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  • Understanding Cloud Data Vulnerabilities is the Best Way to Combat Them
    Telecom services are moving to the cloud at rapid rates. In fact, the cloud is effectively changing the way telecom master agents and IT solution providers do business, and this is mostly a positive transformation. But as with all cloud services, security is a concern, and this certainly applies to hosted services like virtual PBX functionality.[Read More]
  • With IoT Gaining Momentum, We Have Other Technologies to Thank
    It sounds a little funny to say, but the Internet of Things (IoT) is a pretty fantastic idea of a globally interconnected continuum of devices, objects and things in general. What was once just a neat idea is now slowly becoming a societal norm. Alongside our connected smartphones, our home gadgets and appliances are also becoming smarter, and-as virtual PBX provider Nextiva recently pointed out-the growing success of the IoT may lie in the devices that allow it to take shape, and in the small businesses that will employ it in the coming years.[Read More]
  • VoIP and Mobile Telephony Overtaking Fixed Landlines in the UK
    The U.K. has traditionally been ahead of the U.S. when it comes to mobile telephony, so it should come as no surprise that traditional fixed line connections are dying there at an astonishing rate. The point was driven home recently with the announcement that U.K. telecoms are getting set to increase their fixed-line phone charges.[Read More]
  • Virtual PBX Helps Business Run Smoothly While You're Away
    The old saying the show must go on aptly applies to the 24/7 nature of 21st century business. But, even small business owners and managers sometimes need to take a break, and the holidays are a logical time to do so.[Read More]
  • What Not to Say to Customers During Service Recovery
    There are far too many ways to turn customers off, and once that happens, it can take a lot of work to regain their trust. Tech support folks probably have it the hardest when it comes to this, most likely because they have to assess problems based on technical issues that the customer may or may not even know about.[Read More]
  • Rise to the Top with Tech Tools that Boost Customer Service
    Providing customers with the best service possible can seem like a challenge in today's business world. Technologies are constantly changing, along with consumer tastes and trends. Businesses can't afford to invest in every technology, hoping a few will hit the mark when it comes to enhancing the customer experience, but there are a handful of tools that are surefire ways to beef up customer service without breaking the bank.[Read More]
  • Buffalo Snowstorm Underscores the Resilience of VoIP
    Buffalo is used to a snowy winter but the recent storm was extreme, bringing more than seven feet of snow to some areas. And more snow is in the forecast for this week, but that hasn't stopped IT service providers from keeping their customers up and running.[Read More]
  • Why One Virtual PBX Provider is on a Roll
    Last year Nextiva had a growth rate of 1,548 percent. That's pretty impressive. Not many tech businesses with operating revenue in the millions can offer up such growth-only 80, to be precise.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Ranks Highly in Deloitte's 2014 Technology Fast 500
    Following years of tenuous economic stability, it seems like business growth is finally on a solid climb-albeit a slow one. According to Kiplinger, growth should continue at a 3 percent rate through 2015, with consumer confidence returning to the market across the board, hiring on the rise, job openings at a near record level, and layoffs becoming less common. It seems like good things are on the horizon for the North American economy.[Read More]
  • Cloud-based Communication Solutions Offer Major Benefits to Business
    When it comes to SMBs, or really any type of business, the cloud is an excellent fit. Rarely are workers tied to their office desks any more, and the cloud enables work to happen any time, and any place, on any type of device. Virtual and hosted solutions take this a step further, facilitating audio and video collaboration and a host of multimedia features through offerings like virtual PBXs. Ultimately, the cloud, when combined with these types of virtual offerings, affords cost savings and productivity increases, an attractive option for any type of business.[Read More]
  • Virtual PBX Means Remote Workers Can Still Be Present
    The Internet has done a lot of wonderful things for business productivity. Geographically dispersed staff members no longer have to tighten their budgets to save for costly travel expenses, because with the investment in a few tech tools, people can be present for meetings and collaboration, just without having to ever step foot on a plane or in a car.[Read More]
  • How Virtual PBX Can Improve Employee Communications
    The talk surrounding communications in the corporate environment tends to focus on making channels easy for the customer to use. They need to get to the right person at the right time to ensure ongoing satisfaction. While this focus makes sense, it does leave out your internal customers - your staff. Have you made them a priority when implementing your virtual PBX?[Read More]
  • Eager to Compete? The Cloud is Ready for You
    Business has always been competitive in nature, and with a shrinking world and rapidly expanding technology, it can seem like business is more competitive now than ever in the past. But the same expanding technology that some also believe makes the world smaller can even provide the basis to compete in this new world; particularly in terms of cloud-based technology.[Read More]
  • 5 Truths About Moving to the Cloud
    In most situations, the problem isn't the solution that was deployed, but rather the lack of knowledge about the solution. When users don't understand something or even why it was implemented, the natural reaction is resistance. Virtual PBX solution provider Nextiva suggests in a recent blog that such a reaction is avoided with hosted services if your organization can avoid five specific mistakes.[Read More]
  • Finding Affordable IP Communications Solutions for Businesses
    By turning broadband links into telephones, VoIP and virtual PBX have introduced an alternative to the inflexible and expensive options offered with public switched telephone network (PSTN). Many consumers and businesses believe they're being overcharged by traditional phone companies for simple voice and messaging services, and they have been flocking in record numbers to over-the-top (OTT) VoIP services to cut their communication costs.[Read More]
  • Keeping Up-to-Date Offers Competitive Advantages for Virtual PBX Providers
    Virtual PBX providers are in a unique position when it comes to marketing their solutions and growing and expanding their companies. They are selling a hosted service, which can be tricky, particularly when selling something traditional like phone services. But on top of that, they are also targeting a very specific SMB market, which can sometimes be difficult to reach. And yet the benefits of hosted and virtual PBX solutions outweigh these challenges, creating a compelling product just waiting to be promoted.[Read More]
  • How to Make the Move to the Cloud Less Daunting
    For small business owners, this is a mantra born out of necessity as much as wisdom; there are so many tasks to complete, who has the time to change systems that already work?[Read More]
  • The Benefits of Hosted VoIP for Startups
    A hosted, virtual PBX phone system has a number of benefits that make it perfect for small businesses and startups that are growing beyond their handful of handsets. Voxilla goes into depth about a number of these benefits.[Read More]
  • Google Voice Creator: With Virtual PBX, Don't Forget the Mobile Workforce
    Google Voice creator Craig Walker and a few of his former Google teammates have partnered to create a cloud-based enterprise phone system solution in an attempt to modernize the seemingly outdated phone call.[Read More]
  • Nextiva is Paving the Way for Business Communications
    Some recent announcements by virtual PBX provider Nextiva show that the company is truly paving the way for business communications.[Read More]
  • Barracuda's Virtual PBX System Now Interoperable Teliax Platform
    VoIP service provider Teliax has formed a recent partnership with Barracuda Networks Inc., which provides industry-defining cloud-based security and storage solutions. Now that the two companies are working together, their software is also able to cooperate as the company announced on Friday that the interoperability certification program between Barracuda's CudaTel IP PBX system and Teliax's IVY voice platform has been successfully completed.[Read More]
  • 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Quality Customer Experience
    The customer service experience: it's something most companies believe they know something about and claim to get it just right. If decision makers within these companies would take a minute to step back and think as a customer and not as a provider, would they be able to list several companies that deliver the quality experience?[Read More]
  • Buyers' Market for Hosted IP/PBX May be Shifting to Suppliers' Side
    A recent report from IBISWorld says that, because of a large number of vendors, the market for hosted IP/PBX services favors the buyer. The market does appear however, to be shifting in favor of the sellers.[Read More]
  • Telecommuting Can Lead to a Better Workforce
    Telecommuting is increasingly becoming an acceptable way of working because of the many benefits that come with it. For employees, it offers a greater degree of flexibility and convenience. They no longer have to worry the morning commute, office wear or packed lunches, so they are able to channel more of their time and energy into their work and family.[Read More]
  • Enterprise PBXs Get Mobile Phones Through Range Networks
    Range Networks Inc. is a U.S. company that has only been around for a few years, founded in 2011, and provides open-source software products used to operate cellular networks. The company created the OpenBTS Project, an open source software defined radio implementation of the Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) radio access network. It presents normal GSM handsets as virtual Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) endpoints.[Read More]
  • A Virtual PBX Can Offer Competitive Advantages to Small Businesses Swimming in the Big Pool
    Small businesses are always looking for a competitive edge as the big guys invade their territory, and these days, that edge can often be found through technology. Phone systems are one of the most basic ways a company can provide great levels of customer service, and often times smaller businesses believe they are limited in what they can afford and maintain.[Read More]
  • Solutions for Flexible Work Environments
    One of the biggest challenges for businesses today is to provide greater flexibility for a modern workforce that demands working arrangements that respect employees' personal time and working habits. Many companies are implementing the use of personal devices (BYOD) or including mobile VoIP deployments through virtual PBX to empower workers to maximize productivity and efficiency.[Read More]
  • Can You Improve the Customer Experience by Focusing on Homebuilding?
    A number of companies are talking about the customer experience. For some it means consistency across the channels; for others, it's all about the voice of the customer. Does your execution support your strategy when it comes to customer care? Are you focused on the experience and do your technology choices like virtual PBX play into this execution?[Read More]
  • Every Business Needs a Strategy for Customer Satisfaction
    How satisfied are your customers? It's a common question that should be asked within your customer service division as decisions made there should always be directed with this concept in mind. For many organizations, it means implementing the business VoIP solutions you need to streamline communications. For others, it can mean so much more.[Read More]
  • Four Tips for Working Less During Vacation
    I recently read a blog post by virtual PBX provider Nextiva that shocked me. I should not have been shocked, but it did surprise me when I learned in the post that every country in the European Union mandates at least a month of paid vacation per year. For those that don't follow the EU that closely, this means at least 18 relatively developed countries (including Estonia and Slovenia) have workers that get substantially more time off than I do.[Read More]
  • Virtual Telcos Give Small Businesses More Options
    One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is the expense of paying for communication services through a traditional telco. These services often involve a lengthy contract-typically one to two years-with limited options. The result is that many companies pay for services they don't want or need, while getting locked into pricy and inflexible rates. Especially in a finicky economy, it's important for businesses to look at all of their options, and thankfully when it comes to communication services, there are more cost-effective and dynamic alternatives to the telco out there.[Read More]
  • Video Responses: A Secret Key to Customer Engagement
    Marketing has become all about brand building and customer engagement. And while virtual PBX and VoIP are connecting businesses to their customers today like never before, there are still other ways to reach out to customers that make just as big an impact. Almost every business has a social media presence through which it interacts with customers all the time. The latest strategy has been to use personalized videos to reach out to customers as it is visually more appealing than other media.[Read More]
  • Cloud and Virtual PBX, UC Markets to Hit $12B by 2018
    A new report indicates that cloud and virtual PBX and UC solutions are going to continue to grow at a rapid rate well into 2018. This new report seems to underline that trends that have been growing over the last few years that is seeing land based phone lines being squeezed out little by little.[Read More]
  • How to Get Your Employees Excited About Brand Promotion
    How effective are your employees when it comes to marketing your business? Do they know how to hit home on the first try, or are they muttering through the details to try and sound intelligent? Business communications is not something that comes easily to everyone who takes on the employee role; even when technologies like virtual PBX are at the ready to streamline communication processes, the human element must be addressed as well.[Read More]
  • Breaking Down Customer Walls for Great Customer Service
    In social situations, some people are just naturally more protective of their personal space than others. Breaking down the social walls depends on a few social cues, whether it's small talk or talking about the temperature. It's pretty similar when it comes to connecting with customers. Virtual PBX provider Nextiva relates this wall as a protective "BUBL." There are ways to invade the customer space, but in a positive way.[Read More]
  • Network Early, Use VoIP Tech from the Start Before Opening a Business
    Starting a new business can be a major challenge, and networking is a key part of ensuring the success of that future business. Remember, too, that waiting until a business is up and running may be too much of a delay in building a network of future customers or contacts.[Read More]
  • Are Smartphones to Blame for Employee Skill Reduction?
    Smartphones, while considerably smart for many reasons, may actually be to blame for making its users less smart, and it's all thanks to "social media slang."[Read More]
  • Can Your Virtual PBX Support the Mobile Workforce?
    The mobile worker - nearly every enterprise now supports the concept, either in theory or in practice. We have the tools at our disposal with Bring Your Own Device strategies and mobile device management to ensure the protection of the network. To best streamline communications, virtual PBX technology is the go-to platform, but is it possible to really effectively manage your remote workers?[Read More]
  • Report: Business Market is Ripe for PBX Investments
    There is a vast array of PBX solutions on the market today, and a new report from business intelligence company IBISWorld has given PBX phone systems a buyer power score of 4.4 out of 5.[Read More]
  • How Virtual PBX Helps Bring Expertise to More People
    Quick: What do doctors and plumbers have in common? While there may be many jokes that start this way, they do share something in common that isn't a joke. Both doctors and plumbers can benefit from having their best practitioners remotely connect and offer guidance to less experienced staff.[Read More]
  • Making the Cut with Customer Service
    Customer service - it means different things to different people. Areas where you believe you're providing great care, your customers may find annoying. Have you really studied the customer base to understand what they want? There has to be a tie in to how you do business, but unless you develop a healthy balance between what you need and what your customers demand, you're likely struggling to hit your targets.[Read More]
  • Columbus to Enter Jamaican PBX Market with Cloud-Based Solution
    According to a recent news report from the Jamaica Observer, Columbus Business Solutions will soon challenge major players in the Jamaican business telephone market.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Earns Communications Solutions Product of the Year
    Cloud-based telephony solutions, such as virtual PBX and hosted business VoIP, are being adopted at a rapid rate, particularly as SMBs discover the cost saving benefits and rich technology features of these types of offerings. Not only are businesses relieved of the headache of purchasing and managing costly on-premises equipment when they move their communications solutions to the cloud, but they benefit from the flexibility and scalability of an elastic offering, paying only for the resources they need.[Read More]
  • How to Pick the Right SIP Phone
    Businesses can save large sums of money on their virtual PBX phone services by using a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking system, which translates calls to or from the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) into more efficient digital calls. SIP trunking also means that businesses can pay for far fewer phone lines and share them between multiple phones, thus only paying for a number of lines equal to the maximum call volume the company expects to receive.[Read More]
  • Are You Missing Social Media Opportunities?
    How successful are your marketing campaigns? This is a question often asked within the enterprise where traditional methods are still the norm. While some of these traditional tools can still make an impact, you're limiting your success if you don't expand into other available channels. For instance, if virtual PBX technology was adopted by IT to streamline communications, it doesn't mean you gave up your phone; it simply means you're embracing new avenues to achieve bigger goals.[Read More]
  • Contact Centers in the Cloud: Enhancing the Customer Experience Using Virtual PBX
    For many companies, having a cloud or virtual PBX-based contact center is an appealing alternative to avoid the up-front costs that usually come with setting up an on-premises solution-such as manual upgrades and maintenance. In addition, cloud-based contact centers are better suited to meet multi-channel customer service needs with agents who can work from anywhere and can respond to customers' inquiries through inbound and outbound calls, texts, instant messaging and social media sites.[Read More]
  • How the Best in Content Keeps Users Coming Back
    Building a website may seem like one of those things that just gets eyes rolling. "So 2002," some might say, looking instead to augmenting a social media profile or focusing on a mobile-optimized site. While these all have advantages to consider, the idea of building a regular desktop website isn't a bad idea these days, and can offer some significant advantages all its own. But a regular desktop site runs on content, and content can be a difficult thing to do, particularly so to do well. There are, however, a few simple points to consider to make the best content: the kind that keeps users coming back.[Read More]
  • Business VoIP Comes to the Rescue for Tour Company
    To discover some of the advantages that VoIP can deliver to just about any business, look no further than Five Star Tours Chartered Bus Company in San Diego.[Read More]
  • New Virtual PBX Reseller Program Launches for Startups
    Velocity, a provider of secure and reliable cloud-based switching and billing solutions for VoIP service providers, recently introduced its new cloud-based, white label reseller program.[Read More]
  • When to Say No to New Technology
    Technology is moving fast, and one of the new skills in business is being able to decide which technologies to adopt and which to ignore. It is impossible to embrace every new technological trend that captures headlines, and it can lead businesses to distraction.[Read More]
  • New PBX Launches on the Cloud and on the Cheap
    If there's one thing you can learn from venturing into the cloud, it's that not everything that's enterprise-friendly comes with an enterprise price tag. This week, an Australian VoIP provider called SIPTalk launched a product named OnPBX which, as its name suggests, is a cloud-hosted private branch exchange (PBX) service allowing businesses to get enterprise-level telephone services with the pennies they find inside their shoes.[Read More]
  • The Art of the Auto Attendant
    Having a good phone system is about more than just good tech. Yes, it starts with strong call quality and functionality such as easy-to-use interactive voice response. Good tech is the foundation. Businesses also need to properly use the tech to be effective, however.[Read More]
  • Wheelings & Dealings: One Source Networks Acquires StarView
    Virtual PBX and cloud-based communication systems are truly becoming mainstream in teh business world. One of the fastest growing technology firms in Austin, Texas-One Source Networks-just grew even larger this week with the acquisition of StarView Solutions LP. Named as part of the Austin Business Journal's Fast 50 this past year, One Source will take on all of fellow Austin firm StarView's operations, employees, suppliers and clients.[Read More]
  • How to Create an Effective Website
    The business VoIP and virtual PBX space is intense, and every edge matters. So any business that is not focused on how visitors use its website is missing the boat-especially since robust website analytics is free through Google Analytics.[Read More]
  • Better Decision-Making Leads to Improved Business Operations
    Making business decisions can be a difficult process. But there are ways to improve a company's decision-making. Sometimes, even virtual PBX providers need to reevaluate how they're making business decisions.[Read More]
  • Knowing the Difference Between What Customers Want and Need
    While the old adage says "the customer is always right," perhaps we've come to take it a little too literally. When it comes to selling business VoIP to customers, knowing what they want versus what they need is an important distinction to make.[Read More]
  • Eyeball Networks Announces Release of Messenger SDK Version 10
    Eyeball Networks is a premier developer of connectivity solutions for the world's major providers of mobile communications services and devices.[Read More]
  • Hiring Employees, How to Be a Great Entrepreneur
    One of the most difficult tasks for the new generation of entrepreneurs is finding valid employees for their business. It is important they take a proactive approach to recruitment and, before bringing just anyone on board, they need to evaluate the position they are hiring for; it is necessary to establish the required duties early on and have a good understanding of the skills that the prospective candidates should demonstrate. Only with ample preparation, they will be able to make a final selection of people who have the skills and the temperament needed to succeed in the business.[Read More]
  • Make Way for the Future of VoIP
    The introduction of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) suggested the Internet could be used for more than just information gathering and streaming your favorite movies. The high speed connection put in place could serve as the pipeline to all communications, whether voice, video or other messaging. In its third decade since development, VoIP has entered the business sector as a viable option to communications. Business VoIP has finally arrived.[Read More]
  • Why You Need to Protect Your Virtual PBX
    The functional and cost benefits associated with virtual PBX technology are clear - you shift the responsibility of the infrastructure and hardware to the provider, enjoy greater capabilities and pay for only what you use. The reliability and quality of VoIP in the workplace has improved significantly over the past few years, making migration an easy decision.[Read More]
  • Using Virtual PBX for a Remote Workforce
    Current information and communications technology (ICT) has removed the barriers of time and distance, allowing individuals and organizations to collaborate with anyone around the world. This has introduced many new opportunities for freelance workers and organizations looking to save money by contracting a remote workforce, or providing their employees with options to work from home. A technology that makes this possible is hosted, or virtual, PBX.[Read More]
  • Have You Considered Televoting as a PBX Service?
    Virtual PBX systems help companies all over the world manage their communications efficiently while being able to accommodate for huge data demands. Using virtual PBX, companies can take advantage of all sort of modern IP-based features, such as VoIP calling and teleconferencing, video conferencing, live chat and more.[Read More]
  • Buyers' Market Booming for PBX Phones
    An industry report predicts that managed PBX VoIP service will likely double by 2016. Also, it now appears to be a buyers' market for PBX phones.[Read More]
  • Blackberry May Consider Adding VoIP Service
    During a recent media briefing, the senior director of BBM business development, David Proulx, admitted that the company is going to start offering up BBM Voice for free. During that acknowledgement, he also wouldn't strictly rule out the idea of Blackberry doing one better and offering up a Skype-like VoIP feature.[Read More]
  • Virtual PBX, VoIP Come to World War II Airfield
    Northrop Grumman, a major security company, announced this week that its subsidiary, U.K.-based Northrop Grumman Park Air Systems, installed its future-proof Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) capable air traffic control communication system at IWM Duxford.[Read More]
  • There's No Denying It: Virtual PBX is Hot
    For the enterprise, hosted or virtual PBX phone systems bring simplicity and cost savings. For small businesses, virtual PBX systems deliver sophistication and features previously only available to large firms.[Read More]
  • Improving Your Customer Care Starts with the Phone
    Like most businesses today, you're probably managing a multi-channel environment. You push out marketing messages through social media, online activities and even traditional advertising. You have your messaging down to a science and you're making great impact on the market. This is all strong support for your key initiatives, but have you ignored the phone?[Read More]
  • PBX, IP Technology Improves 911 Responses for Callers Facing Emergencies
    As virtual PBX and IP communications become more widespread, businesses as well as the general public are becoming more aware of its many benefits. Some of these benefits mean that people who need immediate medical attention or a quick response from firefighters or police officers can now get it, thanks to the technology.[Read More]
  • 3 Keys to Better Technology Investment
    Feeling overwhelmed by technology? You're not alone. A recent Brother Small Business survey found that 63 percent of small business owners surveyed felt overwhelmed by the number of tech tools available today.[Read More]
  • How Virtual PBX Helps Enable Quality Healthcare
    The healthcare industry has garnered much attention as of late. The arrival, and subsequent extensions, of the Affordable Care Act have all but dominated the headlines. Behind the hype, however, there are still individuals who need care and professionals who are trying to do the job they pledged to do with focus on the health of the patient.[Read More]
  • New Virtual PBX Systems Simplify Business Phones
    The business phone system: many companies rely on it as perhaps one of the simplest means to establish contact between businesses, or between a business and its customers. But with that simplicity has come a variety of options to compete in the field, and providers try to land the business of all those users out there who turn to business phone service to make contact with customers. Telx Telecom, meanwhile, is bringing out a whole new solution for businesses to use instead of the standard land-line system: a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) hosted private branch exchange (PBX) solution.[Read More]
  • snom 715 Phone Interoperable with Schmooze's PBXact, FreePBX UC Systems
    Virtual PBX technology is constantly evolving, and businesses are finding more ways to make their PBX products compatible with one another for easier communications amongst companies. To this end, snom technology's 715 phone is now interoperable with Schmooze's PBXact phone system, as well as its open source counterpart FreePBX. The company is a developer of IP desktop business phones.[Read More]
  • Consumer VoIP Connections Keep Growing
    The use of virtual PBX services in business today is becoming more common, as more and more discover the benefits of a hosted telephony system that can route external calls through a network of internal phone lines.[Read More]
  • How Can Partnership Referrals Help Expand Your VoIP Business?
    You know you want to grow your VoIP business, but how do you expand in a heavily saturated market? There are already too many vendors who offer the same product or service, and you're looking for ways to stand out. You could go the way of the gimmick, trying to draw attention with something that may or may not work. If you truly want to set your business apart from others in the market, consider improving service.[Read More]
  • How to Start a Hosted PBX or Calling Card Company
    Communication systems have exploded in the last few years, and today this market offers a wide range of choices for customers, including PBX systems, prepaid calling cards and VoIP calling. As these systems gain more acceptance and use, more and more businesses want to jump into the communication business. Individuals and companies are increasingly looking to start VoIP telecom companies, voice termination, hosted PBX company and inbound/outbound call centers.[Read More]
  • Belfast Adopts Virtual PBX for Modern Airport Communications
    Recently the George Best Belfast City Airport in Ireland paved the way for other airports to follow suit when it comes to having a robust communications solution in place; the regional airport just finished replacing its traditional phone system with a virtual PBX solution in the cloud.[Read More]
  • Virtual PBX Provider Expands to Meet Growing Demands
    As Arizona-based virtual PBX provider Nextiva continues to find success, the company is expanding to meet growing service demands. Having championed customer service, Nextiva understands the importance of a well-rounded and robust team that can support the company and its customers in a variety of ways. With more and more businesses turning to the company's PBX and business VoIP offerings, Nextiva is looking to hire 100 new employees within the next few weeks.[Read More]
  • 5 Benefits for Businesses That Switch to Virtual PBX
    Virtual PBX, or IP-based PBX, has many benefits over more traditional PBX phone systems - especially for businesses. Arguably the most significant difference is that businesses will see lower service costs. Their employees also will find that communication becomes more flexible. And unified messaging (UM) becomes a workable option.[Read More]
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence + Virtual PBX = Match Made in the Cloud
    The benefits to business of fixed mobile convergence (FMC) include the ability to use single handsets for both mobile and fixed-line calls, and the ability to cut call costs by only paying for more expensive mobile calls when the handset is not in range of the corporate private branch exchange or other routing device.[Read More]
  • Faster Broadband in UK a Boon for VoIP Customers
    How about downloading a TV show from the Internet in just one minute? That's the kind of speed Virgin Media is boasting with its new broadband services in the United Kingdom. Its new offerings deliver a top download speed of 152 MB per second, clearing the way for aggressive use of Internet services, such as business VoIP, from its customers.[Read More]
  • White Label Distribution Offers a Different Type of Branding Strategy
    In the business VoIP and virtual PBX market, white label partnerships enable operators, broadband networks and ISPs to grow revenue, protect their customer base and get fast to market with low capital expenditure.[Read More]
  • Why Virtual PBX Continues to Gain Traction
    When new companies enter the competitive business market, does it make you wonder just how much opportunity there is? Take business VoIP and virtual PBX, for example. A new entry into this market space is Voxox. Aside from that really fun name, the provider offers Cloud Phone, a virtual PBX service designed to address the needs of the small business that go beyond the standard cloud telephony application.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Aims to Disrupt Virtual PBX
    When communications are your lifeblood, trusting your connections to the traditional landline seems like the safe way to go. But are you missing key opportunities by assuming virtual PBX is unstable or unnecessary? A look at a video from ITEXPO suggests this may be the case. Let's see what provider Nextiva shared and why this matters in today's corporate environment.[Read More]
  • Hosted VoIP Can Heal a Fractured Healthcare Phone Network
    NHS Human Services, a provider of healthcare services with more than 700 facilities across the United States, recently unified its operations by investing in SIP trunking. It felt the need to migrate its phone network to VoIP because, through acquisition and operations in seven states, it was confronted with a scattered workforce and communications systems that were hard to unify.[Read More]
  • New Accolades, Awards Highlight Benefits of Business VoIP Solutions
    In a tech-driven era, where communications are the hub of business productivity and success, you'll find solution providers that offer best-in-class platforms to cover an array of business needs. Business VoIP providers like Nextiva speak to the needs of businesses, offering features like mobile business and unified messaging to get ahead.[Read More]
  • 4 Methods to Reduce Business Costs with Virtual PBX
    Running a business is both exciting and costly. You're likely to search for avenues of increased efficiency on a regular basis, but actually putting new methods in place can be a challenging endeavor. Instead, you need proven technology that once in place, can deliver on more than one initiative. Believe it or not, virtual PBX can meet this need, allowing you to cut costs in four different ways.[Read More]
  • Nextiva's New Mobile VoIP App Highlights the Growth of the Mobile Era
    You'd be hard pressed to find someone who does not own a mobile phone these days. Just over a decade ago, mobile phones were still considered a want, but not really a necessity. Mobile providers have paved the way for inexpensive, on-the-go communications, and now we're seeing mobile VoIP grow with the industry.[Read More]
  • Run a Business from Home with the Latest in Technology
    Despite a touch-and-go economy, many budding entrepreneurs are relying on their own expertise and services to launch at-home businesses. Getting a home office set up can be a little confusing, but with the right technologies, a lot of confusion is removed from the equation.[Read More]
  • Nextiva is Ready to Revolutionize the Partner Environment
    Unified communications (UC) service provider Nextiva is looking to do things a bit differently this year. The company-which prides itself on offering everything from small office phone systems to nationwide call centers and everything in between-is now looking to take things up a notch, and that includes a revolutionary new partner program, according to Ira Feuerstein, director of Nextiva's Channel Program, and Mary Miller, director of marketing.[Read More]
  • Innovation Requires the Right Foundation
    Innovation is increasingly important in business. With global supply lines and competition just a few clicks away on Google, commoditization is a constant danger and profit margins rely on products and services that differentiate themselves from the competition.[Read More]
  • Why Virtual PBX and the Cloud Make Sense for Any Organization
    The concept of big data is often used in corporate discussions as companies fight for the consumer dollar through relevant offers and personalized communications. As more and more data is captured and managed, it must be stored and made easily accessible. For many, this means moving to the cloud.[Read More]
  • Carrier Infrastructure Upgrade Highlights Need for Better VoIP Network Monitoring
    International communications provider Calltrade Carrier Services just made the switch to session border controllers by SIP solutions provider Sonus Networks. The deal highlights one of the challenges that VoIP technology still faces.[Read More]
  • Why Selecting the Right Virtual PBX Number Matters
    If you are a product of the 80s, you know who will answer if you dial 867-5309. It is the phone number that gained popularity when it became the main focus in the chorus of a song. While a pop hit isn't likely on your agenda for promoting your brand, it doesn't mean you shouldn't take care in picking the right number. If you have virtual PBX, you know the value of a dollar saved, so chances are the same is important to your client base.[Read More]
  • Breaking Down Barriers with a Virtual PBX
    Offices no longer need to be confined to one physical location, thanks to technology. Businesses have been able to ditch a lot of overhead costs by moving their telecommunications to a hosted model, more specifically by employing a virtual PBX.[Read More]
  • Internet, VoIP are the Future of Business
    All of the technology new year predictions aside, one constant that has been reliable and ever-evolving has been the Internet and the need for more bandwidth. Or, more specifically, how we use the Internet to do the things we do; VoIP, messaging, video conferencing, websites - all of these have become the hub of all of the business spokes.[Read More]
  • St. Louis Finds Virtual PBX Ideal After Bitter Cold
    There's nothing like a little bit of water in the wrong place to ruin your day. Whether it's rain on your favorite suede shoes, an overflow from the second floor bathtub or a burst pipe flooding the neighborhood, it generally means you have to shift to a contingency plan. If virtual PBX is already in place, that shift is an easy one to make.[Read More]
  • Nextiva to Set the Stage for Business Communications at ITEXPO
    Nextiva, a provider of business VoIP and virtual PBX systems, believes strongly in improving the working world through powerful, unified business communications.[Read More]
  • Latest Patent Highlights Direction of the 'Networked' Contact Center
    Recently, cloud communications and collaboration provider 8x8 was awarded a patent for the "Networked Contact Center." This highlights that the direction of the contact center is moving away from just incoming and outgoing calls and toward a more multichannel, interconnected customer service experience that will increasingly include agents with different specialties and in different locations.[Read More]
  • Control Trumps Benefits of Virtual PBX
    The value of your business communications cannot likely be measured in dollars, but instead serve as a fundamental tool in sustaining revenue opportunities for the long-term.[Read More]
  • Why a Hosted Private Cloud is Better Than Just a 'Private' Cloud
    As businesses move towards cloud services and VoIP systems, questions often arise whether or not to manage the company's PBX using the in-house IT.[Read More]

Key Benefits

  • Unlimited Calling & Faxing
  • Number Portability
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Instant Conference Calls
  • HD Voice Quality
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Featured Webinar

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