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5 Benefits for Businesses That Switch to Virtual PBX

March 12, 2014
By Ed Silverstein, Virtual PBX Contributor

Virtual PBX, or IP-based PBX, has many benefits over more traditional PBX phone systems – especially for businesses. Arguably the most significant difference is that businesses will see lower service costs. Their employees also will find that communication becomes more flexible. And unified messaging (UM) becomes a workable option.

In a recent blog post, My Business Voice pointed out that by improving an organization's “communications and productivity via integration with your IT applications – such as CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) packages – UM can boost your business performance as well as increasing customer satisfaction and retention.”

Here are some of the overall key benefits businesses will enjoy when migrating to virtual PBX, according to the blog post.

1. Lower costs. SIP trunking is less expensive, and organizations will likely see lower phone bills by connecting to Internet-based VoIP providers over landlines.

2. With virtual PBX, users can employ remote extensions. That means employees can plug in IP phones while at home or on the road. The result is having access to a phone as if you were in the office.

3. There are many specialists on virtual PBX as well as many tech solutions and equipment from which to choose. Businesses can match their unique needs to what is out there.

4. Virtual PBX provides unified messaging as an option. This lets users receive and listen to messages from an e-mail inbox. It is especially useful for those who are out of the office. And will be useful in the receipt of faxes or PDFs.

5. Expansion is easier than with older options. Businesses will find it is less difficult to add new branches/departments and easier to merge offices.

As workers become more mobile, and find themselves working from diverse locations, and organizations open new locations, because of either organic growth or mergers and acquisitions, Virtual PBX makes a lot more sense for businesses which need flexible options. And what business would not benefit from lower costs found with virtual PBX? The move to virutal PBX makes sound business sense.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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