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Control Trumps Benefits of Virtual PBX

January 07, 2014

By Susan J. Campbell - Virtual PBX Contributing Editor

The value of your business communications cannot likely be measured in dollars, but instead serve as a fundamental tool in sustaining revenue opportunities for the long-term. The more control you have over your communications systems, the better outcomes you’re likely to experience. With virtual PBX, you decide how much you want to spend, what you want it to do and how it can impact your business.

A recent Social Barrel report explored this concept, highlighting the advancements in PBX technologies with the adoption of VoIP. With virtual PBX, hosted providers enable carriage of voice communications and other functions across the Internet. With these advancements, companies could combine instant messaging, fax and digital voice messaging all on one unified platform.

The options extended with virtual PBX often include the ability to change phone service providers without opting for a new phone number. The time and money savings in this capability alone lend considerable value. At the same time, users can send faxes without the use of a second line, make emergency calls, stay connected even when the power goes out and enjoy firewall and security protocols.

While these functions and features are important, many of the same have been available on phone systems for years. The added control the company enjoys is what takes virtual PBX to the next level. All Internet functions can easily be integrated with the current telecom system, even allowing users to connect with the system through the company website. When a computer is equipped with speakers and a microphone, calls can be completed via computer.

Security and functionality is readily available for adjustments at the hands of the administrator. Security levels can be set according to the needs of the business, providing the much needed control a medical office, bank or government agency needs. If the protection isn’t necessary and simply creates bottlenecks for users, it can be adjusted accordingly. It’s no longer necessary to put these requests into the provider as the administrator on-site can make changes on the fly according to the changes in the business.

Likewise, virtual PBX technology can often be integrated with software and hardware a company already has on-site, allowing them to further extract value from these investments. This level of customization is also essential for dynamic environments where communication needs are not typical and therefore cannot be satisfied by the typical service provider.

The benefits associated with virtual PBX are often laid out on facts and figures, but the control allowed on the side of the business ensures optimal performance and utilization of the features included. This approach is truly key to maximizing the investment. 

Edited by Alisen Downey

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