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Have You Considered Televoting as a PBX Service?

May 13, 2014
By Alisen Downey, Virtual PBX Web Editor

Virtual PBX systems help companies all over the world manage their communications efficiently while being able to accommodate for huge data demands. Using virtual PBX, companies can take advantage of all sort of modern IP-based features, such as VoIP calling and teleconferencing, video conferencing, live chat and more.

But here’s one feature supported by virtual PBX that you may not expect: televoting. European Computer Telecoms AG (ETC), a voice and multimedia value-added services vendor, recently provided its effECTive Televoting system for one of the world’s largest televoting events in Copenhagen, Denmark—the annual Song Contest—which was held May 6 and May 10.

ECT, which offers many major European carriers services for mass calling events, was responsible for the Song Contest’s PBX services this year. The effECTive Televoting solution processed and handled calls from all over Europe, who reached out to cast their votes and give points to artists in the competition. Specifically, ECT deployed some of Europe’s largest installations for televoting for the event, supporting up to 5,000 call attempts per second (CAPS).

One of the most appealing features of the effECTive system is that users can set up televoting campaigns directly over the browser, without having to install any local software. To set up the campaign, users can employ ECT’s browser-based service creation environment, the effECTive Web Portal and the Visual Call Flow Builder, to create numerous televoting scenarios without the need for prior programming knowledge. In other words, it’s incredibly easy to use, and requires no special downloads. The solution supports votes by voice calls, SMS or over the Internet, all without carrier intervention.

The televoting service also comes built with a real-time statistics module and other reporting functions that can offer users all kinds of valuable insight into the proceedings. For example, users can see statistics for how many callers came from which prefix, if they called from a landline or mobile phone, and what they voted for.

“Our televoting platforms are the most robust and powerful solutions out there,” said Arvind Sharma, vice president of business development for ECT. “They have an extremely high capacity so they can process thousands of call attempts per second plus they are highly redundant and reliable. Especially for events like the Song Contest there is nothing more important than a reliable and stable platform. That is one of the reasons why televoting earns our customers good money. Mass calling events are very popular in many countries.”

Businesses could potentially increase customer engagement using televoting services through their existing virtual PBX systems, adding yet another benefit to an already highly profitable platform. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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