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Virtual PBX

  • How Virtual PBX Helps Bring Expertise to More People
    Quick: What do doctors and plumbers have in common? While there may be many jokes that start this way, they do share something in common that isn't a joke. Both doctors and plumbers can benefit from having their best practitioners remotely connect and offer guidance to less experienced staff.
  • Making the Cut with Customer Service
    Customer service - it means different things to different people. Areas where you believe you're providing great care, your customers may find annoying. Have you really studied the customer base to understand what they want? There has to be a tie in to how you do business, but unless you develop a healthy balance between what you need and what your customers demand, you're likely struggling to hit your targets.
  • Nextiva Earns Communications Solutions Product of the Year
    Cloud-based telephony solutions, such as virtual PBX and hosted business VoIP, are being adopted at a rapid rate, particularly as SMBs discover the cost saving benefits and rich technology features of these types of offerings. Not only are businesses relieved of the headache of purchasing and managing costly on-premises equipment when they move their communications solutions to the cloud, but they benefit from the flexibility and scalability of an elastic offering, paying only for the resources they need.
  • How to Pick the Right SIP Phone
    Businesses can save large sums of money on their virtual PBX phone services by using a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking system, which translates calls to or from the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) into more efficient digital calls. SIP trunking also means that businesses can pay for far fewer phone lines and share them between multiple phones, thus only paying for a number of lines equal to the maximum call volume the company expects to receive.
  • Are You Missing Social Media Opportunities?
    How successful are your marketing campaigns? This is a question often asked within the enterprise where traditional methods are still the norm. While some of these traditional tools can still make an impact, you're limiting your success if you don't expand into other available channels. For instance, if virtual PBX technology was adopted by IT to streamline communications, it doesn't mean you gave up your phone; it simply means you're embracing new avenues to achieve bigger goals.
  • Contact Centers in the Cloud: Enhancing the Customer Experience Using Virtual PBX
    For many companies, having a cloud or virtual PBX-based contact center is an appealing alternative to avoid the up-front costs that usually come with setting up an on-premises solution-such as manual upgrades and maintenance. In addition, cloud-based contact centers are better suited to meet multi-channel customer service needs with agents who can work from anywhere and can respond to customers' inquiries through inbound and outbound calls, texts, instant messaging and social media sites.
  • How the Best in Content Keeps Users Coming Back
    Building a website may seem like one of those things that just gets eyes rolling. "So 2002," some might say, looking instead to augmenting a social media profile or focusing on a mobile-optimized site. While these all have advantages to consider, the idea of building a regular desktop website isn't a bad idea these days, and can offer some significant advantages all its own. But a regular desktop site runs on content, and content can be a difficult thing to do, particularly so to do well. There are, however, a few simple points to consider to make the best content: the kind that keeps users coming back.
  • When to Say No to New Technology
    Technology is moving fast, and one of the new skills in business is being able to decide which technologies to adopt and which to ignore. It is impossible to embrace every new technological trend that captures headlines, and it can lead businesses to distraction.
  • New PBX Launches on the Cloud and on the Cheap
    If there's one thing you can learn from venturing into the cloud, it's that not everything that's enterprise-friendly comes with an enterprise price tag. This week, an Australian VoIP provider called SIPTalk launched a product named OnPBX which, as its name suggests, is a cloud-hosted private branch exchange (PBX) service allowing businesses to get enterprise-level telephone services with the pennies they find inside their shoes.
  • The Art of the Auto Attendant
    Having a good phone system is about more than just good tech. Yes, it starts with strong call quality and functionality such as easy-to-use interactive voice response. Good tech is the foundation. Businesses also need to properly use the tech to be effective, however.
  • Wheelings & Dealings: One Source Networks Acquires StarView
    Virtual PBX and cloud-based communication systems are truly becoming mainstream in teh business world. One of the fastest growing technology firms in Austin, Texas-One Source Networks-just grew even larger this week with the acquisition of StarView Solutions LP. Named as part of the Austin Business Journal's Fast 50 this past year, One Source will take on all of fellow Austin firm StarView's operations, employees, suppliers and clients.
  • How to Create an Effective Website
    The business VoIP and virtual PBX space is intense, and every edge matters. So any business that is not focused on how visitors use its website is missing the boat-especially since robust website analytics is free through Google Analytics.
  • Knowing the Difference Between What Customers Want and Need
    While the old adage says "the customer is always right," perhaps we've come to take it a little too literally. When it comes to selling business VoIP to customers, knowing what they want versus what they need is an important distinction to make.
  • Hiring Employees, How to Be a Great Entrepreneur
    One of the most difficult tasks for the new generation of entrepreneurs is finding valid employees for their business. It is important they take a proactive approach to recruitment and, before bringing just anyone on board, they need to evaluate the position they are hiring for; it is necessary to establish the required duties early on and have a good understanding of the skills that the prospective candidates should demonstrate. Only with ample preparation, they will be able to make a final selection of people who have the skills and the temperament needed to succeed in the business.
  • Make Way for the Future of VoIP
    The introduction of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) suggested the Internet could be used for more than just information gathering and streaming your favorite movies. The high speed connection put in place could serve as the pipeline to all communications, whether voice, video or other messaging. In its third decade since development, VoIP has entered the business sector as a viable option to communications. Business VoIP has finally arrived.
  • Why You Need to Protect Your Virtual PBX
    The functional and cost benefits associated with virtual PBX technology are clear - you shift the responsibility of the infrastructure and hardware to the provider, enjoy greater capabilities and pay for only what you use. The reliability and quality of VoIP in the workplace has improved significantly over the past few years, making migration an easy decision.
  • Using Virtual PBX for a Remote Workforce
    Current information and communications technology (ICT) has removed the barriers of time and distance, allowing individuals and organizations to collaborate with anyone around the world. This has introduced many new opportunities for freelance workers and organizations looking to save money by contracting a remote workforce, or providing their employees with options to work from home. A technology that makes this possible is hosted, or virtual, PBX.
  • Have You Considered Televoting as a PBX Service?
    Virtual PBX systems help companies all over the world manage their communications efficiently while being able to accommodate for huge data demands. Using virtual PBX, companies can take advantage of all sort of modern IP-based features, such as VoIP calling and teleconferencing, video conferencing, live chat and more.
  • Buyers' Market Booming for PBX Phones
    An industry report predicts that managed PBX VoIP service will likely double by 2016. Also, it now appears to be a buyers' market for PBX phones.
  • Blackberry May Consider Adding VoIP Service
    During a recent media briefing, the senior director of BBM business development, David Proulx, admitted that the company is going to start offering up BBM Voice for free. During that acknowledgement, he also wouldn't strictly rule out the idea of Blackberry doing one better and offering up a Skype-like VoIP feature.
  • Virtual PBX, VoIP Come to World War II Airfield
    Northrop Grumman, a major security company, announced this week that its subsidiary, U.K.-based Northrop Grumman Park Air Systems, installed its future-proof Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) capable air traffic control communication system at IWM Duxford.
  • There's No Denying It: Virtual PBX is Hot
    For the enterprise, hosted or virtual PBX phone systems bring simplicity and cost savings. For small businesses, virtual PBX systems deliver sophistication and features previously only available to large firms.
  • Improving Your Customer Care Starts with the Phone
    Like most businesses today, you're probably managing a multi-channel environment. You push out marketing messages through social media, online activities and even traditional advertising. You have your messaging down to a science and you're making great impact on the market. This is all strong support for your key initiatives, but have you ignored the phone?
  • PBX, IP Technology Improves 911 Responses for Callers Facing Emergencies
    As virtual PBX and IP communications become more widespread, businesses as well as the general public are becoming more aware of its many benefits. Some of these benefits mean that people who need immediate medical attention or a quick response from firefighters or police officers can now get it, thanks to the technology.
  • 3 Keys to Better Technology Investment
    Feeling overwhelmed by technology? You're not alone. A recent Brother Small Business survey found that 63 percent of small business owners surveyed felt overwhelmed by the number of tech tools available today.
  • How Virtual PBX Helps Enable Quality Healthcare
    The healthcare industry has garnered much attention as of late. The arrival, and subsequent extensions, of the Affordable Care Act have all but dominated the headlines. Behind the hype, however, there are still individuals who need care and professionals who are trying to do the job they pledged to do with focus on the health of the patient.
  • New Virtual PBX Systems Simplify Business Phones
    The business phone system: many companies rely on it as perhaps one of the simplest means to establish contact between businesses, or between a business and its customers. But with that simplicity has come a variety of options to compete in the field, and providers try to land the business of all those users out there who turn to business phone service to make contact with customers. Telx Telecom, meanwhile, is bringing out a whole new solution for businesses to use instead of the standard land-line system: a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) hosted private branch exchange (PBX) solution.
  • snom 715 Phone Interoperable with Schmooze's PBXact, FreePBX UC Systems
    Virtual PBX technology is constantly evolving, and businesses are finding more ways to make their PBX products compatible with one another for easier communications amongst companies. To this end, snom technology's 715 phone is now interoperable with Schmooze's PBXact phone system, as well as its open source counterpart FreePBX. The company is a developer of IP desktop business phones.
  • Consumer VoIP Connections Keep Growing
    The use of virtual PBX services in business today is becoming more common, as more and more discover the benefits of a hosted telephony system that can route external calls through a network of internal phone lines.
  • How Can Partnership Referrals Help Expand Your VoIP Business?
    You know you want to grow your VoIP business, but how do you expand in a heavily saturated market? There are already too many vendors who offer the same product or service, and you're looking for ways to stand out. You could go the way of the gimmick, trying to draw attention with something that may or may not work. If you truly want to set your business apart from others in the market, consider improving service.
  • How to Start a Hosted PBX or Calling Card Company
    Communication systems have exploded in the last few years, and today this market offers a wide range of choices for customers, including PBX systems, prepaid calling cards and VoIP calling. As these systems gain more acceptance and use, more and more businesses want to jump into the communication business. Individuals and companies are increasingly looking to start VoIP telecom companies, voice termination, hosted PBX company and inbound/outbound call centers.
  • Belfast Adopts Virtual PBX for Modern Airport Communications
    Recently the George Best Belfast City Airport in Ireland paved the way for other airports to follow suit when it comes to having a robust communications solution in place; the regional airport just finished replacing its traditional phone system with a virtual PBX solution in the cloud.
  • Virtual PBX Provider Expands to Meet Growing Demands
    As Arizona-based virtual PBX provider Nextiva continues to find success, the company is expanding to meet growing service demands. Having championed customer service, Nextiva understands the importance of a well-rounded and robust team that can support the company and its customers in a variety of ways. With more and more businesses turning to the company's PBX and business VoIP offerings, Nextiva is looking to hire 100 new employees within the next few weeks.
  • 5 Benefits for Businesses That Switch to Virtual PBX
    Virtual PBX, or IP-based PBX, has many benefits over more traditional PBX phone systems - especially for businesses. Arguably the most significant difference is that businesses will see lower service costs. Their employees also will find that communication becomes more flexible. And unified messaging (UM) becomes a workable option.
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence + Virtual PBX = Match Made in the Cloud
    The benefits to business of fixed mobile convergence (FMC) include the ability to use single handsets for both mobile and fixed-line calls, and the ability to cut call costs by only paying for more expensive mobile calls when the handset is not in range of the corporate private branch exchange or other routing device.
  • Faster Broadband in UK a Boon for VoIP Customers
    How about downloading a TV show from the Internet in just one minute? That's the kind of speed Virgin Media is boasting with its new broadband services in the United Kingdom. Its new offerings deliver a top download speed of 152 MB per second, clearing the way for aggressive use of Internet services, such as business VoIP, from its customers.
  • Why Virtual PBX Continues to Gain Traction
    When new companies enter the competitive business market, does it make you wonder just how much opportunity there is? Take business VoIP and virtual PBX, for example. A new entry into this market space is Voxox. Aside from that really fun name, the provider offers Cloud Phone, a virtual PBX service designed to address the needs of the small business that go beyond the standard cloud telephony application.
  • Nextiva Aims to Disrupt Virtual PBX
    When communications are your lifeblood, trusting your connections to the traditional landline seems like the safe way to go. But are you missing key opportunities by assuming virtual PBX is unstable or unnecessary? A look at a video from ITEXPO suggests this may be the case. Let's see what provider Nextiva shared and why this matters in today's corporate environment.
  • Hosted VoIP Can Heal a Fractured Healthcare Phone Network
    NHS Human Services, a provider of healthcare services with more than 700 facilities across the United States, recently unified its operations by investing in SIP trunking. It felt the need to migrate its phone network to VoIP because, through acquisition and operations in seven states, it was confronted with a scattered workforce and communications systems that were hard to unify.
  • New Accolades, Awards Highlight Benefits of Business VoIP Solutions
    In a tech-driven era, where communications are the hub of business productivity and success, you'll find solution providers that offer best-in-class platforms to cover an array of business needs. Business VoIP providers like Nextiva speak to the needs of businesses, offering features like mobile business and unified messaging to get ahead.
  • 4 Methods to Reduce Business Costs with Virtual PBX
    Running a business is both exciting and costly. You're likely to search for avenues of increased efficiency on a regular basis, but actually putting new methods in place can be a challenging endeavor. Instead, you need proven technology that once in place, can deliver on more than one initiative. Believe it or not, virtual PBX can meet this need, allowing you to cut costs in four different ways.
  • Nextiva's New Mobile VoIP App Highlights the Growth of the Mobile Era
    You'd be hard pressed to find someone who does not own a mobile phone these days. Just over a decade ago, mobile phones were still considered a want, but not really a necessity. Mobile providers have paved the way for inexpensive, on-the-go communications, and now we're seeing mobile VoIP grow with the industry.
  • Run a Business from Home with the Latest in Technology
    Despite a touch-and-go economy, many budding entrepreneurs are relying on their own expertise and services to launch at-home businesses. Getting a home office set up can be a little confusing, but with the right technologies, a lot of confusion is removed from the equation.
  • Nextiva is Ready to Revolutionize the Partner Environment
    Unified communications (UC) service provider Nextiva is looking to do things a bit differently this year. The company-which prides itself on offering everything from small office phone systems to nationwide call centers and everything in between-is now looking to take things up a notch, and that includes a revolutionary new partner program, according to Ira Feuerstein, director of Nextiva's Channel Program, and Mary Miller, director of marketing.
  • Innovation Requires the Right Foundation
    Innovation is increasingly important in business. With global supply lines and competition just a few clicks away on Google, commoditization is a constant danger and profit margins rely on products and services that differentiate themselves from the competition.
  • Why Virtual PBX and the Cloud Make Sense for Any Organization
    The concept of big data is often used in corporate discussions as companies fight for the consumer dollar through relevant offers and personalized communications. As more and more data is captured and managed, it must be stored and made easily accessible. For many, this means moving to the cloud.
  • Why Selecting the Right Virtual PBX Number Matters
    If you are a product of the 80s, you know who will answer if you dial 867-5309. It is the phone number that gained popularity when it became the main focus in the chorus of a song. While a pop hit isn't likely on your agenda for promoting your brand, it doesn't mean you shouldn't take care in picking the right number. If you have virtual PBX, you know the value of a dollar saved, so chances are the same is important to your client base.
  • Breaking Down Barriers with a Virtual PBX
    Offices no longer need to be confined to one physical location, thanks to technology. Businesses have been able to ditch a lot of overhead costs by moving their telecommunications to a hosted model, more specifically by employing a virtual PBX.
  • Internet, VoIP are the Future of Business
    All of the technology new year predictions aside, one constant that has been reliable and ever-evolving has been the Internet and the need for more bandwidth. Or, more specifically, how we use the Internet to do the things we do; VoIP, messaging, video conferencing, websites - all of these have become the hub of all of the business spokes.
  • St. Louis Finds Virtual PBX Ideal After Bitter Cold
    There's nothing like a little bit of water in the wrong place to ruin your day. Whether it's rain on your favorite suede shoes, an overflow from the second floor bathtub or a burst pipe flooding the neighborhood, it generally means you have to shift to a contingency plan. If virtual PBX is already in place, that shift is an easy one to make.
  • Latest Patent Highlights Direction of the 'Networked' Contact Center
    Recently, cloud communications and collaboration provider 8x8 was awarded a patent for the "Networked Contact Center." This highlights that the direction of the contact center is moving away from just incoming and outgoing calls and toward a more multichannel, interconnected customer service experience that will increasingly include agents with different specialties and in different locations.
  • Control Trumps Benefits of Virtual PBX
    The value of your business communications cannot likely be measured in dollars, but instead serve as a fundamental tool in sustaining revenue opportunities for the long-term.
  • There's No Rest for the Weary If You're a Business Pro
    My sister-in-law, a busy Internet retailing executive, came to visit for a week this holiday season. While she spent many hours playing games with us and watching television, it also was hard to miss the hours each day that she spent on her laptop making sure business kept moving at her firm. Whether checking in with colleagues at the dinner table or sneaking a little work during family time watching the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, my sister-in-law was often working even though she notionally was "on vacation."
  • 2014 Is Predicted to Be a Year of Increased Virtualization
    Looking ahead to 2014, virtualization is an increasing trend. One of the reasons why this is taking place is because virtualization leads to lower energy costs. It is a "green" form of IT, because it requires less in the way of hardware and energy. Manufacturers are moving to more "green" IT and virtualization as well. In fact, 93 percent of manufacturers are already using green technologies, according to a survey from Kable Market Research.
  • 2014 Predicted to Be a Year of Increased Virtualization
    Virtualization explains what happens when a virtual version of technology exists as opposed to a physical version. That could include such examples as an operating system, hardware platform, or storage device.
  • How to Ensure Clear Communications with Virtual PBX
    When fax technology morphed into email, many an office manager was excited at the idea of significantly reducing the cost of document exchange. Moving forward, emails served as a great way to reach a targeted audience with messages they were sure to open.
  • Business VoIP Can Help Demystify Phone Call Fees
    Making a call in the U.K. can be confusing at times. Consumers don't always know what they are getting into when it comes to cost, especially when different numbers in different regions are involved. Fortunately, business VoIP can help.
  • Industry Expert Ira Feuerstein Joins Nextiva
    Nextiva, a provider of cloud-based, VoIP business communication services, recently expanded its executive leadership team by appointing Ira Feuerstein as director of the North American channel and strategic partner program.
  • Hosted Solutions Help with Disaster Recovery
    "In God we trust. Everyone else, bring data." There's a reason that this quote, attributed to consultant W. Edwards Deming, is a favorite of billionaire and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. Data can be a helpful clarifying agent.
  • Why Law Firms Need Virtual PBX
    The parameters established by the traditional office provided separation between home life and work life, enabling firms to create the desired atmosphere to encourage productivity. While this worked for a number of generations, the advancements in technology have shown that flexibility in communications is a good thing for business success.
  • How Virtual PBX Allows Businesses to Run from a Browser
    Talk of the virtual environment has come up around many an office water cooler. For some, that means daydreaming of the possibilities afforded with working in their PJs, never having to navigate the morning commute.
  • Cloud Phone System 101: Understanding Virtual PBX
    So, you've been tasked with choosing a phone system for your office, but the terms and descriptions don't make much sense. How is it possible to choose the best when there are so many options?
  • How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in UC
    Unified communications (UC) is a hot topic in the telecommunications space, but if you're not a communications pro, understanding the many branches on the UC tree might not be all that easy.
  • Want Flexibility on the Job? Virtual PBX Can Help
    Flexibility is often a concept we talk about when it comes to technology, office furniture and even contracts. Flexible schedules may come up in conversations with human resources, but bending to the ebb and flow of the demands of a dynamic workforce may be a challenge companies don't want to try and overcome.
  • Virtual PBX Vendors: Sorting the Good from the Bad
    The evidence is indisputable - implementing Voice over Internet Protocol will reduce your telecommunications costs and can streamline operations. This reality has been proven time and again, making the technology one of the most highly demanded in the global market.
  • How to Set Prices with the 'Jump 50' Technique
    One of the age-old questions for just about every business is how to price the products and services being offered. If the price is too high, sales suffer. If the price is too low, profitability suffers.
  • Flexibility and Infrastructure Define the New World of Work
    Business has always been about the work, of course, but for much of the past hundred years being an employee was as much about putting in time at the office as it was about what actually happened at the office. Just to be at your desk during office hours was enough in many cases.
  • Make the Season Bright with Good Holiday Workers and Business VoIP
    On the one hand, the holidays are a boon for business. Increased sales make it the hottest season of the year. But on the other hand, it can be a staffing nightmare as the increased volume demands more workers and more infrastructure to support those workers and the surge in business.
  • Business VoIP Lets You Stay in Touch with the Customer
    Virtual assistants and automated attendants are fantastic technologies that can help us all get a bit done when it comes to productivity. We can get reminders, stay on top of processes, offer apps with alerts to customers, and even have these technologies at the forefront of our contact centers to greet customers.
  • What is Your Long-term Strategy for Customer Service?
    Improving customer service is a goal for any customer-facing organization. Yet establishing this as a goal and actually accomplishing it through efficient and effective strategy is something altogether different. Unfortunately, too many companies think about solving the customer's issue today with a sale, instead of improving their position for the long-term.
  • Online Protection Just as Important for Business VoIP, Virtual PBX
    Running a business requires good business practices. When it comes to computing, the first priority is to back up your documents, work and other important files. Business is no good if you're without your contacts, website assets, accounts and banking data. But what about protecting your communications?
  • How to Choose the Right Virtual PBX Provider
    The benefits associated with the virtual PBX have been touted throughout the corporate landscape through telecommunications providers and even happy customers. But how do you break down the hype to select the provider able to meet your needs? A recent blog in Aitonic offers sound advice on what to look for in the right provider.
  • How Business VoIP Can Help Keep Your Customers Happy
    Consumers have a lot of options these days thanks to the Internet and globalization. While some products are truly unique and competition cannot replicate what's offered, for most businesses, the competition is just a few clicks away for their customers.
  • TMC Recognizes Nextiva for Innovation in Business Communications
    VoIP is becoming mainstream in business communications and VoIP providers are competing with each to deliver products that are innovative and technologically advanced. Nextiva, a provider of cloud-based unified communication services, has been proactive in this segment and has consistently been ranked as an award-winning business VoIP provider.
  • Tollfreenumber.ORG Relaunches Virtual Telecenter System
    Tollfreenumber.ORG has relaunched its virtual telecenter system, which will suit small businesses and individual users. The company provides customized vanity toll-free phone numbers, comprehensive logging of incoming calls, a virtual telecenter and routing of the toll-free number to any phone, including cellular phones. The VirtualTelecenter will offer toll-free telephone numbers such as 800 area codes and other tools to help run small businesses.
  • Four Reasons for Making the Shift to Hosted PBX
    Hosted PBX services are changing the landscape of business communications, thanks to the evolving VoIP communications services that deliver increased versatility and mobility to businesses.
  • Thinking Phone Networks Introduces Unlimited Voice Communications Service
    Thinking Phone Networks, a provider of unified communications as a service (UCaaS), recently launched its enhanced unmetered voice service, which enables enterprises to make unlimited desk phone, mobile UC client and softphone calls to fixed line and mobile users located across Western Europe, the United States and Canada.
  • Calling All Customers: Surveying Your Customer Base Works
    Your telephone system can do a lot of things for you: route calls, transfer calls, forward calls and make calls. It's the way your customers reach you over the still most preferred method: via a voice call. But what else can your phone system do for you? If you're not an outbound call center, you might want to consider making a few outbound calls, if only for the purpose of better understanding your customer.
  • TelOnline, Xorcom to Deliver Asterisk-based IP-PBX for Hospitality Sector
    IP-PBX and virtual PBX are replacing traditional telephony infrastructure in enterprises. Since IP-PBX is delivered through the Internet, it is extremely affordable and scalable, and it delivers more features and flexibility. There is no need to purchase expensive equipment, so if a business relocates, there is no PBX equipment to move, no phone numbers to change and no downtime.
  • Why the Virtual PBX Makes Sense
    It's not uncommon for the business owner to turn to the virtual PBX as a viable means to reduce the cost of communications. The fair assumption is the business will pay less per month for virtual communications than they will for implementing an in-house system they must purchase and then support. The other fair assumption is to consider the benefits associated with putting a sound disaster recovery strategy in place.
  • What to Expect When Buying a New Phone System
    Purchasing a new phone system for the office is a challenging task. How do you select the right option to ensure the best performance, lowest cost and that it will fit your needs? Plus, it's no longer a matter of selecting between landline options; you now have to consider whether or not business VoIP and the virtual PBX are right for your environment.
  • Technology and Customer Service: Social is the New Norm
    Customers today are savvy. In fact, that's probably an understatement. With mobile phones being the device of communication du jour, in addition to the plethora of handheld devices out there, customers know and will use technology to their benefit when it comes to obtaining service.
  • Incendonet Enhances Speech Automation Solution
    Incendonet, a provider of virtual PBX and advanced speech automation solutions, recently teased the release of its SpeechBridge family of products, which provides customers with automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech solution in a cost-effective package. With its open, standards-based platform, customers can deploy advanced self-service applications and lower operating costs.
  • Nextiva Hosts Webinar on Overcoming Virtual Workforce Challenges
    When Marissa Mayer banned Yahoo employees from telecommuting, she stirred a pot full of opinions and arguments from people for and against working from a physical office. By 2016, 63 million Americans will be working from outside of their office, up from 34 million in 2010. Virtual workforces are becoming more popular every day, and companies are faced with the challenge of adapting to this new trend while sustaining strong corporate cultures.
  • Why Business VoIP is Key for the Virtual Employee
    Once upon a time, the traditional office was full of desks, multiple rooms, office equipment, telephones and people. If someone needed something from a colleague, he or she walked down the hall to retrieve it. With the arrival of mobile communications and business VoIP, this traditional office is rapidly being replaced with cloud computing, Internet communications and virtual employees.
  • Selecting the Right Virtual PBX System for Your Business
    Picking the right phone system for your company is not that simple. Getting the right virtual PBX system for your business requires some understanding of the equipment. Without proper knowledge about virtual phones, selecting the right virtual PBX for your business may be a difficult task.
  • Telx Telecom Rolls Out Cloud-based PBX Hosting
    Telx Telecom, a telecom service provider engaged in providing IP telephone services and other associated managed services to various small and mid-sized organizations, recently rolled out its PBX hosting on cloud architecture, a cutting-edge solution that allows organizations to establish remote contact instantly with customers across the globe. The cloud PBX comes at a time when organizations are looking for a reliable alternative to the existing framework of hosted PBX solutions, which is unable to deliver the required performance in an increasingly globalized economy.
  • The Benefits of Virtual PBX Can Lead to Business Growth
    Tools to grow the business always tend to gain attention. But how do you separate the hype from the value-added applications that truly deliver on expected value? After all, the Palm Pilot was supposed to redefine the way we kept track of our schedules, but we all now carry a smartphone. How do you build a solid business strategy based on technology when technology is always changing?
  • PBX: Virtual or Premises-based?
    Buying a VoIP phone system can be a bit daunting at first. One critical decision that must be made is to determine which is better for your business: a premises-based solution, in which the hardware appliance is kept on-site, or a hosted PBX solution, where your phones connect through your Internet connection. Both have their merits and flaws, so it's up to you to make an educated choice based on your needs and budget.
  • How Listening and the Virtual PBX Can Improve Business
    Listening to the customer - it's a concept that a number of customer service training books advise, but how many companies or their employees actually practice this approach? In the typical conversation, we're too busy forming our next response to actually listen to what the other person has to say. With a friend, it's not as glaring. With a customer - it can make or break the sale.
  • Virtual PBX Capabilities Highlighted for Improving Employee Efficiency
    Did you know that the use of a virtual PBX can dramatically enhance the productivity and efficiency of employees working both inside and outside of the confines of an office? Powering key functions such as rich HD voice quality, supporting legacy or IP-based systems and boasting a high level of scalability, a robust PBX is now considered a mandatory tool that should be leveraged by a predominantly millennial-based workforce, aka individuals born after the year 1980.
  • PBX Provider Momentum Unveils New Call Tracking Software
    As voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) enters the enterprise space, VoIP providers are busy offering solutions to meet the growing demand from the industry. Hosted PBX and virtual PBXs are powered via VoIP and allow companies to enjoy the benefits of advanced communications at a much cheaper cost.
  • How a Virtual PBX Can Make Your Business Stand Out
    Virtual PBX provider Nextiva touched upon this subject in a recent blog post, citing that a "bold stand," essentially, a stance that is yours and no one else's, is what's going to attract people to your business and give you a name within the industry. It's a similar situation to the lunar flags; during each of the six American moon landings, astronauts left American flags behind as symbols of their nation's scientific and engineering achievement. What is your business leaving behind as a symbol, a bold achievement, your claim within the industry?
  • What Does the Future Hold for the Virtual PBX Space?
    Although a virtual PBX can enable a business in their respective industry to see major benefits, like gaining access to a unified communications platform that encompasses functionalities such as low cost international calling, rich HD voice quality, zero setup fees, no requirement for any additional hardware or software and a high level of scalability, will this product still prove fruitful in years to come?
  • Looking to Expand Your Operation? Closely Consider Leveraging a Virtual PBX
    I'm sure you have heard the saying "bigger is better" at least once in your life, right? While this may apply to things like diamonds and your bank balance, it isn't always a good thing for a business that simply hasn't taken the appropriate steps needed to successfully expand. If your organization seeks to remain on the edge of innovation and is already leveraging next generation tools like a virtual PBX and the cloud and thinks that now may be the perfect time to open up that second physical location, read on.
  • Why You Sometimes Have to Fire a Customer and Even a Virtual PBX Can't Save Them
    Virtual PBX provider, Nextiva, recently published a blog on this very topic, highlighting when and how to fire a customer. It's an interesting dance as many a business owner doesn't feel as though firing a customer is an option. When keeping the customer means bigger losses for the company and a drain on employee morale, it's time to get out the pink slip.
  • How to Handle the Workplace Bully
    Virtual PBX solution provider, Nextiva recently shared a blog post about how to reform the bullying employee. The blog pointed out that most people don't set out to be bullies. The individual doing the bullying is often unaware of the impact he or she is having on others. Regardless, the business owner or manager must diffuse the situation and reform the bully.
  • Unveils Virtual PBX System that Reduces Overhead Costs
    Tele 1 Ten, a provider of hosted and virtual PBX services, has introduced a low cost PBX service that is designed to address the specific needs of small businesses and enterprises. The company describes the technology as the smart integration of power of Internet and high-end digital voice telephony, enabling SMBs to see a substantial reduction in overhead costs.
  • Want to Grow Your Business? Try Delegation and the Virtual PBX
    Every business wants to achieve a competitive edge, but it's a goal that is easier to state than to achieve. Understanding the tools necessary to outpace the competition is essential, but so is implementing certain strategies and technologies. One should center on delegation while the other pays attention to communications with the virtual PBX.
  • In an Emergency Situation, A Virtual PBX Keeps You Connected
    We've all been there - an emergency situation takes place and we're left scrambling to try and figure out what to do. Maybe that emergency was nothing more than a power outage. Maybe that emergency was a tornado hitting too close to home. Or, maybe the emergency was a hurricane hitting land and wiping out everything in its path. Whatever the case, the virtual PBX is a valuable tool to have in the event of an emergency.
  • Want to Drive Improved Customer Satisfaction? Try a Virtual PBX
    The perfect example of what not to do was highlighted in a blog by virtual PBX provider, Nextiva. The company highlighted the downward spiral of Amy's Baking Company Boutique & Bistro when the restaurant was dropped from a popular restaurant show. Owners then received a slew of negative comments on their social media pages.
  • Using a Virtual PBX Can Help Cut Down Negative Customer Reviews
    One way to eliminate the chances of delivering anything less than a more than satisfactory user experience each and every time is to begin leveraging a virtual PBX without delay. Highlighted as taking business VoIP to the next level, Arizona-based Nextiva offers a variety of PBX/ SIP trunking plans that include capabilities such as support for both legacy and IP-based systems, rich HD voice quality, an ultra high level of scalability, key client applications and most importantly for any company just getting started-zero setup fees and no contracts required.
  • In-House PBXs and Hype Marketing - Both Can Be Bad for Business
    As highlighted in a recent blog by virtual PBX provider, Nextiva, hype-marketing worked too well. It played off the addiction of all marketers leading to its overuse and eventual implosion. Today, consumers are not into buying hype. They want value, truth and validation.
  • BroadConnect Adds Capabilities to PBX Solution
    BroadConnect Telecom, a provider of hosted VoIP, virtual PBX, video and data services, has unveiled its latest cloud-based collaborative solution for enterprises and small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as part of BroadConnect's Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking suite.
  • Customer Rewards and the Virtual PBX - How They Can Work Together
    A recent blog post by virtual PBX provider, Nextiva, explored three digital loyalty programs that may be worth considering. The first, Belly, offers an iPad for the company and bar-coded loyalty cards to hand out to customers. The iPad is used to scan the barcode, but next generation customers may instead prefer the Belly mobile app. The program tracks visits, purchases, rewards earned, values redeemed and more.
  • Need a Quality Rewards Program? How About a Virtual PBX?
    A recent blog from virtual PBX provider, Nextiva, examined this challenge, highlighting the important steps companies need to take when implementing a solid rewards program. The first step is to identify the action you want the customer to take. If your goal is to attract new customers, get old customers to return or attract new prospects, you should clearly define these objectives in your strategy.
  • Are You On the Path to Next Generation Innovation in Communications?
    Keeping customers for the long term is a key strategy for any business. Staying with the same old way of doing business may seem like a low-cost method of operations, but it can kill long-term initiatives when you ignore next generation solutions, such as the virtual PBX. After all, long term success is not found when focusing solely on the initial transaction, but the potential for a lasting relationship.
  • Virtual PBX: How Happy Are Your Customers?
    To keep a customer happy, listen to their questions and concerns, answer their questions the first time around and respond to them in a short amount of time. Even if you do have set business hours, provide a way for your customers to contact you 24x7. The virtual PBX is the perfect tool to allow you to provide flexible communications.
  • How the Cloud Is Enhancing the Functionality of a Virtual PBX
    As much as sun worshippers like myself hate pesky clouds, businesses especially within the small- to medium-sized range actually love "the cloud" because of the benefits it can offer including reduced costs, increased efficiency and streamlining operations overall. That's why a virtual PBX, which is hosted in the cloud, is becoming increasingly important to companies around the globe.
  • Virtual PBX Highlights Vitality of the Customer Experience
    In this day and age, no company can survive the consequences caused when providing a less-than-stellar customer experience. A high level of satisfaction must come out of each and every customer and client interaction in order for any organization to continue to thrive, and that's why virtual PBX provider Nextiva is outlining some ways to improve the overall customer service experience.
  • The Best Reasons to Invest in a Virtual PBX
    Virtual PBXs are typically offered as part of business VoIP package. Since these services rely on the Internet for communications, they are cheaper than traditional phone calling and offer robust capabilities like call recording, multiple extensions, virtual assistants, and more.
  • Why the Small Business Should Consider the Virtual PBX
    A recent report highlighted the benefits of implementing the virtual PBX instead of a cumbersome, analog-based system. Making use of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology helps turn voice signals into digital data, transmitting it over the Internet connection for a seamless and cost-effective way to communicate.
  • Virtual PBX's Provider Nextiva's Value Proposition: Amazing Service
    In a space growing as rapidly as the business VoIP and virtual PBX industries are, companies must keep their competitive edge and stand apart from others offering similar services to remain in business. Arizona-based virtual PBX provider Nextiva is doing just that through powering next generation capabilities that come complete with an unparalleled level of service.
  • Hiring and the Virtual PBX - What's the Connection?
    A recent blog post from virtual PBX provider, Nextiva, offers great insight into hiring tips for the small business. The goal is to hire dedicated and quality employees. The first step is to attract just the right candidate to fill that role. To do so, you have to know what kind of person fits that description. What qualities, skills, experience and education does he or she need to possess to lend value to your organization?
  • Virtual PBX Helps Sweeten Up the Business of Apparel Candy
    Keeping up-to-date with newly emerging fashion trends is a fulltime job, whether you are a man or woman; however recently, things got a whole lot sweeter for the female sex when Apparel Candy, a fully Web-based wholesale company selling women's clothing, accessories and perfume, began to leverage Nextiva's innovative cloud-based platform that comes complete with a virtual PBX.
  • Ad Agency Turns to Virtual PBX Provider Nextiva to Increase Reach
    When looking to expand your company's footprint, several key elements need to be closely analyzed including who your target audience is and what communication channels you are leveraging to attract their attention and ultimately, their business. When the Promoting Group based in sunny Los Angeles, Calif. recently realized it was in need of a way to ramp up the amount of traffic its customer's websites were generating as well as enable them to gain access to a higher number of leads, it made the crucial decision to turn to virtual PBX provider Nextiva to stay constantly connected with its partners.
  • Exploring the Inside of the Virtual PBX
    A virtual PBX is an increasingly popular solution that eliminates many of the costs and complexities associated with an on-premises PBX. In fact, all vendors tout the virtues of the virtual environment, but what really matters in the business environment is whether or not the product can meet the needs of the user better than the legacy system.
  • Cisco Unveils Free Virtual PBX Trial Offer in Russia
    The Cisco Business Edition 3000 (BE 3000) is a communications platform featuring several services like hosted and virtual PBX, automated attendant, multiple extension, fax, and more, designed for growing midsize businesses.
  • Comparing an IP PBX to a Virtual PBX
    Businesses across the world have started realizing the benefits of innovation offerings like a virtual PBX. However, there are still some firms that remain reluctant to say "yes" to the technology due to concerns related to the security and reliability of VoIP networks.
  • What Does Breakfast Mean for the Virtual PBX?
    What do breakfast and a virtual PBX have in common? The two don't appear to readily mix, but let's take a closer look at the impact each one can have. For instance, the individual who fails to eat breakfast can experience negative effects all day long. The small business with an in-house PBX must pay to maintain the equipment, cutting into the potential profit for the day.
  • Want to Enter the International Market? How About a Virtual PBX?
    The thought of launching global capabilities can be daunting for any company, especially the small business. The implementation of a virtual PBX can help though, enabling the company to communicate efficiently without the management of an onsite PBX. The cost benefits alone have significantly driven the demand for implementation. As the global market continues to expand, vendors in this space are in a unique position to enjoy growth.
  • Ringio Unveils Virtual PBX for the iPhone
    Ringio, a provider of CRM phone solutions, has introduced a new mobile PBX app that virtually allows users to sync their desktop PBX 24/7 while on-the-go. The application is optimized for Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, enabling professionals to gain complete control of their office phone system from anywhere and at any time.
  • Teliphone Corp. Buys Virtual PBX Provider Titan Communications
    Teliphone Corp., a Vancouver-based provider of digital telecommunications services, has completed a share purchase agreement of Vancouver-based Titan Communications, a provider of Voice over IP (VoIP) business services such as hosted and virtual PBXs, SIP trunking and more.
  • A Head in the Clouds isn't Always a Bad Thing: The Benefits of a Virtual PBX
    Before I delve into the types of PBX's used these days, let's first define what this acronym stands for. Public Branch Exchange (PBX) is in essence a switchboard system that once required a whole lot of constant attention and patience to remain running efficiently. Yet today as companies simply don't have the time to waste to closely analyze and update these systems, many firms are turning to IP PBXs, also known as an Internet Protocol PBX, which depends on the Internet to function accordingly as opposed to a landline.
  • PortaSwitch Enables Lightspeed Communications to Provide Advanced Services to Bahrain
    Bahrain, located near the western shores of the Persian Gulf, has managed to become ranked number one in market freedom out of all other nations in the Middle East. This relates largely to its growth over the past decade, as well as its tendency to embrace alternative industries. As such, the island country has turned to advanced solutions, such as virtual PBX to keep its telecommunications ahead of the game as well.
  • Vocalocity, Nextiva and Jive Communications Touted as the Best Hosted PBX Providers of 2013
    With the growing popularity of VoIP, hosted PBX and virtual PBX services, customers are provided with endless opportunities to upgrade their communications infrastructure to the latest and greatest technologies. However, they sometimes don't select the right service provider because most of the companies in this space are new and haven't captured a significant share in the market.
  • Virtual PBX Addresses Ontario Township's Telecom Needs
    Canada-based virtual PBX service provider Easy Office Phone has been gradually expanding its customer base. The latest news from the company is that it has been selected as the phone service provider for the Township of North Glengarry in Ontario, Canada. According to Easy Office Phone, it will provide its PBX service to the township's municipal centers and staff, which collectively serve more than 10,600 residents.
  • Virtual PBX Provider Hosts Exciting Build-A-Thon Event
    One thing to take note of when talking about Scottsdale, Ariz.-based virtual PBX provider Nextiva is the company's amazing service that its customers receive on a daily basis. When communicating with both potential and existing customers, the company strives to go above and beyond what most customers have become accustomed to, as it makes it a focus to take time to assist users and help them to better use the system. The Nextiva approach is proactive rather than reactive, and customers are continuously kept in the loop, helping to form lasting relationships.
  • Hosted and Virtual PBXs Lower Business Operating Costs
    Hosted and virtual PBX services lower the overall operating costs of businesses as they can dramatically cut telecom spending of all types of organizations, according to a new study recently published by
  • Smartnet Telecom's Virtual PBX Tapped by TLS Auto Recycling
    A virtual PBX enables companies to save much needed capital while still being able to complete unlimited local and long distance calling. Powering an unparalleled level of voice quality while simultaneously routing calls to the ideal agent each and every time, due to the fact that this next-generation offering is hosted via the cloud, companies can easily add new employees to their system which saves crucial time that can now be spent on improving business operations.
  • 1-800-Registry Taps XO Communications for Virtual PBX
    XO Communications, a provider of managed network, IT infrastructure solutions and advanced communications services, has been selected by 1-800-Registry, a Las Vegas -based wedding planning, honeymoon travel and non-traditional registry services, in order to deploy a virtual PBX and cloud contact center solution.
  • PortaBilling Oracularius Powers New Era of Telephony in Russia
    PortaBilling Oracularius from PortaOne is a carrier-grade converged billing software system designed to meet the needs of Tier 1 and fast-growing Tier 2 telecoms that offers a wide range of telephony solutions including hosted VoIP and virtual PBX.
  • Exploring the Virtues of the Virtual PBX
    The virtual office is gaining in popularity as professionals throughout the world are leveraging advancements in technology that allow them to work from anywhere and at any time. Plus, as the competition has increased for Web-based services, cloud-based offerings continue to decline in price. For the SMB seeking to implement a virtual PBX, the saturation rate is making these services not only affordable but sometimes even free.
  • Receive Coal This Year? May Pay to be Nice Instead of Naughty This Year with Virtual PBX Provider Nextiva
    If you were disappointed with your presents, just make sure you strive for better and brighter things in the New Year, starting with driving a much higher level of customer satisfaction within your business that can start with solutions including a virtual PBX. A virtual PBX is hosted telephony system that in essence directs incoming calls to various phone lines and powers key capabilities such as fax, voicemail, automated voice messages and conference calling.
  • Iristel Launches New Cloud-based Phone Solution Complete with Virtual PBX Functions
    Iristel, one of Canada's largest VoIP service providers, has launched its first ever phone offering which will compete directly with other providers in Canada's North region. Consumers and businesses in Yellowknife, Whitehorse and Inuvik can now keep their existing phone numbers and move to Iristel's advanced phone network for significantly less than they are paying currently for their local phone service.
  • Accounting Firm Does the Math, Realizes the Vitality of a Virtual PBX to Business Communications
    Jaquillard Minns is a South Australian accounting firm that has a dispersed workforce with some employees located in Melbourne and others in Manila and needed a seamless way for all of these individuals to communicate with each other efficiently. Thus, the company began to utilize MyNetFone-branded Cisco phones in order to leverage a virtual PBX, an offering that would connect the company's main headquarters with its other facilities around the world.
  • VastEdge Launches UC Services Including Virtual PBX
    VastEdge, a provider of IT and online marketing solutions is ready to provide small, medium and large businesses with its unified communication services. In fact, the company has recently unveiled its unified communication platform in collaboration with UnifiedIP (UIP). This suite will power enterprise class voice, video, virtual PBX and data services for small and large organizations in the U.S.
  • Haverford Trust Deploys Virtual PBX Solution from LSI
    Hosted and virtual PBXs have gained popularity in recent years thanks to their ability to offer advanced communications at a fraction of the cost seen with traditional telephony infrastructure. The robust platforms eliminate the need for a completely new telephony infrastructure as needs change over time, thus bringing significant capex savings to a business.
  • As the Virtual PBX Market Explodes, Intermedia Assists SMBs in their Implementation
    Touted as a 15 plus year old company that started off in New York City where it was once solely a Web hosting provider, Intermedia has expanded is footprint into not only the Hosted Exchange market, but the virtual PBX space as well. At this time, the company has roughly 350 employees on a worldwide basis with 20,000 plus customers.
  • Express Interconnect Unveils Virtual PBX to Small Businesses
    Virtual PBXs and IP PBXs offer greater flexibility to enterprises as the equipment is highly scalable and can be adjusted on-the-fly. You can even relocate your business without worrying about the shifting of telephone cables and other equipment.
  • Virtual PBX Provider Green Cloud Hires Robert McClenathan
    More specifically, McClenathan will be handling the location and support of sales partners for Green Cloud's line of cloud services, including its virtual PBX and virtual server as well as disaster recovery systems. McClenathan isn't the first Windstream veteran to join up with Green Cloud, as former Windstream account executive Eric Boost also recently stepped in to handle the dealer program for South Carolina.
  • Cisco Helps Isbank Improve Customer Experience with Virtual PBX
    Unified communications (UC) comprises a host of technologies like virtual PBX, telepresence and collaboration. Cisco, a prominent name in unified communications technologies, has just enabled Turkiye Is Bankasi (Isbank), the largest bank of Turkey, to benefit from these technologies.
  • Infradapt IaaS Delivers Uninterrupted Business Flow via Virtual PBX During Hurricane
    Cloud-based communications technologies like a virtual PBX find the best use in emergencies like recent Hurricane Sandy which swept through the East Coast. Since these services are delivered via the Internet, they do not require the hardware and software investments associated with traditional communications technologies.
  • TeleMasters Delivers Cost-Effective Telephony with Virtual PBX
    TeleMasters, a provider of advanced telephony solutions including a virtual PBX, has recently revealed a partnership with the South African Retail Motor Industry body, RMI that will lead to the launch of a telecommunications company exclusively for the motor industry.
  • Microsoft Lync Update Offers Unified Approach to the Virtual PBX
    Microsoft's Lync unified communications platform is scheduled for an upgrade in 2013, which is supposed to bring more features and integrations for voice and video service. The exact release date has not been revealed, but it's likely that the virtual PBX will not be capable of replacing traditional PBX systems where traditional desktop phones are still the main communication devices in place
  • Aastra Now Offers Virtual PBX Solution to Internet2 Members
    Virtual PBX and hosted PBX solutions offer greater flexibility to enterprises as they eliminate the need to purchase expensive equipment for day-to-day communications. If a business moves, there is no PBX equipment to relocate, no phone numbers to change and no downtime.
  • Virtual PBX Provider FreedomVoice Expands into Northeast
    Virtual PBX and hosted PBX are the latest buzzwords in communications industry. A virtual PBX allows businesses to establish several extensions that can then be regulated from a static telephone connection, while a hosted PBX offers entire range of communications system integrated with your Exchange platform.
  • Verizon Debuts Virtual PBX, Targeted at SMBs
    The technology industry is currently abuzz with news in regards to the fact that Verizon Enterprise Solutions will be powering its first virtual PBX offering via its indirect sales channel which is deal for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
  • Several Benefits of a Virtual PBX Outlined
    A virtual PBX allows businesses to establish several extensions that can then be regulated from a static telephone connection. Depending on the future needs of an organization, advanced capabilities can be delivered via the PBX without a huge investment.
  • Navcar Deploys TelOnline Hosted IP-PBX and Virtual PBX Solutions
    Hosted as well as virtual PBX solutions deliver advanced communications capabilities to businesses. Both these varied types of PBXs include a wide range of features that allow businesses to communicate efficiently with employees and clients all over the globe in a cost-effective manner.
  • Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Virtual PBX
    Voice communications are still an important part of the business landscape, even with the proliferation of text messaging, e-mails and social media. What is changing in this environment is the push away from traditional landline services to incorporate IP voice and VoIP solutions. When a business is ready to make that move, the first step is to identify whether or not they want to invest in the infrastructure to support VoIP onsite or to leverage a hosted or virtual PBX.
  • iPATH Cloud Solutions Brings Virtual PBX Services to SMBs
    iPATH Cloud Solutions, a provider of cloud-based hosted voice and data services and products for small and mid-size businesses, has recently launched a new website which offers affordable virtual PBXs, SIP platforms, data backup and recovery solutions, VoIP phone rentals, and various cloud services.
  • Virtual PBX May See Stronger Adoption with Mobile Device Management
    There's no doubt that the cloud has seen great success over the last couple of years, as it has been embraced by businesses and consumers alike. Indeed, the convenience of basic storage services like Dropbox, or even more media-centric services like Google Music, is undeniable.
  • EMEA Virtual PBX and IP Phone Markets Reaches $3.5 Billion in 2011
    Virtual PBX solutions deliver a high level of flexibility and tons of features that allow organizations to save money on expensive equipment. If an organization wants to relocate its headquarters, there is no PBX equipment to move, no phone numbers to change and there is no downtime. Due to these various benefits, cloud- based PBX solutions are being rapidly adopted across the world.
  • Virtual PBX Provider SimpleSignal Included in Inc. 500|5000 List
    SimpleSignal, a provider of cloud-based unified communications and collaboration solutions including a virtual PBX, has been one of the companies highlighted in the prestigious Inc. Magazine's annual 500|5000 list of fastest growing private companies in the U.S.
  • Hitachi Integrates Octasic's Vocallo Media Gateway into Virtual PBX Platform
    Octasic, a provider of media processing and wireless solutions, just revealed that electronics major Hitachi has integrated Octasic's Vocallo Media Gateway (MGW) solution to power its hybrid IP-PBX NETTOWER CX-01. This solution is designed to deliver virtual PBX capabilities to large and medium-sized enterprises.
  • ITP VoIP Enhances Portfolio with Virtual PBX and More
    ITP VoIP, a provider of Internet phone services, has recently revealed that it has enhanced its hosted PBX offerings to now include a virtual PBX and a number of other features, allowing businesses to see an array of benefits from a VoIP phone service and hosted PBX that are seamlessly integrated in one package.
  • Step into the Light With the Help of Cloud-based Communications Including Virtual PBX
    If you own a small to mid-sized business, you might not realize that by implementing cloud-based services such as a virtual PBX, your company will be ushered into the light and see many positive results included increased efficiency and reduced costs. And hey, what organization this day couldn't benefit from being able to save some vital capital?
  • ECT Unveils New Website Filled with Virtual PBX Information
    European Computer Telecoms (ECT), a provider of value added services (VAS) in the voice and multimedia domain, has just launched a new website dedicated to carriers and service providers who want to deliver the virtual PBX functionalities offered by ECT.
  • Virtual PBX Provider Praised for Innovative Solutions
    With a heavy focus on delivering amazing service to customers in virtually every industry, it's no secret why Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Nextiva continues to work with a wider breath of organizations by the day. Powering a large portfolio of products and services that have been designed from the ground up to enable small businesses to increase efficiency while simultaneously reducing costs, the virtual PBX provider recently was tapped by a financial and real estate team desperately in need of a revamped phone system.
  • Virtual PBX Curtails Business VoIP Prices by 70 Percent
    Virtual PBX, a Hosted PBX phone systems provider, recently cut its business VoIP prices by up to 70 percent. Company officials said the new business VoIP packages will make VoIP and advanced digital phone services affordable to enterprises.
  • Virtual PBX Market Gains Ground
    Who wouldn't want to have a solution in place that will save you money on all types of business communications, increase your return on investment, and allow you to gain access to unlimited local and long distance calling? I know that I would, as well as a majority of Americans, and that is why a virtual PBX is vital in order to power rich HD voice quality while allowing companies to keep their current phone systems right where they are.
  • MTN Business to Launch New Virtual PBX System
    Recently, MTN Business unveiled its plans to launch a new virtual service called MTN Hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX), in order to help improve inter-communications within corporations nationwide.
  • 2600hz Introduces New Virtual PBX Solution
    2600hz, a privately owned cloud communications company, recently launched its latest solution called the Kazoo BETA which comes complete with virtual PBX functionality.
  • Fibernetics Business Services Develops Proprietary Virtual PBX System, NEWT
    Fibernetics, one of Canada's fastest growing and largest telecommunications companies, has recently introduced its new business voice solution brand called NEWT. Helping to save the average business up to 50 to 80 percent on their monthly telecommunications services as well as offering clients a flawless voice solution, this solution comes complete with virtual PBX functionality.
  • Nu-Way Implements Comcasts's Virtual PBX
    Every business out there wants to raise the bar on efficiency while simultaneously improving call quality with customers at a cost-effective price, right? Nu-Way Industries surely does, having recently revealed it will be partnering with Comcast to gain access to the company's unified communications offerings including its virtual PBX.
  • CTI Group Unveils SmartInteraction Suite for Virtual PBXs
    CTI Group, a developer of telecommunications solutions for fixed, mobile and converged communications, has just launched its SmartInteraction Suite that interfaces with Mitel IP PBXs and delivers virtual PBX capabilities.
  • UniVoIP Enhances Virtual PBX Platform
    UniVoIP, a provider of IP-based communications solutions including a virtual PBX, recently revealed it has launched its proprietary Unified Communications (UC) platform -OfficeConnect version 5.01-designed to address the business telephony needs of its customers.
  • Virtual PBX: What it Takes to be a Winner in the VoIP Game
    Nextiva's Connect virtual PBX system can help a small organization transition an unconnected suite of phone numbers into a highly professional business phone system that includes call routing, virtual mailboxes and an automated dial-by-name directory.
  • Customers Turn to Leonid Loki Suite to Leverage an Innovative Virtual PBX
    Leonid Systems, a provider of next-generation OSS solutions, recently revealed that its Loki suite has recently secured its 50th customer. This benchmark establishes Loki suite as one of the most widely used B/OSS solutions for service providers to manage and accelerate the growth of virtual PBX, SIP trunking, and other cloud communications.
  • Exploring the Benefits of Nextiva's Virtual PBX
    Saving money in communications is a key focus for a number of businesses, as long as they don't have to sacrifice quality. When opting for the virtual PBX with Nextiva's business-class SIP trunking service, quality and cost containment are both measurable benefits.
  • Comwave Launches Robust Virtual PBX
    Unified communications solutions that include VoIP fax, Web conferencing and virtual PBX capabilities have greatly benefitted small businesses as they can now manage operations without the cost and complexity associated with a traditional communications infrastructure.
  • Nextiva's VoIP Call Center Plans Complete with Virtual PBX Functionality are Hot, Hot, Hot
    With the priority of enabling small businesses to manage operations much less complexly with reduced costs and improved revenues, Nextiva has been around since 1996 and currently works with over one million small businesses located in 150 countries around the world. Powering multiple unified communication services including VoIP fax, Web conferencing and a virtual PBX, the company is often the first choice for organizations looking to remain at the forefront of just released technologies.
  • Sceptre Hospitality Resources Leverages Virtual PBX from Thing5
    Recently, it was revealed that Thing5 will power voice services including a robust virtual PBX to Sceptre Hospitality Resources, a hospitality service provider. The company's communication services will offer a professional, sophisticated customer experience with ultimate flexibility for Sceptre's clients.
  • Xtelesis Offers Improved Virtual PBX for SMEs
    Xtelesis, a major provider of virtual PBXs and VoIP solutions, revealed that by establishing partnerships with communication companies including Vidyo, LifeSize, and Shoretel, the business now offers the best business communication solutions, services, and software to their customers. This helps them to build and continuously revamp their networks.
  • Virtual PBX Multi-Vendor Approach Cuts Costs Dramatically
    A flexible and best-of-breed multi-vendor approach to communication and collaboration will serve enterprise customers better than a single-vendor solution for services such as virtual PBXs, according to a new report from Osterman Research.
  • Ever Thought of Leveraging a Virtual PBX Within Your Enterprise Backup Recovery Plan?
    Virtual PBXs are continuing to increase in popularity all over the globe, as these solutions help to make communications much more streamlined within enterprise environments at a highly cost-effective price. In fact, in a recent report from Infonetics Research, the research firm revealed that the overall enterprise virtual PBX equipment market grew up by six percent in 2011 and that the global PBX revenue also improved by two percent.
  • TMW Systems Leverages 8x8's Virtual PBX
    8x8, a provider of cloud-based communications solutions including virtual PBX and unified communications (UC), revealed that TMW Systems, which supplies technology solutions for the transportation services sector, has chosen 8x8's Virtual Office to support its communications services.
  • Publishes New Articles on Virtual PBXs
    Today, businesses all around the globe are embracing virtual PBXs as they make direct communications simpler and more affordable. Recently,, a comprehensive comparison Web portal, released several new articles all about the exciting world of virtual PBXs.
  • IP-based Virtual PBXs Prove to be More Beneficial than Traditional PBXs: Siemens
    Cloud-based PBX solutions such as IP PBXs and virtual PBXs bring many advantages to businesses as they offer more cost savings when compared to traditional PBXs, according to a recent study sponsored by Siemens Enterprise Communications. Communications through a pure IP infrastructure can offer up to 43 percent in annual savings which is much higher than traditional approaches.
  • SYNETY Unveils Virtual PBX Solution CloudCall
    The virtual PBX market is expanding as businesses across the world continue to take advantage of the cloud-based system that gives them an alternative to the cost-intensive hardware-based telephony infrastructure installed at their premises.
  • Virtual PBX Equipment Market Expanded in 2011
    Businesses all around the globe are embracing virtual PBXs because they offer all the functionality of a standard business telephony system and make direct communications simpler and more affordable.
  • Select the Right Virtual PBX Provider for Your Needs, Nextiva!
    As an innovative business VoIP and virtual PBX provider, Nextiva assists clients in choosing the ideal phone equipment. Boasting a large array of cost-effective solutions, the company allows its clients to purchase their phones directly from Nextiva and will then take the additional and crucial step of manually configuring the phones to the individual Nextiva account, taking the complexity out of the setup process.
  • Virtual PBX: 911 Enable Unveils Emergency Gateway Appliance
    911 Enable, a provider of emergency management solutions for IP/virtual PBX, has just introduced its new Emergency Gateway (EGW) appliance, designed to help enterprises provide emergency callers with access to the help they need in a short period of time.
  • VoIP Services, Virtual PBX Gain Popularity among Business Customers
    A recent survey conducted by WhichVoIP, which provides information on different communications services including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), virtual PBX and more, further confirms the already established fact that VoIP services are becoming more widely implemented among business customers.
  • DrayTek's Virtual PBX Offers Increased Flexibility
    DrayTek, a Taiwan-based networking solutions provider, has recently received a high rating from a well-known IT magazine for the scalability of its virtual PBX and its comprehensive security.
  • Virtual PBX Revolutionizing Telecommunications Industry
    PBX is defined as premises-based equipment that has been created to switch and route telephone calls, while a virtual PBX refers to a system that lives in the cloud. Just as rain is brought in by clouds, the cloud is helping virtual PBXs to become increasingly popular.
  • Voiceserve Unveils Virtual PBX Service for Customers
    Voiceserve has recently launched a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based virtual IP-PBX service that can be leveraged by consumers and small businesses through a website called, allowing subscribers to "establish a virtual telephone system and communicate free through the Web."
  • Virtel Voice Powers Virtual PBX Phone System
    Virtel Voice is a communications company that is now catering to small to medium-sized businesses with the launch of its cloud communication system that integrates VoIP with either a web-based or virtual PBX.
  • Virtual PBX Market to Improve, but It Will Take Some Time
    Virtual PBXs provide multiple capabilities that allow organizations to streamline overall operations. A recent piece featured in ITBUSINESSEDGE features an interview with Diane Myers, directing analyst for VoIP and IMS at Infonetics Research that talks all about the recently released study titled, "Enterprise Unified Communication, VoIP, and TDM Equipment."
  • Virtual PBX Comparison Website Reveals Steep Discounts, a virtual PBX website that compares all of the current offerings on the market has revealed that, a provider of virtual phone systems is now offering $75 off the initial sign up plan for any of its services.
  • Tele1Ten Offers Free Virtual PBX for One Month
    Tele1Ten, a provider of virtual PBX has just unveiled an introductory offer that allows its clients to use their service free for the first month. The company offers a quality virtual PBX service at a cost- effective price, starting at $14.95 per month, per line.
  • Telecom Market to Be Revolutionized by Virtual PBXs
    At a time where companies require an easy, fast and flexible way to communicate, the implementation of virtual PBX systems is becoming extremely popular. Rob Lith, director of Connection Telecom, recently added to this sentiment in a statement revealing, "Things change, sometimes very quickly and not always out in the open. So it is with hosted or cloud PBX solutions."
  • Virtual PBX Provider OnSIP Unveils Phone Certification Program
    OnSIP, provided by Junction Networks, a company that offers virtual PBX systems to small and medium- sized businesses (SMBs) has unveiled a phone certification program that will recognize desk phones and soft phone applications that are verified to work with OnSIP's popular hosted PBX phone service.
  • Virtual PBX Shows Signs of Recovery in 3Q11: Study
    Infonetics Research, a market research firm is unveiling a just completed report, which closely analyzes virtual PBX phone systems, VoIP gateways, unified communication (UC) applications, and IP phones and has found that the industry has increased by 5.5 percent in the quarter.
  • nexMatrix's Protel PBX SOHO Model Beats Competitive Virtual PBX Offerings
    nexMatrix Telecom, a provider of telecommunications solutions including virtual PBX products recently launched its Protel PBX SOHO model for home and small offices. The Protel PBX SOHO model is a sophisticated call system suitable for an ordinary office, a virtual office, several offices in different locations and even the home office.
  • Global PBX/Virtual PBX Sales Jump as Unemployment Increases: Eastern Management Group
    As unemployment increased worldwide, so did the sales of PBX and virtual PBXs, a recent study from Eastern Management Group revealed. While unemployment increased to 8.5 percent in 2010 from 6.1 percent in 2008, purchases of business phone systems jumped 16 percent in North America and 14 percent worldwide to $59 billion, the study shows.
  • Is UC Eliminating the Role of the Virtual PBX in the Enterprise Market?
    One of the general perceptions in the technology world is that the influx of next-generation communication tools will gradually lead to the extinction of all versions of the PBX including virtual. In an attempt to verify whether the death of the PBX is inevitable, research firm Gartner began looking at how enterprises are deploying Unified Communication technologies, and whether or not UC systems like Microsoft Lync are being used to completely replace PBXs.
  • nexMatrix Telecom Unveils New Premise-Based PBX Model for SOHO Customers
    Premise-based PBX solutions are sometimes selected over virtual PBXs by small business customers if they can receive all of advanced features that a virtual PBX offers at an affordable price. nexMatrix Telecom, a provider of world class telecommunications solutions is now offering such a premise-based PBX model for home and small offices.
  • Growth in Use of Virtual PBXs Continues
    Itec Chief Operating Officer Ryan Miles has revealed that small to medium-sized companies in South Africa are continuing to transition to virtual PBX platforms. In a recent article, Miles commented that smaller businesses in the country are late to jump on the virtual PBX bandwagon due to several limitations, including being able to find cost-effective uncapped or high-cap ADSL services. But, as bandwidth prices continue to be reduced, yielding much more rapid and less expensive mobile broadband services, virtual PBXs are quickly becoming the go-to option for smaller businesses, a trend that will continue to gain popularity over the next two to three years, Miles added.
  • ShoreTel and Ingram Micro Enter into Distribution Partnership to Offer Virtual PBXs
    Ingram Micro Inc. and ShoreTel Inc. have entered into a new U.S. distribution relationship that includes the full portfolio of ShoreTel unified communications (UC) products and tools, including the latest version of ShoreTel Mobility, a smartphone integration solution that simply and intelligently integrates smartphones and tablets with most major virtual PBX systems and UC systems.
  • Cisco and Avaya Provide Virtual PBX and PBXs to Varied SMBs
    Hot off the press: Research just released by The Eastern Management Group reveals that most virtual PBX and PBX sales made by Avaya are usually from first-time buyers, while in most scenarios Cisco is the company organizations look at when requiring advanced features to help raise employee productivity. A recent article from TelecomReseller reports that The Eastern Management Group came to these conclusions after closely analyzing PBX and virtual PBX purchases of multiple SMBs all around the world.
  • Reading Virtual PBX Reviews? Try This Instead
    "We've been getting a lot of great feedback from new customers lately." That's a great first sentence for a blog post written by a virtual PBX company, in this case eVoice. But the second sentence, however, isn't so great. "After reviewing the data closer, I've noticed some common misconceptions about virtual phone service in general."
  • Virtual PBX: Edgewater Networks' EdgeMarc Series of Products Interoperable with Metaswitch
    Edgewater Networks, which provides key infrastructure component for the successful delivery of Unified Communications services, such as VoIP and video conferencing, SIP trunking and virtual PBX services, revealed its EdgeMarc Series of Enterprise Session Border Controllers (SBCs) has successfully demonstrated interoperability with Metaswitch to achieve Mosaic Partner Certification.
  • Dispelling the Myths Surrounding Virtual PBX Deployments
    The migration to a virtual PBX infrastructure can offer significant benefits to a company, yet specific fears have kept some businesses hooked on their old phone systems. By dispelling some of these myths, the small business may be more inclined to make the move to VoIP phone services and enjoy the lower costs.
  • Jazztel Selects Acme Packet SBCs for Virtual PBX and Wholesale Interconnect Services
    Acme Packet, a provider of session border controllers (SBCs), announced that Jazztel, a Spanish telecommunications and data transmission carrier, has deployed Acme Packet Net-Net 4500 session border controllers (SBCs) to host virtual PBX services for business customers and provide international wholesale peering services and in-country IP interconnects
  • Is Your Business Looking to Cut Costs? Using Virtual PBX SIP Trunking Services Can Help!
    Effective communication is crucial to the continued success of any business. With the Nextiva virtual PBX SIP Trunking service, organizations can save a great chunk of money on multiple business communications, while simultaneously increasing their return on investment. In addition, companies can gain access to unlimited local and long distance calling without having to invest in expensive PBX equipment.
  • Virtual PBX and Nextiva vFAX
    Nextiva vFAX is a highly affordable virtual PBX and online fax service that offers increased flexibility and scalability and only needs an Internet connection to function correctly. Users have multiple options on how to send a fax with this service including the ability to fax by email, through Microsoft Office or the Nextiva online control panel, a cell phone or even a personal fax machine. Obstacles including paper jams, system errors or busy signals are now a thing of the past with this innovative technology!
  • Create Your Own Business Phone System with Nextiva Connect Virtual PBX
    The influx of next generation communication technologies has given small and medium-sized businesses the tools to compete with larger enterprises. Nextiva, a provider of cloud-based business VoIP phone systems and virtual PBX technologies, is one of the leaders in this movement.
  • The Benefits of Nextiva Connect Virtual PBX System
    Nextiva is a company that offers next generation communications platforms that power small businesses to gain access to features that only enterprises typically can leverage, and is also the #1 virtual PBX phone service provider, powering the highly successful Nextiva Connect.
  • Telfree Powers Virtual PBX Systems
    Telfree, a provider of next generation communications, has just launched an all new virtual PBX system called Office Connection. Mimicking a virtual switchboard in the Cloud, businesses now have the ability to access information from anywhere, at any time. Office Connection offers customers an end-to-end fully integrated desk, office, mobile, voice, SMS and fax communication solution, giving businesses a high level of flexibility at a cost-effective price, a recent article revealed.
  • Virtual PBX Comparison Website Offers Discount on Office 300 Plan, a website that reviews virtual PBX services, has just made available a new monthly discount on the Office 300 plan. Through its online reviewing service, helps small business owners find quality virtual PBX services and discounts currently on the market that are powered by different vendors.
  • Infonetics Research Focuses on LTE Equipment Market
    Focusing on the mobile and wireless equipment markets, including vendor market share, forecasts, and LTE and WIMAX deployments, Infonetics Research has released excerpts from its first quarter 2011 (1Q11) 2G/3G/4G (LTE and WiMAX) Infrastructure and Subscribers report.
  • Infonetics Research Examines Struggling Virtual PBX Market
    Consumers and businesses throughout the global market continue to navigate toward virtualization, yet the market performance for virtual PBX appears to be struggling, according to Infonetics Research. The market research firm has released its first quarter 2011 Enterprise Unified Communication, VoIP and TDM Equipment preliminary report. Early market share results are included in this research led by VoIP and IMS analyst Diane Myers.
  • VoIP Provider Nextiva Renews Green Business Pledge
    Business VoIP systems provider Nextiva, Inc. has renewed its participation in's CarbonFree partner program. The partnership represents a national movement of eco-conscious businesses and organizations taking steps to combat global warming and reduce their emissions. Nextiva considers itself an environmental leader in the small business communications industry.
  • Matrix IP-PBX Now Interoperable with Polycom IP Phones
    Matrix Comsec, a world class IP-PBX manufacturer in India and Polycom Network Technology Co. Ltd, a leading designer and manufacturer of IP Voice and Video Phones, recently announced interoperability testing between Matrix IP-PBX, an integrated communication solution, and Polycom IP Phones has been completed successfully.
  • Internet Service Provider Deploys Indosoft's Asterisk-based iHostPBX
    Indosoft, which provides multi-tenant call center software for Asterisk, has announced a new deployment of its solution., an Arizona-based wireless ISP, has successfully deployed Indosoft's iHostPBX. The deployment is expected to allow to expand into VoIP phone services and offer Indosoft's "ePhone" VoIP phone service to customers.
  • When Selecting a Virtual PBX, Don't Skimp on the Auto Attendant
    As every business owner knows, providing prompt and reliable customer service is paramount - especially in this current economy. When a customer calls, they expect someone to pick up the phone right away and accurately transfer their call to where it needs to go, fast. As such, a company's phone system is an important customer service differentiator.
  • Pop VoIP Offers Long Distance Phone Service for Low Prices
    In an effort to minimize and restrict long distance charges, Pop VoIP, a digital telephone provider, is offering affordable long distance telephone service and VoIP telephone features. Long distance phone service for low prices will help small businesses compete in a global market.
  • 8x8 Virtual Office Pro Receives Unified Communications Magazine Award
    TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named 8x8 Virtual Office Pro, a cloud communications solution, as the recipient of the 2010 Unified Communications magazine Product of the Year Award. Officials with 8x8 Inc. said that Virtual Office Pro is a cloud-based unified communications (UC) solution that enables business users to access essential collaboration services and tools, including hosted IP-PBX phone service with unlimited calling, Internet messaging, Web conferencing with video, call recording and archiving, video chat and more - through a single online portal.
  • VIVACOM uses HP Solutions to Integrate Telecom Networks to Improve Performance
    VIVACOM Bulgaria is using the solutions and expertise of HP to set up a next-generation intelligent network (NGIN) by integrating its fixed and mobile telecommunication networks. The NGIN will improve the network efficiency and offer a more personalized and better experience for over 600,000 customers. VIVACOM is Bulgaria's leading telecommunications provider and offers services in fixed and mobile voice, television and broadband. The NGIN will support applications based on voice-over-Internet Protocol (VOIP) and will enhance VIVACOM's existing services by enabling the company to use real-time features in the network.
  • Virtual PBX Company Re-launches 800 Number Comparison Portal
    Over the past decade, businesses have expanded throughout the globe in a growth driven world economy. With a new found demand to expand across the globe, businesses of all sizes now require toll-free phone numbers. In an effort to solve these demands, re-launches the 800 phone numbers comparison portal to provide comparisons between top 800 number service providers on the company's latest website platform.
  • An Interesting Prospective on How Big the Virtual PBX Market is
    What is virtual PBX you ask? Well, virtual PBX solutions are hosted and offer more features and flexibility without the need to purchase expensive equipment. If a business moves, there is no PBX equipment to move, no phone numbers to change and no downtime.
  • Smoothstone Partners with Sprint to Extend Virtual PBX to the Enterprise
    The concept of hosted services has gained much attention in the last year as organizations have recognized the need for streamlining operations and reducing the costs associated with running a business. One area that offers significant improvements in cost is that of communications as companies can leverage a virtual PBX to gain greater capabilities and lower overall costs.
  • Virtual PBX Offers Broader IP Solutions
    For several years virtual PBX has excelled in the voice services spectrum for small and medium sized businesses deploying unified communications applications.
  • Virtual PBX Makes Collaboration a Priority
    There is a growing trend in Dubai. Businesses of all sizes are adopting more unified communication desktop tools in the workplace in order to boost efficiency and slash operating costs.
  • As Cloud Computing Proliferates in 2011, Many Are Turning to Virtual PBX
    The year 2011 is expected to be the year of the cloud. What does that mean for you? In essence, it means that it is time to start watching for those solutions and applications that can run effectively in the cloud. One feature SMBs and SMEs are finding delivers considerable benefit is that of the virtual PBX.
  • Microsoft Qatar Heralds Release of Microsoft Lync Server 2010
    Lync is described by Microsoft officials as a single platform that integrates instant messaging, presence, audio, video, web conferencing and voice. The interface works with applications including Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange from their computers or from handsets.
  • Virtual PBX: Impulse Advanced Communications Focuses on Customer Service
    Officials of Impulse Advanced Communications, a communications service and virtual PBX provider, say they're "recycling a business model from the Bell System era -- give the customer a very broad range of service offerings, so that they only have one phone call to make for telecommunications service."
  • Mobile VoIP To Gain Real Market Presence With Increased Mobile Usage
    A new market research report titled "Mobile VoIP: Social Networking Integrates IP Voice" is now included in the catalogue of for easy access. Driven by rapid evolution of mobile offerings as well as disruption of established services, the mobile VoIP market is gaining significant momentum. Mobile VoIP has recently completed five years of established service offerings, with its market gaining real presence, resulting in increased revenue with increased usage rates.
  • Five VoIP Myths -- Busted!
    According to Nextiva, there are "many misconceptions about VoIP phone services that big, traditional phone companies want small businesses to believe in order to keep them as land line customers."
  • Enterprise Desk Phone Demise? Not Much Evidence Yet
    The severe global recession that began late in 2008 and lasted until early 2010 likely damaged business in just about every segment you can think of. Enterprise spending on phone systems likely was no exception. But that's a cyclical issue, and what isn't so clear are longer-term prospects for desktop phones, which some seem to believe are headed for displacement, if not extinction, by mobiles or tablets.
  • Vintalk Disaster Recovery Product Emerges From Three Months of Beta
    Vintalk, from Vinculum Communications, a vendor of wholesale, business and consumer IP communication services, has launched its Disaster Recover product after what company officials report as "three months of successful beta testing." It's described by company officials as a remote backup phone system for your business that is an instant, automatic failover.
  • Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Donates to Food Banks
    Business VoIP and communications provider Nextiva recently donated 535 pounds of food, or 411 meals, to the United Food Bank. This donation is mainly aimed to offer hunger relief and food assistance for needy families in Arizona. Nextiva is located in Scottsdale, close to the areas served by the United Food Bank.
  • Can VoIP Software Provider Skype Live up to the Hype?
    The excitement was intoxicating as I signed in to hear and watch Skype's keynote speech at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas streaming live. How could it not be? The live chat was filled with anticipation as one viewer commented, "I've been waiting for this all week." Viewing numbers rapidly increased - 234 … 238 … 263… - and then, nothing. About ten minutes past the scheduled airing time, rumblings began via Facebook, Twitter and live chat: Skype is having difficulty with VoIP, ironic.
  • Chinese Authorities Give Skype the Boot and Ban Third-party VoIP
    China, with its 450 million Internet users, is going after Internet phone and VoIP services, such as Skype, claiming its actions to be in the benefit of the country's state-owned telephone companies. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revealed on its website that it is working to fight "illegal Internet phone services," without any warning of the specific actions that will take place.
  • Telcentris Offers White Label Managed Wholesale VoIP Platform
    Telcentris, a vendor of cloud communications products, has announced the availability of its white label product, which company officials describe as "an end-to-end managed wholesale VoIP enablement platform that offers customers a complete suite of services and robust back-end infrastructure."
  • Overall VoIP Spending Anticipated to Increase by 2014
    In a recent research report by In-Stat entitled, "U.S. Business Spending by Size of Business and Vertical, 2009-2014: Business IP Communications" indicated that application-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) spending might increase nearly 60 percent by 2014.
  • Small and Medium Businesses Predict VoIP Market to Grow
    New research from Ami-Partners, which involves opinions from small and medium businesses, indicates that VoIP market will grow in coming years. According to the research, over 30 percent of small businesses (1 - 99 employees) and 50 percent of medium businesses (100-999 employees) say that VoIP will become critical to their business operations.
  • VoIP Logic Upgrades Class 5 Hosted PBX Infrastructure
    Currently VoIP Logic has support for SIP and MGCP, and provides Class 5 hosted PBX functionality to address the needs of carriers serving enterprise clients using older generation VoIP phone equipment from Cisco Systems.
  • Future of VoIP Assured Notwithstanding Saturation
    For companies trying to cut costs, VoIP is a viable option, and for residents, it is a phenomenal leap into the future of communications. The latest figures from industry analysts, Point Topic, seem to reiterate this fact and even service providers are finding VoIP critical for penetrating the consumer market.
  • 12 Small Business Marketing Phone Tips 'Til Christmas
    How do you reconcile the high-pressure needs of your small business with your family's desire to roast chestnuts on the open fire? Having a virtual phone service can help. Toward that end, we offer up these 12 small business phone tips 'til Christmas. Hope they help make your season a little brighter.
  • Customs HQ Relies on Nextiva, an online resource for customs brokers, providing tools and information that ultimately makes importing through US Customs easier, selected Nextiva to provide its business phone system.
  • Virtual PBX Provider Nextiva Says Smartphones Just Got Smarter
    Thanks to technical components such as WiFi and the 3G network smaller business and mobile employees are now able to effectively integrate VoIP into their business strategies, according to a recent blog post from Nextiva, a virtual PBX provider.
  • Nextiva Launches Business VoIP Information Center
    Officials with Nextiva said that this business VoIP portal by the company is designed for small business and telecommunications professionals seeking information about business operations, marketing, online fax, and voice over IP.
  • Aruba's HIPAA-compliant 802.11n Wi-Fi networks deployed by MRMC
    Aruba Networks, Inc, world's number one player in distributed enterprise network solutions, has announced the deployment of Aruba's HIPAA-compliant 802.11n Wi-Fi networks for telemetry monitoring, voice communications and guest access by Milford Regional Medical Center (MRMC). The new adaptive wireless network will support more than 150 wireless Baxter Sigma infusion pumps; it also has a user-friendly secure guest access captive portal which can be run by administrative personnel without any IT assistance.
  • Nextiva Featured on
    Featuring reviews and comparison data of the top online fax services on the market from brands such as MyFax, RingCentral and Nextiva. In addition to reviews, offers Email Fax Buying Tips as well as a Market Standard to follow when selecting a reliable Internet fax service. Visitors to the site are able to compare services on price, features and extra options. Once they've selected the fax service that meets their needs, they can sign up for a free trial or paying account through
  • Powerful PBX Features Offered by Nextiva
    Nextiva Connect features a web portal interface that allows the customer, to manage all the options and specific features for your IP phone. Some of the features include voicemail, call history, and profile scheduler.
  • XO Communications Intros XO Ethernet VPLS To Offer Better Ethernet Networking Capabilities
    With the help of XO Ethernet VPLS, businesses, large enterprises and government agencies are able to transform their Ethernet local area networks into wide area networks in a convenient and cost-effective way, so that their key offices and data centers can be connected to offer the applications to end users. Integrating the simplicity and scalability of a unified Ethernet network and the application-aware capabilities of MPLS, the solution helps customers in managing and enhancing the performance of voice, video, data and business applications across within their wide area networks.
  • Speakerbus Shipped 'i turret' To Customers Across Five Continents
    Leveraging a host IP-PBX, 'i turret' by Speakerbus offers reduced cost and backroom infrastructure in comparison to the traditional voice trading platforms, and provides the enterprises with a distributed solution that processes voice traffic and user input at the desk endpoint and cuts down the capacity loading on the IP-PBX, resulting in increased resilience. Further, it offers reduced backroom equipment footprint to the clients, so that they can minimize their costs and complexity to optimize their support skills.
  • XO Communications Helps Dialink Offer Next-Generation Voice and Data Solutions
    XO Communications, a nationwide provider of advanced communications services and solutions for businesses, enterprises, government, carriers and service providers, announced that it is offering Ethernet, dedicated Internet Access or "DIA" and Voice over Internet Protocol or "VoIP" services to Dialink, a provider of VoIP network services to small and medium-sized businesses in Northern California.
  • Nextiva Partnering with
    This news might have slipped past you the first time, but recently, Nextiva announced that it is partnering with, whose officials describe it as "a nonprofit climate organization."
  • Nextiva Launches Micro-Site for Nextiva Office
    "Company executives say the newly christened offering will have a more familiar ring to potential customers," according to industry observer Adam Stone, who notes that the new offering, Nextiva Office, "bundles together Nextiva vFax with the company's virtual PBX, in a service that includes such tools as voicemail-to-e-mail, auto-attendant, advanced call routing, and on-hold music."
  • Nextiva Virtual Fax Feature Highlights
    For today's on-the-go business user, virtual fax capabilites mean users are no longer stuck standing in front of a central fax device hoping communications will make it through.
  • Nextiva's Virtual Fax Service: Never Miss Another Fax
    Send and receive by fax machine. Nextiva officials describe themselves as "one of the only providers to allow you to keep your fax machine for convenient sending of paper based faxes. Plug your fax machine into our adapter and voila! Now your fax machine works through the Internet best of all we will still store a copy for you to retrieve from anywhere."
  • Nextiva Offers Complimentary Voice Greeting for Virtual PBX
    A Virtual PBX solution can deliver a number of benefits to the small business as those who subscribe are able to project a more professional image without the need or expense of an on-premise phone system or technician. This helps to create a better perception among customers, keep costs low and enhance communications capabilities.
  • Updates Service Review for Nextiva vFAX
    Officials with FaxCritics also said that Nextiva's review reflects their, "dedication to being a leader in the Internet fax industry," and that Nextiva was impressive when reviewed on service plans, price, technology, and customer service.
  • Corded PBX Market Suffers Down End to 2009
    According to a recent study by market consultancy MZA, it turns out the Corded PBX market declined by 10 percent in Q4 2009, period October to December 2009 inclusive, compared to Q4 2008. Overall, more than 13 million extensions were supplied to the market during this time.
  • Nextiva vFAX Awarded Product of the Year
    Nextiva's virtual fax service also offers more flexibility for sending and receiving faxes including fax by email, fax thru Microsoft Office, fax thru a Web portal, or the ability to send faxes through an existing fax machine.
  • Virtual PBX: Helping Small Businesses Compete
    Connect360, the company's virtual PBX solution, not only offers advanced features and flexibility, but also makes it possible for businesses of any size or budget to benefit from VoIP, since there is no need to purchase expensive equipment.
  • Virtual PBX Feature: Got Virtual Fax?
    Not to fear, Nextiva offers a virtual fax service, and at $6.95 a month, you're not likely to find too much quality for a less expensive price, especially seeing as how Nextiva's giving 500 out-and inbound faxes for that price. Pretty competitive.
  • Virtual PBX for Businesses a No-Brainer
    During our podcast session, Masjedi noted that the costs savings involved with a virtual PBX is one of the biggest selling points and reasons for growth in the virtual PBX market.
  • VoIP Equipment Market Holds Steady in 3Q09: Research
    Infonetics' reports also found that worldwide session border controller or "SBC revenue increased half a percent from 2Q09 to 3Q09 and hit $38.7 million and for the second quarter in a row, worldwide revenues for trunk media gateways increased by 14 percent.
  • Nextiva Recommended as Cost Saving Solution for Internet-based Phones
    Nextiva offers Business VoIP solutions that transform the way small businesses communicate. The company's affordable hosted VoIP service, Connect360, starts at just around $20 a month and includes IVR, voicemail, dial-by-name, call transfer, find me/ follow me, and a host of other advanced features.
  • Virtual PBX Advantages
    An auto attendant feature can for example be used to greet callers and with call forwarding services, the need to pay additional staff to handle administrative duties, can be eliminated.
  • Pick a Virtual PBX to Cut Phone Costs
    Also, there is no on-site installations or maintenance required and businesses are provided a vast number of call management features like auto attendants, call transferring, find-me-follow, fax, voicemail and so much more – removing the need to have extra staff of handle these calls.
  • Broadband Stimulus to Benefit Virtual PBX: Nextiva
    And VoIP, as well as VoIP in conjunction with a virtual PBX, is one platform primed for growth as the influx of investment in the broadband market begins to mature. Despite predictions that the growth in IP lines for the PBX market will decline for the first time ever in 2009, the stimulus plan is expected to have a significant long term impact.
  • Dell'Oro Group: Enterprise VoIP Growth to Slow in 2009
    A new report from market research firm Dell'Oro Group predicts that although the business VoIP market will continue to grow in 2009, its rate of growth will slow considerably due to the downturn in the economy.
  • Nextiva Furthers Green Initiatives with Partnership
    In an effort to adopt a more eco-logical approach to doing business, Nextiva, a company providing affordable VoIP solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), has announced a new partnership with, one of the country's leading carbon offset organizations.
  • Nextiva Hails Interoperability of Virtual PBX Solutions
    Nextiva, a provider of communication services for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), has helped thousands of companies run professional phones systems affordably with its suite of virtual PBX solutions.
  • Open Source PBX Gaining Momentum in Price Sensitive Market
    Open Source PBX is enjoying substantial growth according to a recent Eastern Management Group study. "2009 Open Source PBX Market Forecast" reported that Open Source PBXs accounted for 18 percent of the 15.88 million line market for business telephone systems in North America in 2008.
  • Voicemail to E-mail Enhances Virtual PBX Service
    When was the last time you saw an answering machine laying around your office or home? Most likely, it is tucked away in a closet, covered with dust and no longer of use to you with the advent of automated voicemail.
  • Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Delivers Superior Customer Service
    Superior customer service can often fall to the wayside, lost in the midst of an overload of daily tasks, responsibilities and expectations. However, research studies have shown that customer service is the key to customer loyalty; not something to be overlooked or de-emphasized, especially in this economic climate.
  • Frost: Asia-Pacific Hosted UC Market to Grow
    Asia-Pacific enterprises are not immune to the twin trends of needing unified communications (UC) tools to enable their firms to become more efficient and grow, while reducing costs in the face of the worldwide downturn.
  • MZA Reports Q3 2008 World PBX and IP PBX Market Figures
    Recently, MZA released its "Corded PBX/IP PBX Market" report for Q3 2008, which shows that worldwide sales of PBX and IP PBX extensions (excluding Micro PBX products) remained flat in the period between July and September 2008.
  • The Evolution of Virtual PBX
    What goes on behind company walls to keep their communications flowing? Well, thanks to virtual PBX (Private Branch eXchange) systems, hundreds of incoming company calls are able to be automatically routed to individuals and at the same time, those individuals are placing calls, sending and receiving voicemails, e-mails and faxes with their desk phones and over the Internet using their PC.
  • Virtual PBX Enhances Communications for SMBs
    As a provider of communication services for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) Nextiva offers a range of virtual PBX solutions that have helped thousands of companies run professional phones systems affordably.
  • Virtual PBX vs. On-Premises
    In order to succeed in today's highly competitive business world, companies need to reflect a professional image and impress potential clients.
  • Nextiva Launches Virtual PBX Channel on TMCnet
    (Norwalk, CT – October 20, 2008) Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) today announced that Virtual PBX Channel, sponsored by Nextiva has been launched as the newest addition to the TMCnet channel program.
  • Nextiva Offers Dependable Virtual PBX Solutions
    As a virtual PBX solution provider, Nextiva has also invested millions of dollars in redundant collocated switching platforms, data connections and termination providers, setting the company apart from most VoIP companies in business today.
  • Virtual PBX: How it Works, Who it Benefits and Why You Need It
    Businesses of all sizes are beginning to realize the numerous benefits of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). One popular business VoIP option that is gaining momentum in the VoIP industry due to its affordable and easy set-up is virtual PBX. With a virtual PBX arrangement, a telephony system is provided through an Internet download and then managed by an outside service. It offers an affordable and easy-to-set-up means for a business to use VoIP services.

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