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Customers Turn to Leonid Loki Suite to Leverage an Innovative Virtual PBX

June 04, 2012

By Deepika Mala - Virtual PBX Contributor

Leonid Systems, a provider of next-generation OSS solutions, recently revealed that its Loki suite has recently secured its 50th customer.  This benchmark establishes Loki suite as one of the most widely used B/OSS solutions for service providers to manage and accelerate the growth of virtual PBX, SIP trunking, and other cloud communications.

In a press release, Howard Freidman, Leonid CEO, said: “Leonid has quadrupled its customer base in just over two years, a clear validation of the Leonid architecture and the cost effectiveness of the Loki suite. Now with this massive uptick in growth in cloud communications services, the need for improved support systems is acute and Loki is the only solution that addresses this with a modular, extensible architecture that rapidly solves the current problem while paving the way for ongoing integration of new cloud services.”

With the increase in demand for cloud-based unified communications, the need to efficiently provision these services also ramps up. Loki Suite addresses this with 150-300 percent improvements in activation time and corresponding decreases in provisioning costs.

Service providers have also recognized the demand for a simple, intuitive user experience that empowers their customers to control advanced services from any enterprise device, which Loki enables, a capability seen as increasingly important as communications and other cloud services converge.

Since most service providers have numerous existing support systems, the modular nature of the Loki suite, as well as its virtual PBX is an enormous benefit.

Scott Hoffpauir, BroadSoft chief technology officer concluded, “Enterprises are rapidly shifting to cloud-based Unified Communications services, and we believe BroadSoft is best positioned to enable our telecommunications service provider customers to meet this market demand. In our view, Leonid has bolstered the successful deployment of UC services by dozens of BroadSoft customers, and we believe the Loki suite helps our customers accelerate service adoption and become far more efficient in the delivery of their Unified Communications services.”

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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