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Nyansa Releases Voyance+ Network Analytics

November 10, 2016

By Casey Houser - Contributing Writer

Beyond businesses’ concerns about which types of software they should use in daily operations and from which vendors they should begin relationships, network analytics comes heavily into play. A growing number of businesses want to know how their communications software performs on a daily basis and, for instance, how those applications interact with payroll and network management software.

Everything is interconnected, so third parties such as Nyansa have entered the scene with networks analytics applications. Nyansa’s newest offering, Voyance+, controls user access to networks through Wi-Fi, local area networks, user devices, and broadband internet links. By controlling those network touch points, Voyance+ gives IT administrators a granular look at their network population by providing analytics on a user-by-user basis.

Anand Srinivas, the chief technology officer at Nyansa, commented that this dive into a user’s network interaction can make it easier for administrators to pinpoint issues that could be caused by a single errant device.

“Today, a lot of user application experience problems are due to the end client devices’ interaction with the wireless network, as well as network services and the internet link,” Srinivas began. “What’s needed is a solution that measures and correlates real users’ application-layer performance at the exact same time as their wireless and network performance.”

Srinivas continued by mentioning that real-time analysis of network performance does not complete the job. As itself, real-time network analytics can only show and log information happening at a point in time. The true power of these types of systems comes from machine learning, which Voyance+ utilizes, to interpret the impact of a device’s actions and warn network administrators when its behavior could cause an issue.

Voyance+ can work alongside additional analytics software such as Nextiva’s offering that measures call activity of individual users and creates reports according to a business’s needs. Nextiva can make a worthwhile supplement to any network analytics plan because of its focus on communications activity.

That said, a collection of small, dedicated analytics tools may not always be necessary because Nyansa’s product can pick up any slack left in the absence of individual programs. Nyansa noted in its release of Voyance+ that a majority of network problems come from word of mouth – from the end user himself. Those cases can be upended by proper analytics software that catches network issues before they become a problem for the public. Voyance+ seeks to change that order of events and remove the eventual complaint department findings.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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