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Cloud Technology Like a Virtual PBX is Beneficial to Businesses of All Sizes

November 19, 2012

By Rory Lidstone, Virtual PBX Contributing Writer

Cloud technology has quickly become essential to modern businesses as it changes the way they operate drastically and for the better in a number of instances. The cloud also enables businesses to provide a better work experience as well; according to a recent Robert Half International survey of 1,400 CFOs about ways to strengthen employee retention and motivation in which 24 percent of respondents cited flexible work hours and telecommuting as a method to do so.

One excellent example of cloud technology working for the business and the employee is implementing a virtual PBX system, which provides businesses of any size with a sophisticated telephone service with minimal equipment needed.

While on the business side, a PBX offers significant long term cost savings alongside a comprehensive set of features when looking at the employee side, a virtual PBX enables working from home and remote offices to work efficiently and still have access to the same office telephone service used at work. A virtual PBX also allows for long-distance collaboration in the form of video conferencing.

Indeed, traditional on-site PBX systems pale in comparison to hosted PBX, as they cost a lot more and still can't match the advanced feature set of a hosted PBX solution. Some of these features include auto attendants with professional greetings, voicemail to e-mail and North American long distance calling. The hosted PBX also boasts greater flexibility in the form of hunt groups, find me/follow me functions and time-based behaviors.

Furthermore, in the case of call and contact centers, the advantages are even greater. Advanced call queuing and skill-based call routing, for example, help match the right calls to the right agents. Meanwhile, a virtual PBX can also create detailed reports of calls, making reporting and performance tracking more efficient and detailed including mission-critical metrics, average time to answer, average hold time and more.

Perhaps the best aspect of a PBX is how easy it is even for small businesses to transition over, requiring at minimum only a strong Internet connection capable of handling high call volumes, and phones designed for PBX and network equipment such as a business-grade router and an unmanaged switch.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein

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