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Are You Missing Social Media Opportunities?

July 11, 2014

By Susan J. Campbell - Virtual PBX Contributing Editor

How successful are your marketing campaigns? This is a question often asked within the enterprise where traditional methods are still the norm. While some of these traditional tools can still make an impact, you’re limiting your success if you don’t expand into other available channels. For instance, if virtual PBX technology was adopted by IT to streamline communications, it doesn’t mean you gave up your phone; it simply means you’re embracing new avenues to achieve bigger goals.

This is the focus for innovative marketing campaigns today. You embrace new channels to support traditional campaigns and extend the ability to better engage with customers. A recent blog published by virtual PBX provider, Nextiva, explored this concept. The key point is that while repeated messaging through traditional channels can sway consumers, it can easily be diluted by the impressions received from other forms of media.

As a result, it’s critical that you not only embrace the potential in direct channels, you also have to invest some time in social media. Today’s consumers are looking for genuine connections with companies. They want a way to connect directly and feel like their business matters to your bottom line. With social media, you provide that opportunity, while also promoting the value of your brand.

Still, there are some that are quick to dismiss sites like Twitter and Facebook as simple wastes of time with no real return on investment. My father-in-law for one distains Facebook, but he’ll also sit around for hours to discuss the latest happenings among the people and businesses within the community. He doesn’t realize that Facebook provides a medium for the same practice; it just has a much further reach.

He also doesn’t realize that social media channels are already being used for brand discussions. Too many marketing managers don’t realize this either, and aren’t in the conversation where their products or services are being discussed. Friends are talking about their latest specialty shop find, asking friends for recommendations on exterminators and complaining about the rude sales girl at their favorite home goods store. Their sharing recommendations and warning their followers to avoid certain locations.

And the conversations don’t stop there. Consumers are also using social media to connect directly with brands when a problem arises. When my email account wasn’t functioning correctly, I called GoDaddy to find out why. The wait time to talk to someone was longer than I was willing to stand, so I sent a message on Twitter. Within minutes I had a response that the problem was across their platform and they were working on a solution. While I wasn’t happy there was a problem, I at least knew what was going on thanks to a responsive company.

The point is there are channels available that allow you to take your tech savvy to the next level. Many of them are free and only require your time and a strategy to execute. If you want to make those direct connections, the time to start is now.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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