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  • Enghouse Interactive Makes Key Improvements to CCSP 7.2
    Cloud computing is making the total cost of ownership of IT services more affordable than ever. Whether it is large enterprises or SMB's, it is now possible to obtain comprehensive services with the flexibility and scalability needed to thrive in today's highly competitive environment. The new improvements Enghouse Interactive has implemented in its Cloud Contact Center Platform (CCSP) 7.2 have been designed to increase usability for customers with multiple applications.[Read More]
  • Teen Provides Telephony Service With Virtual PBX
    One of the greatest benefits of cloud technology is that it allows small businesses or even individuals to compete in the different IT segments. Case in point is 17-year-old Seth Thompson, a North Baltimore student, who owns Panda Technologies LLC., a computer repair and web services company. He is using virtual PBX to deliver telephony services to his customers, which has allowed him to provide comprehensive IT solutions.[Read More]
  • Patton Electronics Certifies Renegade IP-PBX Appliance
    The communication services small businesses are able to acquire today have enterprise grade capabilities without the cost. This is made possible with digital technology and hosted services, which remove the capital and operational expenditures of on premises systems that made it prohibitively expensive in the past. For service providers and device manufacturers, this means creating products and services that small businesses can afford, and ensuring they are fully compatible.[Read More]
  • Cloud Storage Enables Efficiencies for BYOD and Mobility
    The veritable deluge of people working from home, coupled with the astronomical uptake in mobility and mobile services, have left businesses with some tough choices. Companies typically want to grow and increase revenues, and remote workers using their own devices facilitate opportunities for growth without much strain on physical imprint and capital expenditures.[Read More]
  • Cebod Telecom Offers Competitive Per-Line Pricing Model
    Cebod Telecom recently announced that it would begin offering a pay-per-line pricing model to its business phone service customers. Although the service has many similarities to what other providers offer, Cebod is pushing a per-line pricing model that it feels is more economical than typical plans.[Read More]
  • TeleMasters to Supply South African SMMEs with Cloud-based PBX
    The IT segment in South Africa is one of the most developed in the whole of the continent. The country is the base of operations to some of the largest tech companies in the world for its regional services, which has given it access to the latest innovations in IT. This includes cloud-based communications, TeleMasters, a provider of IP communications, just announced it going to be supplying Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs) with cloud-based PBX after overcoming some obstacles.[Read More]
  • Strategies for Effective Telephone-based Business Communications
    It takes a certain knack to be able to communicate as well over the telephone as can be achieved in person. On a phone call, facial expressions aren't part of the equation (unless it's a video call) and even things that ought to be communicated such as tone of voice get lost in the message.[Read More]
  • Windstream and BroadSoft Make Hotel Stays Better with New Virtual PBX Tools
    With summer travel season now upon us, and Fourth of July travel arrangements already in progress, the hospitality industry is preparing to receive the loads of travelers it will likely see as a result. Improving internal systems is one major way to prepare for this array of new guests, and Windstream and BroadSoft have gotten together to bring out a new customized virtual public branch exchange (PBX) and unified communications (UC) service for hospitality providers everywhere.[Read More]
  • Aavaz Releases SugarOnTop, Offering PBX Options for SugarCRM
    Aavaz-which means "voice" or "song" in Arabic, Persian and Indian-recently brought out a sweet new offering for its SugarCRM customer relationship management (CRM) tool, giving users access to a slate of private branch exchange (PBX) options. With plug and play ease of use and installation, the new appliance known as SugarOnTop is ready to make all those calls that go out really count toward driving revenue and profitability.[Read More]
  • Direct Peering Agreement with US Signal Gives nexVortex Greater Access
    With direct peering, networks can exchange traffic after entering into a bilateral or multilateral partnerships or agreements to more efficiently use their resources, whether it is infrastructure, communications services or even customers. The agreement nexVortex has entered with US Signal will give the company more access of the services it offers to a new market and vice versa.[Read More]
  • Patton eSBCs Achieves Compliance with Telenor IPT MBN SIP Trunk Service
    Telecom operators now have to deliver a wide range of services in order to compete with the communications options customers have at their disposal from OTTs and other non-traditional providers. This requires innovative solutions and the technology to make it possible. The certification of Patton's SmartNode enterprise session border controllers (eSBCs) with Telenor's IPT MBN SIP trunking service means organizations can connect their existing ISDN or DECT PBX phone systems to Telenor's IP telephony service.[Read More]
  • Onvoy Makes Move to Purchase ANPI Parent Company ANZ Communications
    A recent move in the technology sector may have some rural dwellers feeling good, as Onvoy LLC recent announced a definitive agreement by which it would acquire ANZ Communications, parent company of ANPI. ANPI offers a slate of solutions targeting the Rural Local Exchange Carrier (RLEC) market, and may mean a new boost in available services for those in rural locations.[Read More]
  • The IP-PBX May Be Businesses' Next Great Advance
    When considering the "next great advance" for businesses, a lot of tools and technologies come to mind, and with good reason. Change is a constant in the field, and there is no shortage of options for businesses looking to upgrade and migrate systems. Perhaps one of the biggest new developments is the Internet protocol private branch exchange (IP-PBX) system, which gives phones a whole new capability, and brings new opportunities along with it.[Read More]
  • Make a Mark in Your Industry - Get Involved Where it Counts
    Watching the history of business performance and one thing is clear: profits have to trump everything else. In some cases, there is a duty to the shareholders to ensure the best performance in the market. Yet this diligence in following what is promised to the shareholders often put other variables - and the company - at risk.[Read More]
  • How to Address Business VoIP Security
    VoIP provides businesses with a lower cost and more flexible means of voice communications. But to get all the benefits from VoIP solutions and avoid the pitfalls, businesses must take steps to insure their traffic is secure. A recent article by Chris Smith offers a handful of tips to keep business VoIP traffic secure.[Read More]
  • Yeastar Launches S-Series VoIP PBX Systems for SMEs
    The telecom market has a range of customers, from individual consumers to large enterprises. As a company operating in this sector, it may not be possible to address everyone, but it is critical to find your niche so you can deliver your services in the best way possible. Yeastar was established in 2006 as a designer and developer of innovative telecommunications equipment, including VoIP PBX systems and VoIP gateways for SMB's and SME's. In addressing this market efficiently, the company has captured 100,000 customers around the world.[Read More]
  • CallCabinet Carries Compliant Call Recording to Vodia PBX
    Call recording is an integral part to a successful organization. From customer service and sales to compliance and security, the role of call recording is vital. And, recently hosted PBX provider Vodia, announced a new partnership with CallCabinet. The pairing will feature the integration of Atmos with Vodia's Hosted PBX.[Read More]
  • Zebra Telecom Tweaks Virtual PBX
    Those who have used virtual private branch exchange (PBX) systems generally find such welcome, useful additions to most any office environment. Zebra Telecom, meanwhile, has taken an already good thing and made it even better with a set of new cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to improve corporate telephony and make the already-potent PBX even better.[Read More]
  • VirtualPBX Makes Good System Better by Adding Unlimited Minutes
    For some people, the warnings about too much of a good thing are less a warning and more a challenge. For VirtualPBX, the only way to make a good thing even better was to add more of it, which it recently did by upgrading its Dash business phone system to offer unlimited minutes with its new option, Dash Unlimited.[Read More]
  • How Technology Helps Create Seamless Experience for the Remote Team
    The remote team - we've heard a lot about this trend. The company that runs its operations with a team whose individuals are located hundreds or thousands of miles apart. It sounds like the ideal environment, especially for those individuals who don't want to have to commute to an office every day. But, is this type of team always a purring engine, or does it have its own set of challenges?[Read More]
  • IntelePeer Steps Up SIP Service with Implementation Controls
    Sometimes it's not about what a system does so much as how it does it. The how of a system can be just as important as the what, and for IntelePeer, it's recently announced some changes to its SIP Service, which will provide users with a better way to make contact and still get full value out of currently-available resources.[Read More]
  • Los Angeles to Get New Hosted PBX Tools with SolveForce Introductions
    For many companies, hosted private branch exchange (PBX) is increasingly the way to go to get the most done. Some haven't made the move into this comparatively new communications technology yet, and some haven't even really had the option. Now, SolveForce is making it easier for those in Los Angeles and the surrounding area to make the move to hosted PBX systems with a new service campaign available in the region starting this month.[Read More]
  • Grandstream Portfolio of IP Phones Now Available for Yay.com Customers
    So you've vetted PBX providers, have a team putting the pieces of your business phone system together and are eager to get the deployment underway. Selecting a system is only the beginning, as one may select the best service available but without an exceptional endpoint the expectation of high quality communication and collaboration experiences must be tempered.[Read More]
  • AirePBX Honored at Industry Event
    The cloud is opening doors of communication, literally. Innovation in cloud communications is transforming business communications before our very eyes. What was once a murky, unclear proposition has jettisoned from fad to future reality. On-premises hardware has given way to virtual and cloud-based PBX deployments for reasons that include cost savings, scalability and functionality.[Read More]
  • VirtualPBX Announces Improvements to Softphone App
    VirtualPBX recently announced revisions to its Softphone app that will likely receive a warm reception from its current user base. Support for more devices, network quality displays, and improved security are among the new features that have been added to the software.[Read More]
  • Cloud Communications Can Help Businesses Boost Profits While Going Green
    Embracing green business practices doesn't have to be a losing proposition for any business. With careful planning and consideration, organizations can steadily implement green practices and technologies while also realizing increased revenues, and cloud communications can be a major asset in achieving these goals.[Read More]
  • Voxox Vies for Virtual PBX Market with Cloud Mobile App
    In life, other than one's keys and wallet, people do not go anywhere without their smartphone. The smartphone has permeated our day to day existence, and in doing promotes our always-on, always plugged-in lifestyle. In business, communication is critical to success and a clear trend from the startup through the enterprise is mobility. Companies demand the ability to conduct business regardless of location, and if the news is any indication, providers are beginning to answer the bell.[Read More]
  • XO Communications Steps Up Hosted PBX Options
    The virtual private branch exchange (PBX) system means a wealth of benefits in improved communications and collaboration operations, but the virtual PBX requires regular new developments to help ensure that the most is being realized from the technology. XO Communications recently brought out one such new development, stepping up its hosted PBX options by making it more readily integrated with several popular tools already on the market.[Read More]
  • VirtualPBX's Dash Takes Home 2016 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award
    VirtualPBX is already well-known in the field thanks to its wide array of communications tools, ranging from virtual private branch exchange (PBX) systems to softphone tools and plenty more. It's also won its share of awards in the market, and its Dash business phone system recently netted another such award, taking home TMC's 2016 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award.[Read More]
  • Virtual Phone Numbers Can Help Drive a Virtual PBX
    A virtual private branch exchange (PBX) system can add a lot of value to a business. It provides a means to access a variety of communications functions without having to have a lot of the equipment such services normally require on hand. A virtual PBX can be made even more capable with virtual phone numbers, so considering how to get these in place and use them appropriately can be a major issue.[Read More]
  • VirtualPBX Softphone App Gets New Features to Drive Value
    The virtual private branch exchange (PBX) has made quite an impact on operations for many users, and is also providing opportunities for developers to make some advances too. Hosted telecom is particularly benefiting from virtual PBX operations, and some new additions to the VirtualPBX Softphone App should help drive some further interest.[Read More]
  • Zultys Inks Master Agent Agreement with Computer Telephony Distributing to Sell Cloud Services
    CTD will become a master agent for Zultys' Agent Channel program. The focus will be on Zultys Cloud Service virtual PBX, which offers voice, instant messaging, email and presence through the cloud. It also offers functions that have been typically handled by on-premises solutions: call recording, contact center features and voicemail, among others.[Read More]
  • VoIP, UC and Virtual PBX: Enterprise Concerns Start with Change Management
    There seems to be a decidedly loud drumbeat when it comes to enterprise communications and migrating to unified communications and VoIP: With so many benefits, like lower costs and more flexibility, why not just do it? Unfortunately, businesses still have a lot of objections for why not, all centered around change management.[Read More]
  • Millennials to Management: We Don't Want Your Old Office Phones
    Millennials have grown up around VoIP and smartphone technology, and they expect phones that include chat, call-forwarding and can be accessed in the office or on the road. Business phone systems that can't match what Millennials find in consumer technology today will be ignored by this age cohort.[Read More]
  • Sunrise Communications, NFON Bolster Cloud Telephone Collaboration
    Cloud-based telephone systems are making a big splash with businesses eager to take advantage of the improved flexibility, added capability, and cost savings that often come with such systems. An eager market means plenty of opportunity for the best in the field, and Sunrise Communications and NFON are looking to cement their presence as the best by adding on to previous collaborative efforts.[Read More]
  • Impact Telecom Partners with SimpleWan to Shape Voice Traffic
    A global provider of voice, messaging, and cloud-based communications, Impact Telecom has announced a partnership with SimpleWan that will bring that company's network monitoring and shaping tool to the Impact Telecom Hosted PBX.[Read More]
  • Virtual PBX Solutions Can Eliminate Waste, Broaden Communications Capabilities and Save Money
    Virtual PBX systems can help companies save by consolidating functions and extending their reach to all points of the organization, including mobile workers. Thanks to Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) trunking, organizations can attain the kind of functionality they need for professional purposes and gain peace of mind with improved security features.[Read More]
  • VoiceNation's OpenAnswer Earns ITEXPO 'Best of Show' Award
    The 2016 ITEXPO held in January in Florida had 129 exhibitors and thousands of attendees. This included speakers from some of the biggest names in IT, 120 sessions and five colocated events. As in most expos, awards are given for exhibitors and participants that stood out, and this year, VoiceNation, was recognized with the "Best of Show" award at the annual expo for its open source answering service software, OpenAnswer.[Read More]
  • NetByNet Holdings Creates Cloud PBX
    Net by Net Holding, a telecommunications operator and developer of cloud-based private branch exchange (PBX) software, has created the new Cloud PBX for its corporate clients.[Read More]
  • Nextiva, AudioCodes Pair Up to Provide Business Communications
    Today, cloud-based communications and collaborations provider Nextiva announced the selection of AudioCodes session border controllers (SBCs) for its Business Communications Services. In specific, AudioCodes SBCs will play an integral role in the provision of hosted voice capabilities to new customers.[Read More]
  • Digium Releases Switchvox 6
    Digium has announced the release of the latest version of its IP-based private branch exchange (PBX), Switchvox.[Read More]
  • PortaOne PortaSwitch Playing Role in Market Shift Away from Cellular Voice Service
    The trend of terminating landline service and using their mobile phones as their primary means of communication is well established among U.S. consumers. Mobile service has become more reliable and inexpensive, making traditional landline service obsolete to them.[Read More]
  • VirtualPBX Powering Nevada DNC
    This week VirtualPBX launched a contact center for the Nevada DNC. The more than 100 agent call center will be crucial to Democratic efforts, as it is responsible for voter outreach and volunteer coordination-two key cogs in the wheels of American politics.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Channel Program Director Ira Feuerstein Recognized as 2016 CRN Channel Chief
    Service providers in the ICT sector rely greatly on their channel partners to make their products and services available to a wider customer base. Managing these partners effectively and providing the right incentives requires knowing the market place and understanding what it needs. It is therefore essential to have the talent in place capable of bringing the many different parts together so the channel partners can thrive.[Read More]
  • AudioCodes Releases Virtualized CPE Platform
    AudioCodes is primarily a provider of converged voice solutions that enable enterprises and service providers alike to transition to all-IP voice networks, but lately it's become more a provider of solutions to help enterprises and service providers make the switch to network function virtualization (NFV). A member of the Israel Mobile Association NFV effort, AudioCodes has been releasing NFV solutions more often lately.[Read More]
  • Securing Carrier Voice Networks Becoming a Priority in the Age of VoIP
    When the data networks of prominent companies like Target and Home Depot are exposed to hacking and breaches, the news typically makes headlines. But attacks on voice networks are also on the rise and many carriers are struggling to combat this newer but serious type of security breach.[Read More]
  • VirtualPBX Releases Dash VoIP
    As businesses dig deeper into unified communications, many begin to find a need for IP-based systems that can lend flexibility and ease of use to daily practices. One company, VirtualPBX, has now released its latest voice-over-IP (VoIP) platform for businesses, called Dash, to achieve such results.[Read More]
  • Ease Employees into New Enterprise Telephony Systems with Support and Understanding
    Today, thanks to new technologies such as voice over IP (VoIP) and the virtual PBX, "telephone" may be a headset and a button to click on a computer screen. While your younger workers may take to these changes naturally, the people who are used to a telephone looking like a telephone may be a bit more resistant.[Read More]
  • How Virtual PBX Helps SMBs Project Large
    VoIP and virtual PBX in particular can help smaller firms project large. Just as a small business can stand tall with larger firms by having a professional website, so too can look the part with phone service by using a virtual PBX system.[Read More]
  • RingCentral Goes Global with UCaaS Service
    Communications technologies are expanding around the world as more countries deploy the infrastructure needed to support IP telephony. This has pushed service providers in this segment to deliver the same offerings for their customers no matter where they choose to branch out. RingCentral, a provider of cloud-based business communications and collaboration solutions, has launched a new cloud-based unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution called Global Office to provide organizations with the ability to act as local businesses in different geographic locations around the world.[Read More]
  • GAWK Expands Cloud Communication Capabilities with Acquisition of Connexum
    In the ICT sector continual growth requires key acquisitions to help a company move to the next phase of their development. Everyone from Intel to Facebook has used this strategy to stay ahead of their competition while remaining relevant in a rapidly evolving industry. GAWK, Inc., a provider of cloud communications, cloud connectivity, cloud computing and managed cloud-based applications solutions for SMBs, enterprises and carriers globally, has made such an acquisition to expand its cloud communication capabilities and increase its revenue.[Read More]
  • As Primus, Allstream Sell Off, Bluarc Offers Free Migration to Its Platform
    The year did not kick off with good news for Canadian Voice over IP provider Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. It wasn't a field day for business and residential customers, either, as the company announced its court-ordered protection from creditors.[Read More]
  • SwitchReach Makes Second Acquisition of New Year
    The recent acquisition will offer the double benefit of enhancing and optimizing message delivery for Alert Solutions' customers, while also expanding its presence in the education and healthcare markets. Wasting no time to further reach its goals, this week SwiftReach announced the completion of its acquisition of ITL/Kall8.[Read More]
  • 3CX Revamps PBX Partner Program with More Rewards, Transparency
    Partner programs are a great way for companies to quickly expand their reach by supplying their partners with the necessary tools to sell, manage and deploy their products. 3CX knows this well as it this week opted to relaunch and restructure its 3CX Partner Program. This restructuring includes new partner levels, along with a new points system, changes that aims to make the program more straightforward and incentivizing for partners.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Advances Work Against Climate Change
    The issue of climate change is one that's proven deeply contentious across a wide swath of the world today. Some believe that climate change is little more than a myth generated by alarmists eager to launch carbon taxes against an already-overburdened populace. Others believe it's a disaster in the making. Nextiva, meanwhile, is putting some extra support into prevention of climate change by working with Carbonfree Business Partnership.[Read More]
  • Hosted VoIP Not Fully Understood Among Average Users
    For many businesses of all sizes, hosted VoIP is a sound choice. In a hosted model, the business only needs to make a nominal investment in telephone sets that are compatible with VoIP, and does not have to worry about operating, maintaining or upgrading their network to support VoIP. While all this is well and good, many customers who use a hosted model, whether it's a virtual PBX or other cloud-ready solutions, simply don't understand the scope of what it does.[Read More]
  • North American VoIP Access and SIP Trunking Market Growing
    Based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), SIP trunking is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and streaming media service used by Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) to deliver a wide range of communication services. Everything from hosted and virtual PBX to unified communications (UC), instant messages, multimedia conferences, Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) emergency calls as well as other SIP-based and real-time communications services can be delivered.[Read More]
  • Edgewater Networks Eyeing the Untapped SMB Market for eSBC Solutions
    Traditionally an enterprise session border controller (SBC) company, Edgewater Networks has been increasingly focused on putting more intelligence at the edge of the network. The move to the intelligent edge gives the company's service provider and enterprise customers invaluable information about what's happening with their voice networks as well as an eagle eye view of their own customers' networks.[Read More]
  • Mitel Helps Mobile Carrier 3 Launch 3FrontOffice
    Mobile service provider 3, which operates in Europe and Asia, is looking to kick off a new cloud-based communications service called 3FrontOffice but, in order to do so, it needs some help from Mitel. In particular, the mobile provider will power 3FrontOffice in Sweden and Denmark with the MiCloud Telepo platform.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Releases NextOS 3.0 Beta Update
    When a company deploys a communications solution today, it means more than just phones and a PBX system. The platform has to integrate mobile technology, conferencing and collaborative tools, call center capabilities, IP telephony, unified communications, hosted solutions such as a virtual PBX and more.[Read More]
  • Omantel Launches SIP Trunking for Large Enterprises
    The SIP trunking service companies offer differs from vendor to vendor. For example, Nextiva Trunking is a non-hosted service offered by Nextiva for communications setup between a local or enterprise PBX to Nextiva's SIP Trunking server. This allows the local PBX the ability to connect to worldwide call routing through Nextiva's infrastructure.[Read More]
  • BYOD Down, Cloud UC Way Up in 2016
    The hype surrounding the cloud and its impact on a wide variety of industries may very well be exhausting to some. After all, it seems that every other week there's a new report predicting huge cloud growth in the near future, but this is the case for a reason: the cloud is here to stay and this may be more true for the unified communications (UC) space than many others-at least, it will be within a year's time, if the results of a recent survey by The Redshift Research and Azzurri Communications proves accurate.[Read More]
  • Meeting Demand Fluctuation Head On
    For businesses of all shapes and sizes the demand cycle creates an ebb and flow. For a few months it seems profits are at an accelerated growth, and all of a sudden demand drops. Flexibility is vital to a firm's long-term success; the ability to scale to need is paramount. As the old saying goes, "Adapt or Die" , change is part of business so creating a responsive business model should be top of mind. A recent blog from the virtual PBX provider Nextiva points out several ways a business can meet this demand issue head on.[Read More]
  • Ooredoo Launches Business Managed Voice Communication Service
    Managed communications services are becoming more important as the way in which businesses communicate gets more complex. Email, unified communications, VoIP (Voice over IP), virtual PBX, conferencing, BYOD and COPE are just some of the ways today's workforce interact, collaborate and communicate with each other. Ooredoo, provider of communications and corporate managed services in the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia, announced the launch of a new managed service for businesses with Managed PBX.[Read More]
  • SwitchRay Launches New Virtual PBX Web Portal
    When it comes to communication technology like virtual PBX and other cloud based services, small and medium sized businesses all over the world can go out and compete against their larger counterparts. To that end, SwitchRay announced, earlier this week that it is launching a new web portal that is geared towards helping its customers gain access to a rather powerful and effective hosted PBX management platform.[Read More]
  • Adapt to Modern Communications to Get Ahead
    Relying on legacy telephone systems serves no one in a modern business landscape. More than just remaining relevant, older telephony systems are expensive to maintain and cause more headaches than they do convenience. Today's businesses need to adapt to the technologies available not only to stay competitive, but to get ahead of the competition. There are a lot of options available, and each come with their own set of benefits.[Read More]
  • What SMBs Really Want This Holiday Season
    Take your gift giving a step further and invest in a communications system that can help your fellow SMB owner. This doesn't require that you purchase a box of phone equipment and premises-based machines to get them up and running. Virtual PBX providers like Nextiva offer subscription-based plans that can give small businesses the benefits of a fully-integrated system without set up fees or complications.[Read More]
  • Why Virtual PBX and Other Cloud Services Are a Small Business Equalizer
    The cloud is a small-business equalizer. New businesses should be focusing almost exclusively on cloud-based software solutions, and existing small businesses should be reexamining their processes in light of the dramatic shift that cloud software-as-a-service has created.[Read More]
  • Customers Frustrated Before Calling the Help Center, Survey Finds
    Before the multichannel customer approach came into existence, customers would rely on calling a customer service representative to assist with solving their problems. These days, the savvy customer will likely to go the self-service route, either by way of website FAQs or community message boards, so when a customer must pick up the phone for assistance, they're already frustrated before the call has even had a chance to begin.[Read More]
  • Competitiveness Now Rests on Constant Adjustment
    With virtual PBX systems such as Nextiva, however, adding more phone lines is as simple as purchasing a larger virtual PBX package. Because the PBX hardware is hosted by Nextiva, and software is built to scale, literally within minutes a business can double its business phone system if needed.[Read More]
  • VoicePulse Launches VoicePulse for Business
    There are more communications options available for businesses today than any other time. This is allowing organizations to be more productive by being available at all times for their customers and employees. VoicePulse, a technology and communications company that provides advanced VoIP, SIP Trunking and Cloud PBX services to residential and business customers, just announced the VoicePulse for Business, a hosted PBX solution.[Read More]
  • Virtual PBX: More Than a Phone System Option
    What's the latest trend that's gotten your attention in communications? While watching the end of the football game last night, my husband and I caught the latest iPhone Watch commercial and we commented on how far we've come. As kids, we remember the old Maxwell Smart episodes where his methods of staying connected we're just now seeing in the mainstream. While we likely won't be taking off our shoe to make a call, the reality is we're definitely embracing some ideas considered radical not long ago.[Read More]
  • Death of Business Phone Greatly Exaggerated
    A recent Pew Research study found that while 44 percent of those surveyed would find it hard to part with their cell phone, only 17 percent could say the same thing about their landline phone.[Read More]
  • TelePacific and Aligned Communications Strike New Distribution Deal
    Distribution deals have a great way of broadening companies' focus, and a new one between TelePacific Communications and Aligned Communications should do just that. With TelePacific now able to offer its solution set up for Aligned to provide its customers, the end result should be plenty of new inroads made for both firms.[Read More]
  • Why Your Business Phone Number Still Matters
    Let's get real: the telephone is no longer the only form of communication for businesses, but regardless of how the Internet has connected us, a telephone number is still a requirement. While it's become the norm for customers to seek out other channels to reach customer service, having phone communications still matters. In fact, your phone number is more than just a 10-digit code your customers can dial into for help; it's part of your brand. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a number that will be remembered by customers, but the bigger picture here is that customers need to reach you, and you need to be reached.[Read More]
  • VirtualPBX Releases Security and Compatibility Update
    VirtualPBX, a provider of business telecommunications products and services best known for first developing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), just launched an updated version of its popular Softphone App that brings further improvements to stability and the user experience.[Read More]
  • Axiros Manages Swisscom's ACS Upgrade
    As part of the overall services telecoms provide, VoIP has become an essential offering. For Swisscom, managing its enterprise VoIP meant integrating the complex systems it had in place, which is why the company selected Axiros' AXESS. ACS.[Read More]
  • oneCentral Enlists OnApp to Streamline Platforms
    One more major company has upgraded their virtual PBX system, heightening competition in an already fierce market. oneCentral and OnApp have teamed up to streamline oneCentral's customer portal, which is powered by VMware vCloud Director.[Read More]
  • OneCentral Chooses OnApp Portal for Great User Experience
    OnApp recently announced that oneCentral had selected its VMWare vCloud portal to help the telecom partners it works with manage Callocate, a oneCentral communications platform. By using the portal, these partners can deliver service more easily and provide better billing and user management.[Read More]
  • Virtual Contact Center Gives Bizmatics PrognoCIS Extra Edge
    Streamlining healthcare operations is something most every healthcare provider is out to do. A streamlined system means less spending and more effective care, improving the customer experience alongside the bottom line. Bizmatics took a step in that direction recently, adding 8x8's Virtual Contact Center (VCC) to its PrognoCIS system.[Read More]
  • SCC Partners with SIPCOM to Deliver Hosted Voice, UCaaS
    SCC has added hosted voice and Unified Communications as a Service to its portfolio with its partnership with SIPCOM.[Read More]
  • Raiders Turn to Virtual PBX & More to Drive Retail Operations
    While most are familiar with the Oakland Raiders football team, there's likely a lot less familiarity with the retail arm of the Oakland Raiders known as The Raider Image. Made up of 12 such locations throughout California, it's a fairly big operation, and recently required a major upgrade of communications technology to better handle its operation. The Raiders brought in an array of new systems in a recent upgrade, including a virtual PBX, or public branch exchange, system.[Read More]
  • Evolve IP Survey Results Show Cloud-Based Phone Systems Favored
    Results from a recent survey conducted by Evolve IP speak favorably about cloud-based IP phone systems. Perhaps the most significant: an overwhelming majority of current cloud phone users indicated that their next phone system will be cloud-based too.[Read More]
  • ITEXPO: Vonage Means Business
    Vonage, focused on the business of better, is providing firms with award-winning business communications that improve productivity, the bottom line and save money in the process.Business moves at the speed of innovation, and this week in Anaheim ITEXPO, the only show that illustrates the next frontier of communications, is in full swing. And, Regional Vice President for Channel Partner Sales Skyler Stewart took some time to speak with TMC about the communications space, Vonage and ITEXPO.[Read More]
  • Clear Rate Communications Plugs in to Metaswitch Networks Services
    When the time came for Clear Rate Communications to replace its array of time division multiplexer (TDM)-based communications tools, it likely had no shortage of possible replacements in the field and ready to go. But after due consideration, Clear Rate ultimately turned to Metaswitch Networks to get the job done and bring in a new set of hosted unified communications (UC) and session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking tools for Clear Rate to put to use.[Read More]
  • New Zealand Solutions Provider Shows Why VoIP is the SMB's Friend
    New Zealand voice, video and IT specialists, Connect NZ, recently partnered with cloud-based VoIP provider, Vadacom, to give its SMB customers an improved communications experience.[Read More]
  • REDCOM Rolls Out Infinion UC Platform
    When it comes to taking advantage of the latest advances in the Unified Communications market, REDCOM is looking to strengthen its standing with the recent release of the Infinion platform. This particular set of solutions will allow customers to combine flexible calling with messaging routing capabilities. Along with the features that are included in the Infinion UC platform is a software based media server, instant messaging, presence, automated attendant and fully integrated point-to-point video.[Read More]
  • Nextiva Announces NextOS 3.0 Availability, Offers New Cloud Phone Management Tools
    There are already quite a few people out there putting Nextiva NextOS 3.0 to work, as the system has been in open beta for the last while now. But for those who have tried it and liked it, or just want to try it for the first time, there's a whole new chance to do that as Nextiva brings out the NextOS 3.0 system into a wider release that's now available.[Read More]
  • Mobility Serves as a Natural Defense Against Disasters
    One of the selling points of a virtual PBX system based on VoIP is that it follows you anywhere. Rarely do we consider the role that this anywhere access can play when a natural disaster strikes, however.[Read More]
  • Community College of Vermont Selects Sovernet Communications to Upgrade PBX
    Community College of Vermont (CCV) has chosen Sovernet Communications to modernize its phone system. The company will provide virtual PBX services across all 12 of its locations across the state serving over 300 lines over a fiber-optic network.[Read More]
  • Newest enepath Partner is Market Communications
    enepath is a telecommunications service provider that uses its patented fully distributed software platform, the Adaptive Media Platform (AMP) to deliver higher levels of reliability and greater ease of implementation than has normally been seen in the Trading Room voice market.[Read More]
  • FracTEL's Cloud PBX Solution Supported by Substantial New Funding
    FracTEL recently announced that it has signed a deal with an as-yet-unnamed investment bank in Chicago to receive $3 million in convertible debt financing.[Read More]
  • Digicel Newest Mitel Partner
    Digicel, a mobile phone network provider for the Caribbean, Central America, and Oceania geographical regions, recently announced that it has become a Mitel partner and will begin reselling and providing support for Mitel telecommunications products.[Read More]
  • MyNetFone Limited Introduces Unlimited Business Phone Plan for Flat fee
    When VoIP first became available, one of the features that attracted users was the number of unlimited tier of services it made available for users. With IP telephony now readily available almost everywhere, new hosted voice and data communication service providers are providing a range of solutions with unlimited features. MyNetFone Limited, a hosted services provider in Australia, just announced the introduction of VoiceLink, a business phone plan that delivers unlimited lines for a monthly flat fee.[Read More]
  • Zendesk Introduces Integrated Nextiva App for Easy Access to Customer Information
    Businesses dedicated to providing customers with top-notch service have found investments in business process applications to be essential, but may be overwhelmed by the wide range of products and the tendency for them to not be compatible with each other. Cloud-based customer service software company Zendesk is known for integrating other applications into its platform in order to help ameliorate this issue; the latest integration is a cloud business phone service from Nextiva, provider of a wide range of cloud-based communications solutions.[Read More]
  • ContinuitySA Upgrades to Amaya Communication Manager 6.3
    ContinuitySA, a South African provider of business continuity solutions, has announced it has implemented Avaya's Communication Manager 6.3.[Read More]
  • BirchConnect Improved Customer Portal for TotalCloud PBX Now Live
    The one thing organizations look for in today's communication solutions is full transparency in the technology they deploy. As personal mobile devices and hosted solutions continue to increase the complexity in today's communications ecosystem, having greater control ensures everything is running as it should. Whether it is a small business or a large enterprise, they demand accessibility and it has become a great selling point for service providers. Birch Communications is responding to this demand by improving its BirchConnect customer portal for TotalCloud PBX, which is now live.[Read More]
  • CSG to Serve as an 8x8 Channel Partner for Asia Pacific
    According to a recent report released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Asia Pacific region is projected to remain the global growth leader over the medium term. With growth rates hovering around two percent or less in the U.S. and Europe, as a whole the Asia Pacific region is expected to hold steady at 5.6 percent in 2015 and to ease slightly to 5.5 percent in 2016. This presents many new opportunities for companies, and 8x8, provider of cloud-based unified communications and contact center solutions, has entered into a partnership with CSG to increase its presence in the region.[Read More]
  • Virtual PBX Offers Benefits to Small Businesses
    Do you know the differences between a virtual private branch exchange (PBX) and self-hosted systems? The opportunities available for hosted systems may be great for some companies but not right for all. This brief article will attempt to illuminate the differences between each product and which one can best fit your business.[Read More]
  • Carrier Worxs to Bring Affordable Internet, PBX to Texas
    Carrier Worxs, a provider of hosted PBX and Internet services to businesses, announced last week that they will be beginning offering their services to business startups in Williamson County, Texas. While Carrier Worxs has long been a provider of these types of services to larger businesses but is now seeking to offer the same products to smaller, upstart organizations.[Read More]
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