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  • Yeastar, Loway Switzerland Announce Integration Pact
    Business communications solutions providers Loway Switzerland and Yeastar have integrated their respective QueueMetrics and S-Series solutions.[Read More]
  • New net2phone Effort Means Hosted PBX in Argentina
    Argentinians have a new hosted PBX option with net2phone's latest launch.[Read More]
  • Aragon Research Names Nextiva Hot Vendor in UC&C
    Aragon Research has named Nextiva a Hot Vendor in the UC&C space.[Read More]
  • Telarus Gains nexVortex Portfolio with Master Agent Agreement
    A new master agent agreement gives Telarus access to the entire portfolio of nexVortex's product line, which includes SIP trunking, managed SIP trunking (mSIP), and hosted voice and contact center cloud communications.[Read More]
  • Take Advantage of Today's Call Analytics Solutions Enabled by VoIP
    Call analytics are particularly critical for an efficiency-minded business that is looking to keep costs under control, call quality high and communications up and running at all times.[Read More]
  • Natterbox Makes AVS Available on the Salesforce AppExchange
    Natterbox is making its Advanced Voice Services (AVS) available on the Salesforce AppExchange to give organizations easy access to a personalized telephone system within Salesforce.[Read More]
  • AVOXI Updates Core PBX System
    AVOXI's cloud PBX system AVOXI Core gets some new updates and new options to go with it.[Read More]
  • VirtualPBX Adds Plan Options
    VirtualPBX has added various pricing and service plans to better appeal to businesses.[Read More]
  • Flowroute Survey Reveals Cloud Communications is on the Rise
    A new survey conducted by Flowroute revealed that businesses have a positive outlook on cloud communications, with 60 percent of them currently working with multiple service providers.[Read More]
  • Dialpad Improves Business Communication with Alexa Integration
    Dialpad has integrated its cloud-based business communication platform with Amazon's Alexa to give workers the ability to work from anywhere without having physical access to any device.[Read More]
  • netsapiens Powers Impact Telecom's Cloud Call Center Features
    netsapiens and Impact Telecom have announced the launch of an affordable cloud-based Call Center feature set that will integrate seamlessly with Impact's Cloud Phone System.[Read More]
  • IPCortex Launches Virtual PBX Offering
    IPCortex has announced it is launching a cloud based virtual PBX suite.[Read More]
  • 3CX Joins Forces with CloudCo Partner
    3CX, a developer of next generation software based unified communications solutions, and CloudCo Partner, a provider of hosted telephony services with a global network of channel partners, announced this week that CloudCo Partner will now host 3CX for 3CX Partners globally.[Read More]
  • Vodia PBX Expands Offerings
    Vodia PBX has added VTech Eris Terminal Phones to their list of supported devices.[Read More]
  • Wahsega Labs' Diet PBX can Create Full VoIP Communications
    The advanced paging IP PBX hardware appliance called Diet PBX from Wahsega Labs will simplify the creation of full VoIP communications for organizations deploying paging and access control intercom systems.[Read More]
  • Audian Creates Self-Service Customer Portal with Virtual PBX Functionalities
    Audian has launched its Customer Portal to give organizations a cloud-based, self-service, drag and drop system with virtual PBX functionalities to create and manage their business phone system.[Read More]
  • Bandwidth 9-1-1 Improves Location Tracking for Mobile VoIP
    Bandwidth has improved its 9-1-1 Access services to ensure that mobile VoIP callers can be easily located during an emergency.[Read More]
  • Domino's Turns to Unified Office
    Virtual PBX systems continue to deliver value, and one of America's biggest pizza chains, Domino's Pizza, turns to Unified Office to augment its footing therein.[Read More]
  • Ecosmob of India Launches FreeSWITCH PBX
    Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a company based out of India with nearly a decade in the VoIP market, has announced it is offering a FreeSWITCH PBX solution. It can support hundreds to thousands of concurrent calls and conferences.[Read More]
  • Nubes, Ally , Telesystem Partner in PBX Push
    A new project between Nubes Networks, Ally Technology, and Telesystem mean a powerful new push forward in PBX technology.[Read More]
  • CoreDial, Edgewater Certify Interoperability
    The EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges from Edgewater Networks and the hosted PBX and SIP trunking capabilities from CoreDial have been certified to be interoperable, the companies announced this week. That was proven during their work in Edgewater's QuickConnect Interoperability Lab.[Read More]
  • Telinta and Mutare Create Voicemail Transcription Service
    Telinta and Mutare have partnered for a service that transcribes voicemails to text.[Read More]
  • UniVoIP Offers Polycom New Virtual PBX Power
    UniVoIP's lineup of services, particularly the OfficeConnect solution, now works with Polycom's VVX line of devices, adding virtual PBX capability to already powerful systems.[Read More]
  • UniVoIP Offers Polycom New Virtual PBX Power
    UniVoIP's lineup of services, particularly the OfficeConnect solution, now works with Polycom's VVX line of devices, adding virtual PBX capability to already powerful systems.[Read More]
  • Sprint Lands Big Cash After Virtual PBX Patent Battle
    A recent patent battle over VoIP, virtual PBX tools gives Sprint an extra $140 million courtesy of Time Warner.[Read More]
  • Shift8 Partners with Tenfold to Meet Customer Demands
    After listening to customer demands regarding integration, Shift8 Networks has decided to team up with Tenfold.[Read More]
  • Zultys, CenturyLink Form Virtual PBX Partnership
    New interoperability testing means new options in virtual PBX, as Zultys and CenturyLink recently completed such tests.[Read More]
  • Masergy Communications Launches Cloud Contact Center Solution
    Masergy Communications has lost its Cloud Contact Center solution to help organizations deliver better customer service experiences with an omni-channel system as organizations transition to a unified cloud platform.[Read More]
  • Callision Releases New Cloud Business Phone System and CCaaS
    Callision Inc. has just launched two new product offerings to benefit both small and large businesses. The cloud business phone system is meant to help small businesses save money, and the Contact Center as a Service is the first of its kind to allow all businesses to use their preferred SIP providers.[Read More]
  • Telinta Unifies Virtual PBX Offerings
    Telinta advances its virtual PBX processes by bringing two of its white label systems together into one package.[Read More]
  • VirtualPBX Upgrades Softphone App
    The VirtualPBX Softphone App gets a powerful new upgrade by connecting with Siri and delivering new value in virtual PBX service.[Read More]
  • MegaPath Comes Back to the US
    A new move from MegaPath brings all of its tech support operations back to the United States.[Read More]
  • BroadSoft Survey Reveals Hosted PBX Will Surpass On-Premises PBX
    The second annual BroadSoft survey of global telecom providers has revealed hosted PBX will surpass on-premises PBX by 2020 as enterprises embrace cloud and UCaaS adoption.[Read More]
  • RingCentral Salvation Army's Communications Weapon of Choice
    The Salvation Army recently announced that RingCentral's cloud communications tools would be part of its operations to better communicate internally.[Read More]
  • ShoreTel's New Virtual PBX Entry Goes Live
    ShoreTel's Virtual PBX capabilities continue to expand as the company moves into the UK markets.[Read More]
  • Virtual PBX Firm tyntec Lands New Investment
    New investment for tyntec and a new reorganization allows it to focus on getting new products to market in the virtual PBX front.[Read More]
  • Mitel and EOH Bring Cloud Communications to South Africa
    Mitel and EOH have joined forces to bring cloud communications to South Africa, which should ultimately empower the country's mobile workforce.[Read More]
  • Access One and OTG Consulting Form Partnership to Provide Hosted PBX and More
    Master agency OTG Consulting has formed a partnership with Access One to provide its cutting-edge solutions, including hosted PBX services for businesses across the country.[Read More]
  • Jenne, nexVortex Ink Virtual PBX Agreement
    A new agreement means a new distribution channel for nexVortex's SIP trunking and virtual PBX material.[Read More]
  • The GL SIP Protocol Emulator Will Improve Virtual PBX Performance
    The release of GL Communications' improved Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS) will let service providers simulate SIP testing that can improve virtual PBX and other VoIP communications performance.[Read More]
  • net2phone Unveils Unlimited Calls to Brazil
    net2phone has announced it will be adding unlimited calls to Brazil with its virtual PBX offering for small to midsize businesses through its channel partners and master agents nationally.[Read More]
  • Century Solutions Looks to Increase VoIP Communications Adoption
    Century Solutions Group has decided to offer free full system assessment in the month of January to help lower costs, improve operations and increase the adoption of VoIP communications.[Read More]
  • MegaPath Joins Forces with Tenfold
    MegaPath, a provider of Virtual PBX, voice, unified communications, hosted IT, and secure data networking services, has announced a new partnership with Tenfold.[Read More]
  • TieTechnology Highlights Benefits of Virtual PBX
    TieTechnology is highlighting the benefits of IP communications for small businesses with Internet phones along with advanced communications solutions that are replacing legacy PBX systems with virtual PBX.[Read More]
  • Carolina Digital Goes Collegiate With Virtual PBX
    Carolina Digital recently landed a contract to bring virtual PBX and hosted VoIP services to Montgomery Community College's Troy campus.[Read More]
  • One Net Business Delivers a Cloud-based Unified Communications
    Vodacom has launched its One Net Business platform to provide a cloud-based unified communications solution capable of bringing fixed and mobile telephony services across any device.[Read More]
  • Virtual PBX Possibly More Important to Millennials than Gen Z
    A new study finds the next generation coming into the workforce may not be as dependent on technology as millennials. Solutions such as virtual PBX will be useful, but not for Gen Z workers who prefer face-to-face interactions.[Read More]
  • Ixia Improves Wi-Fi Capabilities to Deliver VoIP and Virtual PBX
    Ixia adds new capabilities to its assessment and monitoring platform, Hawkeye, with Wi-Fi readiness for network improvement in delivering a range of services including VoIP and virtual PBX.[Read More]
  • CoreDial Releases App for Mobile Workforce
    In today's increasingly mobile world, it's more important than ever to offer solutions that people can use on the go. CoreDial, a white label SaaS provider, gets that concept, and has released a new mobile app to help companies provide their services to mobile workers.[Read More]
  • VirtualPBX Launches New, Improved VoIP Service
    VirtualPBX's new VoIP Clear Fix Service represents a huge new advance for VoIP service, and all without any regard toward who's providing the service.[Read More]
  • Azercell, Defne Co-Production Augments Virtual PBX
    A recent partnership between Azercell and Defne yields new advancements in the virtual PBX market.[Read More]
  • Yeastar Launches Mobile Softphone for VoIP PBX
    Yeastar's Linkus is a mobile client that connects team members remotely under one phone system on iOS and Android devices for the S-Series VoIP PBX.[Read More]
  • New Jive Contact Center System Offers Complete Jive Voice Connection
    Virtual PBX system Jive Voice gets new value with a complete cloud-based contact center.[Read More]
  • Rev.io and NETXUSA Integration Streamlines Time to Market Delivery
    Rev.io and NETXUSA have come together to streamline time-to-market delivery for communications and IoT service providers.[Read More]
  • BroadSoft Rolls out Team-One to Give Business Collaboration an Edge
    BroadSoft's new Team-One system gives business VoIP users extra collaboration capability.[Read More]
  • RingCentral Hits the Century Mark with its US Patents
    In hitting the century mark with its U.S. patents, RingCentral shows why it continues to rank as a leading provider of virtual PBX, enterprise cloud communications and collaboration solutions.[Read More]
  • Nextiva CEO Honored for Outstanding Leadership
    Tomas Gorny, CEO of Nextiva , a provider of business VoIP solutions, recently received the 2016 William F. McWhorter Award from the Arizona Technology Council.[Read More]
  • Nyansa Releases Voyance+ Network Analytics
    Beyond businesses' concerns about which types of software they should use in daily operations and from which vendors they should begin relationships, network analytics comes heavily into play. A growing number of businesses want to know how their communications software performs on a daily basis and, for instance, how those applications interact with payroll and network management software.[Read More]
  • Future of Contact Center in the Cloud
    The last several years have illustrated a shift in thinking when it comes to communications. Enterprises and SMBs alike are realizing the power of the cloud, and migration is a major movement at the moment. Furthermore, as we all know, the contact center requires communications solutions up to the task - you only get one chance to make a first impression - and recent research illustrated how this customer service hub is due for a cloud makeover.[Read More]
  • Amazing Partner Program Adds Another with Beyond Computer Solutions
    There's a saying I've heard countless times from different coaches at various times in my life: "teamwork makes the dream work." In sports, specifically the NBA, it is the era of super teams - pairing a number of super stars together to ride rough shod over the league (a la Golden State, and further back Miami). In business, pairing with the right partners to create a super team is mission critical to success.[Read More]
  • Alaska Communications Brings Mobility to Businesses
    Even in cold, snowy Alaska, the workforce is becoming increasingly mobile. When conducting business in the state, you need to be prepared for anything-snow, power outages, extremely cold weather for half the year, etc. Businesses without the right equipment can easily find themselves in trouble if employees can't get to work due to weather or other reasons. That's why Alaska Communications is now offering Cloud Business Office, a managed IT and connectivity solution, to help Alaska businesses become more productive, collaborative and mobile.[Read More]
  • Barracuda Hooks Up Resellers with RingCentral
    Barracuda Networks Inc. has called on RingCentral Inc. to provide its reseller partners with services to help them transition to be cloud-based communications entities. This follows the July discontinuation of the Barracuda Phone System line.[Read More]
  • Birch Adds Collaboration Features to TotalCloud PBX Platform
    Communications service providers are adding collaborative features as part of their offering to address the way today's workforce are working. Birch Communications is providing the service with its new TotalCloud PBX Hub, which is part of its TotalCloud PBX Platform. With this new feature, end-users will be able to communicate across different channels in and out of the office on any device.[Read More]
  • Dimension Data Joins IntelePeer Partner Program
    IntelePeer offers its enterprise customers a cloud-based SIP trunking service, Atmosphere, that can handle voice service, automated incoming call distributing, and messaging alongside a host of call center functions by linking to popular call center software from global vendors. Now Dimension Data, a distributor of such services, will have the opportunity to resell the IntelePeer SIP trunking service to its own base of clients through its joining of the IntelePeer Cloud Advantage Partner Program.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Recognized as a Top Place to Work
    Nextiva is among the country's Best Small and Medium Workplaces, according to a consulting firm called Great Place to Work and the magazine Fortune.[Read More]
  • GreenKey App Makes Mobile Collaboration Easy
    There's no question that today's workforce is growing increasingly mobile. And with BYOD policies becoming more popular, it's important to make sure that your employees are set up with the best tools, no matter where they are or what device they're using. GreenKey recognizes this need, and is addressing it with their new mobile application for iOS and Android devices.[Read More]
  • GAWK Takes Foothold in Toll-Free Marketplace
    Call now! Toll-free! These snippets have long been associated with infomercials and attempts at getting potential customers to call in on a potential order. It's no surprise that the toll-free number market has been gaining by leaps and bounds as businesses take away one significant potential impediment to making phone calls, and now, GAWK has joined in with a new entry in its product line.[Read More]
  • AVOXI Core Gets a New Online Portal, Innovation Center
    With communications as a service (CaaS) gaining ground with many businesses out there, it's not surprising to see a lot of new entrants into this field. With a lot of new entrants comes a clear need to differentiate from the competition, and that's a point AVOXI likely took into account when it recently brought out a new online portal for its AVOXI Core system.[Read More]
  • World Vision Charity Answers the Call to RingCentral Office
    It's easily one of the largest Christian charities on the face of the Earth, and though it's seen its share of controversy in the past, it's hard to deny that it's moving a lot of goods, people, and resources around the planet. That means a clear demand for the best in communications, and a large part of the reason why World Vision stepped up its communications game by bringing in RingCentral Office.[Read More]
  • Sonus Sends SBC SWe Lite to Market for SMEs
    Communications as a whole is experiencing rejuvenation. Growing expertise in leveraging the cloud for development and innovation is resulting in an exciting era to cover the space, and not to mention easy to use, robust and high-performing solution. A player in the virtualization space, Sonus, expanded its line of SBCs this week with the announcement of its Sonus SBC SWe Lite.[Read More]
  • Hosted Voice Gets a New Force with nexVortex's agileTel Acquisition
    Hosted voice is increasingly a part of the landscape for businesses, thanks to the combination of cost-cutting and extra features that are often brought into play. One of the biggest firms in the hosted voice market is nexVortex, who has established itself previously as a cloud communications leader and an expert in both hosted voice services and session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking. This status as a leader has been established by not only its expertise, but also its recent acquisitions augmenting that position. Recently the company bought agileTel, another hosted voice provider that gives nexVortex even more support in the field.[Read More]
  • AirePBX Receives 2016 TMC Product of the Year Award
    Effective communication as it applies to today's businesses means being able to bring desk phones, smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops together seamlessly and make them accessible for everyone in the organization. AireSpring provides cloud communications and managed connectivity solutions with the goal of delivering on the accessibility of these touchpoints for a comprehensive unified communications. This achievement has resulted in TMC, a global integrated media company, giving the AirePBX Cloud Business Phone System its 2016 Product of the Year Award.[Read More]
  • Flowroute Service Certified Compatible with PhoneSuite's Hospitality Phone System
    The communications solutions from Flowroute Inc. and PhoneSuite have been deemed compatible. The interoperability of these offerings was certified via the Flowroute Technology Partner Program.[Read More]
  • Telnyx, Equinix Get Together to Bring New VoIP Services to Europe, Asia
    Telnyx and Equinix, meanwhile, recently paired, and together are poised to bring a new range of next-generation voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services to both Europe and Asia.[Read More]
  • GAWK Lands Record-Breaking Revenue Run for Third Quarter
    With GAWK Inc.'s third quarter now one for the history books, it turns out that August proved to also be one for the record books as the company's third quarter revenue turned out to be the best the company had ever seen. While it's still comparatively small against some firms' measures, GAWK's rapid gains suggest that the company is doing at least something right.[Read More]
  • Ways Businesses Can Use Data Visualization in Client Presentations
    For decades, professionals have used pie charts and bar graphs to quickly convey concepts, appealing to the 65 percent of the population who are visual learners. As businesses increasingly turn to data analytics, the demand for appealing graphics has only grown. This means organizations must not only employ the best data science experts and solutions, but they must find a way to render that information on the page in a way that connects with their clients, team members, and colleagues.[Read More]
  • Matrix Set to Showcase VoIP-GSM Gateways
    The communication solutions an organization selects has to be flexible enough to adapt to the highly dynamic business environment of today. As business processes get more complex and continue to be integrated with IT and communications, companies that provide the hardware, software and support under one umbrella are increasingly becoming the preferred choice. Matrix Telecom Solutions was established in 1991 with that goal in mind, and a quarter of the century later it will showcasing its carrier grade telecom solutions in Dubai at the GITEX 2016.[Read More]
  • Avaya IP Office Release 10 Focuses on Cloud Security
    Avaya brands its IP Office as a "simple, powerful, unified collaboration" software that businesses can use for their in-office and business-to-customer communications. It comes with a number of features that offer employees voice, video, and text that can be accessed on a business's premise or from the cloud. Now IP Office has reached an update to Release 10, which boosts those capabilities with additions to the user experience and security features.[Read More]
  • Broadvoice Ranks on Inc. 500 | 5000 Fastest-Growing List
    Milestones are important for any company, whether it's the first dollar made or the first million. There are other kinds of milestones, like awards, and recently Broadvoice took home one such award itself, named to the Inc. 500 | 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in the United States. This is actually a reflection of the market Broadvoice is in as well, as it's a major provider of not only unified communications (UC) services, but also session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking services.[Read More]
  • 8x8 Named Leader by Gartner for Fifth Consecutive Year
    8x8, Inc. is a provider of secure and reliable enterprise cloud communications solutions. Its cloud solutions replace traditional on-premises PBX hardware and software-based systems with a flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) alternative, encompassing cloud business phone service, contact center solutions and conferencing.[Read More]
  • Sangoma Launches New Virtual PBX Offering for SMBs
    The transformation to the use of cloud services is well underway. Companies and organizations throughout the world have overcome initial objections and are embracing the opportunity to streamline their operations, reduce their capital investments in infrastructure and better align their competitive offerings with that of the competition. It's the best of all worlds, creating significant demand for those companies willing to support cloud offerings, such as virtual PBX.[Read More]
  • Ooma Office for Mobile Lets the Office Go Anywhere
    The mobile workforce is a great creation, allowing workers to work from just about anywhere and be better able to fit the rest of their lives in a daily schedule. A mobile workforce, much like an army, requires specific tools and logistics matters to function fully, and that's where Ooma Office for Mobile steps in.[Read More]
  • Impact Telecom Joins Forces with VANAD Group
    Impact Telecom, a global provider of business cloud communications solutions to carriers, businesses and homes, announced today that it has joined forces with VANAD Group. This new partnership will allow Impact Telecom to offer its customers the innovative VANAD Aloha customer engagement and cloud contact center platform-a decision that is ideal for customers.[Read More]
  • CNSG Gains Line Systems Elite Partner Status
    Master agents work for telecommunications companies by making connections with customers and selling the services that telecoms can then fulfill. They help take the pressure off telecoms that wish to concentrate on the deployment and management of their services rather than focus on making direct sales.[Read More]
  • Free Samples: VirtualPBX Offers a New Trial Period for Potential Dash Users
    Dash is already known in the field as the "first truly user-oriented and friendly VoIP platform," but for those who haven't already been putting this system to use, the claims might easily seem like so much over-inflated marketing weasel-speak. Dash's makers, VirtualPBX, may have seen this coming and are offering one of the greatest countermeasures around for such doubts: a free trial period.[Read More]
  • Purchase of MIR3 by ECN Addresses Growing Software Communications Demand
    When two companies come together, whether it is through an acquisition or merger, the right synergy ensures the long-term survivability of the new entity. If they are not compatible or do not complement each other, the road ahead can be a bumpy one. The acquisition of MIR3 by ECN brings two companies that provide cloud communications for enterprises and large public organizations, which should make the integration process much easier.[Read More]
  • MatchBoxFoodGroup Invests in Evolve IP Cloud Services
    Any restaurant-goer would be happy about this upgrade. Everyone likes to eat out, but having to wait on the line for a reservation, for example, is never fun. Evolve IP is helping groups like MBFG solve these problems, thus making the dining experience better for everyone.[Read More]
  • Virtual and Hosted PBX Services Transform Telephony Into Just Another App
    Only a few years ago, the world of VoIP still largely consisted of a legacy approach to hardware and software. On premises equipment had to be managed, monitored and updated, licensing agreements had to be honored, and things still occasionally went wrong. And those glitches often required hours of manpower to repair, sometimes necessitating costly outside expertise.[Read More]
  • Dialpad Adds Services and Brings Pure Cloud Communications to Japan
    Cloud communications delivers the flexibility and agility that is needed to bring together all of the resources of an organization with greater efficiency than traditional on premises systems. This is especially the case for large enterprises that have a global presence. As one of the most developed countries in the world, Japan is the headquarters of some of the largest enterprises in the world, which is in part why Dialpad entered the Japanese market, making it the first pure cloud communications provider in the country.[Read More]
  • Enghouse Interactive Makes Key Improvements to CCSP 7.2
    Cloud computing is making the total cost of ownership of IT services more affordable than ever. Whether it is large enterprises or SMB's, it is now possible to obtain comprehensive services with the flexibility and scalability needed to thrive in today's highly competitive environment. The new improvements Enghouse Interactive has implemented in its Cloud Contact Center Platform (CCSP) 7.2 have been designed to increase usability for customers with multiple applications.[Read More]
  • Teen Provides Telephony Service With Virtual PBX
    One of the greatest benefits of cloud technology is that it allows small businesses or even individuals to compete in the different IT segments. Case in point is 17-year-old Seth Thompson, a North Baltimore student, who owns Panda Technologies LLC., a computer repair and web services company. He is using virtual PBX to deliver telephony services to his customers, which has allowed him to provide comprehensive IT solutions.[Read More]
  • Patton Electronics Certifies Renegade IP-PBX Appliance
    The communication services small businesses are able to acquire today have enterprise grade capabilities without the cost. This is made possible with digital technology and hosted services, which remove the capital and operational expenditures of on premises systems that made it prohibitively expensive in the past. For service providers and device manufacturers, this means creating products and services that small businesses can afford, and ensuring they are fully compatible.[Read More]
  • Cloud Storage Enables Efficiencies for BYOD and Mobility
    The veritable deluge of people working from home, coupled with the astronomical uptake in mobility and mobile services, have left businesses with some tough choices. Companies typically want to grow and increase revenues, and remote workers using their own devices facilitate opportunities for growth without much strain on physical imprint and capital expenditures.[Read More]
  • Cebod Telecom Offers Competitive Per-Line Pricing Model
    Cebod Telecom recently announced that it would begin offering a pay-per-line pricing model to its business phone service customers. Although the service has many similarities to what other providers offer, Cebod is pushing a per-line pricing model that it feels is more economical than typical plans.[Read More]
  • TeleMasters to Supply South African SMMEs with Cloud-based PBX
    The IT segment in South Africa is one of the most developed in the whole of the continent. The country is the base of operations to some of the largest tech companies in the world for its regional services, which has given it access to the latest innovations in IT. This includes cloud-based communications, TeleMasters, a provider of IP communications, just announced it going to be supplying Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs) with cloud-based PBX after overcoming some obstacles.[Read More]
  • Strategies for Effective Telephone-based Business Communications
    It takes a certain knack to be able to communicate as well over the telephone as can be achieved in person. On a phone call, facial expressions aren't part of the equation (unless it's a video call) and even things that ought to be communicated such as tone of voice get lost in the message.[Read More]
  • Windstream and BroadSoft Make Hotel Stays Better with New Virtual PBX Tools
    With summer travel season now upon us, and Fourth of July travel arrangements already in progress, the hospitality industry is preparing to receive the loads of travelers it will likely see as a result. Improving internal systems is one major way to prepare for this array of new guests, and Windstream and BroadSoft have gotten together to bring out a new customized virtual public branch exchange (PBX) and unified communications (UC) service for hospitality providers everywhere.[Read More]
  • Aavaz Releases SugarOnTop, Offering PBX Options for SugarCRM
    Aavaz-which means "voice" or "song" in Arabic, Persian and Indian-recently brought out a sweet new offering for its SugarCRM customer relationship management (CRM) tool, giving users access to a slate of private branch exchange (PBX) options. With plug and play ease of use and installation, the new appliance known as SugarOnTop is ready to make all those calls that go out really count toward driving revenue and profitability.[Read More]
  • Direct Peering Agreement with US Signal Gives nexVortex Greater Access
    With direct peering, networks can exchange traffic after entering into a bilateral or multilateral partnerships or agreements to more efficiently use their resources, whether it is infrastructure, communications services or even customers. The agreement nexVortex has entered with US Signal will give the company more access of the services it offers to a new market and vice versa.[Read More]
  • Patton eSBCs Achieves Compliance with Telenor IPT MBN SIP Trunk Service
    Telecom operators now have to deliver a wide range of services in order to compete with the communications options customers have at their disposal from OTTs and other non-traditional providers. This requires innovative solutions and the technology to make it possible. The certification of Patton's SmartNode enterprise session border controllers (eSBCs) with Telenor's IPT MBN SIP trunking service means organizations can connect their existing ISDN or DECT PBX phone systems to Telenor's IP telephony service.[Read More]
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