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Telefonica Germany and nfon Unveil a Virtual PBX for Businesses

October 24, 2012

By Rajani Baburajan - Virtual PBX Contributor

A virtual PBX is a type of modern communications system that allows businesses to establish several extensions that can significantly improve call quality as well as drive efficiency within an organization.

In a significant development in the industry, recently Telefónica Germany formed a partnership with nfon, a provider of outsourced IP Centrex phones systems in Germany, in order to deliver a complete cloud-based solution for all of their business telephony needs.

Dubbed the Office Voice Cloud, the new solution combines fixed and mobile networks, so clients can use the PBX right from a mobile phone.

A major benefit of this cloud-based PBX is the seamless integration of the O2 mobile network via a VPN link provided by Telefónica Germany. The mobile phones connected to the VPN can be used at no additional cost via an extension number. The solution increases the mobility of employees as it allows them to call each other for free, not only within the company but outside their office on the O2 mobile network as well.

"Cloud call systems are the future," said Marc Irmisch, vice president Small & Medium Enterprises & SoHo Business at Telefónica Germany, in a statement. "With Office Voice Cloud, which we offer in partnership with nfon, the PBX is outsourced to a redundant high performance data center. As a result, it is not only failsafe, but also always at the cutting edge of technology and clearly cheaper than conventional systems."

Being an offering hosted in the cloud, Office Voice Cloud also relieves businesses from capex costs such as hardware, software and support expenses. The solution is highly scalable; new extensions can be added without requiring additional hardware. The company also provides automatic updates at no extra cost. What's more, Office Voice Cloud comes with a TÜV-certified voice quality and failure safety.

"Our call system gives also small companies a range of services that have so far been reserved for large corporations," added Jens Blomeyer, managing director of Marketing at nfon. "The success of our solution, though, is assured by superlative reliability and voice encryption, and the high voice quality that we have certified regularly by the TÜV."

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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