sippy Softswitch system that bring together a wide array of features that make pre-paid callings services as easy to offer as they are to use.
  • Reveals Several Benefits of Making the Switch to VoIP
    With voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) transforming business communications, VoIP vendors offering technology and services like a VoIP switch are seeing a constant increase in their customer base. nn
  • The Switch Market Will Experience a Better 2013
    A recently released global Ethernet switch report provides the overall market size and the shares of the vendors in the industry. In fact, according to Infonetics Research for the 4th quarter 2012 (4Q12) and year-end, findings show a positive outlook for the coming year.
  • Italtel in Pact with Tieto Poland to Deliver Turnkey Solution to TK Telekom
    Italtel, a provider of next generation network and services solutions including VoIP switches, IT system integration and network migration services, has formed a partnership with Tieto, an IT firm specializing in providing services for building and maintaining IT systems, in order to provide a turnkey solution to Polish operator TK Telecom.
  • SygmaTel Builds Successful Retail Business Platform Using PortaOne VoIP Switch
    VoIP switch provider PortaOne has revealed that SygmaTel, a provider of network services, has selected PortaOne PortaSwitch communications services and subscriber management platform.
  • Brocade Switches to VoIP Solutions Powered by Redstone
    A VoIP switch is touted as an integral element of any SIP platform that can bring a host of Internet telephony services to customers all over the globe. It offers many benefits, including delivering a much richer quality of communication, increased efficiency and reduced costs. In order to keep a competitive edge against others entering the space, businesses are increasingly turning to this solution, with one of the latest being Redstone.
  • Completel, Siemens Partnership Delivers Bundled VoIP Switch and SIP Trunking Service
    There are typically two kinds of VoIP switches: Class 4 softswitches and Class 5 softswitches. While Class 4 softswitches are typically used to transit VoIP traffic between carriers, Class 5 softswitches are intended to work with end-users and are ideal for both local and long distance telephony services.
  • Tadiran Telecom's Aeonix UC&C Solution Achieves VMware Certification
    Leveraging a server-based VoIP switch technology, it features robust fault tolerance, an open architecture, and a simple intuitive management interface.
  • PathSolutions on the Path to Improving VoIP Switch Capabilities
    Headquartered in sunny Santa Clara, Calif., PathSolutions is known for its network performance management solutions that can significantly improve the quality of VDI, VoIP, video and data while also determining the exact reason behind an array of network-related issues right away.
  • WebCDR Unveils Solution to Fight VoIP Toll Fraud
    To implement the solution, users aren't required to purchase any additional hardware, software or any on-site components. There is also no disruptive integration with VoIP switches. The solution can be seamlessly integrated with any VoIP switch that outputs file-based or RADIUS-based CDRs.
  • Voicebuy Unveils Innovative VoIP Switch Partitioning Solution
    VoIP Switch Partitioning or Outsourced Switching is an innovative offer from next generation voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service provider Voicebuy.
  • Broadcom StrataConnect VoIP Switch SoC Makes Official Debut
    Broadcom, a semiconductor specialist, recently revealed that it will soon be unveiling a new voice over internet protocol (VoIP) switch system. With the growth of mobile device use straining networks, the new line will specifically be targeted for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
  • Phybridge Debuts New VoIP Switch that Could Change the Game
    A VoIP switch is a critical element of any next generation platform. It serves as a comprehensive, fully integrated solution for delivering an array of VoIP-based services from the home user that only has a few lines to a large corporation with countless lines. Touted as being ideal in many types of scenarios, VoIP switches are reshaping the VoIP landscape, allowing users to see many more capabilities that are always being enhanced.
  • Innovative VoIP Switch Provider Unveils Sippy Flex Softswitch Rental Solution
    Known around the world as a developer of next-generation technology for Internet telephony providers, Sippy Software is a Canadian company that seen great success due to its robust solutions that are enabling next generation VoIP communication providers to set themselves apart from competitors as well as enhance interactions companywide and with a diverse client base. Established only back in 2006, the VoIP switch provider is now responsible for driving nearly four billion minutes of traffic within various networks throughout the globe.
  • Looking to Switch to VoIP? Think Sippy Software
    For those out there who are either looking to switch to and implement a new VoIP system in their business or are looking to upgrade their current model, there are plenty of choices out there. But one choice that's out to distinguish itself in a big way is Sippy Software, a company out to offer up a lot of capability in the field of VoIP switches.
  • New Year is a Great Time for Businesses, Households to Switch to VoIP
    There's never been a better point to make the switch to VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) for both households and businesses than there is right now.
  • Where is the VoIP Switch Space Headed?
    The market growth may not be a given, but with the dynamic capabilities powered by voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) switches exhibited by industry leaders like Sippy Softswitch, it may not happen as predicted but it's bound to occur one way or the other. The company strives to deliver to its customers a complete network management solution for VoIP carriers -all on a single platform.
  • Robust VoIP Switch Improves Traffic Management, Wholesale Peering
    With over 1,000 customers in 84 countries, ALOE Systems is touted as powering a suit of VoIP switch solutions designed from the ground up, enabling wholesale and retail operators to take advantage of its offerings that power stability, scalability and several other key functions.
  • VoxOx Unveils Updated VoIP Switch Mobile App
    This application comes complete with VoIP switch capabilities and offers iPhone users the option to make high quality VoIP calls over 3G, 4G, LTE, and Wi-Fi networks, as well as leverage the app's original callback feature, VoxOx Call Connect, when the data connection is poor or inconsistent to make calls worldwide.
  • How a VoIP Switch Works
    The term VoIP these days and the amount of people increasingly switching to this next generation technology is almost as popular as reality television is currently. In fact, companies in every industry throughout the globe are leveraging VoIP in their business operations to improve communications, cut costs and gain access to innovative features.
  • VoIP and Why You Should Make the Switch Now
    The decision to switch to VoIP is a big one for any business or household, but it comes with other decisions that must be made after the fact. One of these decisions is choosing the Internet service to use in conjunction with VoIP.
  • Squire Releases Carrier Grade Class 5 Softswitch with SVI Release 11
    Squire Technologies, a developer of telecom products has recently enhanced its latest software - the SVI Release 11. As a part of SVI Release 11, Squire has released a carrier grade Class 5 softswitch (SVI-C5) which has a built-in session border controller functionality.
  • CounterPath Awarded Patent Dealing with Mobile Voice Calls, Could Change VoIP Switch Functionality
    CounterPath , a developer of desktop, tablet and mobile VoIP software products and solutions, has been awarded patent # US 8,335,187 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This product could potentially alter the way in which VoIP switches are utilized.
  • VoIP Switch Provider Sippy Software Moves Ahead in the New Year
    VoIP switches also known as softswitches are in essence carrier-grade session controllers that act as a single platform connecting separated IP networks in order to power various VoIP communications. When leveraged by Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs), this offering can reduce costs while raising the bar on the quality of VoIP-based communications within businesses.
  • Reve Systems Unveils iTel Switch Plus Security Device for VoIP Switch Customers
    VoIP software vendor REVE Systems has just unveiled its iTel Switch Plus Security Device to deliver secondary level authentication to VoIP switches.
  • Technicolor Brand Cirpack Deploys SBC and VoIP Switch for Italian Operators
    Technicolor, a technology provider for the media and entertainment sector, revealed it has successfully deployed its session border controller (SBC) and softswitch (also known as a VoIP switch) to enable session initiation protocol (SIP) interconnection between two network operators in Italy.
  • Global Softswitch Market to Grow at a CAGR of Four Percent Until 2015
    According to a recent market report from Reportstack, the global softswitch or VoIP switch market is expected to grow at a CAGR of four percent from 2011 and until 2015.
  • Squire Technologies Unveils Latest VoIP Switch
    A VoIP switch or softswitch is a central device in a telecommunications network designed to deliver voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services. The session initiation protocol (SIP)-based service delivers robust and cost-effective communications solutions to all types of customers.
  • PCN Unveils UltraEdge System, Complete with VoIP Switches
    PCN, a major player in connectivity solutions for legacy copper wiring and VoIP switches, has launched its UltraEdge system for the rapid, cost-effective deployment of VoIP and unified communication data networks.
  • Infonetics Research Predicts VoIP Switch and IMS Equipment Market Will Continue to Grow
    Although the VoIP switch and IMS market was down four percent sequentially in 3Q12, it is touted as being up eight percent from the year-ago quarter (3Q11), according to a recent report from Infonetics Research.
  • OTel Telecoms Unveils Sentinel SIP Monitoring Service for VoIP Switch Users
    OTel Telecoms, a licensed telecom provider in Africa offering VoIP and broadband services to ISPs, WISPS, PBX, and IT companies at wholesale rates, has recently launched its Sentinel Global Service, a cloud-based SIP quality and fraud monitoring service for enterprises using VoIP switches.
  • Voip-Pal.Com Integrates Lawful Intercept Patent Pending Technology into VoIP Switch Platform
    Voip-Pal.Com, a provider of VoIP services to residential and business customers, has now integrated its lawful intercept patent pending technology into its VoIP switch platform. The patent pending technology is the result of Voip-Pal's acquisition of Digifonica International Gibraltar. The application for the patent was filed back on November 29, 2007 and is called "Intercepting Voice Over IP Communications and other Data Transmissions."
  • nexMatrix Protelity PBX No Longer Requires a VoIP Switch, Billing Infrastructure
    nexMatrix Telecom has unveiled enhancements to the beta version of its Protelity hosted PBX and SIP trunk rebranding platform, enabling virtually any organization to become a telco, without being forced to invest in either expensive VoIP switches and billing solutions.
  • Telecom Cook Islands Deploys REDCOM VoIP Switch Network
    REDCOM, a provider of telecommunications products such as VoIP switches, has recently been selected by Telecom Cook Islands (TCI).Telecom Cook Islands will now be leveraging REDCOM's HDX and SLICE 2100 International/IP/End Office switches to replace its legacy NEAX 61 exchange network providing a highly resilient, cost-effective network.
  • RCA Expands into VoIP Switch Market with New Telephone Lineup
    RCA, a provider of technology for the entertainment industry, has recently expanded its footprint into the VoIP phone market with the launch of three new business phone models-the IP150, IP120, and IP110, designed to enable huge cost savings in businesses. These phones wouldn't function properly without the use of a VoIP switch, an offering that delivers a complete network management solution for VoIP carriers on one platform.
  • OTEL to Showcase VoIP Switch
    OTEL, a provider of licensed VoIP Infrastructure solutions including VoIP switches to ISPs, ITSP and LCR companies, will be participating at the fifth AFRICAcom Telecom Conference, held at the Cape Town International Convention Center, from November 13-15, 2012.
  • VoIP Switch Provider nexMatrix Expands Footprint in Idaho
    After moving its manufacturing facilities to North American cities in order to offer residents there its attractive business development incentives, VoIP switch provider nexMatrix has decided to remain in the Idaho town of Nampa's quaint downtown district. It will also be keeping its manufacturing operations for the United States and Canada in the western region of the state.
  • VoIP Switch and Services Provider Voip-Pal.Com Launches New Retail Website
    Voip-Pal.Com, an enabler of VoIP using the latest VoIP switches, has just launched its new retail website under the name The unveiling of the new site is in line with the company's recent patent acquisition from Digifonica Gibraltar, resulting in a highly scalable VoIP switch platform.
  • VoipSwitch Unveils Mobile App for Voice, Video Calls, and Text Messaging
    VoipSwitch, a provider of Internet telephony software and service, has debuted an upgraded version of its mobile application that enables unlimited global voice and video calls and text messaging in addition to boasting striking similarities to a VoIP switch.
  • Lightyear Network Commercially Launches New VoIP Platform, Complete with Switches
    Lightyear Network Solutions, Inc., an established provider of data, voice and wireless telecommunication services to business and residential customers throughout North America, has commercially launched its new VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calling platform that boasts various switches to increase call quality.
  • Speedflow Communications Showcases Latest VoIP Switch at GITEX 2012
    Speedflow Communications, a provider of wholesale VoIP, VoIP retail, VoIP switches and VoIP billing solutions, revealed it will be participating at GITEX 2012, being held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center (DICEC) from October 14th to the 18th. At the event, the company will be showcasing its carrier-grade MediaCore Softswitch, a Class 4 Softswitch specifically designed to handle VoIP traffic transit.
  • Innovasic Releases New Industrial Ethernet VoIP Switch
    Innovasic, a provider of extended life semiconductor solutions for customers who have products with long life-cycles, has recently introduced an industrial Ethernet VoIP switch for high performance networks.
  • nexMatrix Enhances VoIP Switch Capabilities
    A VoIP switch, also known as softswitch, is a main component of any VoIP network infrastructure. In order to extend the features and functionalities of its VoIP switch, nexMatrix has just unveiled enhancements to Protelity, a hosted and multi-tenant PBX application that combines enterprise-grade telephony features with the company's nexSwitch softswitches.
  • ADTRAN Raises the Bar on VoIP Switches, Enabling Businesses to Triple Their Service Reach
    ADTRAN, Inc. is a go-to company that many service providers, private enterprises, government organization and millions of users worldwide join hands with in order to gain access to a robust portfolio of voice, data, video and Internet communications. Hence, it is obvious why the company continues to drive efficiency in next-generation communications through the use of VoIP Switches and many more solutions.
  • Ericsson Supports World's First VoLTE Commercial Rollouts, Expanding the Functionality of VoIP Switches
    Voice over LTE (VoLTE) paves the way for new trends in telecommunications. Undoubtedly, this next-generation technology will help several voice core equipment markets including VoIP switch to expand.
  • RadioAccess Unveils Private LTE System Based on a VoIP Switch
    A VoIP switch, often referred to as softswitch, has become an integral component of today's communications network as it connects various IP networks in order to successfully deliver end-to-end VoIP communications.
  • TE Data JORDAN Implements PortaSwitch's VoIP Switch and Billing Platform
    PortaOne, a provider of VoIP switches, has recently helped Egyptian telecom service provider TE Data JORDAN create a major regional IP node in Jordan that will deliver a full range of ISP services to customers.
  • VoIP Switch Provider Tadiran Telecom Launches Aeonix UC&C Solution
    Tadiran Telecom, a provider of telecommunications products such as IP PBXs, VoIP switches, IP phones and contact centers, has launched a new unified communications and collaboration solution that consolidates disparate business applications into a single communications platform.
  • Network Technology Purchases Including VoIP Switches Largely Driven By Necessity
    When it comes to technology, approaches to its purchase vary pretty much from one business to another. Some businesses buy the very best and ride it into the ground, switching material out only after it breaks and dealing with obsolescence as it comes. Others buy only what they need and regularly update it. But when it comes to network technology such as core routers and VoIP switches, the prevailing mood seems to be one of frugality's greatest maxims: "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without."
  • Node4 Choses Verscom VoIP Switches to Expand Call Handling Capacity
    In order to better manage its inbound and outbound communication network, Node4, a UK-based communication solutions provider, has chosen Verscom Solutions to upgrade its VoIP switch infrastructure.
  • Sippy Software to Power IPv6 Support for VoIP Switches, SBC products
    Sippy Software, a provider of Internet telephony solutions such as VoIP switches, recently revealed that it will be powering IPv6 support for its Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) softswitch and Session Border Controller (SBC) products.
  • IMS Core Market Including VoIP Switches Grpws by 40 Percent
    While previous reports suggested that Voice over LTE accelerated the sales of voice core equipment including VoIP switches last quarter, wireline deployments have driven the growth of Global IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Core market in the second quarter, according to Exact Ventures.
  • Raytheon BBN Technologies Unveils VoIP Switch Solution for Call Centers
    Call quality analysis is integral to call centers as a complete and detailed picture of actual end-to-end caller experiences helps these organizations to make positive changes that will enhance both customer satisfaction and operational performance. A VoIP switch is a critical component in call analytics due to the fact that it can route calls in a highly efficient manner.
  • VoIP Switches Drive Growth at Backbone Solutions
    A VoIP switch or softswitch is a vital element of any telecommunications network that connects various IP networks in order to successfully deliver end-to-end VoIP communications.
  • ZyXEL Releases New Series of Web Managed VoIP Switches
    ZyXEL Communications, a subsidiary of Unizyx Holding Corporation and a provider of broadband access and networking solutions, has recently unveiled a new series of affordable, energy efficient, Web managed VoIP switches.
  • Voice over LTE Accelerates the Sale of Voice Core Equipment Including VoIP Switches
    Just after the release of Visiongain's recent report on the VoIP switch market, Dell'Oro Group has now revealed that service provider voice core equipment spending is expected to hover at approximately $8 billion per year over the next five years. The voice core equipment market includes IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Core equipment, voice application servers and session border controllers.
  • GL Communications Releases Enhanced VoIP Switch
    GL Communications, a supplier of test, monitoring and analysis equipment for TDM, wireless, IP and VoIP networks, has recently unveiled its enhanced PacketScanWeb, a centralized IP and VoIP switch network monitoring system.
  • Voip-Pal.Com Completes Beta Testing of Voip Switch
    Voip-Pal.Com Inc., a broadband telecom company that offers local and long distance VoIP services to consumers and business owners, has completed initial beta testing of its proprietary and innovative VoIP switch.
  • REDCOM Laboratories Installs VoIP Switch at Grandview Mutual Telephone Company
    REDCOM Laboratories, a manufacturer of digital and IP-enabled telecommunications systems including VoIP switches, has just revealed that the REDCOM High Density Exchange (HDX) softswitch has been installed at the Grandview Mutual Telephone Company in Paris, Ill.
  • New Report Offers Insight into the Mobile VoIP Switch Market
    U.K.-based media company Visiongain has recently published a market research report titled, "The Mobile VoIP Market 2012-2017" that offers an overview of the current VoIP switch market and also predicts how it will develop over the next five years.
  • Report Reveals Once Businesses Switch to VoIP, They Don't Go Back to Landlines
    Businesses, at least those businesses with an interest in survival, are often seen looking for ways to not only save money, but make more of it. Whether it's cost savings, increased productivity, more sales or the like, whatever improves a business' bottom line generally does not go without at least some consideration. That's led more than a few businesses to consider switching to VoIP and in a recent study from Telappliant, the company is revealing that once businesses actually pull the trigger on a VoIP installation, they generally don't return to landlines.
  • HairSpray's Tracy Turnblad Would Be Upset at Baltimore Over Disagreement that Results in No VoIP Switches
    VoIP switches are extremely important in powering an innovative and highly scalable SIP platform that offers a variety of VoIP services directly to customers. Therefore, you would assume that a major metropolis such as Baltimore, Md., the location of one of my favorite plays ever and now a movie HairSpray, would take advantage of this offering.
  • iscoord Unveils New Solution Complete with VoIP Switch Functionality
    iscoord AG, a provider of Unified Communications (UC) softphone applications, has recently unveiled the latest version of its is-phone Desktop Notes/Sametime 9.5. which targets large organizations and includes a seamlessly integrated collaboaration suite within the trusted Lotus Notes/Sametime environment. It also boasts a VoIP switch which raises the bar dramatically on overall call quality.
  • GL Communications Introduces T1 E1 J1 USB Controlled VoIP Switch
    GL Communications Inc. a supplier of test, monitoring, and analysis equipment for TDM, Wireless, IP and VoIP networks, recently unveiled its T1 E1 J1 USB Controlled VoIP Switch. The T1 E1 J1 VoIP Switch offers non-intrusive failsafe monitoring and intrusive test and diagnostic capability for up to 8 full duplex T1, E1 and J1 lines.
  • New Survey Says Businesses Are Continuing to Switch to VoIP Telephony
    An increasing number of businesses want access to more flexible telephone numbering, and the ability to choose a geographic phone number outside of their local area code, according to a new report published by Telappliant. Hence, many companies are continuing to switch over to VoIP and getting rid of traditional landlines.
  • PortaOne Powers VoIP Switch to Datora Telecom Group
    PortaOne, a provider of software solutions such as VoIP switches and billing for the telecommunications industry, has just revealed that Datora Telecom Group (Datora), a Brazil-based provider of VoIP solutions, has selected PortaBilling Oracularius, a carrier-grade converged VoIP billing and customer management platform, in order to better manage its opportunities in Latin America and global markets.
  • New Zealand Telco Taps GENBAND VoIP Switch-based Solution to Create IP Voice Network
    GENBAND, a provider of IP infrastructure and application solutions including VoIP switches and networking solutions, has just revealed that TelstraClear, a telecommunications provider in New Zealand, has selected GENBAND solutions in order to create an IP-based voice network.
  • ZCorum and XCast Labs Install e911 System with VoIP Switches at ERF Wireless
    ZCorum has recently come together with its VoIP technology partner XCast Labs to successfully implement a specialized e911 system for ERF Wireless. Using GPS coordinates and VoIP switches, e911 helps dispatch emergency personnel to a specific geographic location.
  • Metaswitch Networks Delivers VoIP Switch Solution to Rural Telecom Provider
    Metaswitch Networks, a provider of telecom infrastructure solution, recently revealed that Farmside, a subsidiary of Bay City Communications and rural telecom provider in New Zealand, has selected its VoIP switch solution.
  • Speedflow Communications Releases MediaCore VoIP Switch Version 3.0
    Speedflow Communications has just released the all new MediaCore Class 4 Softswitch, for VoIP wholesale providers.
  • VoIP Switch: Shah Communications Implements TransNexus' ROBSS Platform
    TransNexus, a provider of VoIP management solutions including a robust VoIP switch, has revealed that Shah Communications, a provider of Web hosting solutions, has selected the TransNexus ROBSS in order to implement a fast wholesale class 4 routing and reporting platform.
  • GENBAND Delivers Innovative VoIP Switch to Global IP Tandem
    GENBAND, a provider of IP infrastructure solutions, recently revealed that Global IP Tandem has selected its Interconnect Solution to deliver a groundbreaking approach to VoIP switching to enable seamless routing of VoIP originated traffic between Global IP Tandem's member companies.
  • Voiceserve to Display Robust VoIP Switch at Upcoming Worldwide Events
    Michael Bibelman, CEO Voiceserve, said in a statement, "Following our recent successful exhibition at the ITW in Chicago in the USA, Voiceserve will be introducing its latest releases to the Asian markets in June. Due to the latest advancement in both smartphone technology and the cloud backbone Voiceserve's Voipswitch products are gaining tremendous awareness and recognition by the industries elite."
  • GENBAND VoIP Switch Solution Selected by Global IP Tandem
    GENBAND recently revealed that its Interconnect Solution has been selected by Global IP Tandem, a membership organization that provides a centralized VoIP switch.
  • Looking for a Way to Save Some Much Needed Cash? Consider Sippy Softswitch-as-a-Service!
    A VoIP switch or softswitch is a vital device element of any telecommunications network that connects various IP networks in order to successfully deliver end-to-end VoIP communications. Sippy Software offers a high-performance, scalable and robust SIP platform for delivering Internet Telephony (VoIP) services that includes features such as voicemail, call waiting and three-way calling.
  • Speedflow Communications Unveils MediaCore VoIP Switch Version 3.0
    A VoIP switch or softswitch is a central device that connects telephone calls from one network to the other via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks.
  • Daramalan College Selects Brocade's VoIP Switches
    Daramalan College, the largest single campus independent secondary school in the Australian Capital Territory, recently has turned to Brocade for its VoIP switches, in a move that is guaranteed to up the ante on performance within the campus network.
  • Hong Kong Broadband Network Migrates VoIP Switches, SIP Servers to GENBAND's Platform
    GENBAND, a provider of IP infrastructure solutions, recently revealed that it is helping the Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) migrate their TDM and first generation VoIP switches to GENBAND's IP-based platform as part of a network modernization plan.
  • Voiceserve Showcases Latest VoIP Switches
    Voiceserve, a provider of next-generation Internet telephony software and services, recently had its Voipswitch mobile dialers known as Vippie 2 on display at an industry event. The revamped dialer gives a new dimension to communication via 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • ISPs Deliver Unbeatable Rates with NACT VoIP Switch Solutions
    International service providers are continuing to implementing VoIP switches from NACT, a company that is currently showcasing its class 4/5 switching and prepaid solutions at International Telecoms Week in Chicago from May 14-16, 2012.
  • PortaOne's VoIP Switch Fully Compatible with DIDWW's Global Direct Inward Dialing Solutions
    PortaOne, a provider of software for the communications and utility industries, recently has completed interoperability testing between PortaOne's PortaSwitch billing/subscriber management platform that boasts VoIP functionality with DIDWW's global Direct Inward Dialing (DID) access solutions.
  • Kolmisoft Unveils Improved Version of VoIP Class 4/5 Softswitch
    Kolmisoft, a provider of telecom billing and routing solutions including VoIP switches for the telecommunications industry, has unveiled the latest version of its VoIP Class 4/5 Softswitch with billing and routing capabilities.
  • VoIP Switches from Avaya Streamline Operations in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
    Avaya, a global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions that is focused on offering unified communications to companies all over the globe, recently unveiled its Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 3500 portfolio. This is a new series of compact VoIP switches that have been created from the ground up to power converged services in both single and multiple sites that average around 100 users or less and for midsize-to-large companies that are in search of a robust switch that can offer reliable connectivity within remote offices.
  • Sippy Software Releases Version 3.0.0 of VoIP Switch
    Sippy Software, a provider of VoIP switch solutions, released version 3.0.0 of its Sippy Softswitch.
  • Super Micro Computer Releases New VoIP Switches
    Super Micro Computer Inc., a major player in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology innovation and green computing, recently added two new 52 port 1 Gigabit Ethernet switches, to its Ethernet switch portfolio.
  • Grandbeing Selects TranSwitch's New Video Switch
    Recently, TranSwitch Corporation, a provider of innovative VOIP switches, revealed that Grandbeing has chosen its HDplay 44143 dual-mode HDMI/DisplayPort transceiver to power its MS0501-N003 3D Video switch, a solution boasting VoIP functionality.
  • GL Unveils Digital Central Office VoIP Switch Simulator Software
    GL Communications Inc., a provider of PC-based test, analysis and simulation products and consulting services to the worldwide telecommunications industry, unveiled its Digital Central Office Switch Simulator (DCOSS) software, boating VoIP functionality.
  • Supermicro Unveils New VoIP Switches
    Server technology provider Super Micro Computer has expanded its Ethernet switch portfolio with the addition of two new 52 port 1 Gigabit Ethernet switches, with VoIP functionality.
  • IPsmarx Technology Powers VoIP Switch to Streamline Communications
    Offering feature rich VoIP solutions including VoIP switches to companies around the world for around 11 years now, IPsmarx Technology continues to stay in the know about all groundbreaking innovations and offers clients a simple way to customize their solutions to their individual needs.
  • VoIP Switches Help Companies to See Ongoing Success
    You may have heard about VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol,) but do you know what a VoIP switch is? If not, let me educate you. A VoIP switch is a device that can be utilized to improve communications and allows service providers to create robust networks. Built upon a SIP foundation, this solution offers multiple capabilities including high-performance IVR, highly secure connections with customers, smart call routing and increased cost-effective control of all calls.
  • DTMF Networks Unveils New VoIP Switch
    DTMF Networks, a provider of innovative VoIP switches, recently introduced vSwitchPro, a class 4, carrier-grade softswitch solution that is based upon the FreeSwitch SIP Engine which incorporates efficiency, business intelligence and user comfort
  • VoIP Switches and How They Can Improve Business Communications
    A VoIP switch also referred to as a softswitch, is a crucial device within a telecommunications network that connects multiple IP networks to power end-to-end VoIP communications. Some of the most important features of this device are the secure connections it provides for both customers and providers, smart call routing and cost-effective control of VoIP calls.
  • NETGEAR Introduces Next Generation of Stackable Smart VOIP Switches
    NETGEAR, a provider of innovative VOIP switches to consumers, businesses and service providers, has recently released a new generation of the industry's first and only stackable smart switches.
  • Intellinet Network Solutions Unveils New PoE VOIP Switches
    Intellinet Network Solutions, a provider of advanced VOIP switches and wireless routers has recently released its newest generation of Gigabit Power-over-Ethernet network switches: a 24 port rackmount model, a 16-port rackmount model and an 8-port desktop model.
  • Skyrocketing Internet Traffic Fuels Demand for Switches and Routers
    A report released by market research firm Ovum suggests that exploding Internet traffic will drive the demand for switches and routers in service providers' networks. As a result, according to Ovum's data, revenues in the global service provider switching and routing market will jump from $13.3 billion in 2010 to $20.5 billion by 2017. This data was posted on web site.
  • VoIP Switch: NetOne Improves VoIP Billing and Subscriber Management with PortaSwitch
    PortaOne, a provider of software for the telecommunications and utility industries, announced that NetOne International, an Orlando, Fla.-based provider of prepaid phone cards and related services, has significantly benefitted from PortaOne's PortaSwitch VoIP billing and subscriber management platform.
  • VoIP Switch: Voiceserve Develops Softswitch Mobile Dialers for Polish Telecom
    Voiceserve, Inc., has developed a Voipswitch mobile dialer for Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa, S.A. (PTC), a Polish subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. Voiceserve's Polich partner, Ascomp S.A., originally developed the mobile dialers for the "Heyah" brand.
  • VoIP Switch: Squire Technologies' Media Gateway Controller Sees Traction among Service Providers
    Squire Technologies provides installation and support solutions for Next Generation Networks (NGN), Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and IP telecommunications. With these solutions, Squire allows communications providers who are bound to legacy SS7 and ISDN platforms to access VoIP networks.
  • VoIP Switch: Router and Softswitch Market Posts Record 2011
    The softswitch market may be lagging in North America, but that didn't stop it from achieving a record 2011.
  • Softswitch Sales Slow VoIP and IMS Equipment Market Growth
    The carrier VoIP and IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) equipment market may have finished off strong for its final quarter in 2011, but there were a few factors holding it back from achieving its full potential.
  • Kolmisoft Unveils New VoIP Switch for VoIP Providers
    Kolmisoft, a provider of advanced VoIP Softswitch billing and routing software, announced the release of a new VoIP Softswitch software called MOR Front-End.
  • VoIP Switch: SIP Gateway, Software Enhancements Part of Synapse Business Telephone System Upgrade
    It looks like one business telephone system manufacturer is cooking up the perfect recipe for today's fast-paced SMB environment. The main ingredients? A new SIP gateway and upgraded software.
  • Revolabs Debuts the Revolabs FLX VoIP
    The new Revolabs FLX VoIP is purported to be the first ever wireless conference phone designed for VoIP networks.
  • Sansay's SBC Interoperable with BroadSoft's BroadWorks Platform
    Sansay, a provider of high performance IP communications infrastructure and partner of Global Convergence Solutions (GCS), has successfully completed interoperability of its session border controller (SBC) solution - Sansay VSXi - with BroadWorks voice application server provided by BroadSoft. The interoperability of the VSXi with BroadSoft follows the successful completion of interoperability testing of Sansay's SPX session controller with BroadWorks in 2007.
  • VoIP Switch: TELES Selected for Avaya DevConnect Program
    TELES, a provider of complete Class 4 and Class 5 softswitch solutions, VoIP gateways and mobile gateways for GSM, CDMA and UMTS networks, has been selected as a Technology Partner in the Avaya DevConnect Program.
  • VoIP Switch: Calling Cards Help Military Families Stay in Touch
    AT&T may have been busy toward the end of 2011, wheeling and dealing in its failed attempt to make its acquisition of T-Mobile a reality, but it wasn't too occupied to lend a helping hand.
  • VoIP Switch: Voiceserve Unveils SIP-based IP PBX Service via
    Voiceserve, a next-generation Internet telephony software and service provider, has launched a session initiation protocol (SIP) based IP-PBX service for consumers and small businesses through
  • VoIP Switch: Alianza Tapped to Manage Clearwire's Voice Products and Services
    Clearwire Corporation, a premier provider of 4G wireless broadband services, has signed a four-year, hosted software licensing agreement with Alianza. Under the terms of the new agreement, Alianza will be responsible for managing Clearwire's voice products and services. Officials said that Alianza will oversee day-to-day voice operations for Clearwire and supply all end-to-end software components of the hosted voice platform, including its switch, application feature server, call rating, CPE provisioning, monitoring, security, and end-user self-support tools.
  • VoIP Switch: ADTRAN Expands Family of Gateway Products
    ADTRAN, a provider of networking and communication equipment, has expanded its family of gateways so that they reach more consumers around the globe. The company's new NetVanta 644 makes use of its expertise in VoIP access and SIP trunking to bring down complexity in voice migration.
  • VoIP Switch: Primus Canada Expands VoIP Service to 240 Additional Exchanges in Canada
    Primus Telecommunications Canada, (Primus Canada), a wholly owned subsidiary of PTGi (Primus Telecommunications Group, Inc. - which operates a global network of next-generation VoIP switches -- announced the availability of its VoIP services in additional 240 exchanges across Canada. The new locations cover areas such as British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
  • VoIP Switch: TelcoBridges Unveils New VoIP/Media Gateways
    TelcoBridges, a supplier of hardware and software for telecom resellers, system integrators, solution developers and service providers, has launched the Tmedia TMG800 and TMG3200 VoIP/Media gateways. The NEW TMG3200 2U VoIP/Media gateway hits performance levels of between 75 and 90 completed calls per second (CCPS) for SIP-SS7 and SS7-SIP when using TelcoBridges text CDR and Routing Scripts. The NEW TMG3200 hits rates of between 165 to 230 call per second (CAPS) for SIP-SS7 and SS7-SIP.
  • Kolmisoft Unveils Newest VoIP Switch with Billing and Routing
    Kolmisoft, a provider of a VoIP switch with billing and routing software, announced the latest version of its advanced VoIP Softswitch with Billing and Routing functionality. Dubbed as MOR 11, the new VoIP switch enables alternative telecoms to significantly improve their voice services. The solution supports expanded API, improved active calls monitoring and improved online cash flow monitoring. A new functionality allows telecoms to build their own clouds and launch a virtual multiline business telephone system, or PBX.
  • VoIP Switch: ALDIA Logistica to Deploy IP Telephony Solution to TelOnline SAS
    ALDIA Logistica, a logistics operator, has received a contract to deploy an IP telephony solution to TelOnline SAS. Commenting on the selection of TelOnline, Javier Leal Alvarez, project engineer at ALDIA Logistica, said in a release, "It provided the best solutions for our company needs. We needed a solution that allowed us a constant and detailed follow up of our delivery service. The solution provided by TelOnline allowed us to monitor each customer campaign providing an effective control of their calls."
  • VoIP Switch: 3Q 2011 Carrier VoIP Equipment Market Sees Some Highs, and Lows
    Market research firm Infonetics Research has prepared a report on third quarter 2011 (3Q 2011) Service Provider VoIP Equipment and Subscribers market share and forecast. The findings included some non-surprising facts -- the third quarter tends to be a weak one for the overall carrier VoIP equipment market.
  • VoipSwitch Introduces Dedicated Fax Server
    VoipSwitch, Inc., a provider of mobile VoIP, softphone and softswitch services and solutions, has introduced a new feature that allows its clients to send and receive faxes via VoIP telecommunications. The clients who wish to avail the new feature need to be equipped with IP PBX module, its mobile dialer and must have a purchased a full license of the VoipSwitch softswitch platform.
  • VoIP Switch: TELES Debuts MobileControl app for C5 Application Server
    German softswitch solution provider TELES has unveiled its latest TELES MobileControl mobility platform which blends well with TELES C5 Application Server. Smartphone users can use the TELES MobileControl solution as a PBX extension, which makes their phone more efficient communications with an integrated one-number concept.
  • VoIP Switch Leader Sippy Software Boasts Software Development Services
    In addition to selling software, VoIP switch leader Sippy Software offers "a full range of custom software-development services," covering the software's entire life-cycle, from requirements gathering and design to implementation, deployment and maintenance.
  • VoIP Switch: Buckeye TeleSystem Selects InnoMedia ESG for SIP Trunking for Enterprises
    InnoMedia, which specializes in VoIP appliances, announced that Buckeye TeleSystem, a multiple system cable operator in the Toledo/Sandusky, OH area, has selected InnoMedia for its Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking service for Enterprises. SIP trunks deliver same level of quality as conventional analog phone circuits, but at a much lower price per circuit. Another advantage of SIP trunking is that it is incrementally scalable in real time without the need to install new lines.
  • VoIP Switch: Rebtel's Keep Talking Feature Does Just That
    You might remember that back in June, mobile VoIP provider Rebtel mentioned that it was kicking around the idea of an IPO to raise funds. According to industry observer Jim O'Neill, the company has rolled out the latest iteration of its Apple iPhone app which lets users "move between connections on-the-go as call quality dictates." Version 2.0 lets users choose how they want to connect calls, O'Neill explains, "either via Wi-Fi, 3G or with local minutes." It gets better, though: As he notes, users also can opt for the app to automatically select which service it uses, depending on network quality.
  • VoIP Switch: SPIRIT DSP's TeamSpirit Voice Engine Mobile Licensed for VoIP Calling in Korea
    KT, S. Korea's top fixed-lined operator and the No. 2 mobile carrier in the region, recently licensed SPIRIT DSP's TeamSpirit Voice Engine Mobile, an SDK that enables high-definition VoIP calling on a broad range of mobile devices. Business application developers and service providers, with the help of the TeamSpirit Engine are allowed to offer superior quality communications products to millions of global users.
  • VoIP Switch: Pervasip Corp. Offers Free Usage of its Android VoIP Calling App
    Pervasip Corp.'s wholly owned subsidiary, VoX Communications, recently announced that it is now offering free usage of its mobile VoIP app for all Android mobile phones and Android tablets. VoX Communications is a premier provider of wholesale voice over IP telephone services for the residential and small business markets. Its subscribers can subscribe entirely on the phone without leaving the interface.
  • Voip-Pal to Re-deploy Retail Site Using SoftSwitch Platform
    Voip-Pal.Com Inc., a broadband VoIP telecom company offering local and long distance VoIP services to consumers and business owners has decided to make a switchover from its old standard server to its new cloud-based server by beginning to redeploy its VoIP products and services.
  • VoIP Switch: Altitude Software Unveils Newest vBox to Enable Cost Savings in Contact Center
    Altitude Software, a global contact center solutions vendor, announced the availability of Altitude vBox 4 FP11, a full-featured Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) software solution that enables more cost savings in contact centers. The new vBox is optimized to deploy "powerful, state-of-the art multimedia IP contact center solutions on a short time-frame with the lowest total cost of ownership," company officials said.
  • VoIP Switch: WhichVoIP Announces Facebook Page, Sweepstakes
    WhichVoIP, which provides comparisons of residential and business VoIP service providers, has announced a Facebook sweepstake to highlight its new Facebook page, detailed provider reviews, VoIP tips and special deals. To participate in the sweepstake, entrants simply "like" WhichVoIP on Facebook. Entries are will be accepted until Oct. 23, 2011. The winner will get $200 Visa gift card.
  • VoIP Switch Provider Sippy Software Specializes in Pre-Paid Calling Cards
    As a leading developer of innovative technology for Internet telephony providers, Sippy Software may specialize in VoIP switches, but it also has a niche in calling card services.
  • Enteracloud Delivers Internet Telephony Infrastructure to
    Enteracloud, a provider of San Diego Colocation services, has announced it will be offering its Internet telephony infrastructure to, a VoIP solutions provider.
  • Wi-Fi Wireless Conducts Beta Testing on Mobile Wireless VoIP Phones
    Wi-Fi Wireless, a provider of satellite and wireless cargo container monitoring and tracking systems, announced that it has conducted beta testing on mobile wireless Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones.
  • WhosHere Blasts Four Billionth Free Text Message
    A first-of-its-kind iOS application, WhosHere anticipates sending its 10 billionth text by the end of 2012, says its maker myRete, Inc.
  • Jazztel Deploys Acme Packet SBCs to Drive Hosted IP PBX and Wholesale Interconnect Services
    Acme Packet, a provider of session delivery networks, has announced that Jazztel, a telecommunications and data transmission carrier offering voice and data services to residential and business customers in Spain, has deployed Acme Packet Net-Net 4500 session border controllers (SBCs) to host IP PBX services for its business customers, as well as to provide international wholesale peering services and in-country IP interconnects.
  • Voiceserve Showcasing VoIP Software Platform at DEMO Fall 2011
    Voiceserve, Inc., a low-cost, next-generation Internet telephony software and service provider, has been selected to present its VoIP Video-on-Demand (VOD) software at DEMO Fall 2011 this week in Santa Clara, Calif.
  • ITP VoIP Helps Shoppers Make Informed Choices about Digital Phone Service
    Internet phone service provider, ITP VoIP has announced that it is helping shoppers compare VoIP plans with other national phone providers, enabling them to make informed choices about their digital phone service.
  • Phoenix Deploys Talari's WAN Virtualization Solution for 911 Call Services
    Talari Networks recently announced that Maricopa Region 911 has deployed its WAN Virtualization solution to help the agency improve the resiliency and deployment flexibility of its 911 data network which is responsible for relaying emergency calls to police, fire and other first responders who are located within the Arizona cities of Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale.
  • ITP VoIP Adds Call Recording Support to its VoIP Broadband Phone Service
    Digital phone provider ITP VoIP has announced the addition of several complimentary features for customers, including call recording support, to its VoIP broadband phone service.
  • 360networks Helps TelePacific Expand California Footprint
    TelePacific Communications, a wholesale provider of Private Line Transport, Ethernet, IP, and VoIP services serving business customers throughout California and Nevada, has extended its reach into the Chico, CA market by making use of 360networks' services.
  • Voip-Pal.Com set to Launch Upgraded VoIP Calling Service
    Voip-Pal.Com, a provider of VoIP services, will introduce its upgraded VoIP calling service, as well as a new integrated PointsPhone website, in the coming weeks. The new PointsPhone website will integrate the currently active MyPointsPhone website and the PointsPhone website which is still in its testing stage.
  • Patton SmartNode, 3CX 'Team Up' for SME VoIP Help
    Officials at Patton SmartNode and 3CX say they have "teamed up" to help small- to medium-enterprises "realize the cost-savings and improved inter-office communications of VoIP technology."
  • ITP VoIP Educates Subscribers on Advantages of Home Phone Service
    ITP VoIP, a digital phone provider, is advising satellite Internet users to change over to residential voice over IP phone service, saying that satellite Internet, like DSL and cable, can support a VoIP hosted PBX system cost effectively.
  • International Phone Service Provider Convergia Adds New IP PBX Office Systems from Avaya
    Montreal-based Convergia, a Canada, U.S. and International provider of voice, data, and Internet services for residential, business and wholesale customers has announced a new line of IP PBX office phone services and systems from Avaya.
  • 360networks Unveils 360connect Customer Portal
    360networks, a facilities-based wholesale provider of Private Line Transport, Ethernet, IP, and VoIP services, has announced the launch of its new VoIP customer portal, 360connect.
  • Vonage iPhone App Lowers Fees for International VoIP Calls
    iPhone owners who have resisted making international calls due to the lofty fees now have an additional option. Voice provider Vonage rolled out a new iPhone app earlier this month that lets users make Wi-Fi and 3G VoIP calls to more than 100 eligible nations for prices as low as $0.99 per 15 minutes of talk time.
  • Neutral Tandem Expands Network by Deploying PSX Voice Soft-switch From Sonus Networks
    Neutral Tandem, Inc., has expanded its network in an interconnection hub in the Telehouse Docklands North location in London by deploying a PSX voice soft-switch from Sonus Networks. The company, a provider of interconnection services, will now be able to provide its international carrier customers with increased network flexibility.
  • Prognosis VoIP Monitor Licensed to Monitor More than Five Million Phones
    Integrated Research announced that licenses that were issued for its VoIP management solution for Avaya Aura Communication Manager, known as Prognosis VoIP Monitor, have crossed 5 million.
  • VoIP Service Provider ITP VoIP Announces Refer-a-Friend Program
    If you are an existing hosted PBX customer of VoIP services provider ITP VoIP and want to earn account credits, then you can cash in on the company's new "Refer-a-Friend" program, which is providing you a chance to earn credits towards your accounts.
  • Primus Telecom Provides VOIP Service to Canadian SMB Market
    Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of PTGi (Primus Telecommunications Group), has announced that it will provide the small and medium business (SMB) market in Canada with a cost-effective SIP Trunking service through Primus Canada Business Services. The VOIP telephony service, which is cloud based, will be offered as a fully scalable and flexible service for business customers.
  • Matthew Nolan Appointed Developer Community Manager at Speek
    Speek, a web-based teleconferencing system, has announced that Mathew Nolan has been appointed as the company's Developer Community Manager. Apart from inspiring interest from the public, Nolan will be also responsible for building a community of developers for the Speek platform.
  • Clay Telecom's World SIM Card Provides International Mobile Roaming
    Clay Telecom, a major player in the Indian Telecom industry, has announced that customers can now enjoy international roaming mobile telephony with its World SIM Card.
  • Goober Networks Launches No-Cost VoIP Calling Solution
    Goober Networks, a Unified Communications provider that delivers hyper-connective technologies designed to unify and simplify consumer and business communication and information sharing, has announced the release of its CallingAmerica web-based solution, offering anyone in America with a broadband connection to place free Voice-over-IP (VoIP) calls to any landline or mobile phone in the United States.
  • TeleSign Unveils Internet Security Landscape Report
    TeleSign, a provider of phone-based authentication and verification services, has announced the release of a white paper, "The Fraud Epidemic: Fighting fraud with phone-based authentication and verification," authored by TeleSign CTO Charles McColgan. The white paper reveals the depth of threats to online security and further illustrates how Telephone Verification and PhoneID technology can prevent many types of online fraud, greatly reducing spam and scams.
  • OnSIP Launches Phone Buying Rewards Program
    Junction Networks, a provider of business VoIP communications services, has unveiled a new rewards program aimed at lowering the capital expense of switching to hosted VoIP.
  • ACN Picks MDS to Support VoIP Services across Europe
    Direct selling telecommunications company ACN has selected MDS, a provider of enterprise customer experience management solutions, to support its voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services across 16 countries in Europe.
  • Five Quick Questions with VoIP Switch Provider Sippy Software
    Sippy Software's Sippy Softswitch is a call-control software package that enables service providers to build scalable and reliable VoIP networks. Based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), it offers call-routing capabilities to maximize performance for both small and large packet voice networks.
  • VoIP Switch Provider Sippy Software Releases Version 2.1 of its Sippy Softswitch
    VoIP switch provider Sippy Software has released version 2.1 of its Sippy Softswitch, a flexible and scalable VoIP platform which is used by service providers to deliver business and residential VoIP services. The platform, which is based on open standards, is also a favorite among Web developers seeking to integrate "click to call" functionality into websites.
  • Sippy Software Launches VoIP Switch Channel on TMCnet
    Technology Marketing Corporation today announced that the VoIP Switch channel, sponsored by Sippy Software, has been launched as the newest addition to the TMCnet community program.
  • Sippy Software's VoIP Switch Powers some of the Most Popular VoIP Services
    VoIP products are at the forefront of Sippy Software Inc.'s cost-effective communications offerings.
  • VoIP Switch: FastTalks Launches Web Calling Service with Sippy Software's Softswitch 2.0
    Want to receive calls from your website? You might want to check out the recently launched website, a platform for making free Internet calls. This TMCnet partner offers the Zingaya platform that enables voice calls through any computer, right from a Web page. There is no need to download any software and no phone is required for a user to launch this service.
  • VoIP Switch: 'Sippy Web Phone' Calls on the Web
    When it comes to communications, more and more people are becoming accustomed to connecting when, where and how they want to. The Sippy Web Phone from Sippy Software Inc. is one tool that enables folks to do just that by allowing the addition of phone capabilities to web applications.

VoIP Switch - VoIP Comes of Age in the Enterprise

Traditional phone lines might have their place in a highly connected society, but the truth of the matter is, to stay afloat in a competitive business landscape, one needs a bit more than a plain old telephone system (POTS).

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