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Accounting Firm Does the Math, Realizes the Vitality of a Virtual PBX to Business Communications

December 18, 2012

By Jamie Epstein - Virtual PBX Web Editor

Jaquillard Minns is a South Australian accounting firm that has a dispersed workforce with some employees located in Melbourne and others in Manila and needed a seamless way for all of these individuals to communicate with each other efficiently. Thus, the company began to utilize MyNetFone-branded Cisco phones in order to leverage a virtual PBX, an offering that would connect the company's main headquarters with its other facilities around the world.

Before beginning to benefit from MyNetFone, the company was only able to collaborate with its geographically separated divisions only via Skype, however sometimes the Internet-based service didn’t power the ideal results needed for communicating in an effective manner.

"We were using Skype before, but sometimes Skype doesn't work well," Immanuel Canda said in a recent article. "With the phones now, the voice quality is very clear.

After looking around, Canda knew exactly what his firm needed: a phone system that boasted the capability needed to get in touch with staff members no matter where they were in a short period of time and “make calls to clients without having to make reimbursements," he added. "With the virtual PBX system, it will make it easier to handle those situations."

A virtual PBX, like the one offered by Nextiva, enables virtually any organization to dramatically cut costs while simultaneously increasing their return on investment as well as scalability.

Nextiva SIP Trunking can support nearly any office PBX out there and will even permit you to keep your current phones without being forced to purchase any additional and extremely costly equipment. In fact, according to the company’s website, “Nextiva SIP Trunking integrates with your enterprise authentication systems and provides caller identification, call retrieval and blocking. It enables you to take the calls that bring business and filter the interruptions, so you stay focused on what's important - your clients.”

Although Jaquillard Minns didn’t choose the above virtual PBX provider’s product, it did select a company that enabled the firm to be up and running right away with its new toolset in place and is in turn permitting employees that wish to work from home rather than in the office environment to do with ease. Currently, only  a select number of workers have implemented the virtual PBX but as word of mouth spreads about the many advantages of working from the environment you feel most comfortable in otherwise known as your home sweet home, this number will surely ramp up and quickly.

As the days pass, the virtual PBX space continues to expand with new competitors entering the vertical. A few weeks back, virtual-pbx reported that Express Interconnect unveiled its virtual PBX service to small businesses. The ExpressVoice PBX line of hosted VoIP services runs on the Amazon AWS EC2 Cloud, enabling any business who implements it to see an unparalleled level of reliability within their communications platform.

To read the full report, click here.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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