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How to Create an Effective Website

June 11, 2014

The business VoIP and virtual PBX space is intense, and every edge matters. So any business that is not focused on how visitors use its website is missing the boat—especially since robust website analytics is free through Google Analytics.

Cloud-based phone system provider Nextiva recently released a new video talking about how business VoIP providers, or any business for that matter, should be leveraging the analytical power of Google Analytics.

“Through analytics, you’ll be able to identify how users are moving through your site, what content they’re focused on, and how long it takes them to take action,” noted Melinda Emerson in the video. “And, if there are any obstacles to their progress.”

Google Analytics is a free website analytics tool suite Google purchased years ago and has steadily developed ever since. Just as WordPress has become one of the primary blog platforms, Google Analytics rules the website analytics space—especially for smaller businesses.

The power that Google Analytics brings is small by no means, however. It can show how users navigate through a website, where they stop, and what keeps them from making a purchase or downloading an ebook. Goal tracking is built into the platform, showing more than just how many visitors come to a site and from where.

“Under behavior tab, you’ll see what pages your visitors are arriving on, what content they look at, what actions they take on the site, and even where they leave your site,” noted Emerson.

In the video, she said to pay particular attention to monthly unique visitors.

“You want to see the number steadily increasing,” she said. “Use Google Analytics as a report card for your website.”

Ultimately, noted Emerson, running a business is like running a marathon.

“Ultimately, you are competing with yourself,” she said. “Be sure to check your Google Analytics monthly so your number one sales tool, your website, is really working.”

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