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Nextiva's Virtual PBX Solutions Help SMBs Survive Despite Economic Turmoil

October 20, 2008

By Michelle Robart - Virtual PBX Editor

As a virtual PBX business VoIP service provider, Nextiva strives to help small businesses succeed in a big business world. Offering affordable business VoIP solutions, Nextiva makes owning and running a small business easier, more affordable and more profitable.

Nextiva took some time to explain how small businesses can break free from their expensive phone bills and rise above the current economic turmoil with virtual PBX solutions.
virtual-pbx: For anyone who is not familiar with Nextiva, can you provide a brief overview of what the company offers, and who its customers are?
Nextiva: Nextiva is committed to providing SMB’s with big business features at small business prices. Our goal is simple: to make owning and running your small business easier, less costly and more profitable. Each product and service we offer was engineered to give small business owners advantages previously only available only to large enterprises. We are committed to building lifelong relationships with our customers by delivering affordable and reliable products and services.
virtual-pbx: There’s no doubt that these are troubling financial times for many people, and for many businesses. Taking a broad perspective, what are some things businesses can do to ride out this storm?
Nextiva: We agree that many businesses are facing difficult times. This is unfortunate, although we are confident that things will get better. It is critical that businesses continue to be as efficient and focused. There may not be one specific thing that businesses can do to ride out this storm; rather this will vary from business to business. But if businesses continue to do what they do best and operate efficiently, it will only be a matter of time until things get better.
virtual-pbx: More specifically, what is Nextiva doing to reassure its customers and help them get through these rough times?
Nextiva: At Nextiva we are committed to giving small businesses an advantage when it comes to their phone service. No company deserves to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month on phone service, especially when you can get more for less by using Nextiva. Our Connect 360 business phone service is an all-in-one VoIP solution that comes with unlimited local and long distance calling plus many valuable features. Businesses that use the Nextiva Connect 360 are able to dramatically cut their phone bill while improving quality and efficiency.
virtual-pbx: On a similar note, how can Nextiva’s Business VoIP solutions help companies operate more efficiently and tighten their budgets?
Nextiva: At Nextiva, you will never be locked into a contract or “nickel and dimed.” None of our plans have activation or termination fees and businesses have the freedom to pay their phone bill month to month. With many businesses facing difficult times, we try to make life easier when it comes to your phone service. Businesses with Nextiva’s service are able to utilize an auto-attendant in order to better route calls when they come in. Having an auto-attendant as well as great features like find me/follow me, voicemail to email, and hunt groups – businesses can now get more from their phone service even when the times are tough.
virtual-pbx: What are some of the creative, real-world ways Nextiva’s customers are using Business VoIP to get through the economic downturn?
Nextiva: With the economy in a poor position, Nextiva is working to help businesses both survive and succeed. Businesses now have the freedom to call anywhere in the United States and Canada without having to worry about long distance calling charges. On top of offering unlimited long distance within the U.S. and Canada, our international rates are some of the lowest in the industry. By never locking our customers into any contracts and offering flat rate pricing, Nextiva users never have to guess about their monthly phone bill.
virtual-pbx: Comparing this tough period to other recessions (such as the dot-com bust of the late 1990s and early 2000s), how are companies reacting differently?
Nextiva: Businesses of all industries are being hit hard by the current economic situation. The dot-com bust did have a widespread impact although it was not as severe as what we are experiencing now. The current financial crisis is forcing businesses to tighten their budgets in almost every aspect. Unfortunately, there is no way to know how long this decline will last, but many businesses can use the lessons of history in order to remain as strong and successful as possible.
virtual-pbx: Looking ahead toward brighter times, what predictions do you have about companies continuing to utilize the benefits of Business VoIP?
Nextiva: VoIP has become the standard technology for phone service. Every day thousands of American businesses and homes switch to VoIP and reap its benefits. As we consider the future of Business VoIP, we can expect to see the amount of features that come with every plan increase while the price for consumers remains the same or decreases. Features like better cellular phone integration, office management tools, as well as greater CRM integration are just a few examples of things that will improve and bring greater value for businesses.

Michelle Robart is a contributing editor for virtual-pbx. To read more of Michelle's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Michelle Robart

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