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New Virtual PBX to Offer SMBs 24/7 Connected Availability

April 19, 2012

By Deepika Mala - Virtual PBX Contributor

Recently, AstraQom, a fast growing Canadian communications solutions provider offering affordable telephony related solutions, released a cloud-based Virtual Receptionist which boasts virtual PBX capabilities.

Quick and easy to manage, the Virtual Receptionist will offer SMBs and other organizations a more professional, 24/7 connected availability. It will increase the number of incoming calls received and assisted and will work with landlines and mobile phones on new or existing toll-free or standard phone numbers.

The robust virtual PBX offering can be turned on or off any time, when busy, during lunch, holidays, and after hours. It will enable a flexible, versatile, feature-filled, virtual front-office phone system for organizations to be a phone call away at all times.

When any incoming call is directed to the Virtual Receptionist, it will be answered by live voices from people with strong business backgrounds, who are tech savvy and fluent in Spanish, French or English.

With the help of the Virtual Receptionist, customers can now spend more of their time on revenue-generating business and other customer-retention objectives instead of mindless admin tasks.

In a press release, Jonathan Sowah, CEO of AstraQom, stated, "Mercer Management Consulting research, in December 2011, noted that a business's profits come from 70 – 85 percent of customers, the loyal ones, not the ones who are just price-searching. One of the most important ways we see for our SMB clients to retain customers, patients and patrons and even have them refer others for service is to be available to customers as much of the time as possible in a manner that is high quality. Taking advantage of the new Virtual Receptionist option is one of the most effective means of making this a reality."

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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