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MIX Boosts Network Capacity for PBX Performance

November 29, 2017

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Virtual PBX, UCaaS, you name it, is only as good as the network supporting the service. Sure, feature-rich and future forward is phenomenal, but all these bells and whistles don’t mean much if your system suffers from downtime or shoddy service. A strong network footprint and dispersed points of presence (PoPs) can go a long way in ensuring minimal disruption and a high performing communications deployment.

This week, MIX Networks announced an expanded network infrastructure with a new PoP at ViaWest in Las Vegas joining Dallas, Texas and Secaucus, New Jersey to increase network capacity, routing options and more geographic diversity to the PBX provider’s network deployment.

MIX also plans to expand capacity in its Secaucus and Dallas PoPs in coming months. The best part is the lack of service disruption during the enhancement process coming as a result of MIX’s Active-Active architecture. Traffic is automatically distributed via available servers, promising network uptime.

VoIP providers should take note, as the network of any company is at the heart of operations. Investing in the network is an investment in business operations – sounds silly, but far too many firms rely on outdated technology. There is no room for service disruption in this era of digital transformation.

“Through our combination of personalized customer support and unparalleled uptime, MIX Network’s customer base continues to grow at an unprecedented rate,” said Louie Holmes, CEO and Founder of MIX Networks. “This expansion will not only provide additional redundancy for our network, but keeps us ahead of the growth curve so that our existing and new customers never have to be concerned about capacity issues."

While VoIP continues its trek to ubiquity watching the space sprawl is most definitely an enjoyable spectator sport.

What Virtual PBX does your company have in place?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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