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Carolina Digital Goes Collegiate With Virtual PBX

December 28, 2016

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

College often proves to be one of the high points of young people's lives, providing the opportunity to learn more about oneself and interests accordingly, developing those interests into what will hopefully be a future career path. Carolina Digital recently stepped in to help on that front, and landed a new contract with Montgomery Community College to provide virtual private branch exchange (PBX) and hosted voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services.

Following a bidding process that lasted several months and drew in bids from all over, Carolina Digital managed to win out over several other vendors in the field on the strength of several factors, including its quality assurance principles, its overall technical expertise and reputation in the field, its cost-effectiveness, and its service capacity. Since Montgomery Community College was looking at over 100 VoIP-based phones, the project was expected to take a good while to put in place.

Montgomery Community College dean of technology and resources Cindy Ellison commented, “We recently made upgrading our phone system technology a top priority. With Carolina Digital, we are saving approximately 80 percent compared to the cost of upgrading our old system, while accessing a range of new and advanced calling features that our team is excited about using, such as voicemail to email. We are also very impressed by the crisp and clear audio quality, and the fact that there is no added support or maintenance burden for our IT team is a significant advantage.”

Colleges these days are under a bit of fire. With student loan rates getting wildly out of control and increasingly little utility seen in a degree—as evidenced by the still-substantial numbers of unemployed and underemployed in general—the end result is to try frantically to do more with less, lest the numbers drop off. This is especially so in an environment that practically begs competitors to step in and grab a slice of this enormous market. Community colleges can be a match for their four-year brethren, but need to be particularly valuable. Virtual PBX services can go quite a way toward providing that value by lowering internal management costs and allowing a business to carry on.

Virtual PBX services aren't a magic bullet, but any savings in this day and age means savings that can be applied and used for improved services or reduced costs to the customer. That's too valuable a development to pass up easily, and Montgomery Community College will likely see as much firsthand.

Edited by Alicia Young

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