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Adoption of IP Telephony Still to Reach Mass Levels: IDC Study

February 25, 2010

By Anil Sharma - Virtual PBX Contributor

International Data Corporation “IDC” recently released its latest European Vertical Markets report which says that IP telephony solutions are helping companies across all vertical markets to keep costs under control.

The new report focuses on IP telephony familiarity, current adoption, and plans for adoption over the next 12 months in Western European vertical markets.

'The business case for widespread adoption of IP telephony solutions is more present now than ever given the economic uncertainty that Western Europe is experiencing, which has forced companies across all vertical markets to adopt strong cost-control measures, including the need to reduce voice communication costs,” said Giacomo Laurini, senior research analyst, European Vertical Markets.

Laurini said that companies across all vertical markets that already adopt IP telephony believe cost reduction in voice communications is effectively achieved through the implementation of this solution.

However, he also noted that many organizations still believe this cost reduction is not big enough to justify the initial cost of implementation of an IP telephony solution.

The report, “Survey,” is based on the results of IDC's European Vertical Markets Survey, carried out from January to April 2009 and surveyed at 1,898 companies with more than 20 employees in the top 5 Western European countries.

Officials with IDC said that the results of the survey shows that adoption of IP telephony has not reached mass level yet.

But, that overall, a large majority of organizations - 73 percent - are familiar with IP telephony and the level of awareness is quite different among sectors.

Almost 80 percent of companies in the healthcare, transport, and manufacturing sectors are familiar with IP, while 60 percent in media, government, retail/wholesale, and utilities/oil and gas said they were aware of this solution.

Also according to the study, 50 percent of organizations that are familiar with IP telephony are currently not adopting this solution.
All sectors, except healthcare and transport, the report found, have a current adoption level lower than 30 percent.

Among the adopted, the top solution is IP-PBX managed services on site with 36.1 percent, followed by voice over broadband and hosted dedicated IP.

Anil Sharma is a contributing editor for virtual-pbx. To read more of Anil’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

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