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Nextiva Virtual Fax Feature Highlights

May 04, 2010

By Stefania Viscusi - Assignment Desk Editor

Phoenix, Arizona-based Nextiva makes it possible for small businesses to have all of the advanced features and flexibility of VoIP, regardless of their budget.

The company's Connect360 virtual PBX solution, according to Nextiva's Yaniv Masjedi, "also empowers entrepreneurs by providing them with unmatched communications solutions coupled with amazing support."

The company's focus on their network and ability to deliver crystal clear phone quality is, "a crucial part of what differentiates Nextiva from other VoIP and Virtual PBX service providers," Masjedi said.

One feature included with Connect360, a virtual fax service, makes it possible to send anf receive faxes from by e-mail anywhere the user has an Internet connection - including a cell phone and it works 24 hours a day - even when the PC is turned off - to ensure all faxes are received.

Faxes are stored on Nextiva's secure server, so they can also be retrieved at any time, and from any location.

For today's on-the-go business user, virtual fax capabilites mean users are no longer stuck standing in front of a central fax device hoping communications will make it through.

And, for those who still prefer traditional fax machines, or don't want to loose out on their investment in those machines, Nextiva also offers an adapter to plug into the machine that connects it to the Internet, so virtual faxing through a traditional machine is possible.

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